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hamsterJuly 8, 2006 - Day 6

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Dull routine

They're into theirs already: eat, lay around, eat, bikini hour, eat, eat some more, nap, hang out, whisper & scheme, eat

Everyone's friendly enough, but there's a lot of tension under the surface.. nobody seems to trust anyone

Get used to this - it's pretty much all they do most daytimes
Sometimes Boogie tries to get activities going but they don't generate much interest

Feedmasters aren't helping anything today.. they switch to flames and WAY TOO LOUD theme music way too often, probably as the new guys are trying to catch on to what's forbidden.. the hamsters seem to know the rules better and may be saying stuff they shouldn't on purpose at times just to mess with the control room (and us)

Most of them forage half the day for more eats.. some stop to cook and some just grab snacks.. James cooks & eats three different things in succession.. Janelle's baking.. after a couple hours of most of them constantly eating they start talking about dinner

Howie may be tiresome but at least he does something just a little different by using pool cues as.. well yea, light sabers.. ok not so different, but he's got an apprentice now, in George

Later Howie goes about his studies, quietly, and we're reminded that the veto ceremony hasn't happened yet.. Marcellas gets a stripey thing happening in the shower.. more from him later
Marcellas [in shower, alone]: Ow! Ow!!

Erika, Alison & Diane demonstrate Creative Posing
Alison [to James]: Compared to 99% of American women I'm a frickin' angel

Meanwhile odd pairings are pairing up all over to whisper and try to dig up dirt.. Alison & James chat about their love lives (and other hamsters), Danielle & Kaysar about their families (and other hamsters).. Nakomis & Boogie go right to other hamsters - more on that later too
Nakomis: Janelle is the brains of that group
Boogie: I want to get rid of all those America's Choice people

oops, she was one of the AC picks

Body counts and cocoons come and go

Planes and pains

Boogie decides to put on a boy band show.. I don't know

Will & Jase get on board and they start cycling ideas for routines, when someone shouts "Look! Skywriting!"

Naturally they all get hustled inside and we get flames.. again.. they're almost on strobe today

Then it's back to the boy band: they gather props.. Boogie choreographs, and gestures a wank - I don't know if it's a suggestion for the routine or what.. Will tries a walk/dance over a chair, and breaks it

The boy band breaks up faster than most, then it's exercise hour in the backyard.. some grimace more than others
Erika's doing her own thing inside

The two fitness camps meet up in the backyard and Erika gives a pilates class to Will, Boogie & Alison.. she's good at this stuff and seems to be a good teacher of it too
There are definitely more grimaces as the guys go thru their motions
Alison's pretty good at it.. Nakomis comes and goes - she doesn't seem into it
Pretty soon it's like a twisted ballet with grunts & groans.. or something
See the videos: part 1 - part 2
Somebody who says he's Erika's big brother is on Youtube too, as theaerialist - he's got a lot of nunchaku videos.. he seems legit - he's got the right last name, on stuff that was posted before All-Stars was announced.. thanks for saying hi, Derek

Things get ugly

The BB6 alliance/not-alliance attempt a meeting but people keep dropping in uninvited.. coincidence?

They all pretty much agree that Will's playing dumb.. Janelle says everybody there is cool - "there's nobody to rip on"

Everybody's so pleasant all the time it might as well be a tea party.. at least until Marcellas runs in yelling "Howie just offered to give me a blow job off camera for $2500.. if I wear a condom"

Some of them end up in the hot tub.. Diane's still too quiet most of the time

Marcellas & Nakomis play pool.. Marcellas starts talking about BB3 and then goes off on a rant that starts "When people say Danielle was robbed, it's a crock of shit, and so was her opening strategy 'I'm doing this for the money' "
Danielle was nearby, as were several others.. watch the video

Danielle [afterward]: Marcellas, as much as I'd love to talk about this right now I'm not going to, because my ass is on the block right now
Marcellas [later]: I don't want to talk about BB3 all the time - that's not what I came in here for

I'm a little sketchy on some of this next stuff - flames were coming and flames were going, and I'm not even sure which lead-ups were on the feeds and which weren't, but Will gets called to Diary and comes out saying "They didn't think much of the plane.. the chair didn't go over well either".. then he tells Boogie that everyone's so depressed now, they can be the fun guys and tear up the house.. then he adds (loud enough for others to hear) that he'll stay another week "for you"

Janelle & Howie have a meeting in the bug room.. it's normal enough (for them) but then goes into unexplained fallout when Howie starts trashing Nakomis and saying she's the next Busto
Howie: You think everyone's jealous of us [BB6ers]?
Janelle: No.. just most of them
Howie: I'll get her ass [Nakomis] out of the house next week, then I'll bring out my cigarettes
Janelle: You brought cigarettes? Why?
Howie: To barter with
Janelle: I'm so thankful to Jase, he saved me
Howie: Why?
Janelle: 'Cause if he didn't agree with me on nominations, the whole house would have voted me out

I don't know what made Howie go off about Nakomis, but he sure did go off - it was nasty stuff.. he says that she didn't like his jokes and that she wouldn't let him hug her after something, but she's extremely non-confrontational and anyway, everybody else tells him to STFU all the time.. also, I remembered when he said that that she wasn't big about hugs and the like in her season, so Howie's rage seems way out of proportion - it took him weeks to build up to his Busto rant for April, and by then we were all cheering him on.. maybe somebody else 'interfered' in this one to get his blood boiling - Nakomis was spilling a lot to Boogie in the hammock and Will's been getting friendlier with Howie.. it's also the kind of thing James might do

And there's more.. Diane approaches Alison in the gym and they agree to work together if Alison stays, sorta.. most of them eat some more and wander off to bed.. they're letting George have the HOH room since he snores so much - since when is everyone so considerate? This is the Big Brother house, not the Hilton

Marcellas hangs out up there with Janelle for awhile first, bending her ear about him, his season, every season, following her around the room and even into the bathroom.. he seems certain he'll be in the final two and most everything he starts finishes there.. he gets agitated a lot and says some nasty stuff.. she seems bored to tears but like last year, she listens to it all
Janelle: Kaysar wants to 'take care of Will'
Marcellas [angry]: Will had them all in rapt attention at the hot tub, but when I started talking about Danielle he says to Diane 'now we got a show.' I didn't do it for a show! I did it to get it out and I wanted to say more but I stopped myself
Marcellas: One reason I don't like Danielle is she's a race traitor

Howie & Kaysar come up to talk with Janelle but Marcellas stays & stays and talks & talks.. meanwhile George is waiting outside and eventually goes to sleep on the sofa outside the door

Marcellas: I know sometimes I can be a nit-picky bastard
Marcellas: If Alison's pulling Danielle's strings, she's as big a threat to me as Danielle is

Funny he says 'me' and not 'us'
Marcellas [about BB3 Josh]: No reason on earth why this man should still be alive! Oh lord, that'll make the net

yep, it will - it has

When Marcellas finally leaves, the three of them talk awhile about the various others.. when Nakomis comes up Howie suddenly goes off again, and yet again, about the new Busto - watch the video


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Stuff your face edition
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value, and there still isn't much of that.

Premiere show wasn't bad, except there were few surprises thanks to their leaks. Was it cruel to dwell on the losers' disappointed faces so much? Maybe.. but it was kinda fun too. Noms were unexpected and it was nice to see some behind-the-back scheming already, and to be surprised by it. They aren't fooling anybody with '15 million votes' though - if autovoters aren't allowed they should have rules saying so. Even before the autos kicked in, Cowboy & Lisa had far more votes than Erika & Boogie and everyone knows it, so their line about 'too close to call' was just that, a line.. not to mention the 14 photo frames were seen before voting even started. Meanwhile they advertised the feeds which only came on just after 9pm BBtime, and they had the feeds player showing stuff from the last few days before they were on. Oh well.. that's BB editors for you.

She doesn't do much for me one way or the other. If veto ceremony was today Janelle probably wouldn't have used it and Alison would have been the one they all voted out.. but a lot can change in a day. Alison's come back from yesterday's 'wanna go home' whine and is getting to work on her case. Marcellas is scared of her (along with others) and Diane came to her to talk about teaming up. She did better at pilates class than Will or Boogie.. if she sticks, she's going to be good at physical comps, and they've all noticed.

He almost earned ups for goofy poses, bad pilates and boy band plans but nothing came of any of them. Mostly he just skulks around and lets Will do his campaigning for him - blatantly. I'm wondering if he wanted to get on the show but they wouldn't take him unless he brought Will with him.

She did well today by not responding to Marcellas' attack and that was probably very hard to do, but unfortunately it doesn't give us much fun. I suspect she's working with James but I don't know for sure, and I don't know who else might be in with her. But keeping quiet about her partners is her style.

One last free neutral for her reputation but if she doesn't step it up she's going to have to be downgraded. Love her or hate her, she was the 'never a dull moment' girl of her season and I just can't believe how barely there she's been since the feeds kicked on. She did approach Alison to ask about teamwork, but that didn't smell right somehow. She started out quiet in BB5 too but this is a whole new ballgame and she needs to start swinging.

She doesn't do a lot in there but parannoy (© Diane) Marcellas for being an 'Amber alert' but she gets ups for her pilates class being the best just-for-fun we had today. She's damn good at it too and that could serve her well in physical or endurance comps. It was nice of her brother to say hi.

This poor guy is almost trying but he's way out of his element this time. He got banished to the best room in the house cuz he snores so bad but then he was left outside for a couple hours and fell asleep on the couch. He's funny when he goes up there during the day - even though he's sleeping in there he knows it's a power place and it isn't his power. If nobody's home he knocks anyway, then tiptoes in saying 'Hello? Hello?'

I don't know why Howie's ranting about Nakomis being the next Busto and saying such horrible things about her - he's got to be used to girls not liking his routine. This new rant (three times today) comes out suddenly and angrily, and why is a mystery. It doesn't sit too well on top of the same ol' Howie stuff and his fans are going to bail if he keeps it up.. this Busto rant isn't funny like the last one was. He did earn points today for answering Will's question if he calls girls he meets: 'Sometimes.. if they give me the right number.'

I barely saw him today except when he was cooking & eating.

How she can sit and listen to people harangue for hours without slapping them is beyond me, but she does it over & over. She's in a tough spot: she's in with Howie who's going off on Nakomis whose BB5 game she admired. She's in with Kaysar who's not saying much at all about anything, and she seems to be in with Jase without knowing exactly what his agenda is (I don't think anyone does). Gamewise she should use the veto, put up Will and get him out of there.. but then we'd be left with very little entertainment.

I barely saw him today either, except when he was almost in a boy band.

Who? The 82% kid of BB6 is barely around and not saying much when he is. Like Diane, he starts his work slowly but he too better get into gear soon if he wants to stay.. the other seasons' power players have a bull's eye on his back.

Grudging ups for dramatics & hissy fits all over town, even though they weren't all that entertaining. This guy is too bitter and too self-centered to be much fun even when he's blowing his top. It does take some nerve to go off on somebody who's sitting right there, knowing she can't bite back, but it's another to harp about it later. He says he doesn't want to talk about BB3 all the time but he does, and the rest of the time he talks about himself and who he could beat in the final two. He's whiney, irritating and beyond tedious, but he did give us a show.

She's making some rounds and trading info - freely - with people she probably wouldn't normally hang with or vice versa, like Boogie. I think she told him all she knew about everyone, including 'Janelle's the brains of that group.' I don't know if she told Howie to back off and that set him off, or if somebody else helped that situation along. I hope we find out.

Dr. Will
This guy would get ups for entertainment today if it weren't for the fact that he kept saying stuff he knew was forbidden, and that kept sending us to flames. He's pretty much running the game already, gathering info from all but never being questioned himself, and he could probably take another win easily except that I don't think he wants to. He's got a life and it's a good one - I think he only came in to kickstart his pal Boogie. But as long as he's there he's the most fun we've got so far - he can play them all with one hand behind his back and still crack a joke or break a chair.

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