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Power Status

Head of Household: Felicia
24 18 hours of slimings: Felicia plus-one/completed
1 week chicken suit: Jag
Have-nots: America, Matt, Red
Original noms: Cameron, Jag
Veto winner/outcome: Jag/TBA
Final noms: TBA
Evicted: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20

Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

TV viewer ratings updated after each show

Upcoming Events


Hurricane Hilary is expected to hit SoCal on Sunday

Pressure Cooker HOH comp on Thursday

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Julie with BB25 cakeCBS schedule
Sundays 8pm - Wednesdays 8pm - live Thursdays 9pm
-9/13 Wednesday is two hours
-9/17 Sundays move to 10 or 10.30pm
-Week of 9/25 no veto show?
-10/3 Veto show moves to Tuesdays
-11/9 Finale is two hours

Usual feeds schedule - times are Pacific
-Mondays noonish: Veto meeting*
-Thursdays: Eviction run-thru afternoon*, live eviction show 6pm*, HOH room late evening
-Fridays: Nominations late afternoon/early evening*
-Saturdays morning: Veto player draw*
-Saturdays afternoon/evening: Veto comp*
*Feeds blocked - adoptable anipals on feeds

Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 18 - Saturday - August 19, 2023

Cory, Izzy, Red were drawn to play veto with Felicia, Cameron, Jag, so the plan to blindside and boot Hisam came one step closer to fruition. Bowie will host. Hisam remained oblivious, saying he'd be happy to watch the comp and there'd be no reason for anyone to use the veto, and he did some days studying while cycling, unaware he won't be participating in any more comps. Felicia told Cirie "he's gonna hate me from here to kingdom come, but I can't worry about it." Cirie said it's a game and he'd played it his way, which put him in this position. Blue let America know that Red was now in on the blindside plan. Cirie told Izzy she didn't trust America, and that Cory had said he thought she's playing both sides, and she (Cirie) agreed.

Felicia took Matt aside to say he might hear he's the backdoor target but that was just to keep Hisam comfortable and Matt was in no danger. He thanked her for telling him. Jared told Cirie he was tired of always having to tip-toe around Izzy's feelings in order to keep their secret. (That may have been a reaction to their heated sex/dating debate last night, never mind Jared dropped hints to Blue last night about that secret.) Cirie said they needed Izzy to get to the end. Recall that Cory told us last night he didn't want Izzy to get to the end, so she's in a more precarious position than she's aware of.

Feeds went to adoptable anipals at 11.40am and returned at 2.22pm. Jag won the veto so it'll be used for the first time this season. Everyone congratulated him, including Hisam. Jag used the outdoor shower to get thick red goop off him before showering inside, and Cameron did the same with thick green goop. The comp was called Cock a Doodle Zoo (or Zoom) and there was talk that it was exhausting, and about some of them being submerged and losing shoes in goop. Felicia couldn't get up at some point and "just rolled." Cory said "that's a real Big Brother competition." It sounds reminiscent of BB12 Deputy Kathy getting stuck in caramel.

Reminiscent of more recent times, Cirie already pitched the idea to Izzy of undoing the blindside and targeting Red instead. Later she pitched the same thought to Cory, with Cameron joining. Cory said they're past the point of no return. Hisam told Izzy in the pantry she needed to "stay present" as she'd been in seven comps with no wins, and together they pointed out some ants. (Cirie had just dropped some cookies in there.) Izzy had a conscience attack and apologized to her girlfriend Paige, saying she knew she had to do better, and the usual "I hate Cameron." Jag found more ants in the bathroom and feeds were cut, as if we don't know Team Ants are the perennial champions. Jag asked America if she was interested in Cory and she said she'd be down for a fling in the house, but not outside. He said that's the opposite of what most people would say. And he said he's in a flirtmance with all of them.

Hisam pitched Matt as renom/target rather than Blue to Cirie and later Izzy. Cirie said "mm-hmm" a lot, and Hisam just kept at it. Ad nauseam. Felicia plus Cirie reassured Matt, who'd caught on to Hisam's crusade against him, that he was still safe. Izzy retold Hisam's analogy to them: "why take out a knight [Blue] when you can take out a king [Matt]?" Felicia said she wanted to use that line when she puts up Hisam on Monday. Professors tried to meet in HOH but Mecole didn't show up, then WBRB kept coming and then Cameron popped in. We did see Felicia ask everyone for renom suggestions before Cameron showed up. Bowie said she didn't know, and Izzy, Cirie, Red, Hisam all said Matt. (Bowie and Hisam were truthful.) That meeting derailed pretty fast due to Cameron plunking himself down like he was part of it, but remember he knows from Red who's in Professors and what they're called.


Feeds went to anipals again for a short time to block Jag's debut as a chicken. It was a repercussion for winning veto, like Felicia got the slimings for winning HOH, so we must be having a Humiliverse week. I think he may get a Cock-a-doodle-zoom signal where he has to do something but that's not been on feeds if so, so I'm not sure. Jag's chicken will last a week, and it had a cape and realistic-ish chicken feet, plus striped "leggings that go all the way up." I don't know if that meant to the waist like tights or thigh highs or full body catsuit/unitard, but everyone kept repeating that phrase. Hisam reacted to it with a classic shockface, possibly a preview for Monday if the plan holds til then. Jared told Cory an alliance of Jag, Blue, Matt, Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, and himself had formed, with the usual "don't say anything" disclaimer.

Izzy did a bit of Izzying to herself/us, and then to Cirie, about evicting Hisam or not, and numbers going forward, and etc. Cirie brought that to Felicia, and said if Hisam goes their side would be at a disadvantage. And they complained about Mecole not showing up for the meeting earlier, and not checking in in general. Izzy joined, and Jared joined, and they discussed the options. Cirie said "it's better to get Red" but they agreed not to make any final decisions yet. So we may be having a repeat of last week where Cirie plus Izzy set up something, only to rip it all apart after everyone was on board. Jared left and Cirie/Izzy/Felicia carried on in full chaos mode thinking Bowie, Mecole, Red had defected to the other side, and they ran various renom scenarios including Bowie, Mecole, America, Matt, Red, and counting votes for each, and they griped that nobody was showing up for a meeting that I'm not even sure was planned or announced, or which alliance(s) they were expecting. Never a dull moment with this group.

Bowie entered the game finally, having a long chat about the situation with Felicia. She said things like "this could be a double blindside in reverse" and they ended up agreeing America would be the best bet for renom. They met with Cirie in HOH who agreed that could work. They summoned Cory and Jared to tell them the America plan, and Felicia told them they're officially part of the alliance, and they all need to stop with the shifting fluid alliances, and she said Cookout was successful because they never wavered. Cory said what about when Hisam finds out about the blindside plan, and Felicia and Cirie said they'll say that's just what they told the other side to see if it would leak. Cory and Jared both thought Hisam should still go this week, and they swerved the others back to that. It should be noted Izzy was in Diary for all this, but she eventually joined and seemed to go along with it. Meanwhile Cameron reverted to his Week 1 Expert In All Things Big Brother persona and preached to Red about going after Cirie and Felicia, and he said his ideal five would be the two of them plus Bowie, Cory, and possibly America: "two Professors, two substitutes, and a hanger-on."

Jared and Cory had a followup check-in which included Jared telling Cory it was Jag who was pushing that seven-person alliance but he'd stopped meeting with Cirie/Felicia/Izzy which got them perturbed, and he also told him about Brown Sugar Babes and Middlemen. Cory said he didn't think Mecole was in that but Jared said she was. They both seemed solid with each other and this new grouping. Cirie joined for another followup, and when Cory left she and Jared had a check-in, happy with the way things had turned out, back to booting Hisam, and officially teaming up with Izzy, Felicia plus Bowie, Cory and bringing in Cameron, Red. Jared said he'd never keep things from her even if they end up working against each other, and they shared some hugs and gave some shoutouts to the rest of the family at home. Elsewhere, Blue was talking about a ring and Matt asked to see it, and it went into the pool as she handed it to him. Jag got a spare chicken suit, and Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Blue, Hisam shared Felicia's wine with a "great week" toast. (Sorry, Hisam.)

So basically this day was a WHOLE LOT OF CHAOS just to end up back where it started. Hamsters are gonna hamster.

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Day 19 - Sunday - August 20, 2023

Felicia again reassured Matt he was safe this week, and she did some fishing about how close he was with the former Handful side. She said she thought she, Cirie, Izzy were targets for them, and Matt said he thought they were more concerned about Bowie, Red, Cameron. Felicia said "stay with us" and stay safe. They were all locked inside and complaining about that, unaware of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hilary heading towards them. Whether they're told about that or not remains to be seen, and probably depends on forecasts and risks of potential damage as assessed by production (not us). Jag Chicken met with Felicia to say he'll be using his veto, and he asked what she thought about Hisam as renom. She told him about Hisam's own knight/king line she planned to use if (when) she puts up Hisam, and Jag Chicken loved it.

Feeds went to adoptable anipals around 10am for a couple hours, with no indication when they came back as to why. Blue and Jared did more of the chatting/flirting they normally do at night. He asked her how to say "I want to fuck you" in Korean, and BB Twitter exploded on cue. (She said she didn't know.) Felicia and Izzy retold various conversations to each other from yesterday. Izzy questioned the Hisam decision of course, and she wondered why America had told Cory about one of the new alliances but left Mecole out of the roster. Various chats about being distrustful/suspicious of Mecole popped up here and there, and Izzy joined her for a check-in before she continued making rounds with various others. There are so many Agents of Chaos in that house, but Izzy's often doing the most as far as that goes. Cory questioned why Frankie was in the pre-season video with Britney and Danielle, asking when he landed "back in the Big Brother mythos world."


Cirie plus Jag Chicken firmed things up with Matt. Jared picked up and carried Izzy around by the front door, and she giggled and squealed at high volume. Blue started carrying around a mannequin head/wig form, calling it Baby Cory. She put a piece of tape with Cory's name on it and said he'd just had a nose job. Red said everyone's favorite side-eye figurine was a "stupid creepy cat." Another big meeting plan was attempted with the usual surrounding chaos, including Izzy hiding(?) behind the HOH bed, after staring at the monitor for ages to keep tabs on where everyone was.

Eventually a group was successfully gathered, and Izzy, Felicia, Blue, Matt, Jag Chicken, Jared, Cirie formalized themselves as Savage Seven. Later Jag Chicken told Blue and Matt he didn't like that name much, and Matt suggested Seven Deadly Sins. Jag Chicken asked Jared about it, and he said he thought it was Sinful Seven. There was a group chat about rain in general, so they were either told about Hilary, or they could hear it raining outside and figured out that's why they were locked in. (Later it was confirmed they had been told they were getting hit by a tropical storm.) Izzy went down a new spiral, this time about Cirie teasing her in front of others, and Jared took the shift to calm her down. Afterwards she counted jury votes again and muttered to herself/us "I'm at the bottom of my four."

The normal summer trickle or less of the LA River next to the Radford studio lot became an actual river, and BB made the news again when the house was seen in a helicopter shot. And as if that wasn't enough, a 5.1 earthquake hit around 2.40pm, centered about 70 miles away. There was a very lot of WBRB but it was mentioned on feeds that some felt it and some didn't. And on we go.

Cory joined Cameron and Red to compare their views of the many, many alliances in the house, and Red said he's already part of a seven. Cameron knows Professors exist and who's in them (Red told him) but I don't know if Cory was aware of them before. Matt joined and Cameron strong-armed him a bit to say he needed to join up/stick with them, and Matt went along with that. Red said/stressed "Blue is cutthroat!" a few times, and both urged Matt to target Blue and Jag if he's the next HOH. America and Blue did a bit of the same, but less intensely. America tried to let Blue know that Cirie and Izzy are more cutthroat than they might seem, but Blue didn't seem overly concerned about that. Maybe because she'd just done a hands-in with the latest seven that included those two.

Blue's Baby Cory was changed to Cory's Girlfriend while the episode was on, complete with makeup and stunt hair. The everlasting gametalking and alliance shifting finally slowed down a bit, which indicated the Blindside Hisam plan was finally actually going to stick. Maybe. There were occasional whispers of course, and when Bowie reported some of those to Cirie she said "it's like herding cats trying to keep this together!" We have noticed. Have-nots America, Matt, Red stayed in the comics room while the rest of them ate dinner to avoid the sights and smells, and Matt and Red started grinding some steelcut oats into flour with a rolling pin, for some concoction Red decided to try. As some of the heaviest rain hit the area, Blue said there was a leak somewhere and she went around to look for more. Several of them upstairs said they were hearing rain on the roof.

Hisam put his hosting wig back on and led a group game of BB (Hollywood) Squares. He was fun, loud, and very enthusiastic. Maybe he suspects after all, and thought being a fun guy again might change minds and his fate. That was followed by a courtroom skit in the gym about America and Cory's flirtmance, with Jag Chicken acting as attorney. The selfie cam arrived and Jared handled that. Most of it was very loud and boisterous. They danced, and Jared asked everyone which alum they'd like to see in there, and then asked for interesting facts. Cory had the best answer for that one: "I think it's pretty obvious, I'm all about fitness.. so when people interrupt my workout with this social media GARBAGE it pisses me off!" Cirie, Izzy, Felicia suggested Izzy try to talk to Red at some point to reassure solidarity, and Izzy did that within a few minutes. Red told her that Blue spilled the backdoor plan to him (it was Cameron, and they know that).

Cirie talked with Jared about Blue since everyone's talking about them now, and she told him "don't eff it up." There are lots of layers there, not least because they're mother and son. Jared followed up with Izzy at length. Felicia asked Mecole if she's been approached by anyone from the other side and she said no, but she suspected Jag's been recruiting, and maybe he and Blue have pulled in Matt and America. Cameron told Red he felt good, he'll soon be "in the circle, while manufacturing our own circle of our trusted few that is gonna be ready to take on the Professors. We're gonna be the Student Body Council."And he said Cirie's "the damn boss" currently but "nobody wants to talk about it," and "she ain't calling the shots but all shots go to her, and then we agree on it." Jared told Blue he was falling for her for real, but it was complicated. Bowie, Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Mecole did a huddle dance, jumping up and down and chanting "Bye Bye Bitches! Bye Bye Bitches!"

As of midnight, the blindside was still on. Veto meeting is usually around noon, give or take an hour either way.

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Ratings - TBA edition

Ratings will be updated later, based on entertainment value

Noms count: original/renom/twist


Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Applicant - Single
Medical receptionist - Brooklyn NY

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Brand strategist - New York, NY

Won: Netherland Day 11

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


45 - Applicant
Barrister/DJ - Los Angeles, CA

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 0


34 - Applicant - Separated, 1 daughter
Stay-at-home dad - Eastman, GA

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


53 - Recruit/stuntcast - Married, 3 sons
Surgical director

Won: Netherland Day 1

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


21 - Applicant/stuntcast? - Single
College student
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Won: 24 18 hours slimings

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


63 - Applicant - Married, 1 son
Real estate agent - Kennesaw, GA

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


45 - Applicant - Divorced
Geriatric physician/burlesquer - Seattle, WA

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


32 - Applicant - Has a girlfriend
Flutist - New York, NY

Won: Netherland Day 10; Week 2 immunity; 1 week chicken suit

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Applicant - Single
Truck company owner/realtor - Omak, WA

Won: Netherland Day 9

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


25 - Applicant/stuntcast - Single
Exterminator - Norwalk, CT

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Recruit? - Single
Deaflympics gold medalist - Baton Rouge, LA

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


30 - Applicant - Newlywed
Political consultant - Upper Marlboro, MD

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


37 - Recruit - Has a girlfriend, 3 kids
Sales/TikTokker - Gatlinburg, TN

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


24 - Recruit - Single
Bartender - Nashville, TN

2nd evicted - Day 16

Four people were already nominated when she won the first HOH and all she had to do was remove two. She spent most of the first days repeating she wanted an alliance of eight, which she eventually pulled together, with F2, F3, F4 along the way. She had it made but then found out everyone else knew about her eight and she spent the rest of her HOH week in tears. Then she hit the block and campaigned poorly, but at least she went out fighting.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Molecular biologist - Houston, TX

1st evicted - Day 9

She was on the block when she started to pitch and double-dip, and you can't blame her for that. Being new to BB, that's what she'd seen on the shows, and most everyone else started doing the same thing right away anyway. But Kirsten became an easy scapegoat since she wasn't in their inner power circles. She would have been good feeds: she planned a scorching nominee speech, but then opted to go out classy and didn't use it.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


30 - Survivor applicant - Single
Illustrator - Coral Springs, FL

Ejected Day 8

Between hamsters thinking he was a secret doctor and feedsters thinking he was a secret twin, his week was full of unintentional comedy. He added to that by not knowing the show or that the game had started without him, then he worked hard to join the game in progress, with no success. Then he dropped the n-word, and then he was gone.

Lines and Links of the Day


Cory to Cameron: If you ever want to be a catty little bitch, now is the week

Jared: I drove 28 hours in one day
Cory: That's not possible

Jag: There's hella ants right here

Bowie: This could be a double blindside in reverse

Felicia: Izzy's been in the Diary Room a long damn time

Jag Chicken: When do they give us alcohol?
Bowie: Seems like maybe never



@s are Twitter

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Sneak peek at Pressure Cooker (because hurricane and earthquake) by @bb23detective

BB Twitter in a nutshell by @realitymj_7802

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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Injuries/illnesses: 10
-Reilly's numb finger from move-in comp
-Cory's numb finger from move-in comp
-Blue's bumped elbow/rug burn from 1st HOH comp
-Red's bruised butt from 1st HOH comp
-Felicia's cut finger
-Cirie's cough
-Jared's cough
-America's cough
-Red's cough
-Izzie's bruised knees from 2nd HOH comp

Netherland trips: 4
-Cory Day 1 via comp
  A couple hours, got nothing?
-Jared Day 9 (late night) via comp
  12 hours, pick someone for immunity
-Jag Day 10 via Jared pick
  8 hours, Week 2 immunity
-Bowie Day 11 via Jag pick
  12(?) hours, unable to be play veto

Broken habitat items: 13
-Stove (on first night)
-A chair
-Two street lamp decor/props
-Turntable (decor or veto comp?)
-Leaky kitchen faucet and/or sink
-Four drowned mics (all by Felicia)
-Decor/prop eyeglasses (by Cameron)
-Iron scorch print on a chair (by Izzy)
-Have-not ass kicking machine

Unusual nature events: 2
-Tropical Storm Hilary, Day 19
-Earthquake, also Day 19

Scandals outside our BB world: 2
-Luke's n-word
-Week 2 veto comp accommodations/lack of for Matt

Premature exits: 1
-Day 8 Luke ejected

Booze deliveries: 3
-Day 1 Move-in champagne
-Day 10 Hisam HOH wine
-Day 16 Felicia HOH wine

Post-cast-reveal arrivals: 1


Production Goofs

 1 They ended the season before it began
 2 Season errors for Janelle, Derrick, Frankie
 3 Julie didn't know there is a reality casting Emmy
 4 Julie forgot BB1 feeds were free
 5 Julie said a BB5 conversation was 'halfway thru the season' - it was on the 2nd episode
 6 Press pics misspelled Cory's last name
 7 Official Instagram countdown off by 24 hours
 8 CBS Mornings piece called it 'the Brother house'
 9 Two shots at juror count, both wrong: neither is 'always'
10 Misspelled Rachel's and Dick's names
11 Bowie Jane's dropped Ball
12 Staffer (barely) seen on feeds
13 Omitted move-in self-intros for Cameron, Izzy, Jag on Episode 2
14 Misspelled Cameron's and Hisam's last names
15 Misspelled Cory's last name (again), another wrong version of Cameron's, two wrong dates in press pics
16 Feeds 1/2 froze on quads, 3/4 didn't
17 Browser tabs/page titles out of date
18 Hisam called to pantry by mistake (or prematurely)
19 No Cirie bio (as of Day 11)
20 Ad for 8pm BB aired at 8.30 (golf delay day)
21 HOH comp sequencing error on 8/13 show
22 Wrong show time in press pic captions
23 P+ app on Apple TV showing July 31
24 Pre-noms audio leak with staffer giving instructions 8/18 3.37pm
25 Misspelled Reilly's name
26 BB announced the yard's open to people in the yard

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Reilly; Hisam; Felicia

Veto winners in order: Hisam; Hisam; Jag

Evictions in order: Luke (ejected); Kirsten 13-0; Reilly 12-0

Cast Twitters: @kstace_

Cast Instagrams: kirstenvivica; reillysmedley

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Week 1 BB Multiverse
Losers of four move-in comps went on the block, and HOH Reilly saved two

Week 2 Nether Region
Inconsistent and vague. Individuals were sent to Nether Region for varying lengths of time, receiving 'something good or bad' and selecting the next one to go. Roster of who went and for how long is in the Extracurricular Items tally.



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"Position the habitat of your hamster somewhere light and airy, away from drafts, heaters, direct sunlight
and other pets. Never put it on or near a television, radio or hi-fi, or a fridge."