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hamsterJuly 22 & 23, 2006 - Days 20 & 21

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A whole lot of nothing (Sunday)

Marcellas looks how I feel

If I weren't somewhat committed to seeing this thing through, I'd have bailed by now.. this is one boring group of pompous, self-important eejits - the word "entertainment" does not apply

Due to their lack of activity and my lack of interest, it's another doubled-up lite episode

Will amuses himself a bit better than most but stops short before putting his best idea in action: throwing the two inside and two outside urns into the pool to play Treasure Hunt.. meanwhile Boogie sprays his hair while swimming, and Jase does something..

Janelle & Will have a friendly if tentative chat, where she asks if he really does want to leave early.. he says if he isn't evicted in three weeks "hell will be unleashed in this house" - watch the video - then he says "Let's do it, let's backdoor someone this week" and she responds "Okay, who?"

For some reason (paranoia?) James joins the common folk downstairs for afternoon body count.. Howie comes through pestering & mooning, and they shoo him out - watch the video.. James heads back up later and stays planted with his guacamole thing and revolving door

You can tell how much each visitor impresses, scares or bores James by his demeanor with them.. this is one of Erika's many visits - she shows up at every meeting, usually uninvited - but she's on her own this time.. take-out dinner #2 arrives and they pounce
It's Italian this time.. most of them complain later that it was lousy, but they dive in with gusto at the time and can't get enough.. except George, of course

In another amazing coincidence of timing (or not), just about the time the air show winds up across the country, they're all playing the game again and it's meeting season in the HOH again

George is up first.. James manages to compliment & insult him simultaneously - watch the videos: part 1 - part 2

Next it's a grand audience with Willboogie.. Kaysar's there too but you'd never know it.. James suggests Jase to take George's place, and Willboogie argue for Marcellas - watch the videos: part 1 - part 2 - part 3
Flames and WAY TOO LOUD music cut off Will talking about putting pressure on the producers.. I didn't record the rest though it went on & on & on

Meanwhile Jase & Marcellas get in each other's faces downstairs over what one or the other said in Diary, or something.. it ends as soon as it starts and they go to their respective corners.. later Diane chats with Jase a bit - watch the video
Pretty soon everyone but Willboogie, Jase & George are in HOH, all talking about who to put up.. either James has no autonomy as HOH at all, or he's working hard to present that illusion.. of his own team, three want to put up Jase and he's not one of them - he even starts arguing why Marcellas is a good choice

In short, most of them just keep talking and talking but not saying much other than what a great cast they are and how we all must be riveted to our screens (zzzz)

Even if someone wanted to listen to them all pontificate all the time, it's pretty much impossible since the feeds cut to flames and WAY TOO LOUD music every few minutes because these nimrods keep singing, talking about their diaries, talking about people or things they're not supposed to, and bashing the producers.. Big Brother has absolutely no control over them so they run wild knowing that they can

Why they don't start fining them for this crap is beyond me

Against all odds, or not (Saturday)

George won the veto

Almost everybody saw that one coming.. except the people in the house

Along with the veto necklace he's got no hair, blue limbs, is on slop diet for the duration, and he can't play veto next week

As I understand it, the veto comp was a double-dog-dare kinda thing: Willboogie bailed instead of eating one bowl of slop.. Jase bailed rather than shave his head.. James bailed rather than give up the opportunity to play veto next week.. George beat out Kaysar for the tiebreaker by saying he'd eat slop for 60 days.. along the way some of them dove into a blueberry bath and some clothes were burned

Jase commisserates with George about their blue, and tells him he was everyone's target.. George asks what most fans have been asking - watch the video.. Kaysar starts getting used to his new look and Marcellas assists
George: I don't understand.. why would they keep the doctor?

Around the compound it's the usual body count, with a lot of "how did that happen?" thrown in this time.. Janelle makes up some more of her world famous apple crisp

Upstairs it's a very long and very tiresome meeting as the BB6ers discuss what to do (again).. James says he has to put up Boogie since he promised everyone else he wouldn't.. Howie & especially Janelle say they should get rid of Jase now while they can - watch the video.. Kaysar doesn't say much.. James complains (a lot) about how the comp wasn't fair - it goes on for hours
James: I told [Jase] I wouldn't backdoor him
Howie: It isn't backdooring if someone comes off with the veto
James: Big Brother put in their Fuck James clause
James: It's not fair!
James: This has gone from being an easy week to just what they wanted
James [about how far George went to win]: What do you expect? The guy sells himself out for a living
James: We'll probably be a bellyfloop contest next
James: I used to think this was a game show.. now we know it's for tv and the game is down at the bottom

James will never be convinced now that it wasn't rigged, and perhaps it was.. but they'll never convince me that James of all people didn't have a plan in place in case the veto was used, or that not one of these 'all-stars' asks about that when they make their safe-from-nom deals with whoever is HOH

Marcellas comes up and they ask him what they should do - watch the video - he & James each get angry for a moment but the moments pass.. afterward Kaysar complains of an earache that's bad enough to make him drop a few F-bombs.. Howie goes for alcohol and the ear drops that are working for him - Kaysar's not sure if he should let Howie play doctor on him but he does.. George dives into some slop, alone

Then Janelle gives me another shout-out! Watch the video.. James says "Hamsterwatch is a bigger hate site for me than Howie's website" but they go on to agree that different sites & people are going to like or dislike different hamsters for different reasons (it's human nature after all).. James also explains that he & I came to a truce before they went in this year

Huge thanks to Zack at for catching & recording this one! And also to immunegb5 who posted another video of it
I don't know what James will think of today's episode but others have said worse about him today.. I thought he knew now that I'm about entertainment above all but he still seems to think this was an April support site last year, hmmm.. (he must have been looking at the daily arrows only).. but to his credit, he does seem to be less deceitful and more entertaining this time around.. by the way, I'm pretty sure I've never said I hated any of them - life's too short for that

James finally comes downstairs to grab some of last night's pizza and tells Diane he'd like to talk with her sometime - she follows him back up.. soon Erika & Danielle are there also, maybe to socialize or maybe to make sure they aren't floated out

Jase borrows some bleach to get rid of the remaining blue.. James congratulates George on his performance in the veto comp.. George then adds insult to injury with a snappy comeback to James' invitation to come up and chat - watch the video
James: Good going.. come and see me, my door's always open
George: My door days a'going is done.. I make appointments

Feast and famine

The first of their catered feasts won yesterday arrives in the panty in the form of dozens of Asian food containers

They all gather round and dive in happily, chattering away.. Jase's touch-ups look like the beginnings of a tinfoil hat
I think BB had Will tan up again to avoid that continuity problem I mentioned yesterday - maybe I tipped them off? rats

We get a preview of the post-veto segment for Tuesday's show as the camera shows them gathered at the table from a backyard vantage point, happy voices muffled through the glass.. then pans over to George sitting alone out there, eating his slop in silence.. then back to the window & the dining hamsters, and back to George again

Finally business seems to be over for the day.. Janelle, Diane, James & Howie play some badminton.. Diane talks to a camera for awhile, asking if it likes girls

Later she hangs out with Willboogie while badminton continues.. a few whispers go back & forth but I don't catch anything noteworthy.. Will checks out but later revives at the hot tub.. Erika & her bikini show up too

Another booze delivery!

More booze shows up in the pantry and things are looking up for us again

They bring it in but the excitement from yesterday is long gone - ice cream holds more appeal for them

Most of them wander off to bed far earlier than usual, though there are a few pairings that show up.. Kaysar tells Danielle of his concerns about Marcellas - watch the video (it actually starts with what looked like some promising Will/Howie banter fun, and switches over to these two)

Diane has a friendly, get-to-know-you chat with George, which is nice to see - he's been treated like a pariah by most of them

Janelle & Howie study outside for awhile.. Kaysar's there with them but not participating.. he stays up alone a long time after they go off to bed

So it goes in the habitat.. it's been a strange day and a very dull night

One thing that has me puzzled is how so many of them say they don't want a floater to win the game, but in the same breath say "Big Brother is not a team sport"


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Saturday's ratings can stand.
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value - we need a lot more.

Sunday shows are all game so tend to be a little dry. This one was no exception and made worse by excessive Boogie diaries which aren't that good, while virtually leaving half the cast out of the hour. They set up George as the picked-upon good guy (no surprise) and Will as the cocky complainer he is, but left out all his funny stuff. Bits with James as the ultimate HOH were good setup for the fall that came after he quit/lost the veto comp but I wonder how much of that they'll show Tuesday. Lots of bits were out of sequence but nothing very important yet.. give 'em time. The food comp segment was thankfully short - there was no way to edit that tedium as excitement. Gotta wonder if they instructed everyone to backseat drive Marcellas & Janelle's turn for a lead-in to their 'we're just here to look good' bits' - nobody else had the cheering section barking out instructions. Filler bits were slop again (they're still not saying it's oatmeal) plus the weeks-old 'Inflatable Innertube' song which wasn't all that to start with.. just shows how low they are on fun material with this crowd. Noms were highly edited but fun thanks to Will's unexplained sudden tan, and it's starting to look like Boogie actually paid them off to get so many shots of his self-promoting restaurant shirts on the air. Why a gratuitous shot of Will on a trampoline at the end? It didn't even look like the BB2 jumper.

Maybe Will doesn't need to play but Boogie's future isn't as bright in there as his and anyway, Boogie isn't the one who keeps saying he wants to go home. It's looking very likely they'll end up side by side in the eviction chairs Thursday, but if Boogie's there it's only because he wouldn't eat a bowl of oatmeal.. puhleez.

Morning after ups for her no holds barred drunkfest last night, combined with a peculiar walkabout and hideout afterwards. Tonight she told the girls she didn't remember saying what they said she'd said, and maybe she doesn't, or maybe she just wants them all to think she's a forgetful drunk. Since she told James not to put George up in the first place she gets gloating rights today but she isn't doing much of that - at least not openly.

She's back to being barely there but she jumped at James' invitation to come up to chat 'sometime' and went up the stairs right on his heels. Even though she was promised safety, she should be nervousing a lot more at this point until the veto decision has been finalized, and she isn't.

The phantom 'broken rib' is showing up again now that anyone could get nominated and she knows floaters are likely targets. She's flaunting her bikinis around a little too much for me lately, which would be fine, but she doesn't seem to have much else to offer. She seems to be playing the game well, with ties to all, but family ties should only go so far: I wasn't at all pleased last night to hear her admit she helps cast 'Survivor' and I'm glad I got that one YouTube'd. Look like she's started copying Janelle's hairstyle now.

Let's see.. he cooks for them all, he made the slop tastier all week even though he was on food, he smiles & laughs a lot and bellyflops for them on command. I guess that all adds up to 'George must die' but he showed them today by being willing to go farther than any of the kids. Granted, it was a George-friendly comp but that's what we have to work with. Most of them are just being mean to the guy and if there's any justice he'll win HOH next week. But chances are we'll stick to tradition: they'll run around in a panic and stress themselves out (and us) about what to do, and then it'll all go back to the original plan of George shaking hands with Julie on Thursday. Watch him pull a Marcellas and not use his veto.

He's making some sense to James but he's not taken seriously except when he's talking boobies 'n fingerbangs, as usual. Nobody seems to question what happened to his Nakomis/Busto Jr. rant anymore - maybe he went so far so fast that they had to delete that storyline. At any rate, he said last night 'she's a good kid' so we can just add that one to the growing list of BB7 Oddities Without Explanation.

It's inconceivable that the 'veto king' didn't have a foolproof plan in place for this, and more so that he quit the comp rather than give up his chance to compete next week. The guy's 0 for 3 so far this year for veto comps and there's no guarantee he'd be able to compete anyway. He really annoyed a lot of fans with his April-like 'It's not fair!' hours-long tirade today but hey, he should know that Big Brother isn't and doesn't have to be fair, and after all it's his own fault that he promised safety to more people than he can save. He knows now what it's like being on the other side of that veto necklace when it counts, and he's living up to his promise to be more entertaining this year. He also joined Janelle in a discussion about Hamsterwatch today: that's worth ups in itself!

I would love to know what she did or said at last night's drunken hot tub party that set off Jase & Willboogie but we never will. I tend to think it was mostly her sippy self buxoming their brains out: we know her arsenal and the effect it can have on those not playing along. Jase has become public enemy #1 again now as a result but I have a feeling she'd find some of it funny.. she's seen the same stuff and worse on BB boards all over town. At any rate she was adamant in suggesting Jase goes up next to Will but James isn't listening to anyone. Solid ups for another shout-out to me! plus a bonus discussion about Hamsterwatch with James in the middle of his pity party.

I've gotten mail for appearing to stick up for him after his very nasty rant rap about Janelle but yesterday's sidebar was a rerun, and I did post the videos so you guys can all make up your own minds. I'm not likely to defend anyone who says such nasty stuff about anyone, especially when I only have half the story (see above), but the bottom line is it was funny stuff after Kaysar & the girls showed up. We have precious little entertainment this year and I'll take it where I can get it.. I don't think Jase will stick around much longer anyway.

He's been moody & quiet for days now and really deserves a negative but he was willing to give up more than James today and really went to bat so James could have what he wants even after last week's back & forths between them. Hopefully he'll be feeling better since Dr. Howie poured alcohol in his ear (though he wasn't so gutsy for that) and will get back to his mostly fun and genuine self - without the pontificating part, please.

He's mostly just lying around complaining about everything lately but when he does get up, he's got stuff to say and they're noticing. Kaysar's noticing so much that he's complained about Marc's waffling attitude to both Danielle and his fellow BB6ers. That's maybe not the wisest thing to do: Marcellas seems to be in with almost everyone.

Dr. Will
See Boogie, but with a notch up to neutral because he's still fun at times and he's said from the start that he doesn't care and wants to go home before sequester. For some reason they all still seem to believe whatever he says and I have to wonder why.. didn't any of them see BB2?


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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