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hamsterJuly 10, 2006 - Day 8

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Parannoying begins

It's Diane's word from BB5 and it's a good one.. I'll be using it a lot as we go, along with other BB vocab like Cowboy's "nervousing"

Alison guesses the new restriction food that "will have them crying for PBJ" will be bugs, based on the bug room motif.. she says she saw bugs for sale "like funnelcakes" everywhere in Thailand when she was on "Amazing Race"

She gets called to diary soon after she shares this news, her electronic photo frame goes dark at the same time, and the rest of them take off

Hamster: She's gone! She's out of the game!
Hamster: That's weird - she gets called in right after she says the bug thing
Hamster: Maybe she figured out the bug thing so she gets immunity for 3 days
Hamster: She said she worked for CBS Productions in Africa before
Hamster: She's the mole!

dingo: Thailand, not Africa and CBS produces 'Amazing Race' - that's how easy & fast things can get twisted.. take note, Hamsterwatchers

Much of yesterday's news is just that.. BB2, BB5 and BB6 are still confirmed teams but there are a lot of secret hookups and secret hookup pretenses being revealed as well - it's a mess and I can't keep up with it all.. just ass-ume everyone is lying to everyone, it's easier

Will wakes up happy to a report from Boogie about his rounds - they all seem to be falling into his lap, as usual.. everyone's making rounds, pretending they aren't and herding in small groups in between.. James is as busy as any but pretends he isn't better than some
Boogie: What if you & me vote separately and cause a tie?
Boogie [watching spyscreen]: Hurry Will, we got Janelle outside for her 10 minutes a day
Will: I can't believe she played cutesy-pie with me
Boogie: Marcellas called you out about being a cult leader
Diane [to Nakomis]: Let's just split up everything that's together, including Boogie & Will
James: I'm a lethargic piece of shit today

Nakomis scopes out everybody's swing vote George.. together they wonder what's with knives on request - they know it's BB2 but say they don't know why and wonder if it's a twist.. same with George finding a piece of Jase's camouflage fabric in his bag
Nakomis: D needs to go and A needs to stay
George: I just feel like we're outnumered
Nakomis: If we can just keep things like they are right now, we have the numbers
George: One thing James told me that kinda scared me, he said if anybody does that back door to him, he would throw them off the balcony.. I didn't like that
Nakomis: Ignore him.. he does it for attention.. he tries to get under your skin - that's his strategy
Nakomis: Don't give Danielle any definite answers

He already told Danielle she's got his vote
Sharp knives have been locked up since BB2 Justin was thrown out for teasing a drunken Krista with erotic knifeplay, saying 'Would you be upset if I killed you?'

Alison & Erika hammock, talk about their BB4 mess and come to a truce, kinda - watch the video.. Erika asks why Alison thinks she's in with the BB6 crowd and Alison says "things I read on the internet".. Ali asks for Erika's vote.. Erika deflects but later says she'll try to get somebody else to switch
Erika: For now we can stay enemies
Alison: Okay, but after you get me the vote?
Alison: I told myself I wasn't gonna play like that this year, but we could totally work this angle
Erika: I'll work on George

Erika's been active on James' site and her site is affiliated with his, and Erika may have been at some chats the other BB6-ers did at Fishbowl (which her ex BB1 Josh co-owned)

Will's selling shirts with the sayings he keeps wearing - the ones BB didn't confiscate anyway - check them out in today's linkage.. today's says "Julie's favorite"

He springs another psychological trick as Erika & Kaysar chat, joking that the show will proclaim them the BB7 showmance with shots of them together in the hammock, in the hot tub, in the shower.. naturally Howie makes contributions.. Dani pays a tentative visit to Janelle in HOH - they don't seem to have anything going
Kaysar [to Erika]: Tell her [Alison] 'if you want to stay you'll have to swing George'
Danielle [to Janelle]: I don't want to butt in, but I'm just so bored.. this house is so big.. I just want some new conversation

Erika & Marcellas have an undercover chat - Erika's especially undercover - they seem to be working together.. Jase comes in and they shut up, so he doesn't seem to be in on this one
Erika: This goes no further with this room.. do you want to break up the six?
Marcellas: We break up the six, but we make sure that Janelle stays
Erika: Isn't she gonna be pissed that we changed our minds? You gotta talk to her today
Marcellas: I'll just tell her that I can't keep Danielle in here
Marcellas: Danielle has James.. that's how you fuck up the four: say you're going after James, trying to weaken James & Danielle.. Danielle is too strong with both him and George

Okay, I underestimated Marcellas.. this explains why he keeps trashing Erika as 'Amber alert' to everyone (diversion), but I still don't think he should be counting on finals as much as he is

Boogie makes a deal offer to Erika in the pantry - they don't seem to be working together.. Marcellas, Janelle & Jase chat and joke around in HOH but later Marcellas tells Janelle about the switch to vote out Danielle.. Janelle's not pleased and Marcellas dances around who he's talked to, what they said, and how desperately he wants to be rid of Danielle

George discovers Alison's picture returned (she did too) and he goes around poking them all, making the screens ripple.. Alison & Nakomis work out in the gym - Alison works harder and longer.. somebody's always cooking or eating, the kitchen's in constant use

Sexual harassment shower

Will takes a shower with running commentary and Howie & Boogie as his audience.. it's funny stuff and reminds us of the fun shower & bathtub scenes that came before

Nakomis is showering too

Will takes the opportunity to chip away at Howie a little bit more, and to work up the friction between Howie & Nakomis a little bit more (and therefore within and between their respective teams).. it's all friendly and indirect, and funny, but it does its job well too

Watch the video - Howie goes uncharacteristically quiet again.. that's highly unusual for Howie in a situation like this - Will's getting to him but he doesn't even realize it
Will: They kinda could call this show 'Sexual Harassment' cuz that's what you do Howie
Nakomis: That's Howie's MO
Will: Howie sexually harasses them so much that they quit
Nakomis: Yep

Shower video 2 is just for fun: Will wonders which cameras are on the internet, and says he wouldn't mind being nekkid in there but doesn't want it to end up on Youtube..

Back to the kitchen, where Will talks about the notorious chat he did during campaign week (the one where he called Kaysar a gay vampire and Janelle a 50 cent whore, and was eventually kicked out of) and how difficult it was to keep up with the questions.. Janelle talks about the impromptu chat she did and says she had fun

Will also talks about the email Q&A he did.. he says it's the only honest interview any of them did, and because he talked about the rest of the group of 20 in it, he asked that it not be posted til they were in sequester (which it wasn't).. watch the video.. then they all start a hide 'n seek game involving furniture hopping but it goes to flames.. apparently Big Brother makes them stop
Will's interview wasn't totally honest: he claims it was friends doing the chat but he's talked about doing it himself quite a few times now

They sit around the living room talking movie trivia, Celeb Who Am I, books, past seasons, hamster gossip and hamster scandals - the BB2 knife incident comes up for the second time today.. they drop so many names and BB insider stuff that we have flames for much of it, but it's a pretty dull party anyway

They get a rare midnight booze delivery - they don't get a lot but they're glad to get it.. Janelle & Nakomis go out to smoke but they chat mostly about their seasons and the comps they did.. no game or alliance chat

Will starts telling stories then says he has a scary one, a true one, if they want to hear it.. he says it might take five minutes to tell but it might take two hours so they all migrate to the balcony to be more comfortable.. he reminds them it might take two hours and they realize they forgot to pack, so they head back down for popcorn, snacks & drinks, then settle around him like kindergartners at story time

It only takes about ten minutes to tell, and the end of it went to flames for us


They talk about ouija boards and tarot cards.. Jase provides questions for a short seance - they watch to see if the necklace twists or sways.. "Are there twins in this house? Are there 17 people in this house?"

The party breaks up like parties do and most scamper off to their beds.. there's always a few who stick around til the bitter end

Diane goes for another snack and waves at us.. Nakomis does too, then tells sleeping Alison that she's naming this camera Potato Chip.. Howie flosses and Will discusses the bathroom decor & season theme.. I think they vote tomorrow
Will: They buy a couple rubber ducks and it's good versus evil? I don't get it.. what's this wall about, haystacks?

It was good to see Diane & Nakomis wave to us, but it looked a bit forced & unnatural for each of them.. as if Diary told them to start doing it


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I missed a lot today but feedmasters are withholding a lot too. Not much is certain til we see diaries tomorrow night, and maybe won't be after either. Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.. there still isn't a lot.

Premiere show wasn't bad, except there were few surprises thanks to their leaks. Was it cruel to dwell on the losers' disappointed faces so much? Maybe.. but it was kinda fun too. Noms were unexpected and it was nice to see some behind-the-back scheming already, and to be surprised by it. They aren't fooling anybody with '15 million votes' though - if autovoters aren't allowed they should have rules saying so. Even before the autos kicked in, Cowboy & Lisa had far more votes than Erika & Boogie and everyone knows it, so their line about 'too close to call' was just that, a line.. not to mention the 14 photo frames were seen before voting even started. Meanwhile they advertised the feeds which only came on just after 9pm BBtime, and they had the feeds player showing stuff from the last few days before they were on. Oh well.. that's BB editors for you.

She brought out her & Erika's dirty laundry and tried to explain? Apologize? Hard to say since she was doing it to keep herself safe this week. Also hard to say if Erika bought it but they agreed to disagree, sorta. She added 2+2 and guessed that food comp losers will be eating bugs - if it wasn't true before, it might be now that she gave them the idea. Alison's still all business: campaigning for votes, working out hard and going to bed early. Good strategies for her game but not great watching for us.. bring out the claws.

He's got more game than I gave him credit for but Dr. Will's still calling his shots. He's a good errand boy though and comes up with a good line now & then, like today's 'Janelle's out for her 10 minutes a day'. Otherwise it looks like he brought 100 hats in there with him but only a couple stale routines.

Most times I catch her she's just talking chit-chat so I have no idea who she's with or what she's up to. James is likely but he's in with whoever he's talking to, and I have to wonder if she'd go with someone so obvious. Janelle would be a great secret ally for her but I caught them alone together today and they acted like strangers. I'm looking forward to her diaries on tomorrow's show to find out what's up, and because hers are fun.

I didn't see her scheming much today or making rounds but she probably did them. It looks like she's trying to circulate and socialize a bit more and that's good.. when she gets comfortable is when she gets aggressive and then she gets volatile. Bring it on!

She surprised me today by turning out to be in cahoots with Marcellas. She doesn't have the gift of everlasting gab that he does to wear people down to get what she wants, so it looks like he's going to have to do most of the work in that arrangement.

I'm expecting ups any day now for George. He has to be catching on that everybody wants him on their team even if he doesn't quite know why. Sooner or later he'll realize how much pressure's on him and if it gets to him, we can expect some good fun from his reactions. Hopefully he won't crack all the way up this time. He thinks James has violence potential so will probably keep his distance there, and meanwhile most of the others aren't sure how to approach him.

Will's working away at him all the time, playing him like a fiddle and getting more info than Howie realizes he's carrying. It's all good natured so I think they'll remain friendly as long as they're both in there, and tonight's shower scene had huge potential for future laughs. Howie can be tedious and he can be fun, and he's a lot smarter than he appears (albeit in a Rainman kinda way) but telling Janelle that he could manipulate Will was the dumbest thing he's ever said.

I didn't see much of him again but I have no doubt he was busy. I want to look forward to his diaries on tomorrow's show as they're usually a lot more entertaining than he is on the feeds, but they probably won't tell us what he's really up to. 'I'm a lethargic piece of shit today' was a good one.

It's looking like Janelle's going to be played out the door by both Jase and Marcellas, from different directions. She came out of her room and hung out with the other kids for awhile tonight and that can't hurt her any, but it's probably too late to help. She wished her mom happy birthday a few times today and so do I!

He had some good moments during the group chats tonight but he's capable of more - I think he's spread so thin between them that he's afraid to say much in mixed company for fear of outing his 101 alliances.

He's almost invisible in there and if he doesn't get cracking on something soon he'll be shaking hands with Julie for a third time, and sooner than he did last year. He works too slowly for this group - they're all scheming circles around him with every twist of hair.

It looks like I underestimated him in a big way and I have to admit I was shocked when he started whispering with Erika but Marcellas seems to have trouble making up his mind and sticking to it: Danielle one day, Alison the next, Danielle again - even he can't keep up. He's making slips to Janelle that should get her radar going, but her radar seems to be out of order so far. He led movie trivia chat but I didn't see much else from him today.

She had a pow-wow with George and filled him in on what she thought he needed to know to get him to vote out Danielle but he's already told Danielle he'd vote to keep her. Nik seemed to be the feedmasters' favorite today or maybe it was just my timing, but most everywhere I looked there she was. She doesn't seem to say or do much game-wise but she's on at least one team and she keeps her eyes & ears open. I was afraid she'd start naming cameras again this year and sure enough, she christened Potato Chip at bedtime.

Dr. Will
He owns them all and he isn't even trying. He's the only one in there who tells a good story, cracks a good joke, and entertains them all along with us, all the while gathering info about what makes each of them tick. Howie's his big project now and he's making a lot of progress there: he can shut Howie down in an instant without even saying STFU Howie like everyone else has to, and in the meantime he's getting all kinds of info from Howie about how the BB6 group operates. James may remain a challenge but Howie's let #1 target Janelle become easy pickings for Will.

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