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Who should win in case of a jury tie?

> No tie, winner was not revealed

Who should get $25k viewer favorite prize?

> Carson

-Shanna, Lamar also in top three
-I endorsed Shanna but am happy Carson won




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Power Status

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Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

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Celebrity BB Air Show Schedule & Overnight Ratings

Times are Eastern

Wednesday, February 2 8pm - Premiere
 -1st place - 0.7 rating - 3.659 million viewers
Thursday, February 3 9pm
 -2nd place (behind Olympics) - 0.5 rating - 2.655 million viewers (final ratings)
Friday, February 4 8pm - live, two hours
 -3rd place (behind Olympics, and Shark Tank+20/20) - 0.4/0.3 rating - 2.414/2.092 million viewers
Sunday, February 6 8pm
 -3rd place (behind Olympics, and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune rerun) - 0.4 rating - 2.517 million viewers
Monday, February 7 9pm - live
 -4th place (behind Olympics, The Bachelor, The Cleaning Lady) - 0.4 rating - 2.286 million viewers
Wednesday, February 9 8pm
 -2nd place (behind Olympics) - 0.6 rating - 2.851 million viewers
Friday, February 11 8pm - live, two hours
 -4th place (behind Olympics, Jeopardy & 20/20, Friday Night Smackdown) - 0.4/0.4 rating - 2.524/2.342 million viewers
Sunday, February 13 8pm
 -2nd place (miles behind Super Bowl) - 0.26 rating - 1.51 million viewers (final ratings)
Monday, February 14 9pm - live
 -4th place (behind Olympics, The Bachelor, The Cleaning Lady) - 0.4 rating - 2.535 million viewers
Wednesday, February 16 8pm
 -3rd place (behind Olympics, Jeopardy) - 0.5 rating - 3.003 million viewers
Friday, February 18 8pm - live, two hours
 -2nd place first hour (behind Olympics) - 0.5 rating - 2.745 million viewers -- 4th place second hour (behind Olympics, Friday Night Smackdown, 20/20 rerun) - 0.4 rating - 2.332 million viewers
Saturday, February 19 8pm - season clips
 -3rd place (behind Olympics, Jeopardy) - 0.2 rating - 1.513 million viewers
Sunday, February 20 8pm
 -2nd place (behind Olympics) - 0.4 rating - 2.842 million viewers
Monday, February 21 9pm - live, two hours, double eviction
 -4th place first hour (behind America's Got Talent Extreme, The Bachelor, The Cleaning Lady) - 0.4 rating - 2.463 million viewers -- 3rd place second hour (behind The Endgame premiere) - 0.4 rating - 2.265 million viewers
Wednesday, February 23 8pm - live finale
 -2nd place (behind Chicago Med) - 0.8 rating - 6.943 million viewers

Preliminary overnights: adults 18-49; Rating: % of all TV households

Daily Feeds Recaps

** 8th/Final CYCLE **
Final Head of Household: Miesha
Last evicted: Cynthia
Finalists: Miesha, Todrick

Season winner: Miesha
Runner-up: Todrick
Viewer favorite: Carson

Day 27 - 2/21/22 - Live show: Lamar and Todd evicted. Later: Todrick told Cynthia, Miesha about his BB BnB; Todd returned to Twitter and found out some things
Day 28 - 2/22/22 - Final three got Play-doh and tie-dye; dinner & booze delivery
Day 29 - 2/23/22 - Feeds ended 10am; Live finale: Shout Outs final HOH: Miesha won and evicted Cynthia; Miesha won the season 7-1 (Cynthia voted for Todrick); Carson won viewer favorite. Todrick cancelled post-finale interviews

** 7th CYCLE **
Head of Household: Miesha
Original noms: Cynthia, Todd
Veto winner/outcome: Miesha/did not use
Final noms: Cynthia, Todd
Evicted: Todd

Day 27 - 2/21/22 - Live show: Lamar evicted; BB Flix Film Festival HOH comp: Miesha won; Miesha nominated Cynthia, Todd; Frozen in Time veto comp: Miesha won, did not use; Todd evicted 1-0, said 'Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Julie?'

** 6th CYCLE **
Head of Household: Todrick
Original noms: Lamar, Todd
Veto winner/outcome: Todd/used on self
Final noms: Lamar, Cynthia
Evicted: Lamar

Day 24 - 2/18/22 - Live show: Carson evicted; AFP vote opened. Later: Champagne & appetizers guided memories taping; Spot the Fake HOH comp: Todrick won
Day 25 - 2/19/22 - Cynthia's birthday; Todrick nominated Lamar, Todd; Celebrity Luge veto comp: Todd won; sushi, wine, cake delivery for Cynthia's birthday
Day 26 - 2/20/22 - Nothing
Day 27 - 2/21/22 - Live show: Todd used veto on himself, Todrick put up Cynthia in his place; Lamar evicted 2-1 (Todrick HOH tiebreaker)

** 5th CYCLE **
Head of Household: Todd
24 hour mojito & lime: Lamar, Todrick (completed)
Original noms: Carson, Lamar
Veto winner/outcome: Miesha/did not use
Final noms: Carson, Lamar
Evicted: Carson

Day 20 - 2/14/22 - Live show: Shanna evicted. Later: Celebrity Endorsement HOH: Todd won; Lamar, Todrick got 24 hours mojito & lime
Day 21 - 2/15/22 - Lamar ripped up Todrick's new solitaire cards; Todd nominated Carson, Lamar; mojito & lime costumes ended; #TodrickExposedParty on Twitter
Day 22 - 2/16/22 - Ego Veto veto: Miesha won
Day 23 - 2/17/22 - Miesha did not use her veto; booze delivery
Day 24 - 2/18/22 - Live show: Carson evicted 2-1; AFP vote opened

** 4th CYCLE **
Head of Household: Carson
Original noms: Miesha, Todd
Veto winner/outcome: Todrick/used on Todd
Final noms: Miesha, Shanna
Evicted: Shanna

Day 17 - 2/11/22 - Live show: ChrisKirk evicted. Later: Angry Glam Squad wall HOH: Carson won at just over one hour
Day 18 - 2/12/22 - Todrick/Miesha convinced Cynthia/Carson that Shanna was against them, leading to Cynthia vs Shanna fight; Carson nominated Miesha, Todd; booze delivery
Day 19 - 2/13/22 - Valentine party with music, wine
Day 20 - 2/14/22 - Live show: Sweeter Than Veto veto: Todrick won, used on Todd, Carson put up Shanna in his place; Shanna evicted 4‑0

** 3rd CYCLE **
Head of Household: Miesha
Original noms: Carson, Cynthia
Self-evicted: Chris Kattan
Veto winner/outcome: Shanna/used on Carson
Final noms: Cynthia, ChrisKirk
Evicted: ChrisKirk

Day 13 - 2/7/22 - Ski Strip HOH: Miesha won; party with music/off feeds
Day 14 - 2/8/22 - Nominations: Carson, Cynthia
Day 15 - 2/9/22 - Chris Kattan quit; Reindeer Riders veto: Shanna won; booze delivery
Day 16 - 2/10/22 - Shanna veto'd Carson, Miesha put up ChrisKirk in his place; Todd vs Cynthia fight; booze and Fatburger delivery
Day 17 - 2/11/22 - Live show: ChrisKirk evicted 5-0

** 2nd CYCLE **
Head of Household: ChrisKirk
Original noms: ChrisKat, Mirai
Veto winner/outcome: Shanna/did not use
Final noms: ChrisKat, Mirai
Evicted: Mirai

Day 10 - 2/4/22 - Live show: Teddi evicted. Later: Rotten Potatoes HOH: ChrisKirk won
Day 11 - 2/5/22 - Nominations: ChrisKat, Mirai
Day 12 - 2/6/22 - Carson's glamorous campy bubble bath, Miesha's ice bath
Day 13 - 2/7/22 - Live show: Marry Me live veto: Shanna won/did not use; Mirai evicted 7-0

** 1st CYCLE **
Head of Household: Miesha
Original noms: Carson, Mirai
Veto winner/outcome: Carson/used on self
Post-veto noms: Mirai, Teddi
Mon Won Twist: Immunity for Cynthia, Todd replaced Mirai on the block
Final noms: Teddi, Todd
Evicted: Teddi

Day 1 - 1/26/22 - Move-in and BB Winter Gala HOH comp: Miesha won
Day 2 - 1/27/22 - Gala Gift Box Mon Won gave immunity to Cynthia; Nominations: Carson, Mirai
Days 3 thru 8 - Schedule Snafu veto comp: Carson won; veto meeting: Teddi replaced Carson; some drama between ChrisKirk and Mirai
Day 8 - 2/2/22 - CBS premiere; feeds due to start but were "delayed"; ChrisKirk was in a hotel
Day 9 - 2/3/22 - Feeds started; Lamar's bed poop
Day 10 - 2/4/22 - Live show: Mon Won put Todd on the block, replacing Mirai; Teddi evicted 5-3

Julie tweeted cast clues on January 26, and Allison tweeted a bit later that the celebs have moved in! We'll have the full cast list shortly, and here's hoping we get some sneak peek feeds this week like we did for the other two celeb seasons - Sign up and be ready!

The cast was revealed January 26 during Amazing Race. They are: Shanna Moakler, Cynthia Bailey, Carson Kressley, Todrick Hall, Teddi Mellencamp, Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, Mirai Nagasu, Miesha Tate, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick

Ratings - Who Were They? edition

Noms count: original/renom/twist

Winnings do not include stipends/show-up amounts or placement bonuses

Pre: Big ups for another celeb season after most of us figured it wouldn't happen again. The cast could be interesting? Definitely an older mix than summer seasons. Of course I don't like going back to a full week of them in there without us - the last two summer seasons of live move-in/first night feeds spoiled us for sure.

Mid: Solid downs for the worst feeds uptime probably ever. Worse than Canada even, and that's saying something. Opening night delay was due to ChrisKirk's false positive COVID test and resulting hotel room, and Day 15's almost day-long block was a combo of ChrisKat leaving and veto comp. I don't know why they block those things but they do and we can accept that. But what about the rest of the time? We're lucky to get more than a couple sentences at a time before that music pops up, and it usually lasts longer than the feeds glimpses we do get. I don't know what's up or why, but it's not good. And it puts affiliates like me in a very awkward position.

Post: All around a diappointing season for most, between the steamroll by Miesha/Todrick, the way-too-often blocked feeds (38.8% total per @Feeds_Bot, not including sleep), and Todrick monopolizing most feeds uptime with his continual bashing, boasting, and name-dropping. But I'm glad we got to know Carson, Lamar, and Todd in particular, and mad props to Shanna for actually trying to play the game.

Won: $250,000

HOH 4 - Veto 2 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0

Season winner - Day 29

Miesha Tate
35 - former UFC champion
Twitter @MieshaTate - IG @mieshatate

Pre: Known for mixed martial arts, she's held a number of titles including UFC women's bantamweight champion.

She'd never seen BB before being cast but watched at least one other celebs season since.

Post: A new type of hamster: rather than summer camp, she was in training camp. She won a lot of comps and had a hand in every HOH - basically she was HOH all season. She was training for her other life when she wasn't fawning over Todrick and plotting everyone's demise with him, and beyond that she was just dull.

Won: $50,000; 24 hr lime tied to Lamar

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0

Season runner-up - Day 29

Todrick Hall
36 - Entertainer
Twitter @todrick - IG @todrick

Pre: Known for American Idol, YouTube, RuPaul's Drag Race, Broadway (Kinky Boots and Chicago), music, dance, multiple tv appearances, and for an extended house party hosting members of the Cookout at his SoCal mansion after BB23.

He's a BB fan who caught up seasons he missed, and he names Jordan, Rachel, Donatos, Frankie, Tommy, Derrick L, and of course Tiffany and Chaddha as faves.

Post: A certain amount of vanity is a hamster requirement: they are surrounded 24/7 by cameras and mirrors after all, but this guy took it to new extremes. His house, his tour, his resumé, rewind, repeat, toss in name-dropping - as if the rest of them haven't done a lot, live well, and know famous people. He took over every convo and made it Todrick-centric, along with rationalizing and painting himself as victim for anything that didn't put him on top. Along with various awful things he said, I hope to never hear about him again.
UPDATE: After not winning the season nor AFP, Todrick cancelled press QAs on finale night. Really? Really??

Won: Mon Won 1st cycle immunity

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/1/0 - HN 0

8th evicted - Day 29

Cynthia Bailey
54 55 - Model/TV personality
Twitter @CynthiaBailey10 - IG @cynthiabailey

Pre: Best known for Real Housewives of Atlanta, she has also acted in various shows and movies, including Sharknado 4.

She doesn't seem to know BB well but she watched CBB2 as a friend of Kandi and Tamar.

Post: We often have summer camp hamsters who are there to have fun and pay little to no attention to the game happening around them, and they often get dragged to the end for an easy win. She seemed to believe whatever was fed last to her and it's too bad she bought the Miesha/Todrick version of things over Shanna's, but then she joined them in a lot of their Shanna-bashing when she was gone and that just wasn't a good look. She got in a couple fights but otherwise was mostly pleasant, she cleaned and often cooked, and it was great fun to watch her friendship with Carson form and grow.

Won: Mon Won 1st cycle nomination

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 3/0/1 - HN 0

7th evicted - Day 27

Todd Bridges
56 - Actor
Twitter @ToddBridges - (no IG)

Pre: Best known for playing Willis on Diff'rent Strokes, he's been in a number of other shows and movies as both a child and adult actor. He's a recovering addict who had a number of highly publicized legal issues in the past. He wrote a book about those experiences and his struggles to distance himself from the Willis character, but I'm fully expecting Julie to say 'What you talkin' 'bout, Todd?' at some point.

He doesn't know BB and has only watched CBB2.

Post: Well Julie didn't say it, but he said it to her which seemed to make her day. He was a pretty fun hamster with lots of tales of classic TV days, a couple timely comp wins (even if he too let Miesha take over his HOH), a couple spats including a nasty one with Cynthia, and lots of fun chats with Carson and especially Lamar. The two of them became the show-within-the-show, with their funny and ultra-random banter and bickering like an old married couple. Todd's sobriety was an inspiration to many, including Lamar, and that's the real takeaway here.

Won: 24 hr mojito tied to Todrick

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 0

6th evicted - Day 27

Lamar Odom
42 - former NBA champion/TV personality
Twitter @reallamarodom - IG @lamarodom

Pre: Known for playing with the LA Lakers and other NBA teams, and for being formerly married to a Kardashian. He appeared on their show as well as a spinoff Khloe & Lamar. He's a recovering addict/alcoholic after having 'cheated death' in 2015 in a much-publicized incident including multiple heart attacks and strokes.

He doesn't know BB but planned to watch some in pre-show sequester.

Post: He'll be remembered for pooping his bed, chewing his fingernails instead of casting a vote, and for tearing up Todrick's new cards when tied to him in costume, and also for not winning any comps and continually playing catchup as far as learning how the game works. But he'll also be remembered for his kind heart and gentle character, and for his easy way around all the mini dramas and traumas in there. And of course for his banter sessions with Todd: they could and should do their proposed 'Willis & Lammy' show, either as reality or an Odd Couple type reboot. Lamar was known for basketball and Kardashians, but he gained legions of fans this season simply for being Lamar.

Won: $25,000

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 3/0/0 - HN 0

Won viewer favorite - Day 29
5th evicted - Day 24

Carson Kressley
52 - TV personality
Twitter @carsonkressley - IG @carsonkressley

Pre: Known for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, RuPaul's Drag Race, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and various other shows, along with an assortment of acting, hosting, commentating gigs, plus he has fashion lines and books, and he breeds and shows horses.

Sounds like he doesn't know BB well but he watched other celeb seasons and got advice from Ross Mathews.

Post: He was a delight on feeds and a Diary star, providing quick wit and one-liners that might be corny from anyone else but from him they were charming. He baked cakes and pies, and he seemed to form genuine friendships with each of them, particularly Cynthia. Game-wise he smoked the first veto to save himself and he won the wall comp, but he let Miesha & Todrick bamboozle his HOH to send out his ally Shanna, and he followed her out next.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 2 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 0

4th evicted - Day 20

Shanna Moakler
46 - former Miss USA/actress
Twitter @shannamoakler - @tshannamoakler

Pre: Known for pageants including Miss USA 1995, modeling including Playboy, acting parts in various shows and movies, and various reality shows including Dancing with the Stars, and Meet the Barkers with then-husband Travis Barker (who is now engaged to a Kardashian, so gossip could come up on feeds from that - see Lamar).

She says she's seen every season of BB, and named Paul and Derrick L as faves.

Post: She was a firecracker who knew how to play the game and she played it hard. She was double-dipping at the start, as was Todrick, but she ended up siding with Carson and Cynthia. Unfortunately for her, Todrick tattled to them before she confessed, so they turned on her and out she went on Carson's HOH - despite her stressing to them she'd proven her loyalty by saving Carson with veto. Shanna's one of those never-a-dull-moment hamsters, and would probably be the best candidate for the viewer favorite prize. (Carson and Lamar are often hilarious but their gameplay is bad-bad.)

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 0

3rd evicted - Day 17

Chris Kirkpatrick
50 - Pop star
Twitter @IamCKirkpatrick - IG @iamckirkpatrick

Pre: Best known for being a member of NSYNC. He's since done some other music projects, voice acting including Fairly Odd Parents, and appeared on other celebreality shows Gone Country and Celebrity Family Feud, as well as Sharknado 3.

He says he's watched 'a ton' of BB and mentioned Derrick L, Derek X, Xavier, Jackson, and Ian as faves - that's quite a mix.

Post: His false-positive COVID test and resulting night in a hotel room delayed feeds for a day, and we'll never know what the first week drama was about other than he was involved. He played hard and talked game non-stop, and he helped to orchestrate his own exit. When he won HOH he said he felt he'd done what he came to do so he'd already won, so that worked out okay.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0

Left the house - Day 15

Chris Kattan
51 - Comedian
Twitter @chriskattan - IG @chriskattan

Pre: Known for Saturday Night Live celebrity impressions and iconic characters including Mr Peeper and Mango, and being half of the Night at the Roxbury duo with Will Ferrell. He's appeared in various other shows and movies including Dancing with the Stars, and was a regular on The Middle. He's fought serious neck/back injuries, surgeries, and subsequent painkiller addiction.

Doesn't seem to know much about BB but he watched other celeb seasons and liked Tom Green. His cast pic is from his Wikipedia page, dated 2008.

Post: He was off feeds for much of his time, at least partially due to pain, and he was in over his head as far as how to play BB. But when we saw him he was funny and kind, which is about the most winning combo there is. His friendship with Mirai was unexpected and sweet, and he had a major fondness for Carson's cakes (and enjoying them overnight).

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 0

2nd evicted - Day 13

Mirai Nagasu
28 - former figure skater
Twitter @mirai_nagasu - IG @mirainagasu

Pre: Known for figure skating, including several titles and a team bronze Olympic medal, and for being the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics. She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

She has seen BB before as a casual, part-time viewer, but says she has since studied prior celeb seasons.

Post: There was some incident their first weekend involving her and Chris Kirkpatrick, but we'll likely never get the full story on whatever that was. Teddi said Mirai 'cried for three days straight' at first but when we joined for her second nomination, she shed a tear or two but overall handled it okay. She did little random kooky things and amused herself, and she might have been fun if she'd stayed, but she was out of her element here.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 0

1st evicted - Day 10

Teddi Mellencamp
40 - TV personality
Twitter @teddimellencamp - IG @teddimellencamp

Pre: Best known for being John Mellencamp's daughter, and being on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has a health and fitness company and is an 'accountability coach' which could prove interesting/fun/funny in this setting.

She's new to BB but since being cast has 'watched almost every episode' - celeb seasons probably? She's afraid of math comps. She brought the most negativity into my Twitter mentions after cast reveal, most of them saying she's too boring to watch.

Post: I didn't know her before but I think I heard more negative feedback about her than any of the others at cast reveal. She wasn't on feeds long enough to get much of a read but she had a lot of chaotic energy while on the block, and it seemed like she'd have brought some drama if she'd stayed, but she didn't.


Lines and Links of the Day


Todd: Generally, I don't like people, people are mean



GET YOUR FEEDS includes a free trial

Carson's chocolate cake - but use 'Special Dark' cocoa powder, per himself on feeds

Final seven as Super Bowl snacks by @BB_Gossiper

Cast introduction video snippets

Cast video and text interviews by Sharon Tharp for Us Weekly

Cast connections by @RealityRobbed2

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Production Goofs

BB23 had a whopping 89 goofs, but Celebs only runs a few weeks..

 1 Random feeds wording on home page pre-season
 2 Cast press release had Shanna's Twitter for Miesha
 3 Misspelled Lamar's last name
 4 Wrong day for premiere
 5 Feeds launched 'delayed' almost 24 hours - after running a countdown for several days
 6 Paramount Plus said premiere was live, but it was taped
 7 Wrong show time in press pics
 8 Missing apostrophe + misspelled Miesha in episode description
 9 Short Mirai Diary audio leak
10 Cynthia's HOH scoreboard didn't match Miesha's narration voiceover on 2/6 show
11 Press pics omitted Cynthia, Mirai, Shanna
12 HOH comp staffer/model glimpsed on feeds
13 YouTube promo for 'new CBB tonight' on a non show night
14 Sparkles
15 Press pics used veto wording for HOH show
16 Press pics duplicated Shanna
17 Mirai's pic in color on 2/9 show, after she was evicted on prior show
18 Short Carson Diary audio leak
19 Wrong time for endurance start
20 Quick flash of fishies on 2/11 show
21 Faint Miesha Diary audio leak
22 Chris Kattan's pic in color on 2/11 show, before his exit segment
23 Diary staff outted alliance info, per ChrisKirk
24 Staffer's phone heard in the house
25 Short Todd Diary audio leak
26 Wrong show time tweet
27 Press pics called the 8th show 'premiere'
28 Julie said tune in to live feeds 'right now' approx 7pm on 2/14 show - feeds returned 11.30pm
29 Press pics used veto wording for HOH show, again
30 Omitted 'per day' on AFP rules/info page
31 Press pics used veto wording for HOH show, yet again
32 Help number typo on AFP rules/info page
33 Vote for 'AFGH'
34 Julie said 'whomever wins' - should have been 'whoever'
35 Julie said tiebreaker to determine HOH for final veto comp
36 Lamar's pic went back to color after Todd's went black & white
37 Wrong finale time tweet

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Miesha; ChrisKirk; Miesha; Carson; Todd; Todrick; Miesha; Miesha

Veto winners in order: Carson; Shanna; Shanna; Todrick; Miesha; Todd; Miesha

Evictions in order: Teddi 5-3; Mirai 7-0; ChrisKat (self-evict); ChrisKirk 5-0; Shanna 4-0; Carson 2-1; Lamar 2-1; Todd 1-0; Cynthia 1-0

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Celebrity Big Brother 23 SEASON FAQ
-January 26 Day 1 move-in + cast reveal
-February 2 Day 8: CBS premiere, feeds start
-February 3 Day 9: Feeds start
-February 23 Day 29: CBS finale

Feeds are streamed by Paramount Plus, with Flashback included, with a Paramount Plus subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBBUS3 winner will get $250k. Second place will get $50k. They got $5k bonus for each eviction they survived. All of them probably got a nice bonus for showing up.

The habitat has 94 HD cameras (no change) and 113 microphones (no change).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only senior staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.



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