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hamsterJuly 9, 2006 - Day 7

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Busto Junior, phone home

It looks like Nakomis is on the phone - getting the day's storyline from the control room maybe

Turns out it's just her mic battery pack

Fans are abuzz everywhere.. why does Howie keep going off about her? Here's another crackpot theory.. if it turns out to be true you heard it here first, otherwise it's just another what-if

It turns out it wasn't unprovoked - well, not quite - apparently Nakomis told a number of people yesterday that she doesn't like Howie or his shtick, and she wants him out for "a quiet house" (heaven help us)

Jase, Marcellas, Boogie & Will reported this back to Howie throughout the day.. Diane didn't but James overheard her meeting with Nakomis and spilled it to Howie.. Nakomis asked Janelle if she'd mind if Howie was nominated when she gets HOH

Finally, Nakomis asked Boogie to stop doing his Monica impression and he agreed, which didn't sit well with Howie on top of the rest of it.. by the way, it isn't the sex stuff she's got a problem with - it's the loud & obnoxious stuff

So what gives? Nakomis didn't invent the Five Finger veto plan like she's given credit for - the producers and/or writers did - but she was the first to figure it out, use it and name it.. she's no dummy and she knew some or all of this would get back to Howie

Maybe it's what it looks like: she didn't like Jase either when he was a noisy guy, and she put the Finger Plan in place to get rid of him.. but maybe it's all a script and she & Howie have a secret partner pact

Consider that several known allies have mentioned staging a fight or pretending to hate each other to throw everyone off track.. consider that it took 40+ days for Howie to build up to April's Busto rant, and that she knew it was coming & agreed to it (though maybe not to the lengths he took it).. consider that Nakomis barely campaigned at all and most likely had a guaranteed in, giving her time to set up all kinds of things, if she chose to.. Howie was pretty much a sure bet too

Finally, if it seems Howie & Nakomis would be an unlikely pairing, think back to this time last year, and Rachel.. remember, we shouldn't be believing everything we see this year

Okay, back to our regular program - thanks to Penguin for summarizing yesterday's meetings

Preliminary body count

Howie wasn't only the focus of the late night show, he was also the focus of the HOH bed

George would have been better off if he'd stayed out on the balcony sofa.. he's an early riser though, and trudged his way downstairs and through the house as only George would

Jase & Janelle have their room to themselves for awhile.. they talk about their moms (both watch the feeds) and say hi to them.. they talk about their hometown rallies for vote week and the bits that were filmed
Janelle: Marcellas said the Nerd Herd was like the twins with Bibles
Janelle: So when do we get to do our blog?
Jase: What's that about?
Janelle: Just write our feelings and stuff.. I've never done one

It's another dull day around the kiddie pool.. bikinis come & go.. Nakomis explains the tat that lets her "spank her monkey in public"

Will & Howie banter is getting better and better - they're like an old comedy team now.. groupings and pairings come & go.. snippets produce themselves
Marcellas: If Danielle stays how long do you think she'll stay in the game?
Jase: Til the end
Howie: Nobody talks about the game to me
Janelle: Me either
Howie: Except Will
Janelle: He's the worst one
Janelle: Even if we tried and pretended we hated each other, they wouldn't believe it
Howie: If there's a crack in our alliance it's James, but I think he's good this year

Janelle sits down to teach Boogie how to play chess.. downstairs Marcellas is smiling in the kitchen as Howie rubs his shoulders while everyone's eating
Howie's doing his usual sexchat as he goes - Nakomis is there, she doesn't seem to mind.. Howie keeps calling Marcellas Beau-Beau.. even though Marcellas claimed to hate Beau and to be compared to him as the other black gay male hamster, he's unusually quiet and subdued during all this.. he's unusually happy too
They switch places but that doesn't seem to work so well.. Erika steps in front and says "Do a train".. Marcellas says "Howie, you have NO stress!"

Body count escalates

They're still perky as hamsters go, but they're starting to settle into the nap routine we'll get used to over the next few weeks

I think this is George inside this napping contraption

Janelle didn't use the veto - but she said in the ceremony she'd been thinking about using it

Up on the balcony Janelle & Boogie's quiet chess lesson/game has gone public with new arrivals all the time, each arriving in their own special way

Alison's not spending her time playing board games or socializing - she's training

Nakomis tells the assembled crowd how tongue piercings are done - George won't be rushing out for that anytime soon
Nakomis: It didn't hurt at all
Will [to Howie]: Did it hurt when you got your dong pierced?
Howie: About like a bad sunburn

Howie tells a very long & very loud story about alligators.. Will provides a surprise ending he wasn't expecting
Will: That's the dumbest story I ever heard [gets up & walks away]
Howie: But Will, it took a lot of guts for me to..
Will: SHUT UP!!!

Hamster kickball

All of them play except Boogie & Janelle.. not sure where they are, maybe napping

Marcellas doesn't play either.. he comes wandering out in his robe then wanders back in.. wanders to his room and goes through his drawers.. then sits and eats in his hoodie while the rest of them are whooping it up outside

It's a good time - watch the videos
part 1 Getting started
part 2 Game on
part 3 Will goes splash
part 4 George goes splat
part 5 Marcellas isn't playing
part 6 Shockingly fun

Jase does the commentary, with George pitching in.. but it's not the same as Marvin


Afterward half the team goes on a weird parade through the house

Danielle & Janelle discuss boob jobs in detail with Marcellas


Identify the bodies

Out of the blue they all start pairing off and whispering about game, giving up alliance info and filling in blanks in feedsters' minds.. it's almost like their workday began and they started speaking their scripts

There are too many of them and too many convos to keep track of in detail - plenty of other sites do that - but in summary here's what we've learned, barring any still-secret cross-season pacts:
  • BB6: Janelle, Howie, Kaysar are together with James, who's playing as many other sides as he can, as usual.. Janelle is most everyone's #1 target
  • BB5: Diane & Nakomis are together with Jase, who's playing the Will/Boogie team as well as the BB6 team
  • BB4: Will wants to recruit Alison who's already in with Diane and talking with James.. Erika seems to be with James but is still Amber Alert to most
  • BB3: Danielle & Marcellas are each playing for themselves, as usual.. Marcellas is stuck to Janelle, and Kaysar says he'll work on Danielle who's likely in with James and any number of others
  • BB2: Will owns them all.. Boogie needs diagrams
  • BB1: George is suddenly the swing vote for every scenario (he promised it to Danielle this week)
Videos that may or may not help clear things up:
Jase talks with Will & Boogie - Alison talks to Diane


In related news, Diane & Alison are the new (but not surprising) Mean Girls who hate Janelle with a passion.. Nakomis is either their mascot or cheerleader
In other news, Erika talks with Kaysar a long time and we get the first BB7 tears when she tells him about breaking up with BB1 Josh.. it's brief.. they remember feedsters wait for moments like these and they say hi

Boogie: This isn't Big Brother All-Stars, it's Big Brother 6 and a half
Jase: Janelle won't say anything bad to their face but Alison will come right out and say it
Boogie: I hate this game
Will: Of all of those BB6-ers Kaysar's the one I'm least worried about now
Boogie: I walked in on James & Howie talking about you throwing competitions
Will: Think I should win the next one?
Will: Janelle is the most dangerous person in here
Will: I think my apathy is working for us.. I keep saying I want to go home.. they don't think I'm trying
Will: Who's gonna bond with Chicken George? Cuz I'm trying and I just can't
Boogie: Let's just keep up the Mike & Will thing just for tv time
Will: We've got to get on 'The Amazing Race'
Will: If she [Janelle] was in here five years ago I would have been like <pant pant> 'whatever you want, master'.. things change in five years
Boogie: The thing is, cuz it's all-stars there isn't that personal thing when people get nominated
Will: Nuh-uh
Jase: Nuh-uh
Boogie: Neither one of them has made a big deal about it this week
Jase: Cuz it's the first week
Will: Everybody's on their best behavior.. next week it'll change
Jase [to Alison]: Will's gonna come talk to you.. we need George too
Alison [to Diane]: No for Kaysar and no for Howie, so we have to work on them
Alison [to James]: Has anyone asked for your vote? That's what I'm doing now
Jase [to Diane & Nakomis]: I'm most loyal to you - you know this
Diane [to Nakomis]: James was talking to Danielle about 'dividing the house'

Alison [to Diane]: I just wanna grab her [Janelle] & Erika and bash their heads together

Waffles and doom


Half the house is still up at 3am, likely all parannoying (© Diane) now that the game's begun.. fun Jase finally shows up telling Cowboy & Marvin stories, and heads up a project to collect snoring George and deposit him in the backyard - the feeds go to flames

By 4am it's just Janelle, Howie & Kaysar.. Janelle makes waffles with much supervision by Kaysar.. Howie's sporting a new fly/Bono look

This trio's old overnight spark is a bit sputtery but they try.. then they get deep into game chat over waffles and show us they're as misled about the others as they appeared to be: they trust Jase implicity, as well as James, and they proclaim Marcellas a great player.. they wonder about George.. Kaysar says he can deal with Danielle

Janelle says she almost used the veto today on Danielle.. she would have nominated Will.. they think Alison would have been evicted

Watch the video - they're doomed

Howie: I've lived in this house now longer than some real places I've lived


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Special body count edition
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value, and there still isn't much of that but at least they finally got out of the starting gates.

Premiere show wasn't bad, except there were few surprises thanks to their leaks. Was it cruel to dwell on the losers' disappointed faces so much? Maybe.. but it was kinda fun too. Noms were unexpected and it was nice to see some behind-the-back scheming already, and to be surprised by it. They aren't fooling anybody with '15 million votes' though - if autovoters aren't allowed they should have rules saying so. Even before the autos kicked in, Cowboy & Lisa had far more votes than Erika & Boogie and everyone knows it, so their line about 'too close to call' was just that, a line.. not to mention the 14 photo frames were seen before voting even started. Meanwhile they advertised the feeds which only came on just after 9pm BBtime, and they had the feeds player showing stuff from the last few days before they were on. Oh well.. that's BB editors for you.

She's still working while most of the others are playing, but it's a whole new game now that Dr. Will has summoned her. Jase told Will about her reputation for scandalous tactics but she's talking up the (doctor) boyfriend a lot and acting like survival of the skankiest is so three years ago.. we'll see.

A rock could play this game as well as him. He talks about 'getting those BB6-ers out' to James, he thinks nothing's going to be personal since it's all-stars, and somebody's able to eavesdrop every time he whispers with somebody. He did come up with one winner though: 'This isn't Big Brother All-Stars, it's Big Brother 6 and a half.'

She came this close to being set free by Janelle today but it didn't happen. Things are too fluid right now to guess if she'll be here next week at this time, but if anybody else is thinking about winning this thing they better make sure she walks the plank to Julie's boudoir on Thursday.

Finally Diane got to work tonight, going about her rounds and trash-talking along the way. She thinks she caught a subtle sign that Danielle's in with James and ran right back to tell Alison about it.. if they knew their BB better they'd know that James & Danielle are each in with half the house, so it's only natural they'd find each other.

Another day, another pilates class. She seems to be sweet on Kaysar but he doesn't come to class.. maybe she'll give him a special invite. She delivered the first tears of the season today.

A few days ago they were all talking about him as the biggest threat in the game (to our amazement), and now it turns out they're almost right. He's the one hamster that few of them are sure about and few know how to approach - except Danielle, who not only approached him directly, but secured his promise for next week.

Nakomis as the new Busto faded as fast as it came, with just a trace lingering that was finally shot down by Janelle & Kaysar. Will's found the way to his heart and while I don't think Howie would ever turn on Janelle & Kaysar, I know he'll keep giving up info that he shouldn't. He isn't much fun the 2nd time around and he's a handicap to his team, but he's such a wild card that he may still cause a few unexpected twists.

He really got around today and almost every time I saw him he was whispering with someone new 'in confidence'. It looks like he's starting to play all sides against each other again but it might backfire on him bigger this time - nearly everyone in there has said he can't be trusted. Howie got it right when he said 'this ain't no nerd herd'.

She could have and should have put Will in Danielle's eviction chair and sent her packing Thursday but she didn't, and now she's going to let Kaysar do Danielle duty while she keeps babysitting Marcellas. Meanwhile Alison & Diane already hate her, which won't bother her, but it sure won't help her cuz the guys are all out for her too. Game aside, she left a waffle mess in the kitchen that's sure to set off some attitudes and dramatics - that'll be fun.

Everybody's favorite villain two years ago, he's turning out to be a star player with a membership card in every club. How long he can keep that going remains to be seen, but he's fooled half the people half the time already and that's a good start. To top it off, he reverted to the fun guy we used to know by telling Cowboy stories and Marvin lines, and came up with a plan to relocate George & his snoring. Dare we hope for bath buddies in the future?

He's way out of his element this time, thinking he can handle Danielle on his own on behalf of his whole team. For a start, James is already in there. His people skills aren't bad in general but he knows nothing about what makes females tick or how to work them. Come to think of it, that pretty much goes for his whole team. It might be fun watching Kaysar try to out-fox Danielle, but I doubt it.

He's still talking final two as if he'll be one of them, but pretty much the only person he talks to is Janelle. He changes his idea of the biggest threat daily and he spends most of his time rehashing past BB outcomes. But as most know who've ever watched Housecalls, he rarely watches the feeds so he's missing an awful lot of info about these people. That goes for most of them, but Marc should know better. It was just pissy of him to sit & sulk while the others all had the big fun, but it made for some funny screencaps.

She's hooked up with Diane & Jase which could be good for her, but she's also in with Alison who isn't good for anyone but Alison. I have a feeling we're going to have some world class catfights ahead of us, and Nakomis probably doesn't fight like a girl. It should get interesting.. at least I hope it does.

Dr. Will
He owns them all and he isn't even trying. Well known as the biggest threat going in, somehow he's fallen off everyone's radar and few even mention him in strategy chats. I thought he really did want to bow out early, and maybe he does, but at this point it's probably looking like more easy money for him so he may just stay on and win it again. I kind of hope he does - he's the only one in there who's both fun and funny.

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