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hamsterJuly 25, 2006 - Day 23

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Another day after

They don't tend to get wild 'n crazy two days in a row this year.. I don't think there's much fallout from last night's shenanigans - if there was, I missed it - there usually isn't

I missed a lot of the vote chat too.. it looks like Jase will go at this point, although James is campaigning for him to stay

James & Howie take a break from it all to do laundry.. James instructs Howie on his preferred method to fold towels so they take up less space

Janelle & Erika sit down to play chess but unsupervised two-on-two's aren't well tolerated so most of the others show up gradually too.. Kaysar's sporting a Tupac look

Diane says she likes Erika's hair and asks how she did it.. Erika responds with the how-to Janelle told her the other day when Erika asked how she does hers.. Erika's added the pulled-down sleeves look and Janelle-like hair flipping too.. it's starting to look like a Single White Female-type plot could play out here

The caterer calls again, with sushi.. Marcellas adopts an uncharacteristically unladylike pose.. Erika swings her pool cue around - her "broken rib" must have the day off again
Over dinner they laugh about Boogie shouting out in his sleep last night to Howie, saying not to drink the pee - watch the video

Jase hasn't given up yet.. Will hasn't either but he has others do his work for him.. later Boogie crashes a Jase/James/George hammock chat

Diane gets a Howie smooch as they talk over their seasons with George & Janelle.. archrivals and/or allies Danielle & Marcellas have an extended chat about all things ordinary and game

Booze delivery! Danielle & Erika dive in, as do Janelle & Diane.. they have what sounds like a nice chat, but later Diane says how much she hates Janelle

Erika & Janelle's chess game resumes undisturbed, but it doesn't last long

More of the same

Jase goes excavating

Apparently he finds gold, or something, so goes back for more

He knows the feeds are always on and he knows his mom watches them 24/7 - sorry, Mom


Howie & Willboogie laugh again about Boogie's sleepshout outburst and wonder if Big Brother is putting together a Willboogie gay storyline - this seems to bother Will more than anything we've seen yet - later they discuss it some more, along with their breakdown of the BB6 hierarchy and Janelle's place in it - watch the video

Boogie's scooching up to Diane again.. George is slop-farty but off the block so he's happy.. Willboogie & Howie try to flag down a plane to get rescued

Kaysar gets waylaid for a long time by Danielle campaigning hard to keep Jase.. he searches for hair to twist, and gives a quick thumbs up to feedsters
Thanks to grammydianne for Kaysar's salute cap

Most of them dig into another dinner around 11.. Janelle, Howie & James have pizzas upstairs with Erika.. at midnight they move all the food back to the pantry since tomorrow's bread & kumquats.. Danielle holds quick meets with everyone all over town

Then the Tuesday Night Waffle starts, and it's exhausing.. first Jase makes a pitch to stay - shaking on his offer to put up Boogie & a floater (Marcellas) if he gets to stay, and if he wins HOH.. he later tells Diane & Danielle that he'll stick to that but that Diane should get rid of one BB6er if she gets HOH and he'll get out another the following week

Will's up next, and we go to flames.. later he's still there and doing his usual "I don't want to be here" spiel, but he asks for the courtesy to let him know if he's a goner

Most of the others run around the house whispering & parannoying.. James goes outside to clue in his other alliance about the progress; and Kaysar, Janelle & Howie confirm they're suspicious of his loyalty, and that he's in with Danielle

Then all four of the BB6ers argue over Will or Jase.. Boogie's finally allowed in for his appointment and talks for hours.. I don't know what finally sways him, but at some point James gives in and agrees to keep Will.. the camera zooms in on his eyes at around this time - I won't say he's tearing up, but he's blinking a lot

In other words, it's the usual back & forth to wind up right where they started.. watch the videos:
Jase's pitch to stay - Will's pitch to leave
Kaysar/Janelle/Howie discuss James & Danielle

Diane nervousing

Ironically, the only people who really have something to lose with tomorrow's vote - Jase & Will - are in bed while the meetings continue through the night

George is all tucked in too

Diane, who's about to lose her second and final partner, goes back to her BB5 habits & headquarters, and spends an hour or so alone in the bathroom going through her dozens of products

She even makes a rare appearance in the main mirror/camera, then finally goes to bed with her glasses on and digs around some - maybe it's a M/M Smith code


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Special join-the-club waffle edition.
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Tuesday's show was fun thanks to Will's 'I hate you all' speech but yesterday's reenactments were as good or better. History was revised when the show opened by saying BB6 has been HOH 'for the third straight week' - what about Jase as co-HOH that first week? Also glaringly absent were James' extended 'it's not fair' spiel after the veto, and any hint of Jase's raps that came before the Midwest theme, especially since they did show George's 'James is a prick' rap. They had lots of awwww moments with Howie's 'apprentice teaches the master' and George's heart in being gutsier than the rest for the veto.. be aware though, producers asked them first how far they'd be willing to go (per a Janelle/Howie convo the other day) which explains a lot. They glossed over much of the storyline as far as who's working whom as usual, but the show definitely ended on the tone of Jase being evicted (or 'backdoored' for dramatic potential) which could mean Dr. Will could be the one to leave Thursday since they love to misdirect us. A Day 19 text-over during noms confirmed that my day-count is correct so at least I don't have to go back and fix all that. Marcellas sniffing Kaysar was what it was, but I have to point out that I've been calling Jase's reflection 'Mirror-face' for two years now.. hmmm. Loved Dani & Will's versions tho!

Looks like he'll get to keep his better half after all.

The main stirrer-upper lately won't be happy to find out exactly how much she stirred up, or that her stirring was a big factor in letting her biggest rival Will stay on to haunt her.

She's about to become a solo act and get absorbed into the Willboogie entity.. I expect a lot more overnight time at her headquarters.

I don't know if she's starting to learn she doesn't have as much solid ground as she thinks she does, but the rest of them are.

He's not the original 'What, me worry?' guy, but he's the current title holder.

The Waffle Alliance's main cheerleader and mascot.

The Waffle Alliance's main problem.

The Waffle Alliance's main waffler early on, but its anchor for decision time.

He's a goner.. here's hoping he calls out a few news items on his way out to really stir things up.

The Waffle Alliance's part-time main problem and late-blooming voice of reason.

He's just excited to be here.

Dr. Will
Three weeks in a row he begs to be evicted but nobody will do it. He still owns them all.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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