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hamsterJuly 29, 2006 - Day 27

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Our slop so far

Willboogie & Janelle agreed to join forces - why? Because Willboogie need more than themselves and know she'd be an asset for them.. Janelle agreed because she knows James is not with her and because Kaysar has checked out

They talked about splitting the money but nothing definite was agreed to yet on that - apparently it's not against the rules this year but even if it is, it could be done privately afterward.. the original discussion on that was to split six ways between the two BB2ers and four BB6ers

BB6 imploded once again this week when Janelle became HOH.. James argued with the others about nominations and finally said they could do whatever they wanted and that they were always against him anyway.. Will confirmed to Janelle, Howie & Kaysar what they already suspected: that James was working with Danielle, and that Marcellas (who's got Janelle's ear) was originally working with him & Boogie but turned

Kaysar checked out about then, presumably from disappointment at being betrayed and probably paranoia that James might not be the only one not playing the clean game he wanted again.. Howie remained loyal & supportive to Janelle but basically she was left with Will in one ear and Marcellas in the other to make her nominations

Will told her (truthfully, in my opinion) that he'd like to go all the way and win the game if possible, but he'd prefer to go home now than go sit around sequester for weeks.. he suggested she put up Boogie to appease the house but in truth he'd be a pawn, plus Erika who would be seen to the others as a pawn to ultimately take out either Will or Boogie

Janelle was called early to Diary to get the nominations underway before being able to talk to anyone.. this upset James, who'd previously said "do what you want", and Kaysar, who'd given her little input on her noms anyway

She nominated Boogie & Erika, with the intention of sending Danielle home.. during the veto competition she helped Boogie win, which was noticed by Willboogie and confirmed to them that she was indeed on board with them, and upsetting everyone else who either noticed or got wind of it through the hamster grapevine

Now Kaysar & Howie are upset with her, feeling that she's turned on them and gone to the "dark side".. James is upset since it confirms his & Danielle's suspicions that Janelle's on to them and ready to send one of them home.. Erika & Diane are upset because they feel they were duped and will be sent home.. Marcellas is upset because he was originally with Willboogie and turned on them, and thought he could ally with Janelle against them.. George is the only one who doesn't seem to care either way, let alone be aware of all this

Janelle's naturally upset because everyone is upset with her for doing what she thought was best for herself during her HOH.. she's now damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.. Willboogie realize she may have to bow to the pressure and are setting up alternate plans for Boogie in case Will does indeed go home.. those plans include moving him in with James & Danielle, whose own plans include trying to recruit Kaysar.. meanwhile James is trying to work his way back into BB6 and convince them he's still on board

Did Will charm & con Janelle into doing his evil bidding? Of course he did, but he was and is ready to stick with her if he stays.. he's in it for himself as they all are, but both he & Janelle are in it for the challenge as much or more than the money, and that's where they have the advantage over the ones who may be blinded by dollar signs in their eyes.. they're also the ones who don't take it as seriously as the others, along with Howie & George

I believe Diary would also like a Janelle/Will alliance for ratings purposes, preferably with Kaysar on board but that's an iffy idea at this point.. Howie is 100% loyal to Janelle and will do what she wants even if he doesn't necessarily understand or agree

That's my interpretation at this point anyway.. now back to our story

Slop du jour

They're fried from the long night, but business doesn't stop

Willboogie have a quick pantry check-in.. they confirm again that Janelle's token of good faith in the comp was valid, but that she may have to cave to pressure from the rest of the house and send Will home.. they figure Boogie should try to recruit/join James & Danielle if he's left there on his own.. Will also says he was talking with Janelle when Marcellas came along from behind and listened to them, unbeknownst to Janelle - watch the video

Rushed whisper convos happen all over.. the predictable ones remain predictable
Will [in kitchen, to George]: So where do we keep that plan? Err.. pan?

Bikini hour has only Erika's anymore.. she tells George all about her BB4 experience
George: I'm still trying to figure out that backdoor or screendoor or whatever it is

James & Danielle have a quick gym check-in.. James begins (before the video kicks in) with James saying "Janelle is gone".. Danielle acknowledges she has to win an HOH, and tells James he needs to get rid of everyone on his team except Kaysar "he's a stand-up guy" - watch the video.. later James sits outside HOH with Kaysar as they wait for Janelle & Howie to wake up - they move the chess pieces around (like Cheez-Its) and say "take out two pawns.. two people"
James [to Danielle]: Janelle is gone
James [to Kaysar]: What she did last night hurt us

Wake up, wake up, wake up

Kaysar comes in to HOH, turns on the lights (that aren't allowed to be off during the daytime) and says to a sleeping Janelle & Howie "I highly suggest you two get up - it's 4.30.. you're going to ruin your sleeping habits"

He leaves and a sleepy Howie says "I highly suggest he doesn't worry about our sleeping habits.. help us with our picks next time"

A few minutes later it's a BB6 meeting in the pinkness.. Janelle says she was confused about nominations and that Will suggested floaters.. James says Chilltown made Janelle the new Jase instead of Diane.. he gets agitated.. Howie says it's all their faults since they left Janelle alone, so they should just get past it.. eventually Janelle asks about Danielle

Watch the videos: part 1 - part 2 - part 3
James: It's just simple [to say] 'if you don't get the fuck out of my room, you can guarantee that your keys will be in a bag somewhere'
James: Whose HOH is it? It's Janey's, right? Not Will's, so Will really doesn't decide when he goes home, does he?
James [to Howie]: You like this, since Maggie had her week
James: Janelle, the other day Boogie was calling you a bitch, saying he doesn't even think you could work at his club.. was that love?
James: Danielle's just walking around here like 'what the fuck's going on?'

James & Howie leave, and Kaysar stays around a little while.. he's clearly upset.. Janelle asks him what's wrong, if he's homesick? He skirts answering for awhile and eventually says he misses someone
I could be wrong but I think Janelle decided not to tell them about her & Will's arrangment after hearing James: his words make sense but his tone is alternately hostile and condescending. They accuse her of not being willing to take out Will like she was supposed to, but neither did Kaysar or James.
I suspect Kaysar's upset because he wanted a shot at his 'clean game' this time, and now he feels betrayed on top of not getting that.. perhaps he's decided Janelle's the one who's betrayed him.

Afterwards James checks in with Danielle - watch the video

James: Janelle goes home first, then Will, then Howie
James: I'm about to change this game
Danielle: That's the James I like because Dani BB3 is here
James: I told Julie 'this is James BB6'

James & Kaysar chat with Diane for awhile.. Kaysar might be just chatting but he might be working.. James is definitely working

Danielle lays hands on Kaysar, then tells Willboogie that Janelle's going to put up Will, and they toss around Diane's & Erika's names.. Danielle also describes to them how she's always watching & listening even when it appears she isn't.. they don't say anything to her about Janelle

Most of them have dinner together, the sloppers and the fooders.. Janelle even comes down, but Diane sleeps through it
I'm not positive but I believe the sloppers are Will, Diane, Erika, plus George of course

Beach Bunny in pink

Marcellas is working on Janelle.. he says "Stop playing with my life!" and goes on awhile about Willboogie and The Four and etc, like he does.. Janelle changes the subject, kinda

Janelle: Marcellas, why is it so hard to be good?
Marcellas: Every day is a new day
Janelle: I know.. especially when your world is pink

She asks a very carefully worded question: "Marcellas, tell me what you think I should do that would be best for me?" The subtlety escapes him, or not, and he responds with the usual what would be best for them both and/or for him - watch the video
Will comes in and lays down.. they chit-chat and laugh about the pink - watch the video.. they talk about Janelle's Beach Bunny storybook makeup kits and read the stories.. Erika joins and the room goes virtually silent.. Marcellas, Will & Erika eventually leave - no game chat - Janelle stays alone in the pink
Later Howie goes up to talk to her and says they should take out Diane this week, and next week Chilltown will be a common enemy between themselves and the floaters

Much of the evening is the same as usual but stepped up a bit.. Danielle, Will & James each work on Diane, Kaysar & Erika in varying combos and varying degrees

Boogie & Erika share a quick bedtime whisper.. she says assuming Will leaves this week, she'll put up Howie & Janelle if she wins HOH - this pleases Boogie - they also say if Will stays, then they are with her.. Boogie's good night is definitely not a dating good night: "All right I'll talk to you tomorrow" but he works himself when she leaves

James keeps asking about alcohol.. he & Danielle take stuff in or out of the pantry and he sucks out the nitrous oxide from some whip cream in three or four loud sucks.. later he fulfills another hamster tradition by breaking a glass in the kitchen
Later still, James makes Howie a sandwich and works him hard about Janelle, saying how she's working against them and knew exactly what she was doing with her noms and helping Boogie win the veto.. Howie agrees

Dancing with the all-stars, and getting personal

Howie & George are egged on by James, Diane & Erika to dance for us and they do, kinda

Watch the video but be warned, Howie goes into Howie sexchatspeak at the end, like he does

They also talk about rumors of someone coming back in, double evictions, etc.. Kaysar says there's a rumor that one of the executive producers will move into the house - watch the video.. Erika calls out "Don Wollman!" (one of the exec producers who's also the voice of their recorded announcements in there) and they go to flames

Outside there's an interesting late night, non-game convo going on between Will, Danielle & Marcellas along with Howie, and it gets personal

They talk about Julie asking them dumb questions and how she probably doesn't watch the show - watch the video - this is all well and good, but the minute they say it's up to the staff "to educate her" we get flames

Will, with their agreement, talks about how messed up people are who watch the feeds 24/7 and I take it personal.. they talk about how we think we know them and why they do what they do, and how wrong we are to do that, and I take it personal

They make some very valid points about internet bashers - watch the video.. then Danielle, with their agreement, says sarcastically "the feeders are all perfect - they never say any bad thing about anybody", and I take it personal
They are making the same generalizations about "us" as a whole that they resent "us" making about them, and I take it very personal

I don't want to have to get nasty with them, but I can and will if I have to.. each and every one of them


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It's personal,
and a 5am chance meet/convo between Howie & Janelle didn't change it.

All-stars was a bad idea that gets worse every day. All they can talk about outside of game is their own prior seasons and their existing interpersonal relationships ad nauseum, plus stuff they know is forbidden so we get strobing flames and WAY TOO LOUD music all day and all night. They may be the stars of the show but there is no show without fans & viewers, and these all-stars insult us personally and insult our intelligence on a daily basis. Feedmasters, producers, staff & interns: I know you read this page. If you can't get these spoiled children to behave, start doing something about it or you won't have a dozen active Superpass subscriptions by mid-August and the air show ratings will drop below Nickelodeon reruns. Send them to the naughty corner of the house and start withholding their many privileges til they learn to behave, and start punishing the guilty parties (the hamsters) instead of us paying subscribers who provide the revenue.

He brings nothing to the table but his better half. If he stays and Will goes, they'll eat him alive.

Redemption has turned into coercion, and playing the game has turned into meddling manipulation. She's too over the top about it to realize they're all on to her, and too self-righteous to realize her snake of an ally will turn on her as easily as he turns on everyone else.

She's got the most to lose, she's the only one not playing except Janelle, and she left everything she had to offer in the old house down the street.

Blah blah blah, and a broken rib that's as phony as she is.

Somebody should clue him in that he has a live audience 24/7 - not just on Thursdays.

I called him a prince for being Janelle's 100% loyal supporter no matter what - okay, and a goon - and then he lets James turn him against her & her plan that includes him.. even knowing that James had already turned away from their team.

He can't even play both sides without making sure the nice, trusting ones trust him first (that's easier than taking on a real challenge, after all), and he isn't even a good liar. Whichever side comes out on top is the one he's on - he's April with testosterone. He promised me he'd try to be entertaining, and it hasn't happened yet.. I'm not impressed with year-old veto necklaces or fast talking lying: get some origami paper or STFU.

Tentative neutral only because I think she may still be playing her one-time partners and planning to step out on her own to throw Danielle out of there. I don't have a lot of hope at this point though.. there's too much time left for them all to do their work and too many people waiting in line to beat her into submission. It would help if she didn't sleep through her entire work day when it counts, allowing the angry mob to run amok plotting against her. Another day of this and they'll be carrying torches.

He was mopey for days because he thought James had betrayed him/them, but now that James has him convinced that he's true-blue and Janelle's the baddie he's all a-perk again. James convinced him of that far too easily, even with all the evidence to the contrary, but Kaysar wanted to be the guy to take out the big bad doctor like he took out the Little Emperor. Well, he blew his chance for that two weeks ago cuz he expects the girl in the pink palace to do it for him, just like his tough guy companions do. If he understood the first thing about females he wouldn't have fallen to dummyhead Maggie or transparent conniving Jennifer - and he would have known Janelle was his true friend.

Riding coat-tails soars to new heights. If he is in cahoots with Danielle I hope she does the same thing to him for a second time.. he's earned it. He was already into reruns on Day 1 and no Marcie, you're not all that OR a bag of fat-free chips.

Dr. Will
Yep, I think he's entertaining and yep, I think he's playing a whole different game than he did five years ago - he's the only one smart enough to do that. But he's got an ass for a sidekick and he's gotten Janelle into deep water, with her friends turning against her, and he doesn't even toss her an inflatable innertube. I was willing to wait and see, and give him the benefit of the doubt, but then he went and made it personal about me.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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