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Which four should secretly compete for Power of Invincibility?
> Cirie, Cory, Jag, Matt
> Matt won the comp and power




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-America entered the house first
-Day 100 November 9: Finale

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Power Status

Head of Household: Jared
Original noms: Cameron, Red
Veto winner/outcome: Cameron/used on self
Final noms: Jag, Red
Evicted: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20

Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

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Tuesday: Red's birthday

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-10/17 Tuesday is 75 minutes
-11/9 Finale is two hours

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-Fridays: Nominations late afternoon/early evening*
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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 33 - Sunday - September 3, 2023

Last night's shift from America to Bowie to Jag as renom was approved by Jared, so that may actually now stick. Or not. You never know with this group. Cirie, Izzy, Cory debated it this morning at the hammock, along with whether to evict Jag or Red, along with various rehashes, retells, and future plans they won't stick to. Cory wasn't on board with booting Jag, and he said he wasn't convinced Red and Cameron actually split up, so Cory, Jared, Izzy discussed all that in HOH. Cameron talked to America and Jag about a Disney/Goofy movie, Red talked over the situation with Bowie a bit, and Cirie checked in with Matt who was still pushing for America as renom/target. Last night it was agreed not to tell Matt about the Jag plan, but then Red told him, and Red then re-pushed the America plan to Cirie. I'm starting to resent all of them for being just too busy all the time. Yesterday they were so non-stop busy I wrote another novel-length recap, and now I'm starting a new page on a Sunday. Unheard of. Especially when it's nearly all gametalk, and not a grill mishap in sight.

Cirie and Cameron met, and she advised him to stop speaking against his own alliance people, affirmed he's good til Final 8, and told him some of what was going on. He thanked her and said he didn't get it but now he does, and he was back to being okay with Jag as the target. Further renom debate/discussion combos included Bowie/Matt, Blue/Felicia, Blue/Izzy, Blue/America, Jag/Mecole, Cory/Jared, Cory/Jared/Cirie, and finally the actual decision makers Jared/Cirie. Cirie pushed Jag again, but agreed if they keep Red they have to ensure he doesn't move to team up with Cory. They were dive-bombed by a huge bug as they chatted on the backyard balcony, which added a small bit of levity to the morning. Jared said Jag was the only person who hadn't talked to him, and Cameron told Jared he was okay with Jag going and he'd put his anti-Izzy agenda aside for now. Blue told Matt she was annoyed Cameron will get his way from last week if Jag goes, but Jag wasn't doing anything to help himself so she didn't feel bad for him. Matt said he always feels bad for everyone but agreed Jag was a liability.

Red and Cameron had a moment alone in the kitchen, and Cameron repeated how he now knows what's going on, and said he wouldn't vote out Red, and he referenced their sacred handshake etc. Red pretty much ignored him. Cameron asked Cory about sleeping in the scary room (with America), Cory said he didn't think it would happen again because "the bed's dogshit," and Cameron agreed it was bad - for two. Cory apologized, Cameron said "don't" and "you're welcome in my scary house anytime." Cameron and Jag later told America they'd been hearing covers rustling from her and Cory and they were watching and listening. America said "you were supposed to be asleep" and Cameron said "not when there's a porn being shot in the corner." That led to America telling Cameron "it feels like the Reilly scenario" and Cameron rehashed back to then, eventually whining that he was now "the antichrist, the evil one" and basically it was all Hisam's fault. America mouthed a silent "help me" to us or Cirie at one point. America and Jag retold the rustling covers to Cirie and Felicia. Felicia told several her maiden name was Braxton. If that gets back to Cameron for some reason, he'll likely run with it, figuring she's related to Tamar, Toni, etc along with Denzel Washington. Cameron and Izzy tried to patch up their relationship. The right words were said, but it probably wasn't very sincere for either. The key takeaway was Izzy asking Cameron if he and Red actually promised to use veto on each other, and Cameron said "he told me that."

Jared and Jag finally sat down to talk (at the bus stop bench). They rehashed the past, discussed future scenarios, and said a lot of words words words. Jag finally asked who Jared was thinking for renom, and Jared said "obviously no one in the seven." Jared then cycled through all the renom possibilities, with related pros and cons, and he finally snuck in "maybe you, maybe Blue" as options to get Red out, then they circled back to umpteen future scenarios. (If it's Red and Jag on the block, Jag would go out, again, as of now, but it's only Sunday.) Cory let America know it would probably be Jag as renom, and Cory had thus far been unable to prevent it. They discussed moving into the scramble/walk-thru bedroom but said they'd need to be quiet. America said "we're not doing anything!" and Cory said it felt weird anyway. Felicia decided Cory's a problem because he perches in the kitchen observing everyone and listening to every convo. That's not exactly untrue, except he doesn't often do it from the kitchen. The selfie cam came out with a question about which NFL team name would they each be.

They got a special delivery that sadly wasn't booze, but instead a party kit for Red's birthday Tuesday that included party hats and cake mix. Cirie and Jared eventually settled on Jag as renom and waffle meetings calmed down everywhere, so that may stick til the veto meeting tomorrow. We'll see. Jag and Matt had a lengthy rehash or strategy meeting in Have-not. Sorry I'm not more specific here but I didn't listen to them until Cirie joined. She told Jag people had said he "interrogated" them about his unanimous vote and the Reilly vote, along with various other petty crimes Jag had committed that had been noticed and talked about. I think Cirie may have been trying to prepare him for another nomination, but Jag seemed dumbfounded and continued to rehash and explain. He eventually apologized and said he'll do better. Bowie stuck her head in and when she left, Cirie got annoyed and said Bowie continually goes around to find out where Cirie is. Jag left, and Matt talked to Cirie about wanting to backdoor Cameron next week. He said he'd go Red and Jag as initial noms for that, so he was unaware of the renom plan. Cirie reported to Felicia that too many people liked Jag and will vote to keep him, including Matt, so Jag's gotta go.

Jag made a couple stops on the apology tour Cirie inspired, and he was successful in calling a meeting of the Seven Sins, even though it involved pulling Cirie out of bed and Izzy out of the hammock where she'd just started chatting with Mecole. Jag began with his apologies and said he'll do better, and then the topic of the renom and vote came up. Everyone except Jag and Matt knew it would be Jag going up and out (as of now), but they ran the same loops they'd all been running all day (all week and all last week too, for that matter). Blue suggested one of them go up as pawn, but the topic was glossed over and they launched into next week scenarios. Blue then got more assertive about it and suggested Jag be the pawn because he'd been a hot topic today, it would be a cover for their seven, and it would satisfy everyone else. Jag said he didn't want to be a pawn but everyone got animated and said they'd have enough votes to save him, either with Mecole or with Jared breaking a tie. Felicia made her exit, Jared kept saying "my thing is this.." Matt raised questions, others laughed, but it was done, and Jag finally agreed.

Last year they were given a Labor Day party with no feeds for a couple hours. But Labor Day fell on Day 62 last year when there were only seven of them, and they'd arguably earned a break. Giving this group the grill and some burgers and dogs would be more fun for us.. if we were a consideration.

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Day 34 - Monday - Labor Day - September 4, 2023

Felicia asked Mister B for more cake mix (preferably two more boxes) for Red's birthday cake because the one they got wouldn't fill their cake pan. Izzy told Cory how Jag had eventually volunteered to go up as renom, and Cory double facepalmed hearing that. There were some more noises about putting up America but they didn't go anywhere, and Jared put Jag on the block in Cameron's place, next to Red, as planned. Jag told Jared and Blue he thought apologizing to the Seven Sins last night and agreeing to go on the block proved he trusted them and that he was a team player. Jag and Jared discussed targeting Cameron next week, with Jag saying "we gotta protect the squad, we can't be taking casualties." Jared played along since the current plan was for Jag to go out unanimously (again), and the whole scene was partly tragic, partly comical, and completely cringe. Meanwhile we braced for another three days of waffling about the vote.

Constant gametalk took a backseat for a change and they acted like normal hamsters on a lazy holiday afternoon, indulging in various general topics chats. Of course there were still whispers about next and future weeks, and Izzy did some studying at the photo wall with Jared joining her. Red moped and worked silently in the kitchen, and handed out his concoction du jour, which was funnel cakes. Cory and Mecole compared notes about Cameron's weirdness, and Cory told her how Cameron keeps complaining that he's tried to reach out and build a bridge with America "but she's not reciprocating." Cirie was held up from her shower by various of them needing her ear, then she finally said she had to wash out her hair dye before all her hair falls out. Izzy waited for her in the bathroom and eventually Cirie hollered "OH NO!" having discovered she'd worn the wrong slippers into the shower. She thought she'd killed them and asked "how do animals get dry?" but they towel-dried okay and should survive. America told Jag he has the votes to stay this week, and she suggested he be brief and not "drag it out" when he talks to Cirie.


Cirie assured Red he'd still be here after Thursday, adding that she was unsure about Felicia's vote but "this ain't the Felicia Show," and they hugged with mutual I love yous. Jag and Matt started prepping for a double date with Cirie and Izzy, respectively. Jag in particular was very enthusiastic about it, as they planned a menu of PB&J, chips and dip, quesadillas, milk in champagne flutes, and ice cream. And he suggested hiding rings in the food. I don't know. They asked Red if he had any suggestions and he said a nice tablecloth would be good so they got a towel for that, and started laying things out on the backyard balcony. Cam was to be maitre d' and Cory their waiter but feeds went to adoptable anipals a little after 6pm so BB must have decided to give them a Labor Day party after all, saving them and us the embarrassment of whatever that date nonsense was about.


Feeds came back a little after 8pm and they did have some sort of party that included a typically skimpy BB booze delivery. Red and Bowie were playing pool, and Bowie stared off into the distance as Red tried to show her how to rack the balls. Most were in the comics room planning birthday skits for Red's birthday tomorrow, and Felicia complained she still hadn't gotten more cake mix. Feedmasters gave us a Cameron mood piece on four feeds, and Red took up his usual kitchen spot and seemed to be getting philosophical as he looked skyward and said "the unknown is where all outcomes are possible.. enter it with grace." But then he said "damn tea packs" so I guess he was quoting inspirational consumer packaging quotes. Cory told us he was due for a one-on-one with Cameron but didn't want to do it, "it does not help me at all" and he said he can't just bail and ghost somebody. Cameron joined him to say he was being seen as the bad guy, some people just don't like guys like him, he's not good at one-on-ones and he gives a bad first impression, and more poor-me Cameronspeak along those lines. He told Cory "you're too young to have fucked anything up yet" (in life).

Cirie, Felicia, Izzy talked about setting up a For Real For Real meeting but weren't quite sure who was in that one. Izzy said in a conspiratorial mob boss type voice "we're in two sevens and an eight" which cracked up Cirie. Felicia said "that's why they keep saying we're running the goddam house" and she reminded them they've also got Bye Bye Bitches, and Cirie completely lost it. Red got mopey to Cirie and Izzy but they told him they saw him winning HOH on Thursday and said they were looking forward to seeing pics of Allymae and Baby Legend. That perked up Red and he described how many teeth he expected Legend to have by now. Cirie said life is too short and she needed to work on not being mad at her husband for half a day over stupid little things, and she said she thought going off to do reality shows every few years had been a good thing for their marriage. Later Felicia and Mecole complained about Blue sitting in on all Jared's meetings this week. I don't know if Blue told everyone she was the First Lady of HOH, but she told enough that I'm sure it got around to everyone. They shouldn't have been surprised she took the job seriously.

A lot of them went to bed at 10pm, but Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Mecole plus occasional Bowie discussed potential boot orders, with guys going out first, and various other plans and topics, with a lot of periodic laughter. Cameron joined them to whine about Red, and the laughter ended. Cory and America went hammocking and he said the vote will waffle again this week "but it'll land on Jag." I agree, and I don't intend on following all the back and forth too closely this time. He also told her he felt he's "losing his agency" in there a bit. Jag and Matt finally made it to the balcony for their date, sans dates. They exchanged farts, birthday stories, and discussed potential plans for next week that included Red? Or maybe that was their wish if things hadn't gone how they had. And they workshopped the name for their trio with Cirie some more, including The Promise or The Chosen [by Reilly]. Bless their hearts.

On a personal note, we said goodbye to iTrixie this morning. She was 15½ and had a great life with us. She had four cats in that time (two are still here), and she was a great travel companion: she roadtripped and camped in four states and nine national parks plus countless shorter local trips. She was a professional toy de-stuffer and had to have super-tough toys meant for much bigger and stronger dogs if they were to last more than a half hour. She never met another dog she didn't like (except stupid Louie who tried to hump her, which was the only time she ever growled and snarled). She liked most people too, especially little kids, and especially little girls who were always drawn to her dainty looks and personality. She hated Big Brother because it meant fewer walkies and outings, but she was always supportive of my commitment here, and I believe she's the only non-hamster dog who was ever shouted out on the live feeds - thank you McCrae! She was the sweetest doggie ever and will be missed so much. If you've ever lost a four-legged friend, you know. They leave such a bigger gap when they go than the small space they physically occupied.

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Ratings - Camp Letters special edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value

Noms count: original/renom/twist

Dear Camp Administration Staff,
It would be really nice if you'd stop blocking feeds so much, and especially when you do it to try hiding issues we already know about. It just makes things worse. I ask that on behalf of everyone, but am also asking as a personal favor to me, your semi-loyal intermediary out here in the trenches, now in my 25th season of taking flak and abuse meant for you. (Not to mention 11 seasons of Canadian flak, but that's none of your concern.) I have my hands full trying to keep up with this cockamamie group of campers you've assembled.

your pal,

PS You were applauded far and wide for taking swift action with Luke. Jared's r-word wasn't on feeds so technically it would fall under the 'alleged' category, except that he mentioned it later to Cory, on feeds. Luke's may be a more volatile word with its long and ugly history, but your 'zero tolerance' phrase implies a sliding scale doesn't come into play. Jared's already made tabloid news so the cat's out of the bag. Please at least address it one way or another. Don't backtrack after the long-awaited strong and positive start this season about these things. I'd suggest you talk to Cameron and Red while you're at it, but I think that officially hinges on whether America's formally complained? I'm not sure. Just do better.

Won: Dinner guest

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Applicant - Single
Medical receptionist - Brooklyn NY

Dear America,
Your intake references were good but you made a few early mistakes, and now you're mistrusted by some. (Okay, by many.) I know it's hard to keep a low profile between your crush on Cory and Cameron being sleazy about you, but hang in there.

your pal,

PS Nobody would blame you if you told Cameron to STFU, loudly and emphatically. In fact, it might help you advance.

Won: $1,000

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Brand strategist - New York, NY

Dear Blue,
You're lucky you hooked up with Felicia's son because otherwise you'd be in a close tie for the dispensable position currently occupied by Jag.

your pal,

PS This is summer camp, not sex camp.

Won: Netherland Day 11; a pressure cooker

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


45 - Applicant
Barrister/DJ - Los Angeles, CA

Dear Fucking Bowie Jane,
I'm glad you're having a nice time at summer camp. You ruffle a few feathers sometimes but it usually doesn't last so by all means, just keep enjoying yourself. I have a feeling you'll embrace your new FBJ nickname. At least I hope so.

your pal,

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 3/0/0 - HN 0


34 - Applicant - Separated, 1 daughter
Stay-at-home dad - Eastman, GA

Dear Cameron,
In the memorable words of Smeagol/Gollum, "You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you." In other words, stop being a creepy creeper, you creep.

your pal,

Won: Dinner guest; Invincibility vote

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


53 - Recruit/stuntcast - Married, 3 sons
Surgical director

Dear Ms Momma Cirie,
Your arrival resumé was impeccable and you've done a wonderful job being camp counselor to everyone. A word of advice: it would be helpful to all if you'd slow your roll a little. You don't need to spend three days encouraging the scrambles over every veto and vote. This camp has never operated that way. Put your agendas in place on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights, and we'll all be better off.

your pal,

PS Your prior camps had shorter sessions than this one, as you know. We still have two-thirds of this session to go. Pace yourself.

Won: Netherland Day 1; Invincibility vote

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 2


21 - Applicant/stuntcast - Single
College student
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Dear Skeezy,
I know you're certain you'll be staying at camp until the bitter end, and you might, but people have started to notice you're playing more for yourself than your various teams so don't get cocky. True, this camp awards one player rather than an entire team, but most of your fellow campers don't seem to know that.

your pal,

Won: 24 18 hours slimings; Dinner guest

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


63 - Applicant - Married, 1 son
Real estate agent - Kennesaw, GA

Dear Ms Momma Felicia,
You were in a prime position to cook all the way to November but your impatience with certain fellow campers is starting to show and that won't help you. Just keep cooking, keep laughing, and keep being mildly but humorously improper, or you'll be cooking at the jury house where Mister B won't be listening to your shopping list requests.

your pal,

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


32 - Applicant - Has a girlfriend
Flutist - New York, NY

Dear Isabel,
Congrats on achieving your remedial social skills badge! That's in large part to Cirie's excellent mentorship, but you have paid attention and put in the work, and it should be paying off soon. Or not. It's clear you have been putting in effort but you still seem to alienate a new fellow camper every four or five days. Ultimately that will pay off more for your mentor than yourself. Congrats too on becoming an official honorary Fields Family Member! But a word of advice: don't take advantage of that, and stop calling Cirie mom or moms. She doesn't like it, and someone else is in line ahead of you.

your pal,

PS Please ask Paige why she blocked me. I can be snarky but I haven't been mean or hateful.

Won: Netherland Day 10; Week 2 immunity; 1 week chicken suit; Invincibility vote; Day 30 revival

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 2/1/0 - HN 0


25 - Applicant - Single
Truck company owner/realtor - Omak, WA

Dear Jag,
You were a great chicken. You're a terrible BB player. Things balance out.

your pal,

Won: Netherland Day 9

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


25 - Applicant/stuntcast - Single
Exterminator - Norwalk, CT

Dear Pooh,
I think you want to finish better than your mom but chances of that are slim. You're working with her and listening to her for now, but her social skills are light years ahead of yours. You might get offers to attend other camps after this, but don't be surprised if you end up getting tomatoes thrown at you.

your pal,

PS This is summer camp, not sex camp.

Won: Invincibility Power

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


27 - Recruit - Single
Deaflympics gold medalist - Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Matty Ice,
You seem like a genuinely good guy, and you've done a pretty good job of being a double agent. A little too good maybe. Watch your back.

your pal,

Won: Dinner with 3 guests

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


30 - Applicant - Newlywed
Political consultant - Upper Marlboro, MD

Dear Meme,
Your fellow campers all think they're being low profile and under the radar, afraid to raise any stinks or rock any canoes. Meanwhile nearly every one of them is out there every day doing too much on the playing field, yelling LOOK AT ME! You however are doing it right. They all like you and you've given no reason for them to use you for target practice. That's highly commendable, and normally would be boring, but you make up for it by venting periodically either to us or to Head Counselor Cirie. Keep going.

your pal,

Won: 1 year P+ and home theater

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 1


37 - Recruit - Has a girlfriend, 3 kids
Sales/TikTokker - Gatlinburg, TN

Dear Red,
You endear yourself to some and you disgust others, and that's confusing. It's nice that you and Cameron decided to be pals but buddy systems aren't foolproof, as you now know, and choosing him as your buddy didn't do you any favors. I'm sorry he broke your heart but take it from me, you're better off without him.

your pal,

PS This camp doesn't have a strict dress code but your tie-dye crop tops have been burned.

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 1


45 - Applicant - Divorced
Geriatric physician/burlesquer - Seattle, WA

3rd evicted - Day 23

He painted a target on himself by winning the first two vetos and the second HOH, and he knew that. He started out fun and lively but he got HOHitis so bad his own alliance orchestrated a blindside plan to put him up and out. His campaign pitches were painful, right? As he gave marathon speeches, right? In his soft breathy voice, right? To anyone he could corner for an hour, right? He was a superb comp host and game show emcee for one of the few group activities they did.

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


24 - Recruit - Single
Bartender - Nashville, TN

2nd evicted - Day 16

Four people were already nominated when she won the first HOH and all she had to do was remove two. She spent most of the first days repeating she wanted an alliance of eight, which she eventually pulled together, with F2, F3, F4 along the way. She had it made but then found out everyone else knew about her eight and she spent the rest of her HOH week in tears. Then she hit the block and campaigned poorly, but at least she went out fighting.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Molecular biologist - Houston, TX

1st evicted - Day 9

She was on the block when she started to pitch and double-dip, and you can't blame her for that. Being new to BB, that's what she'd seen on the shows, and most everyone else started doing the same thing right away anyway. But Kirsten became an easy scapegoat since she wasn't in their inner power circles. She would have been good feeds: she planned a scorching nominee speech, but then opted to go out classy and didn't use it.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


30 - Survivor applicant - Single
Illustrator - Coral Springs, FL

Ejected Day 8

Between hamsters thinking he was a secret doctor and feedsters thinking he was a secret twin, his week was full of unintentional comedy. He added to that by not knowing the show or that the game had started without him, then he worked hard to join the game in progress, with no success. Then he dropped the n-word, and then he was gone.

Lines and Links of the Day


Jared to Cory: You gotta stop underestimating people's fluidity in this game

Bowie to Jared: Whatever you want to do I'm cool with it, I'm not necessarily one way or the other

Cirie: ...and then Jag talked for 39 hours...

Cirie Diary: [Jared]'s blossoming into this great player right before my eyes

Cameron: I requested ten albums, you think I'm gonna win 10 HOHs?
Cory: Not with that attitude, you're not

Felicia: Everything that gets said in this house gets told to somebody

@taylorallen133: Jag going out 20-0 Wild #BB25

Jared: Cory is making rasta pasta
Cory: I'm a pastafarian

Cory: We're having our Cory and Meme annual chat

Cory: If I get evicted, I want you to give up
America: No way, I'm making it to final three
Cory: A lot of people would say 'try your hardest' but I want you to lay down and die



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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Minor fights: 1
-Cirie vs Jared 8/28 8.25pm

Booze deliveries: 8
-Day 1 Move-in champagne
-Day 10 Hisam HOH wine
-Day 16 Felicia HOH wine
-Day 23 Cirie Pressure Cooker six beers
-Day 24 Cameron HOH wine
-Day 26 Mecole/America/Cirie/Felicia catered dinner
-Day 30 Jared HOH champagne
-Day 34 Labor Day party

Makeout pairings: 1

Sex events: 3
Minimum/known, based on circumstantial evidence
-8/22 2.01pm Blue/Jared undercovers handsy stuff
-8/27 3.55am Blue/Jared (aftermath)
-9/1 Blue/Jared (aftermath)

Injuries/illnesses: 14
-Reilly's numb finger from move-in comp
-Cory's numb finger from move-in comp
-Blue's bumped elbow/rug burn from 1st HOH comp
-Red's bruised butt from 1st HOH comp
-Felicia's cut finger
-Cirie's cough
-Jared's cough
-America's cough
-Red's cough
-Izzie's bruised knees from 2nd HOH comp
-Felicia's sore/swollen knee
-Felicia's cut finger (again)
-Felicia's blood sugar drop
-Red's cut finger

Broken habitat items: 15
-Stove (on first night)
-A chair
-Two street lamp decor/props
-Turntable (decor or veto comp?)
-Leaky kitchen faucet and/or sink
-Four drowned mics (all by Felicia)
-Decor/prop eyeglasses (by Cameron)
-Iron scorch print on a chair (by Izzy)
-Have-not ass kicking machine
-Laundry machines after TS Hilary
-Kitchen spatula from Red's peanut butter pie

Revive-a-Hamster: 1
-Day 30 Jag

HOH music
-Reilly: Morgan Wallen
-Hisam: Rent soundtrack
-Felicia: Fantasia, Side Effects of You
-Cameron: Eagles Greatest Hits
-Jared: Blxst

Netherland trips: 4
-Cory Day 1 via comp
  A couple hours, got nothing?
-Jared Day 9 (late night) via comp
  12 hours, pick someone for immunity
-Jag Day 10 via Jared pick
  8 hours, Week 2 immunity
-Bowie Day 11 via Jag pick
  12(?) hours, unable to be play veto

Unusual natural events: 2
-Tropical Storm Hilary, Day 19
-Earthquake, also Day 19

Scandals outside our BB world: 3
-Luke's n-word
-Week 2 veto comp accommodations/lack of for Matt
-Jared's r-word

Premature exits: 1
-Day 8 Luke ejected

Post-cast-reveal arrivals: 1


Production Goofs

 1 They ended the season before it began
 2 Season errors for Janelle, Derrick, Frankie
 3 Julie didn't know there is a reality casting Emmy
 4 Julie forgot BB1 feeds were free
 5 Julie said a BB5 conversation was 'halfway thru the season' - it was on the 2nd episode
 6 Press pics misspelled Cory's last name
 7 Official Instagram countdown off by 24 hours
 8 CBS Mornings piece called it 'the Brother house'
 9 Two shots at juror count, both wrong: neither is 'always'
10 Misspelled Rachel's and Dick's names
11 Bowie Jane's dropped Ball
12 Staffer (barely) seen on feeds
13 Omitted move-in self-intros for Cameron, Izzy, Jag on Episode 2
14 Misspelled Cameron's and Hisam's last names
15 Misspelled Cory's last name (again), another wrong version of Cameron's, two wrong dates in press pics
16 Feeds 1/2 froze on quads, 3/4 didn't
17 Browser tabs/page titles out of date
18 Hisam called to pantry by mistake (or prematurely)
19 No Cirie bio (as of Day 11)
20 Ad for 8pm BB aired at 8.30 (golf delay day)
21 HOH comp sequencing error on 8/13 show
22 Wrong show time in press pic captions
23 P+ app on Apple TV showing July 31
24 Pre-noms audio leak with staffer giving instructions 8/18 3.37pm
25 Misspelled Reilly's name
26 BB announced the yard's open to people in the yard
27 Ticket site still shows $500k prize
28 Conflicting info about Invincibility Power
29 Repeating erroneous info about Invincibility Power
30 Flashback is on drugs
31 Mislabeled names in press pic captions
32 New misspelling for Cory's last name
33 Continuity error on 9/27 Pressure Cooker show
34 Show changed Legend 25 alliance name

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Reilly; Hisam; Felicia; Cameron; Jared

Veto winners in order: Hisam; Hisam; Jag; Red; Cameron

Evictions in order: Luke (ejected); Kirsten 13-0; Reilly 12-0; Hisam 11-0; nobody (Jag 10-0/cancelled)

Cast Twitters: @kstace_

Cast Instagrams: kirstenvivica; reillysmedley; hisam.goueli/falcon.ay

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Week 1 BB Multiverse
Losers of four move-in comps went on the block, and HOH Reilly saved two.

Week 2 Nether Region
Inconsistent and vague. Individuals were sent to Nether Region for varying lengths of time, receiving 'something good or bad' and selecting the next one to go. Roster of who went and for how long is in the Extracurricular Items tally.

Week 4 Invincibility Power
Viewers voted four to secretly compete for the power, which gave the winner the option to save the Week 4 or Week 5 evictee.
Cirie, Cory, Jag, Matt competed, Matt won, and secretly used it to cancel Jag's eviction at the end of Week 4.



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