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Power Status

Head of Household: Felicia
1 week chicken suit: Jag
Have-nots: America, Matt, Red (ended)
Original noms: Cameron, Jag
Veto winner/outcome: Jag/used on self
Final noms: Cameron, Hisam
Evicted: TBA

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Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

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-9/17 Sundays move to 10 or 10.30pm
-Week of 9/25 no veto show?
-10/3 Veto show moves to Tuesdays
-10/17 Tuesday is 75 minutes
-11/9 Finale is two hours

Usual feeds schedule - times are Pacific
-Mondays noonish: Veto meeting*
-Thursdays: Eviction run-thru afternoon*, live eviction show 6pm*, HOH room late evening
-Fridays: Nominations late afternoon/early evening*
-Saturdays morning: Veto player draw*
-Saturdays afternoon/evening: Veto comp*
*Feeds blocked - adoptable anipals on feeds

Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 20 - Monday - August 21, 2023

Morning was like a Thursday, just getting through it until the show starts: in this case, the show being the veto meeting and respective fallout. Izzy told Cirie that Cory had said Hisam should have realized no one's been working/meeting/scrambling these past couple days, and Izzy said "he's so egotistical, it just confirms his delusion." Cirie pointed out "that's what's gonna make it bad" afterwards. Popcorn fans remained hopeful, and more so when Hisam told Izzy they should put up Cory and Jared next week. Jag Chicken and Jared discussed next and future weeks, and then with Matt, Jag Chicken pushed booting Red this week instead of Hisam. Too late to arrange that, and Jared later told Cory he was just going along with Jag, but the sheer absurdity of a chicken having a serious convo in an asylum room was a good warmup for this afternoon's main event. Blue told America that Jared told her he's falling for her, and they did a big celebration dance about that. I don't know if Blue was happy about that on a personal or game level.

The veto meeting was late to start, and then all hell broke loose. Felicia told Jag Chicken she had a question and said she knew he was playing her, and she knew what he, Red, Cameron were up to. He was taken aback, and Felicia just kept going. She said "I need you to be straight because I'm gonna be fucking pissed if I do this thing and then next week you guys are trying to attack my ass." She said she knew Blue had approached Cameron and she was "standing in the kitchen with Red all fucking morning. I will switch this shit up right here, I ain't playing, so I'm looking you in your face. I want to know if you're fucking me." Jag Chicken sputtered and stuttered, and denied, saying he hadn't lied to her at all. Felicia said "you say you haven't lied but you have" and she confronted him about telling America and Cory that she, Cirie, Izzy had flipped their vote just before the Reilly eviction. He sputtered and stuttered some more, and denied, and retell rounds happened all over the habitat.

Matt explained some angles including being approached by Red and Cameron to join up with them with a goal of nominating Jag Chicken and Blue. Eventually everything settled back down again to the original Hisam plan. Felicia later apologized to Jag Chicken for coming at him "like a bear." After all that, Felicia was distrustful of Cory but Cirie and Izzy said he's on their side. All three of them were back to distrusting Red, Cameron, America, Blue, Bowie, and Mecole's name had come up as well. Hisam napped at the kitchen table through most of it, until Felicia nudged him awake to tell him to get ready for the veto meeting.

Feeds finally went to extended WBRB at 1.43pm and then to adoptable anipals at 2.20pm until 4.05pm. Jag Chicken used his veto on himself and Felicia put up Hisam in his place, as tediously planned. There were no fireworks so Team Fun Feeds were glad we had that earlier mess to enjoy our popcorn. Hisam seemed stunned, and glum, and was quietly apologizing to Cirie, with Izzy standing nearby (guard duty), then joined by Bowie, then by Mecole. Hisam apologized to Cirie if he'd made her feel less than heard, that was never his intention, he'd been loyal to Professors all along, "you will see," "I believe in our goodness and I believe you got some skewed information," and "it'll be amazing television because I'll look like an absolute moron." He pointed fingers at America for the skewed info, specifically her retell that he'd told her he'd gotten "stuck with leftovers."

Hisam went to work out, Izzy did a post-mortem of his apology speech to Cirie, Bowie, Mecole, and she wondered why "he's fixated on America." Izzy then went to interrogate America and Cory, saying Hisam was "ready to kill you, America" and that he was "furious, calm, devastated." Izzy asked if America had lied about her convos with him and she swore she hadn't, and she said he'd definitely used the word "leftovers." America retold to Jag Chicken and Matt. Back inside, Cory explained to Hisam the perception of the house this week, and that he believed Hisam had been targeting him. Hisam denied that, Cory said he believed him now, and Hisam said that's because he was telling the truth, and had been all along.

Cory then went on retell rounds, saying Hisam will tailor his story/apology/pitch for each of them. Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Jared met in HOH for more retells/rehashes. Hisam and America met in Have-not where he said he did not use the word "leftovers" and he said he did. She said she didn't want him gaslighting her, and he said he wasn't gaslighting her. Hisam continued his rounds, holding meetings with individuals one after the other to plead his case and clarify all the he saids/she saids according to his version. Red's meeting was semi-interesting because he said everyone knew Hisam was going up as renom, but he (Red) lied and said he'd only found out yesterday. In more important news, a full scale assault by Team Ants was discovered in the bathroom, likely due to the many gobs and globs of corn syrup from the veto comp. (By the way, Team Ants' neighbors River Ants have not been heard from since yesterday's massive rains, but they will likely survive and thrive.)

Feeds went to anipals from around 8pm to 10.22pm and came back to pizza boxes and takeout containers on the counter. They may have had music and that's why feeds were down, they may have had booze, I don't know. The whispering and griping and gossiping picked right up again, but at a quieter, calmer pace. Blue and Jared started their nightly marathon talk about their relationship, and Matt and Cirie met in the hammock. She told him about Professors and who was in them, and she said Red had made it clear he no longer trusted Jared, and she didn't want to work with flip-floppers. Jag Chicken had a nice sincere chat with Hisam about his position, with encouragement and apologies and etc. Feeds were pretty quiet for a change and I need a break from the constant complaining in my mentions, so am checking out early. If anything else noteworthy happens, I'll pick it up tomorrow.

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Day 21 - Tuesday - August 22, 2023

Overnight Hisam continued his campaign marathons, spilling info about alliances and Professors to several, who of course immediately retold to several others. Blue and Jag Chicken realized they were in a bad position overall, so Blue offered to be a double agent to Felicia, and this morning Jag Chicken made a similar offer to Izzy. Bowie's contributions remain amusing, not least because she's still saying HOA for HOH.

Morning feeds are usually pretty calm with a lot of puttering around, eating and showering and chit-chatting, and the gametalks kick in gradually, but not this group. Today they all revved up immediately, retelling last night's convos then retelling them in different combinations, and generally running amok. Hisam continued his tell-alls, name drops, and pitches, right? Now including how he's conscious of playing with integrity for his job's sake, right? And how he now wants to work with the non-Professors, right? And on it goes.

During another Hisam pitch to America in Have-not room, Izzy went to tell America slop breakfast was ready. All three left, America went ahead towards the stairs, and Izzy asked Hisam "why are you lying to everyone about us?" He said he wasn't, and Izzy said "screw you, I felt bad last night." Hisam again said he wasn't lying and asked if she wanted to talk? "Nope!" Izzy then vented to America about a bit, saying Hisam had been telling Cirie last night how much he loves her and how close they are, which got her upset, "and then he does this?" America said she didn't think anyone else had heard the "screw you" (but it's a safe bet they will).


Cirie told Matt she thought they should stick with the (new Savage Silent Deadly Sins) seven for now, adding that she didn't trust Bowie, Red, Cameron. Matt told her how they'd watched Hisam on the spyscreen last night trying to hear them, listening at the door for several minutes, and he'd even opened and closed a door pretending he'd gone through it but then went back to eavesdropping. Felicia, Izzy, Jared joined and more Hisam retells were shared, including that he was saying they all get together and try to use him to chop each other out, "and then he'll self-evict" when it's down to the other six plus him. Red joined and showed them his response to BB telling him to remove his hair from the microphone. Izzy said she wanted to sit down nearby whenever Hisam gives a pitch speech. Bowie had a haircut/touchup with Cameron's help, apparently exempt from the usual midweek ban on such things, and the jokes continue to write themselves.

Blue and Jared launched the sex events tally with some undercover handsy action. People always cry EWW! for these things but then want to know the timestamps: I didn't sit through it all but spot-checks at 2.01pm, 2.11pm, 2.18pm made it pretty clear they were doing more than gametalking. It's rare, but not unheard of, for a hamster duo to get a Sex Events tally item before going on the board as a Makeout Pairing, but if these two have kissed, I'm not aware of it. Matt wandered along to chat with them once or twice, which wasn't as awkward as remembering Jared's mom was in the next room. Around 3.40pm they finally kissed. Jared said "got that out of the way" and Blue said "told you you'd do it."

America made Jag Chicken swear with an elaborate pinkyswear that he wouldn't tell anyone she'd asked Cory if he had any F2s or F3s, and he'd said his only alliance was Family Style which is over, and he "kind of" has a final two with Jared. They made a final two of their own and America suggested TOUTTE as a name, for Two Of Us To The End. (That theme didn't work out so well for FOUTTE a few years ago, and might not work out so well for America this year.) The Seven Savage Silent Deadly Sins alliance met as a group and agreed to settle on Seven Deadly Sins even though Felicia didn't like that name much. They said they should assign one of the sins to each of them, but they couldn't name them all. Blue volunteered to go on the block as a pawn against America. Red made a cake for Cameron's daughter Stevie's birthday (and props to him for doing so as a Have-not), and everyone gathered to sing the song.

Cory and Jag Chicken had an extended chat about working together and kind of getting the Family Style band back together. My ability and inclination to keep up with this nonsense both died simultaneously, but they mentioned "the six" a few times, so that would include the original Family Style group minus Reilly of course, and minus Cameron. Cirie and Izzy decided their current ideal six would include Jared, Felicia, Bowie, Blue. (Blue might not stay in that list if/when Cirie finds out what she and Jared have been getting up to.) Jared, Matt, Hisam had an extended general topics chat, with no campaigning from Hisam(!) But then he relapsed and gave his lengthy, breathy spiel to Matt, which included him saying Izzy had called him "fucking idiot." She may have, but I only heard "screw you." And then he pitched again to Mecole. Right? Bowie talked about doing a group activity together later, maybe 20 Questions. They got a delivery of clothes that had been withheld for whatever reasons. Cory didn't get any: he probably followed the rules for what they should/shouldn't bring, so they didn't need to review his. Red and Cameron planned a meeting for yet another eight to meet later.

Bowie, Cameron, Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Matt, Mecole, Red finally gathered in HOH for a short meeting, more or less agreeing to target Jag and Blue next with America as renom option, and they agreed on the name Legend 25 for this new group (sounds like a promo code). They did the hands-in thing and then scattered to their various corners, where most of them started whispering about/against others in the group. Jared started Izzying to Izzy and Matt about some crisis or other, Izzy started Izzying about Jared to Matt and Felicia, and Felicia, Izzy, Matt told Blue she and Jag Chicken were the named targets.


A far more amusing meeting happened before that with America, Cory, Jag Chicken. America opened that with "should we call ourselves the Students?" and it went from there:

Cory: Do you think there'd be pushback if we call ourselves the Professors?
Jag Chicken: But we want a z at the end of ours, Professorz
Jag Chicken: The Confessors
Cory: We could pull Cameron in
Jag Chicken: Because if they ask us anything, we fold
Cory: The Inconsistents, the Unreliables.. and we have to make sure this alliance name is leaked tomorrow
America: The Leakers.. let's bring in Bowie, Red
Jag Chicken: We are always a backdoor option
America: Always a target
Cory: We throw every competition
Cory: Who's in the Unreliables, just to be clear, because I'm about to go tell everyone
Cory: Could we vote on a captain of Unreliables?
America: Hisam
Cory: Hisam I'm so sorry to see you go, but good news..
Jag Chicken: I'm gonna start lying in all my goodbye messages: I'm in a 14 person alliance

All three of them were laughing throughout, as was anyone watching.

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IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback! And/or to watch prior BB USA, Canada, Australia seasons, plus a ton of other shows and movies as well.

Day 22 - Wednesday - August 23, 2023

Whew, another long scroll to get down to here, sorry. Hamsters were all in bed just past midnight (a first) so they were well rested and raring to go this morning. Matt helped Jag Chicken untangle his cape and reported last night's Legend 25 meeting, and Izzy reported it to Cory. Cory dissed his fellow Unreliables America and Jag Chicken to her, pitched them as targets, called them "random ass people" and said America was "playing the middle horribly." Felicia told Cirie "next week we'll draw the line" but Cirie said no, if Red wins HOH he'd put up Jag Chicken and they'd suggest America with him rather than Blue. She also said not to say anything about Cameron or Red in front of Bowie, and she said they needed to find out from Jared what Cameron's been saying about them.

Felicia asked Bowie who her F2 is and Bowie said she hadn't thought about it, isn't it too soon? Felicia named some duos she suspected, including Cirie/Izzy especially in Izzy's mind, and said she and Cirie hadn't made an F2 deal, which surprised Bowie. They agreed on their own F2 with a small fist bump, and Bowie asked "is that how we do it?" Yes. Felicia also told her she'd already talked to Cirie about them being F3 and Bowie was okay with that idea. Hisam continued his campaign loops, and Felicia had asked to talk with him while he was cycling, saying "outside of the game" she loved him and had felt a special connection. He said "yep yep let me finish this" [his workout] but he eventually met with her in HOH to rehash.

Cory and Jared had an extended talk in the pantry. Highlights included talking about the ridiculous alliance soup they're all swimming in and how most everyone knows about most all of it, and agreeing that Izzy makes things too personal about other people. Cory said she isn't as good a player as she thinks, but said she's good for both of them for the time being. They talked about America being the house target, and agreed if she went it would be a waste of an eviction at this point, and if they can keep her, Jag, Blue around for a couple more weeks they'd all be back in a good position, back in the middle. Izzy joined and pitched the idea of booting Cameron tomorrow. Cory said that's impossible at this point, they wouldn't be able to get enough votes while keeping the various hierarchies in place, and all agreed Hisam would be out for revenge if he stayed. But they discussed it some more, and said it can't leave the room (except for Cirie). Cory pushed for lenience for America for a couple more weeks and Izzy said her problem with her is she's reckless. Cory and Jared agreed about that.


Cirie and Felicia joined and Felicia retold Hisam's pitch, and said she'd told the cameras "that's bullshit" when he left. They all discussed all the states of things some more, including Cirie's concern that Matt might be playing them since he retells so much to Jag Chicken. They said they should leave the pantry gradually so they aren't too obvious and Jared left first. He gave Izzy a big hug, and then gave Cirie a handclasp and hug. That was interesting, since the two of them have taken pains to not be visibly close with each other. Cirie and Felicia were the last to leave, and Felicia told Cirie she wanted Red gone, Cameron gone, Jag, Blue, America, and Bowie Jane. She thought that would leave them at jury (no, that will come sooner), but including Bowie in that hit list was interesting after having just made a final two with her.

Hisam's pitch to Cirie seemed a lot more genuine to me, and different from his normal script, likely because Cirie began their talk and steered it towards relationships, and theirs was more of an actual two-way conversation than the many, many monologues Hisam had been doing. Hisam told her he'd thought Cirie and Izzy orchestrated his backdoor but then he'd "found out" it was Cameron (wrong). Hisam began his pitch to Izzy by saying "I fucked up, I really fucked up." Cirie, Jared, Felicia compared some notes and agreed Hisam still had to go. Twenty minutes later Cirie and Izzy met in HOH to discuss the possibility of flipping the vote (again), not least because they knew Cameron had talked about targeting them next, and they wondered if they could get the needed votes to keep Hisam. They stressed that if it does happen, they'd need to get to Hisam before anyone else to let him know they did it. And they pitched the thought to Felicia, who said she was sure Hisam would come for her in retaliation, partly because he wouldn't hug her after their talk.

Hisam arrived in HOH and was told they were deciding if it would be possible to keep him. His eyes bugged out, and he addressed and fixed the no-hug-for-Felicia issue when she brought that up. He swore he'd keep the plan a secret, and that he'd be tighter than ever with them if he stays. After he left, Izzy pointed out that he'd only said "right?" once, indicating to her that he was being truthful. Red arrived with smalltalk and asking where Hisam was. (It's possible he saw Hisam leave HOH and came sniffing around about that, but that's just my hunch.) Red told Cirie and Felicia that he was worried about Jared because he was getting so close with Blue. Izzy reported the flip plan to Cory but he pushed back, making logical points that included Hisam would probably want revenge, he's a better/more dangerous player than Cameron, they can't control Hisam, and including America in the vote/next alliance was iffy. Afterwards Cory said to himself/us "what the fuck why why why WHY?" Elsewhere, Jag Chicken and Mecole agreed to have each other's backs.

I closed feeds to grab the quotes and facts from the episode, and I came back after that hour to find the flip had unflipped (again). I should maybe delete all the above mess but it happened, so. Apparently Cory's developing his mist and/or he used his speech and debate skills to convey his arguments logically and persuasively. Izzy wondered with him and Cirie if they should let Hisam know, and they agreed not to - at least not yet. And another alliance variation was formed to include Cirie, Cory, Felicia, Izzy, Jared, Meme, to be called the True Six or For Real For Real. A meeting to formalize was planned for later tonight. Cirie and Jared had a check-in during dinner in HOH (while Mecole was in the bathroom up there - which they knew). Cirie said she'd become skeptical of Matt because news of last night's Legend 25 meeting had leaked out. Jared said they already knew Red wasn't really with them, and Cirie agreed, but said they had to consider everything. Jared got a little defensive when Cirie wondered if his relationship with Blue was interfering with his/their game.

Jag Chicken got a new chicken hat to sleep in. He said it was just the same as his day chicken hat but the eyes were closed. Jared and Blue went undercovers again to play "rock paper scissors" again. Cory pitched a final two to America, with a lot of reasons and rationalizations, and he stressed he didn't want to work with Jag Chicken. He said he'd been getting a barrage of questions about America, and he also said "when we were talking about the Unreliables, I'm like man, this is not gonna fuckin happen." Team Fun Feeds shed a tear hearing that because they'd been so funny about it last night. Cory was all business and America seemed half business/half flirty but she said "I'm in" and they eventually sealed it with a hug. America went to Cirie/Felicia/Izzy to say Cory had "tried to solidify something." Felicia said "we want to bring you guys in under one condition: people think you're flaky, you've been playing both sides. If we bring you in [to For Real For Real, along with Jared and Mecole] and you're flaky, you'll be first to go." They talked it over some more, like they do, and they sealed it with America hugging each of them. Later Cory told America she was being trusted not to spill to anyone, including Jag Chicken. Also later, Mecole told herself/us she didn't trust America. Bowie, Cameron, Matt, Red played some kind of household mini golf with a broom.

There were a lot of loud, laughy group convos, and Cory/America/Jag Chicken had another round of Unreliables humor, but it wasn't the same. Midnight finally rolled around and America, Matt, Red got to eat, which was also very loud with a lot of hollering from everyone. Hisam stopped campaigning after being told he'd be saved, and I don't think Cameron campaigned at all.

As of now, Hisam's going tomorrow, and likely unanimously (again). Chances are someone will tip him off before Julie makes it official. And then it's the return of the legendary Pressure Cooker comp "with a Scaryverse twist" and IT WILL BE ON FEEDS!

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Ratings - Leftovers Anniversary* edition

Ratings are Monday's, based on entertainment value, and subject to change

*Hisam went up as blindside renom on Day 20, and whether he told America he got lumped in with 'leftovers' became a sticking point.
Ameerah and Terrance went up as blindside renoms on Day 20 last year (the day after Leftovers alliance was formed). That Monday afternoon was one of the greatest feeds days ever.

Noms count: original/renom/twist

Netherland just faded away and shifted to slimings and chicken suits. Spending so much time on those things on the episodes when they have so much stellar content they keep overlooking are peculiar decisions, but no matter: it's why we have feeds. Another peculiar decision was withholding the slimings and chicken clucking tasks from feeds. I'm really getting tired of being asked why they do all these things and I wish they'd field some of the flak themselves.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Applicant - Single
Medical receptionist - Brooklyn NY

She was laying low and then suddenly everyone was dropping her name. Hisam's resentment centered around her retelling him saying he'd been stuck with 'leftovers' when Reilly assembled her gang of eight. He actually said they were 'left over.' So it's picky-picky semantics but the meaning is the same, and good on America for telling him to stop gaslighting her about it. He also clearly told Professors no new alliances and then he almost immediately pitched working with America to her. That was also his own doing and not hers.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Brand strategist - New York, NY

I don't understand her game at all, but a lot of that's because she hasn't held or been adjacent to any power yet, and that's where the feeds (and my) attention tend to go. And I don't understand her thing with Jared either, especially after her bathroom dance with America after telling her Jared said he's falling for her. But that's probably my fault and not hers. I should pay attention to what she tells America, who seems to be more of a confidante for her about that stuff than Jag, and find out if she's playing Jared for game purposes or if she really likes him that way. She is in hot water with a lot of them because she's still close with Jag and they've seen her whispering with Red, the Seven Savage Silent Deadly Sins alliance notwithstanding.

Won: Netherland Day 11

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


45 - Applicant
Barrister/DJ - Los Angeles, CA

She's barely there and when she is, she's alternately welcomed into her alliance(s) or being talked about badly by them. But she consistently adds gems to my Lines of the Day so I have to give her ups for that. Everyone has their role to play.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 0


34 - Applicant - Separated, 1 daughter
Stay-at-home dad - Eastman, GA

Week 1 he had a bigger case of HOHitis than the HOH. Week 2 he was on the block and toned it way down. Week 3 he was back on the block but he had an HOHitis relapse because he knew he was a pawn. HOHitis while on the block though! That's rare. It got so bad, he started talking like he orchestrated the whole plan to blindside and backdoor Hisam. We know how flip-floppy this group is and if Cameron ends up leaving instead of Hisam, oh well.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


53 - Recruit/stuntcast - Married, 3 sons
Surgical director

I don't care that she and Jared have a secret advantage since I'm only here for the cheap entertainment and anyway, Big Brother is literally unfair by definition. I do love how she's positioned herself in the center of all the alliance chaos and while some minor whisperings have started up about getting rid of her, I don't think she'll be going anytime soon. She asked Jared about the gossip she's heard about him and Blue, and she warned/talked to him about that, and he went right to Blue to say he's falling for her for real but it's complicated, between a longtime girlfriend at home watching his dog and the game being an added hurdle. Many in the fanbase think he's a pig and Cirie a pig enabler. For me, all that stuff is their business and I'm just enjoying watching how she sets chaos in motion over and over, then sits back and says leave her out of it.

Won: Netherland Day 1

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


21 - Applicant/stuntcast? - Single
College student
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Beyond the mother/son advantaged secret duo, I think he's one to watch as far as chances to win this thing. He's smart, shrewd, mostly well-placed in the 1,001 alliance hierarchies, and his talks to us indicate he's aware of most things going on in there. When he talks to us, he's got a good read on mostly all of them, even if he isn't privy to some things such as the mother/son advantaged secret duo. And his low-key humor is often spot on and actually funny, unlike so many of the others.

Won: 24 18 hours slimings

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


63 - Applicant - Married, 1 son
Real estate agent - Kennesaw, GA

Laying into Jag Chicken just before the veto meeting took us all by surprise, and it was glorious. She showed she's not going to take anything laying down, especially with so many of them winding everything up all the time, and that's highly promising for our future feeds.

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 1


45 - Applicant - Divorced
Geriatric physician/burlesquer - Seattle, WA

He didn't supply fireworks but I guess he's not that type, and that's okay. His apology/explanation/promise campaign rounds after he was put on the block were tedious and transparently desperate. He kept saying he doesn't believe in backdoors, okay but that was his choice. Not believing in something doesn't [necessarily] mean it doesn't exist. And this was a textbook backdoor by every definition - or it will be if he's actually evicted. If he isn't, his 'right?' at the end of every phrase will get picked up by all of them. #SleepingHisam has turned out to be the side game nobody saw coming.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


32 - Applicant - Has a girlfriend
Flutist - New York, NY

She hasn't been quite as frantic and chaotic as she was the first two week but that doesn't mean she's kept to herself. She's the first to spread any news and can barely contain herself if there's a convo to retell. It's gotten a bit tiring but we must suck it up because she's not going to stop anytime soon.
I discovered both hers and her girlfriend's accounts blocked me, which has me stumped. Of all the toxic BB sludge, I'm the mean one? Or problematic, or whatever the reason is. Okay.

Won: Netherland Day 10; Week 2 immunity; 1 week chicken suit

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Applicant - Single
Truck company owner/realtor - Omak, WA

He's a 25-year-old man in a chicken suit who got yelled at by a 63-year-old woman. He did not see that coming at all, and he was clearly stunned by it. But he rebounded fast and immediately began retell/explanation rounds, and he came out of it okay. For now.
Upgrade to ups for the hilarious Unreliables convo with America and Cory, and for not griping about his chicken suit. Most hamsters would have ditched half of it by now.

Won: Netherland Day 9

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


25 - Applicant/stuntcast - Single
Exterminator - Norwalk, CT

See Cirie and Blue. I don't know what else to say at this point.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Recruit? - Single
Deaflympics gold medalist - Baton Rouge, LA

This guy's got a heart of gold, possibly too gold for this dirty game. But he's doing well so far and went from being Reilly's #1 cheerleader to being in a good position with pretty much all of them. For now.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


30 - Applicant - Newlywed
Political consultant - Upper Marlboro, MD

Like Bowie, she's alternately welcomed in her alliance(s) or being talked about by them. I'd like it if she were a little more pro-active with them and I think it would help her cause. But until then, I need more solo rants by her in the pantry or HOH bathroom.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


37 - Recruit - Has a girlfriend, 3 kids
Sales/TikTokker - Gatlinburg, TN

He ratted out Professors and the blindside plan to Cameron, and he sits back telling his cornpone jokes in his moonshine accent whenever fingers start pointing at whoever's being accused of being a snake at any given time. He is high on a number of hit lists but by the time noms roll around again, a couple dozen more dramas will have unfolded in there and they might forget about him.

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


24 - Recruit - Single
Bartender - Nashville, TN

2nd evicted - Day 16

Four people were already nominated when she won the first HOH and all she had to do was remove two. She spent most of the first days repeating she wanted an alliance of eight, which she eventually pulled together, with F2, F3, F4 along the way. She had it made but then found out everyone else knew about her eight and she spent the rest of her HOH week in tears. Then she hit the block and campaigned poorly, but at least she went out fighting.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Molecular biologist - Houston, TX

1st evicted - Day 9

She was on the block when she started to pitch and double-dip, and you can't blame her for that. Being new to BB, that's what she'd seen on the shows, and most everyone else started doing the same thing right away anyway. But Kirsten became an easy scapegoat since she wasn't in their inner power circles. She would have been good feeds: she planned a scorching nominee speech, but then opted to go out classy and didn't use it.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


30 - Survivor applicant - Single
Illustrator - Coral Springs, FL

Ejected Day 8

Between hamsters thinking he was a secret doctor and feedsters thinking he was a secret twin, his week was full of unintentional comedy. He added to that by not knowing the show or that the game had started without him, then he worked hard to join the game in progress, with no success. Then he dropped the n-word, and then he was gone.

Lines and Links of the Day


Cory: We're on Day 20
Cameron: We're a third in

Felicia to Jag Chicken: I will switch this shit up right here!

Felicia to Jag Chicken: I'm sorry I came at you like a bear

@TheBryPie: After reading the rule book, Hisam has found that him saying he doesn't believe in back doors DOES in fact actually make him exempt from them

Bowie: All the snakes have to go, I don't like the snakes

Big Brother: Cool your jets

Felicia: And they don't wash no dishes, that's the part that pisses me off

Cory about Hisam pitching to everyone he previously targeted: It's a hard sell

Hisam: One thing about being on the block, you get a lot of DR time, if you're looking for a perk.. you get to spend a lot of time talking about your feelings, a lot of time, amazing actually

@TVtater: Read this tweet without knowing anything about a tv show called Big Brother >>
  @Bigbrothergossip: Explain to me like i'm five why the sinners are so adamant America has to go.

Big Brother: Felicia, please put on your microphone
Felicia: Where the hell is it at?

Red: Good night all you live watchers, we love ya
America: Good night feedsters

Felicia: What you wearing tonight? Oh today's Wednesday, okay okay okay, in my head I'm thinking it's Thursday, okay we got -- oh fuck! Jesusssss

Hisam: I can change, I'm changeable

Hisam: I can be better

Hisam Diary, after noms: Unlike Reilly, the way I ran my HOH did not leave people wanting to target me

Cory: I don't want to just talk at you
America: It's okay, Hisam me



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Week 3 starter pack by me

Sneak peek at Pressure Cooker (because hurricane and earthquake) by @bb23detective

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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Booze deliveries: 3
-Day 1 Move-in champagne
-Day 10 Hisam HOH wine
-Day 16 Felicia HOH wine

Makeout pairings: 1 -Blue/Jared

Sex events: 1
-8/22 2.01pm Blue/Jared undercovers handsy stuff

Injuries/illnesses: 11
-Reilly's numb finger from move-in comp
-Cory's numb finger from move-in comp
-Blue's bumped elbow/rug burn from 1st HOH comp
-Red's bruised butt from 1st HOH comp
-Felicia's cut finger
-Cirie's cough
-Jared's cough
-America's cough
-Red's cough
-Izzie's bruised knees from 2nd HOH comp
-Felicia's sore/swollen knee

Broken habitat items: 14
-Stove (on first night)
-A chair
-Two street lamp decor/props
-Turntable (decor or veto comp?)
-Leaky kitchen faucet and/or sink
-Four drowned mics (all by Felicia)
-Decor/prop eyeglasses (by Cameron)
-Iron scorch print on a chair (by Izzy)
-Have-not ass kicking machine
-Laundry machines after the storm

Netherland trips: 4
-Cory Day 1 via comp
  A couple hours, got nothing?
-Jared Day 9 (late night) via comp
  12 hours, pick someone for immunity
-Jag Day 10 via Jared pick
  8 hours, Week 2 immunity
-Bowie Day 11 via Jag pick
  12(?) hours, unable to be play veto

Unusual natural events: 2
-Tropical Storm Hilary, Day 19
-Earthquake, also Day 19

Scandals outside our BB world: 2
-Luke's n-word
-Week 2 veto comp accommodations/lack of for Matt

Premature exits: 1
-Day 8 Luke ejected

Post-cast-reveal arrivals: 1


Production Goofs

 1 They ended the season before it began
 2 Season errors for Janelle, Derrick, Frankie
 3 Julie didn't know there is a reality casting Emmy
 4 Julie forgot BB1 feeds were free
 5 Julie said a BB5 conversation was 'halfway thru the season' - it was on the 2nd episode
 6 Press pics misspelled Cory's last name
 7 Official Instagram countdown off by 24 hours
 8 CBS Mornings piece called it 'the Brother house'
 9 Two shots at juror count, both wrong: neither is 'always'
10 Misspelled Rachel's and Dick's names
11 Bowie Jane's dropped Ball
12 Staffer (barely) seen on feeds
13 Omitted move-in self-intros for Cameron, Izzy, Jag on Episode 2
14 Misspelled Cameron's and Hisam's last names
15 Misspelled Cory's last name (again), another wrong version of Cameron's, two wrong dates in press pics
16 Feeds 1/2 froze on quads, 3/4 didn't
17 Browser tabs/page titles out of date
18 Hisam called to pantry by mistake (or prematurely)
19 No Cirie bio (as of Day 11)
20 Ad for 8pm BB aired at 8.30 (golf delay day)
21 HOH comp sequencing error on 8/13 show
22 Wrong show time in press pic captions
23 P+ app on Apple TV showing July 31
24 Pre-noms audio leak with staffer giving instructions 8/18 3.37pm
25 Misspelled Reilly's name
26 BB announced the yard's open to people in the yard
27 Ticket site still shows $500k prize

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Reilly; Hisam; Felicia

Veto winners in order: Hisam; Hisam; Jag

Evictions in order: Luke (ejected); Kirsten 13-0; Reilly 12-0

Cast Twitters: @kstace_

Cast Instagrams: kirstenvivica; reillysmedley

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Week 1 BB Multiverse
Losers of four move-in comps went on the block, and HOH Reilly saved two

Week 2 Nether Region
Inconsistent and vague. Individuals were sent to Nether Region for varying lengths of time, receiving 'something good or bad' and selecting the next one to go. Roster of who went and for how long is in the Extracurricular Items tally.



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