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hamsterJuly 24, 2006 - Day 22

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Troll logic

It turns out to be quite an evening after all, culminating with Boogie having a little tantrum

Okay.. a big tantrum, starting with banging on the spider boxes, then going on an hour-long rant about Janelle using some verrrry ripe vocabulary

Along with trashing her, he says he's going to pee into Howie's medicine and, oh yea, he says he's going to kill Janelle when they're all out of there

He also insults his own restaurant & bar staff by basically equating "bottle servers" to the names he uses for her

Watch the videos - warning, very explicit language
What set him off the finale of a few hours worth of stuff.. video by Aldav
Part of his rant two minutes worth out of lots of the same
"I will kill her" and assorted similar nasties
Peeing in the room into a bottle (not Howie's meds).. video by Attw x
(YouTube pulled this one.. scroll down on new link and hit Free)

Now, by his own repeated admissions, Boogie is on BB7 to promote his businesses - note he always changes into a restaurant shirt for ceremonies, comps, etc - I'm more than willing to do the same for him

Forget the game - they can say what they want and BB encourages it - but if you're not keen on such a big-wig, self-promoting restaurateur saying things like "She's a fucking whore c***" and "I will fucking send her back to her fucking bottle service job for minimum wage" and "I will fucking piss on [Howie's] medication" and "I'll kill her" remember that this guy's in business with the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Chris Masterson, Dule Hill, and Jamie Kennedy

Chances are neither his celeb nor non-celeb partners are crazy about this kind of PR.. let them know if you care to:

Dolce Group
6633 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028
(323) 460-6155

More on all this a little later, but first..

George saves himself

I was kind of hoping he wouldn't, just to have something to really talk about, but he did and now Jase is in the eviction chair with Will

But before the veto ceremony, in yet another BB7 amazing timing coincidence, the feeds went to flames moments before Jase was notified he was going up and/or had another fallout with Marcellas, then he threw a fire extinguisher and damaged the deck.. he also threw a pillow <gasp>

James continues to harangue with whoever's around, both before & after the ceremony - he just isn't having a happy time as HOH.. by the time we see Jase again he's fine
James is still talking a lot about kicking out floaters but he goes back & forth with the best of them.. after the veto ceremony he tells Boogie & Jase that he's not thrilled being in with the BB6ers - watch the videos part 1 - part 2

Apparently George gave an emotional, sentimental speech that sort of impressed some of them.. Marcellas is misery personified anymore.. Danielle's hard at work around the clock, working on them all and learning more & more as she goes.. Diane's about to lose her last remaining solid ally but she rallies later and gets to work, kinda

Howie remains Howie, but he's infiltrating more corners than most.. Erika continues to skulk around, rarely missing a pow-wow, but they're all on to her.. Will just continues to check out - most of them believe he really wants to go home (next week) and are barely aware he's nominated

Not counting Jase's behind-the-flames tantrum, the only break in the nonstop yapping, waffling & napping comes when they discover the tarantula they'd thought was dead is actually just shedding its skin

Pretty much a typical day: Jase tells Kaysar he'd go for Janelle first if he gets to stay - later Diane lets him know that was an oops.. much later he talks with James who pretty much offers to be his own guy and is willing to put the rest of his team out to dry.. Danielle joins most of the day's bigger meetings as does Erika, of course.. James has meetings much of the day in HOH - I can't keep up

Diane tells Jase she can tell what James is thinking and that "since he's attracted to dark, ethnic-looking girls" he thinks she's cute.. she asks Jase to buckle down and stop throwing stuff so he can stay there

Danielle goes to work on both Jase & Diane by saying what a great & loyal guy Cowboy is, and how rotten Drew treated Diane.. Howie gets stung by a bee - he saves it to sell on Ebay.. Marcellas says at 8pm he's just going to stay in bed and wait for night - his shirt says "I'm really excited to be here"

Food & drink

Yet another catered feast in the house of luxury, this time from Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh probably didn't like the foil & styrofoam treatment of the last two take-out meals, not to mention the complaints later, and since they're named their food gets laid out party style for the spoiled kids

Everybody dives in and loves it except George, who keeps busy trying to chip pieces off his latest slop recipe

Then it's time for after dinner theater: Erika, Janelle, Jase, Danielle and Willboogie reenact the earlier veto ceremony a couple times, rotating roles as they go
It's funny stuff - watch the videos:
Part 1, setup - note Will knocking on the wall to notify cam crews it's showtime
part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9
They're all pretty good and likely better than Tuesday night's "real" version will be, but this interlude is especially noteworthy as the booze came out just before, and Willboogie hinted in the bathroom that they were going to try to set up Janelle and/or get Jase to do his rap again.. the cameras zoom in on her wine glass often during the skits
Willboogie: Remember all those raps the other night? They're coming out
Willboogie: This is gonna be awesome

Willboogie go on for awhile telling BB2 stories, impersonations, etc.. Diane comes along toward the end and asks why everybody always stops talking when she arrives - they encourage her to get some beer and join.. the others go to 'kini up for the hot tub
Boogie says he & Diane should have a showmance.. he gives her a couple hand-on-knee smooches and she lets him, like she does.. she gets up and leaves soon after though - she doesn't seem entirely comfortable

Willboogie rampage and separate


Another drunken hot tub party and this time we get to go.. the boys start in the main pool with Erika, then Boogie joins Diane & Janelle at the hot tub.. he whip creams himself and asks them to lick it off but he gets no takers
Somebody splashes it off him, then Janelle suggests a game where they dive for their keys, take a drink and insult someone - the keys come out and go into the tub, but Boogie would rather try playing Lick Me again.. again no takers, so he starts sucking Erika's toes instead.. (Diane's gone back inside by this point)
Janelle & Erika agree to lick whip cream off each other which everyone loves, then Janelle squirts some on Will who isn't crazy about the idea
Will's definitely not interested in letting both Janelle & Erika play Lick Me on him, so they try to hold him down while Boogie squirts the rest of the can on him

Will escapes and calls out "Sorry Erin!" and Janelle takes off after him.. meanwhile Jase suggests both Erika & Janelle can play Lick Me off Boogie, and they finally do (after having said no a few times before)
He collapses and says he can die happy now.. things wind down and Boogie ends up in the hammock with Erika.. she says she's been trying to protect him but he has to stop blowing it.. they say something about "since June 10".. Janelle comes over and says they make a cute couple.. she goes off to chase Will some more and Boogie says how smart she is.. eventually Will, Janelle & Howie end up there again
It isn't clear to me whether they're talking about a romance or an alliance.. but if it started on June 10 it probably amounts to the same thing.. just my opinion

Eventually the bodies pile on but the hammock doesn't dump.. Will heads back to the house and HOH with Janelle draped on him and Erika tagging along
Then it's Bath Buddies gone wrong as first Erika & Janelle climb into the suds, and then Boogie in the middle
Needless to say, Boogie's loving it.. Marcellas walks in at one point and says "Huh-uh, no way" and leaves.. then Howie comes along and dives in
It's a good time til the tub overflows.. the camera traces the water pooling across the floor, and soon James & Will charge up from downstairs.. apparently a couple towels' worth of water is enough to drip through the floor of this soundstage house

Troll logic, continued

This is where we came in

Janelle & Boogie stay in the tub on their own awhile and discuss business.. she suddenly doesn't seem drunk at all.. they talk about the upcoming eviction, the floaters, possibilities of future cooperation between their two sides, etc

They don't come to any conclusions or definite agreements, and they argue over Marcellas.. eventually they end up downstairs, where he says "do not insult my intelligence, sweetheart" and she counters with "I'm not, but you're putting words in my mouth".. Boogie tries to draws Jase into it (remember Willboogie's original goal for the evening?) and Danielle's lurking.. Janelle says she's likely leaving next week anyway

What sets Boogie off on his tirade is Janelle telling him that her team had saved Willboogie so far, and something to the effect of he can challenge her all he wants, but if he can't win an HOH there isn't much he can do

He says as much to Howie & James as he passes them, and says what a bitch she is.. they both say she's a kickass player and yep, you gotta win HOH to nominate someone.. Danielle follows him into the greenlight and touches base, and then he's off
As he's finally winding down, he gets up to pee but doesn't bother with using the bathroom.. he uses a nearby bottle

Much later Howie goes into his jackshack as Kaysar & Erika discuss politics on the audio track.. it's just what it is
I don't know why it's pretty much ok to me and even comical when Howie does this but distasteful when Boogie does - maybe it's because unlike Boogie, Howie doesn't do it for an audience, doesn't bring his mic in with him, and he cleans up after

And it isn't just because I like Janelle that I find Boogie's stuff tonight well over the line - she can take care of herself just fine, especially with drunken trolls like Boogie - but when somebody who does nothing but talk up what a great guy he is, and who's openly there to promote himself & his businesses, goes off with this degree of bile about a game then it becomes a problem for me

I'm once again proud of Janelle and high-fiving her like crazy for squashing this nasty little troll without even trying


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Sunday shows are all game so tend to be a little dry. This one was no exception and made worse by excessive Boogie diaries which aren't that good, while virtually leaving half the cast out of the hour. They set up George as the picked-upon good guy (no surprise) and Will as the cocky complainer he is, but left out all his funny stuff. Bits with James as the ultimate HOH were good setup for the fall that came after he quit/lost the veto comp but I wonder how much of that they'll show Tuesday. Lots of bits were out of sequence but nothing very important yet.. give 'em time. The food comp segment was thankfully short - there was no way to edit that tedium as excitement. Gotta wonder if they instructed everyone to backseat drive Marcellas & Janelle's turn for a lead-in to their 'we're just here to look good' bits' - nobody else had the cheering section barking out instructions. Filler bits were slop again (they're still not saying it's oatmeal) plus the weeks-old 'Inflatable Innertube' song which wasn't all that to start with.. just shows how low they are on fun material with this crowd. Noms were highly edited but fun thanks to Will's unexplained sudden tan, and it's starting to look like Boogie actually paid them off to get so many shots of his self-promoting restaurant shirts on the air. Why a gratuitous shot of Will on a trampoline at the end? It didn't even look like the BB2 jumper.

I've already used up enough pixels on him on the left side of the page.

She's playing her game and playing it well by zeroing in on every conflict and every personality. She's damn good at what she does and how she does it, but she plays it just a little too hard sometimes.. I didn't need to see her following up with Boogie right after he & Janelle argued about Marcellas. Sometimes these things can wait.

Once again she seemed uncomfortable when the attention she usually craves shone on her, but considering that attention came from Boogie it's understandable. She had a little bit of her self-centered spark when she said she knows what James is thinking because he thinks she's cute, but that stuff fizzles so fast with her anymore. It's like a shadow of the Diane who should be playing this game and that's worrisome.. she doesn't seem up to it this time, and I don't want to see it crush her. I would however like to see her take on Boogie if he keeps pestering her: she too could easily knock him down a few pegs without even trying.

I'm tired of her horning in on everything and contributing nothing.

Even as they were making (mostly) good-natured fun of his veto speech he was smiling from ear to ear. He hasn't complained a bit about being on slop either, even with one take-out meal after another being brought in under his nose. This guy's too nice to be in there.

He knows Janelle can take care of herself so he didn't linger right on top of everything when it started to hit the fan, but he didn't stray far either. He can be rude & crude but you get the idea that he'd step right in there if push came to shove, and at this rate it probably will. Forgive him his jackshack: we'd all be lucky to have someone watching our back like Howie does for his friends.

Yea, this is how we parted ways last year. He spent much of the day cozying up to the opposition, talking deals, and trashing his team membership card and even his teammates somewhat. I'll hold off the neg til I find out if he reports all this back to said teammates or not, but I have a feeling James is just looking for the safest seat in the house and will sell out whoever he needs to to get it. One thing is certain though: his first HOH week is a shambles.

Anybody who paid attention last year knows that Janelle can get real sippy and still do what needs doing, and she proved it again tonight. Chasing Will was over the top but buxoming while sippy is one of her trademarks.. anyway he's playing the same game back, just not at the same time. It has to be janellousy that sets off her game opponents into these hateful tirades doesn't it? It's not like she's the one hurling insults or making up stories about them, yet she keeps having this effect on people who aren't on her side. 'Beauty & the Troll' was a scary bedtime story but it ended well as always, with Janelle safe in her bed among friends.

Granted, he did much of the same the other night but we didn't see the lead-in that inspired it so I can't say much about that.. and anyway, he isn't in the food 'n beverage industry so wasn't insulting his own co-workers & employees too when he went after Janelle like Boogie did. He threw a tantrum this morning and it was denied us so I can't say much about that either, but to his credit he didn't rise to the bait Boogie kept trying to throw at him to make a repeat performance tonight. Too soon to tell if he'll stay or go: they still have a full day and a lot of fallout to maneuver around before voting.

He came into the bathroom toward the end of the Janelle/Boogie discussion but didn't follow up, while Danielle did - and she isn't close to either of them. He should be spending less time cozying up with the various enemies, giving them info and discussing politics, and more time with his teammates, just being a team. Last year he, Howie & Janelle would make a decision then enjoy themselves while Maggie's crew talked & hated all night, and the three of them gave feedsters some of our best fun. This year he's mostly being a drip.. it was his idea to overlook the biggest threats in the game last week and his team is likely going to lose it all again as a result.

Funny that the guy who complains the most turns out to be the pivot point for most of the tugs of war we keep having. He also tends to stay out of the way when things get dicey even though his name is often involved. I'd say that makes his a good game: Erika & Danielle are far too obvious about theirs.

Dr. Will
Guilty by association. I like his game and his 'who cares' attitude, but I just don't know what he sees in that little troll sidekick or why he keeps him around. It's unbelievable that he's stayed this long - apparently Danielle's the only one who's seen BB2 even though they all got the DVDs - but since he has, I'd like to see him stay this week and longer.. but as a solo act.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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