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hamsterJuly 28, 2006 - Day 26

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I don't have a clue what's going on - the Waffle Alliance is in force and I can't begin to keep up.. parts is all I got today

Will talked to Janelle for a long time before nominations - I missed it, but I understand he suggested or together they came up with the idea to put up Danielle and send her home if the veto is used

James, Kaysar & Howie don't get a chance to talk to her before she goes into Diary for the pre-ceremony prep and James is irate about that.. she names Erika & Boogie but later she says "I was going to put up George & Boogie, but then I decided in Diary"

One of the first things Erika mentions when the feeds return is her rib

All four BB6 talk after noms - watch the video.. then James & Danielle talk, followed by nominees Erika & Boogie - watch the video.. meanwhile the entire house is miserable
James: If a company doesn't want to hire you for the way you were on Big Brother, I'll sue the fuck out of them

Will, Diane, Boogie and of course George are on slop - I'm not sure who else.. Willboogie scold Howie for telling people that Jase had told him that Chilltown had "thrown him under the bus" - watch the video.. the line of the day comes early, with Boogie telling Howie "People would believe me more than you"

Danielle seems to have gotten wind of the possibility that she could be sent out the back door this week, and she isn't happy.. she has a very long convo with Kaysar - naturally Erika shows up looking for a shoe.. Danielle practically browbeats Kaysar to get info, and he virtually shuts down

The afternoon camera crew sends some messages as James trashes Janelle to Erika, Diane & Danielle.. this is the order of very deliberate pauses on platitudes words alternating with James.. I don't make this stuff up, you know

Much of the day is just a big muddle with half of them scheming and the other half parannoying.. watch the videos and see if you can figure it out.. these are all after the nominations:

Boogie & Janelle Will had just talked to her
Willboogie whispering Boogie's surprised Janelle went for it.. Danielle comes in and they a) don't let on and b) drop a little bomb that BB6 is "developing cracks" - clearly a dig at her, since James being with her is the crack
Janelle calls them to draw names for veto 11pm - note Boogie's in bed (for dramatic "woke him up" footage for the show?).. players will be Janelle, Boogie, Erika, Diane, Howie, Will.. Janelle tried to have Boogie grab the one colored ball so he could pick his player but he didn't see it.. Will got in anyway
Willboogie whispering again Sounds like they have a new plan
Willboogie talk to Janelle About the veto comp - whispery
Willboogie confirm they'll go with Janelle whispery but clear
Boogie: Veto is complicated Shows why he needs Will around

More random stuff & poses: Kaysar's had a rough day.. George doesn't freak out about every little thing - he just waits around til it's time to do something.. by the time Danielle gets a little sippy and says she wants to go home, she & Kaysar have a tentative make-up (although nothing from before has been solved)

James comes into the bathroom/social club while Willboogie & Janelle are meeting and asks a sports trivia question.. Boogie becomes a little overwhelmed by all his new possibilities.. James & Kaysar chat for a long time - I don't know what about (I can only deal with so much in a day)
I can't help but remember Maggie always defending her crossed arms, and saying the pose doesn't signify any body language at all

Heck night

The wake up calls are set to begin and be played every 15 minutes.. the veto comp will begin at an unspecified time, and they have one minute to get out there

Most of them have made a big show all day about "I'm exhausted" and "I'm going to bed early tonight" - it all feels very staged, once again

The calls start around midnight.. the first is blocked by flames and WAY TOO LOUD music (let's call it "rehearsal").. they all make a great show of having been woken up

After the first couple of calls a few of them wander off to bed (several hours earlier than usual for some).. eventually Janelle, Howie & Will sit down and chat about their seasons and general get-to-know-you stories.. it's a good time

The wake ups are loud, annoying, and silly for the most part.. most have the same "they are gonna get you" tone and sound more manufactured by staff than sent in by viewers.. after awhile they don't have much visible impact on the bedded hamsters

Marcellas is roused by one and has a hissy fit on the balcony.. for the rest of the night he & Janelle laugh in HOH.. Howie joins them and moons one of the callers

One of the calls is from Alison and one from Ivette.. Diane's & Janelle's moms also call in.. watch the videos:
The second call (the first one we see & hear)
The third call
Will runs into Danielle in the dark
Ivette's call about 3.45 am
Janelle's mom's call around 4 am

At 5am the flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come along once again along with trivia, so the veto comp begins.. it's doubtful all the players made it outside in one minute but they all play anyway

They come back in under an hour and Boogie has won the veto.. surprise? Not to anyone who's been paying attention.. Erika's in HOH with Janelle & Marcellas - no surprise there either.. Marcellas is on his "They've just gotten stronger" loop

Clues are that several agree it was fair, Janelle gave Diane a blindfold.. someone says "the art was awesome during electric chairs" Janelle says it was the "dumbest veto competition ever" and several suspect she helped Boogie win

Apparently Boogie hurt his foot - he's limping and Marcellas asks in HOH if they're going to take him to get stitches

The flames and WAY TOO LOUD music flicker on & off, like they do

In one glimpse we find the BB6 four whispering on the balcony.. James asks why aren't they in HOH and is told Marcellas is in there

Janelle asks what they want her to do.. later in the pinkness she asks the same of Marcellas, who's highly agitated.. James shows up between the next set of flames and Janelle becomes very defensive with both him & Marcellas.. James leaves and Howie's there - Marcellas tells Janelle she has to say she made a mistake

Everyone seems upset with her except Howie.. she finally gets a moment with him - watch the video.. Will did want to leave if Boogie won veto and she's getting a lot of pressure to put him up, but if she can't keep him there she's probably doomed.. she & Will & Howie probably could pull this off if Will's willing, along with Boogie, and maybe Kaysar, Diane & Erika

Janelle & Howie eat and talk and decompress.. she tells him about the Willboogie deal and he says she must never ever talk to them alone again

Boogie went to the hospital (on Will's recommend, koff) and returns coincidentally - or not - just a few minutes after Howie & Janelle finally go off to their beds

If I sound skeptical of the whole "hell night" scenario and the fact that comp winners are becoming oh-so-predictable, it's because I suspected BB might be 'helping things along' this season more so than usual when the first All-Stars news started leaking out - err - arriving. Between the against-all-odds winners, their greatly increased paychecks, the everlasting changes to plans, and the scripted feel of many pivotal 'scenes' that feeling has only grown.

If that sounds cynical, so be it.. I'm still looking for the entertainment in all this and there is some to be found. But remember that this is a network televison show titled after a sinister force that controls its society, and it isn't guaranteed or even designed to be fair to either to them or us. In the end it isn't about their game or our opinions.. it's about ratings and advertising dollars, millions of them. Okay, off the soapbox now.. thanks for visiting.


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Uninspired edition
Wake up calls weren't as good an idea as they sounded.
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.

The dramatic opener 'Will let his true feelings be known' with his 'I hate you all' speech was absurd - everyone knows that was just another lark for Will. Ditto the recap of James inviting Jase to sit in the eviction chair when we all know he leapt into it, but Jase scooped Julie by giving an 'I know I'm out' speech when she wanted a plea to stay. Boogie's bath with the girls gave no indication of the booze & whip cream that came before nor the nasty rant & bottle-peeing that came after, and George's backstory came complete with tinkly piano for even more awww factor that's hardly needed at this point for George. It isn't like Julie to say 'you can't trust James' (even if true) but she did and that's a good indication Jase isn't coming back in spite of rumors in there and out here to the contrary. She's also saying 'showmance' now. The HOH comp was ridiculously easy for anyone with a basic vocabulary, let alone 10 hamsters surrounded by the platitudes and in-your-face hints of what was coming: bring on the endurance comp already! If I had a rating spot for the feeds they'd have double-downs today for the hours of flames and WAY TOO LOUD music last night and today blocking us from far too much of what we paid for.

The only thing I know for sure is he doesn't want to go home, but if he stays it won't be for long since he thinks 'this veto thing is complicated.'

She would almost earn ups for nervousing so much but she does it badly and it's exhausting to watch her at it for long. She got to the 'I want to go home' point after awhile today and thus gave Janelle permission to make it so.

She's not enjoying slop.

Even getting nominated she's not much more interesting than she was - Diane made more drama just being on slop and in the same room with her. Blah blah blah and a broken rib.

The new slop kids don't dare complain too much considering he's starting Week 2. He told some fun BB1 stories to Will & Howie today that they enjoyed - nobody else has shown much interest.

He stood up to Willboogie about Jase (who did say they'd thrown him under the you-know-what). He's the only one of the BB6 team sticking to Janelle.

It might be considered good game to come in allied with three others 'to Final Four' as well as with Danielle (at least) but it's more of the same that he didn't tell them about it. It just isn't very nice or sportsmanlike, but he isn't good enough at it to have kept it hidden anyway. If he had told them coming in, he may have had a real good chance to get to that Final Four with them while pretending to go along with everyone else too, and that kind of game might have won him the money he seems to want more desperately than the rest of his team. (He'll probably say that's what he was doing, but that's James.)

I have no idea what she's up to but I think she's going along with Will's idea to take all six of them to the end and split the money. Then again, she might be sending Danielle or even James home, or she might be booting Boogie or George or Erika. Whatever she's up to she's doing it well enough to confuse everyone in there & out here and that's never a bad thing. After getting the whole house parannoying she spent the night enjoying the wake ups so will likely win the veto comp if it's about them.

He didn't deserve the browbeating Danielle gave him but shutting down wasn't the reaction she wanted so it just wound her up more. I don't think he's reporting everything back to his team that he hears or figures out, but it takes him so long to explain anything it's hard to tell - maybe they're just tuning out. Either way, he doesn't seem to be supporting the current HOH.. maybe he suspects he's the only one who isn't in with James or somebody else? He could have taken out Will or Danielle or any of them in Week 2 but he wanted to wait, and this is the result.

He was alternately grumpy and delighted with the wake ups, but he kept Janelle company and laughing for them. I'm glad somebody did or the whole house would have slept through this bad idea too.

Dr. Will
The evil doctor has indeed got Janelle's back, at least this week, but his sidekick will send him home in a minute if he gets the chance and that would be too bad.. he's the designated fun guy/storyteller/entertainer in there along with Howie, and the two of them are night & day so they make a good yin/yang of fun & wit that would be nice to have in there a long time.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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