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Power Status

Head of Household: Hisam
Immunity: Jag
Have-nots: Nobody
Trips to Netherland:
- Jared/returned
- Jag/returned
- Bowie/returned
Original noms: Cameron, Reilly
Veto winner/outcome: Hisam/did not use
Final noms: Cameron, Reilly
Evicted: TBA

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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 13 - Monday - August 14, 2023

Reilly and Cameron each visited Hisam before the veto meeting, separately, to plead their cases. Reilly said she understood when Hisam told her he won't be using it, and he said there is a chance of her staying and if she does, "there's a huge possibility of us working together" in future. That would seem highly unlikely at this point (last night Reilly told her Handful cronies that Hisam was still going on about "integrity" and then she muttered "shut the fuck up"), but you never know with hamsters. Hisam's HOHitis ticked up another notch when he told her he'll likely announce that she's his target at the veto meeting, and that he'd like the others' help to evict her. Also this morning, Cirie told Jared over a game of pool about Professors and who its seven members are.

Hisam did not use his veto, and it sounded like his speech wasn't well received. Matt told Cirie he gets it, it's BB, but he'll vote in Reilly's favor, adding it sucks because Reilly helped him get settled in there and has gone out of her way to make him feel comfortable. Cirie said she has no reason to want Reilly out, "she's been nothing but kind to me and Ms Felicia" but if she does go, they all love Matt and will do what he needs to be good at all times. She added "there's a lot of game left before Thursday." Hisam apologized to Reilly, and to Jag, for his harsh speech and said he felt bad. Jared told Reilly that Hisam had been "willing" to put up Blue and Jag (guaranteed that will make the round), and he said Cirie asked him (Jared) yesterday if he thought Reilly was the right target right now, and he said people were already second-guessing evicting Reilly, all of which was good for her. And he said Cirie and Felicia told him right after the meeting that they want Hisam gone sooner than later. Cameron told Red "we're the beardmance" and he said "Cirie's been here before" - technically no, but yes - and "she's like the school counselor for all of us."

Jared continued being extra busy, as was Jag, as was Cory. (It should be noted along with Cory's generally good read of everything to us last night, he was in the dark about Professors.) Izzy told Mecole she thought they should boot Hisam before jury since he'll win comps the other Professors won't, and he might hold a grudge as a juror against whichever Professor(s) got him out. Mecole then paced and talked to herself/us in the pantry, saying a lot of people in there were emotionally fragile, and yes they need to get rid of Hisam but not this week, they need to stick to the plan this week. And she said she agreed, "when the time is right and before jury, we do need to take a shot at Hisam." America told Jag they all need to be careful about what they say and to whom, "because look at this last week." Those who enjoy hamster group activities were disappointed once again as majorly loud group screaming was coming from the pool, while feedmasters gave us America/Jag on one side and kitchen food prep on the other. But then we joined for various of them doing laps in different strokes, and hollering, and Olympic caliber Matt making it look like a baby pool.

Reilly complained to Matt that she's had to work her ass off every day "for 12 days" while everyone else was just having fun. Never mind that many others are working their own asses off, just more quietly than her, and she brought most of hers on herself. Blue and Jared had a lengthy flirty chat about their wishes for a partner and how each does or doesn't fit those criteria for the other. I don't know if there are real sparks there or if they're just playing, but Jared's probably conscious of his mom always being nearby, and staying observant of everything at all times. Awkward. Izzy griped about Hisam some more, this time to Cirie, who surely gets tired of this kind of thing, but she puts up with it far better than most would, or could. Hisam continued making rounds on his veto speech apology tour.

Cirie told Reilly to talk with Izzy and with Felicia, and coached her on what to say to win their favor (and their votes). And she stressed through gritted teeth that Reilly "not repeat a word" of she said. Then Cirie found a bug in her drink.

My power blew at that moment and stayed off all evening. Hamsters lost their minds in my absence (probably unrelated): Hisam got perturbed, Cirie pointed out to Izzy that Hisam was making new alliances all over town after telling the Professors not to do that, Cameron said his biggest flaw was being too empathic as a leader (wut), and talk about keeping Reilly gained and lost and gained more momentum. It was a lot and more than I could catch up and write up but hey, it's only Monday: they'll do it all again tomorrow.

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Day 14 - Tuesday - August 15, 2023

The yard was closed so hamsters puttered around inside again. Reilly said she'd told herself she'd keep her hair and makeup done in there but laughed that she'd been rolling into Diary looking ratty and wearing the same sweatshirt for a week. Vote whispers carried on, with Hisam asking around if people had heard anything about the vote and most told him "not really" - ha! Izzy asked Matt if they could meet later with Cirie and Reilly. Cirie met with Jag to discuss another coalition setup to boot Hisam next week to include Reilly, Blue, Izzy, Felicia, Jared, America, plus probable votes from Mecole and Cory. Cirie said if Reilly doesn't go this week, "Hisam's gonna implode, you're gonna see him like tornado" and she twirled an arm tornado-style. Cirie said she'll loudly say she's going to take her medicine as a signal to meet later.

Cirie retold that to Jared and Izzy, and that Jag had included Jared in his plans. And she was big mad to Izzy about Hisam having told Professors not to form any new alliances, but everyone knew about the one he formed with Blue and Jag. (She may have been acting angry but if so, it was a good performance.) Hisam told Cirie, Felicia, Jared that he wasn't sure Reilly will go because people were talking to him about "a post-Reilly world or a post-Cameron world." He said if Reilly does stay, she'll be gunning for him next week so he'll need their protection. (He has no idea most everyone's ready to gun for him, including his own squad.)

The Cirie/Izzy/Matt/Reilly meeting happened in the Have-not room, and Reilly agreed to target Hisam if she does indeed stay. She promised adamantly she'd never stop wanting him out, and she agreed to play dumb and continue to act like she thinks she's going. Cirie said she wants a unanimous vote to blindside Hisam and take him down a few pegs. They agreed to work on Mecole, Jag, Blue, Red, Bowie, various of them unaware that some of those were already onboard, and all of them unaware of Mecole's extreme reactions to herself/us yesterday about the possibility. Cameron peeked into Have-not as they met, adding that extra layer of awkwardness we've come to expect with hamsters. The four of them broke up their meeting with a hug and Reilly thanked them, and they lined up to get their ass kicks to leave the room.

Jag told Blue their alliance with Hisam was done, that he'd ratted them out to Cirie and friends, and Reilly would be staying (as of now). And Jag laid out the plus-one side alliances for her: Blue has Jared, Jag has America, Reilly has Matt, Cirie has Felicia, Izzy has Mecole. Reminder, these were obviously a cover story for Jag's sake, and to accomplish the immediate goal of blindsiding Hisam (and Cameron of course). Izzy and Cirie planned to talk with Mecole about it all, and Izzy was giddy about the whole thing: "we're making this happen!" Cirie let Izzy share that credit even though she orchestrated the whole thing, with others' help. That's how you do it. But Izzy ranted the anti-Hisam/keep Reilly/target Hisam agenda to Cory, fending off his legit questions about the plan and about their team losing Hisam's comp skills. They were joined by Cirie who explained it better, including telling Cory to "stop underestimating our abilities," and Felicia also joined. (Note this pic is irrelevant to this section, it was just a random snap that had a Wackstreet Boys vibe.)

Cirie and Izzy presented the plan to Mecole, and she seemed to come around to it somewhat. They talked about having a Professors "office hours" meeting to let Hisam know he'd stepped way out of bounds with his nasty veto speech about Reilly and nobody was happy with him, (and possibly to confront him about his alliance with Jag and Blue). Mecole seemed to be a little more accepting about keeping Reilly. Izzy said she wanted to go off on Hisam but Cirie told her if the meeting happens, Izzy would need to "have a seat" and keep quiet. Bowie popped in and said she'd be happy to go with the majority, whatever. Felicia pitched the plan to America, and later Jag told Felicia he had a crush on America. Hisam popped into one of the Have-not meetings plotting his demise and talked about details of various decor items in there for a memory comp he's sure is coming. Cory told Cameron all the scrambling today was about a plot to go against Hisam next week, and said as far as he knew, Cameron's still good for this week. Cameron said he trusted Cory. Reilly celebrated in the pantry after Felicia told her everything was set, and Jag and America celebrated in the upstairs lounge about having pulled off this flip. (They didn't do it.)

Hisam joined Mecole in the pantry and said he'd noticed a lot of scurrying around today. She asked him how he knew Cameron would stick with them going forward, and Hisam ran his reasons: military, frat, loyal, and he said he had no doubts about Cameron. Hisam told her about his alliance with Blue and Jag and while he also said he couldn't tell her everything on that (red flag), he did say he was still loyal to Professors, and that the same us versus them split was still in place as before. (Uhh, no.) If Mecole had another countertop-pounding solo rant in the pantry afterwards, we didn't see it. Bowie said the day had been a non-event so far, which indicates her involvement in the game she's there to play. A bumper pool tournament kicked off. Mecole retold her Hisam chat to Izzy, Red announced his gut was still in turmoil, and they finally got real butter delivered.


Circling back to where we started the day, Jag did Blue's makeup, narrating every product and every step for the gathered audience. Most of them were surprised and said the final look was pretty good. Bumper pool broke for dinner courtesy of Cirie, Felicia, Red, and afterwards Red made donuts. It was his first attempt but they said they were great. Whispers carried on, with Jared arguing against booting Reilly/targeting Hisam in some circles, and most everyone else still arguing for the flip. Jared stood at the photo wall with several others nearby, and said how much he thought his photo looked like Felicia. She agreed and said "you could be my son!" Jared chuckled and said "that's funny." Yes, yes it is. Cirie confronted Hisam about partnering up with Jag and Blue after telling the rest of them no new alliances. He said that wasn't really an alliance and it was temporary. Mecole met with herself/us in the HOH bathroom this time, irritated at being told what to do when she didn't want to keep Reilly, and saying neither Reilly nor Hisam had her best interests at heart.

So Cameron was a goner and most everyone was lined up to take a shot at Hisam, but then Cirie and Izzy compared notes again, (including having learned that Hisam had threatened Matt if he won veto and he'd said he got stuck with the losers and leftovers), and they discussed paths of least resistance (a lot), and that Cameron was ready and willing to target Hisam, and they said maybe they should evict Reilly after all. Mecole joined them and was told the decision was 50/50 at that point. Mecole returned to her auxiliary office (the HOH bathroom) and ranted again to herself/us about the back and forth, adding "this is a very loopy place, it is a madhouse." This kind of flip and flip back isn't unusual when they start so early in the week, and here we are. Cirie and especially Izzy started spreading the word - the question anyway - even though they agreed to hold off for tonight. Cirie told Reilly that things were maybe not so set in her favor after all. Tomorrow should be a classic Waffle Wednesday so rest up hamsterwatchers, and bring (real) butter and extra syrup.

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Day 15 - Wednesday - August 16, 2023

To review: Reilly was HOH Hisam's target and would have gone out with at least a majority vote, then Cirie plus Izzy orchestrated a full house flip - successfully - to boot Cameron unanimously or close to it, and blindside Hisam. Then late last night Cirie plus Izzy decided Reilly should go after all, and everyone will still target Hisam next week, and that un-flip began to make the rounds. Also last night, Izzy and Jared solidified the fanbase joke and declared themselves siblings for life. Today kicked off with Reilly rallying her Handful (less Cameron) to get out there and campaign for her as she can't do it all herself. America gave her some tips and peptalk, and then told Izzy and Mecole it makes sense to get rid of her. Jared and Cirie shared a stealthy morning hug, with Cirie telling him he's been doing great and she was taking notes.

As of now, Reilly will be meeting Julie tomorrow but we know how waffly Wednesdays can be, and how this group is, so keep it in pencil.

America and Mecole agreed to work together, and to share intel from their respective sides, and they agreed they were each in a good position for this arrangement since they weren't priority targets for either side. Izzy and Matt agreed to watch out for each other going forward, and they said if they vote differently tomorrow it wouldn't be a factor, with Izzy adding she fully expects him to vote to keep Reilly. Izzy immediately retold the latter part to Cory and America, and Matt retold to Reilly including that he'd said he'd protect Izzy's crew. Hisam told Cirie and Izzy "I really see this as our HOH"(!) and he also said the energy in the house was weird. He seems to be oblivious to having become everyone's target.

Hisam told Reilly he's sure there's a battle-back somewhere, it's a multiverse etc etc, and said "you are not out til Julie says you're on a plane ride home." (That would be happening approximately 16 hours later.) America told Blue and Jag that Reilly had said Cirie and Izzy have influence over everyone on that side. Blue said "[Reilly] needs to stop talking sometimes bro," specifically stop talking about everyone else and just talk about herself with this campaign. Jag said "just stop fucking talking." Later Jag told Cirie and Izzy they don't all need to keep holding visible meetings and discussions all the time, and he said Blue wanted them to meet in a room to discuss or solidify a foursome. Cirie said "facilitate that." Cirie found out Reilly said she and Izzy were calling the shots, and she said she didn't like that. Izzy said she didn't either (but Izzy loved it after they'd successfully flipped the vote the first time, with her gleeful "we did it!") Felicia and Mecole found Felicia's missing tooth under the bathroom sink (the true Nether Region).

Gametalk took an afternoon break as a fruit salad committee formed. Jag talked about an immersive program he did through college where he spent various amounts of time in different countries, and each round had a different in-depth focus. He said he spent about a month in Tahiti among indigenous people, another round in Italy included Rome and various surrounding towns and villages, another in Morocco, and his last was three months in Thailand. It was a super interesting talk, and he said they were all excellent and valuable experiences. As they would be, wow! Elsewhere, Red talked about having been a river and whitewater rafting guide. Mecole talked about teaching 9th and 10th grade (which is a hamster job-lie), and said she always and still would like to become a broadcast journalist. Later Jag and Hisam compared stories about growing up in immigrant families, and how much their parents had struggled and sacrificed. It was all interesting stuff and a nice break from the ongoing onslaught of whispering, waffling, and scheming.

Vote talks picked up again, of course. Reilly made a pitch to Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, but they laughed afterwards. Cirie told Red that she'd heard he didn't want to win HOH and he'd hoped to play the middle, and he said he thought it was good that people see him, Bowie, Mecole as middle players. But Cirie told him the other side had mentioned putting up him and Bowie next week. Red told Hisam that Matt wasn't happy with him (Hisam), and he said America was trying to play both sides "pretty hard." He said he figured she's closer to the Blue/Reilly side because she seemed more excited talking with them, and he said maybe she was a mole who'd been sent out to sniff around. And he added that was "kinda the same game I'm playing, with the opposite side." Cameron told Bowie the last two or three days had felt stagnant(!!) It's hard to imagine being unaware something has been going on, especially while on the block, and extra especially after preaching All Things BB as a self-proclaimed expert last week.

Reilly made her pitch to Mecole, and it wasn't good. Among other things, she said "I'll tell you what I've told everyone else," and she said she hadn't had an opportunity to get to know Mecole (no, she just didn't bother), and "I didn't get to represent myself very well before" (why not?), and she said it's not true that she was trying to split the house last week. Excuse me, I clearly recall her saying she wanted to form an eight-person alliance about a zillion times, and then she did. But no matter. At least she's putting in a little work and not just laying down to die. Mecole didn't give her an answer either way (she's never wanted Reilly to stay), but she did say she understood Reilly's 24 and sometimes it can feel like the world's ending at that age, adding that she's 30 but remembers that feeling. (I suspect she was subtly saying Reilly's immature.) Cameron also started campaigning finally, also poorly.

Hisam had volunteered to clean the bathroom when they divvied up weekly cleaning duties but when he got in there, he repeated the complaints of how gross it was that we hear every year. Cirie (plus Izzy) met with Reilly, Jag, Blue to say she'd worked so hard to flip the vote in Reilly's favor yesterday but now everyone was telling her they didn't know how they'll vote. Cirie got pretty riled up (which may have been acting, since she and Izzy also orchestrated the flip back to booting Reilly.) She also mentioned her annoyance at the rumor that she, Izzy, Felicia were the "head of the snake," adding damage control on that, along with it being a veiled shot at Reilly for spreading that one. Reilly, Blue, Jag did some more campaigning for Reilly, which only helped further reinforce how close they are. They spent more time talking about campaigning for her than actually campaigning. Reilly and Cameron commiserated about their plight, with Matt, and they made future plans to meet up, and they did a few rounds of trading insults.

As of tonight, Reilly will be walking the plank to meet Julie tomorrow, possibly on a split vote, depending whether anyone agrees to give her and her side a heads-up tomorrow.

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Ratings - Nether Gorgon edition

Ratings are Monday's, based on entertainment value, and subject to change

Noms count: original/renom/twist

Absolute downs for a 37-hour feeds block on Wednesday/Thursday followed by a 19-hour block on Saturday/Sunday. There may have been valid reasons for either or both (not that they ever communicate things like that), but the way they didn't even bother to put out a notice or a tweet or a crawl on the screen to acknowledge the extended blocks, let alone give us an estimate for when feeds would return, was just plain rude. I can't imagine the new Pluto TV customers are happy at this point, but that's none of my business. I don't have much to say about the horror movie HOH comp because it's all been said a million times. The CGI was cheesy, the hamsters' acting was cheesy and awful, but utilizing the street sets around the habitat was genius and added a rare freshness to our silly show. I guess rotating people out to the Nether Region is the much promoted 'never-before-seen' twist, but it's been highly inconsistent so far, and not a big deal.
Update: After seeing the audio clues veto comp (sans Matt's time), and the EW story about accommodating Matt, and all the fallout about the 19-hour block surrounding that, I'm at a loss. I know they did make some accommodations but there's too many gaps in this story to make it make sense.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


27 - Applicant - Single
Medical receptionist - Brooklyn NY

She's been gametalking a bit here and there, and is starting to attract attention from several as a potential useful ally. I don't think she'll be a power player at this point since she's doesn't seem to be initiating those things, but maybe she'll gear up as we go. Until then, she's pleasant enough when she's on feeds (which isn't all that often), and she pops a good funny now and then.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Brand strategist - New York, NY

She seems to think she's in a good spot but I'm not so sure. She branches out to gametalk with people outside her inner circle occasionally, but like America, she isn't very assertive about it and she isn't initiating things. She and Jag made a Final Two when they already had a Final Three with Reilly (not to mention Jag's F2 with Reilly). Things could get very interesting if Reilly stays and finds out about that. Keep the tissues handy.

Won: Netherland Day 11

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


45 - Applicant
Barrister/DJ - Los Angeles, CA


Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


34 - Applicant - Separated, 1 daughter
Stay-at-home dad - Eastman, GA

Talk about a 180! This guy went from being the Supreme Knowledge Leader and Lecturer of How To Play Big Brother to mostly quiet and barely there in an instant: the instant he got put on the block. It was reminiscent of Ameerah boasting that she thought BB would be a lot harder than it was, minutes before she landed on the block. Funny how that works.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


53 - Recruit/stuntcast - Married, 3 sons
Surgical director

Again with the disclaimer that I don't watch Survivor, but I'm pleased to learn that her legend status is valid and not just fangirling/boying. It's wonderful to watch her work this group, while keeping her secret and handling Izzy. I don't think she knows how busy Jared actually is and how very much he talks, and that could get interesting as we go.

Won: Netherland Day 1

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


21 - Applicant/stuntcast? - Single
College student
Ft Lauderdale, FL

He's an odd mix: cocky and borderline annoying, but also somewhat endearing. His read on the game and its players is very good, but what he doesn't know might cost him the win he's already planned for himself, namely the Professors and Cirie/Jared. For all his Survivor knowledge and Cirie worship, you'd think he would have caught on to them.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


63 - Applicant - Married, 1 son
Real estate agent - Kennesaw, GA

Last week it was drowning mics and this week it's endless and specific shopping lists. All while being delightfully entertaining and more game savvy than you'd expect. Most of them don't expect it either.

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


45 - Applicant - Divorced
Geriatric physician/burlesquer - Seattle, WA

Another raging case of HOHitis and another shambles of an HOH week. This guy took on the leadership of Professors without being asked, and he pissed off both sides of the house in a matter of days. His own days are numbered. Viewers are irritated by his overuse of 'like' and 'right' but there's something soothing about his voice and the calm cadence when he speaks. You don't have to pay attention to what he's saying for the effect to work. Om.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


32 - Applicant - Has a girlfriend
Flutist - New York, NY

Drama, emotional spirals, tears, cockiness, gametalking her brains out, rewind and repeat. All while giving us facial expressions and reaction shots we'll be using and seeing for years. Feeds gold.

Won: Netherland Day 10; Week 2 immunity

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


25 - Applicant - Single
Truck company owner/realtor - Omak, WA

He talks a lot of game with a lot of people but he doesn't seem to really get anywhere or improve his position. That could change and probably will? We'll see. In the meantime his family stories are often hilarious.

Won: Netherland Day 9

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 1


25 - Applicant/stuntcast - Single
Exterminator - Norwalk, CT

Could he get any busier? I don't think there are enough hours in a day. If/when Cirie finds out how busy he is, I'm wondering if she'll try to rein him in and if so, if he'll fight it. A mother/son argument might be fun simply because we've all been there on the child side, and many of us on the parent side. And these two are clearly very close so it wouldn't be life-changing serious or lasting.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


27 - Applicant - Single
Deaflympics gold medalist - Baton Rouge, LA

He was kind of a slow starter but I think some of that was adapting to this environment with his hearing issues. He doesn't complain about that and in fact, he could be more assertive in asking for retells and the like, but it's clear he's not the kind of guy who wants to feel like he's making a nuisance of himself. Kirsten was helpful for him, as is Reilly, but she's too involved in her own orbit to let the others know they could be more accommodating for Matt. All that aside, he's a good guy and he's finding his way in the game, slowly but surely.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


30 - Applicant - Newlywed
Political consultant - Upper Marlboro, MD

Like Bowie, she's technically in the Professors but she isn't a driving force. She does however pay more attention than Bowie seems to, and she knows when things aren't right among her teamies. She gets fired up in her solo talks to the mirrors/us and when she's pacing the pantry, and those talks show she's more aware of all the angles being played than many are. I hope she sticks awhile because I think she'll become more interesting and more entertaining as we go.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


37 - Recruit - Has a girlfriend, 3 kids
Sales/TikTokker - Gatlinburg, TN

Probationary ups for being a generally pleasant and helpful guy, and he does his share of cooking. His beard and hair are often hanging over whatever he's making but that's just comedy to me - I don't have to eat it. His moonshiner chillbilly shtick is just that, and it's his career, and he does shoot out some pretty clever and elaborate phrases. It's uncanny how quickly he can turn that on and off, and I just wish he wouldn't rely on that persona in his Diaries. But they probably encourage it in there: they got a lot of mileage out of Jasmine's Diary persona and Red's not as corny as she was.

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


24 - Recruit - Single
Bartender - Nashville, TN

She had it made last week but she blew it all up and blubbered for days on end. Now that she's on the block she's still whining her poor-me routine half the time, but she's also doing some poor-me campaigning at least. Cirie would like to keep her rather than Cameron because she's easier to manage and much easier to manipulate, but will Cirie get her way on that or will she save her influence til later when it's more urgent? Time will tell.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/1 - HN 0


25 - Recruit - Single
Molecular biologist - Houston, TX

1st evicted - Day 9

She was on the block when she started to pitch and double-dip, and you can't blame her for that. Being new to BB, that's what she'd seen on the shows, and most everyone else started doing the same thing right away anyway. But Kirsten became an easy scapegoat since she wasn't in their inner power circles. She would have been good feeds: she planned a scorching nominee speech, but then opted to go out classy and didn't use it.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


30 - Survivor applicant - Single
Illustrator - Coral Springs, FL

Ejected Day 8

Between hamsters thinking he was a secret doctor and feedsters thinking he was a secret twin, his week was full of unintentional comedy. He added to that by not knowing the show or that the game had started without him, then he worked hard to join the game in progress, with no success. Then he dropped the n-word, and then he was gone.

Lines and Links of the Day


Matt: I didn't appreciate that speech
Cirie: No one did

Cory: I don't like Red
America: I like him, he can be funny, but..

America, snacking (with the Lays): It's 65% less fat so I'm eating 65% more

Cirie: I hate this time after the veto and before the eviction, it's the worst

Bowie on Tuesday, amid massive scrambling: Today's definitely been a non-event

Izzy: Sloppy's easier to deal with than unhinged

Red: Ms Felicia, I feel like I need to follow you around with a Clorox wipe

Cameron to Reilly, Matt: What the fuck y'all always talk about?

Izzy (Tuesday night): I hated today

Cory: I'm happy right here, eventually it'll be 10:00 at night.. yesterday was so much bullshit

Hisam: It's weird, the energy's just weird

Reilly Diary: Nobody listens to me! Arrgghh!

Hisam cleaning the shower: They don't even clean up after themselves.. what kinda - who am I living with? Aww man this is GROSS there's hair everywhere



@s are Twitter

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Accommodations production's made for Matt by Dalton Ross for EW

Thoughts from a hearing impaired person about the veto situation by @AidanReality

Hisam sleeping positions by @BBFeedsFairy

BB25 houseguests as apps by @AutsTVTrashTalk

Week 2 starter pack by me

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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Injuries/illnesses: 10
-Reilly's numb finger from move-in comp
-Cory's numb finger from move-in comp
-Blue's bumped elbow/rug burn from 1st HOH comp
-Red's bruised butt from 1st HOH comp
-Felicia's cut finger
-Cirie's cough
-Jared's cough
-America's cough
-Red's cough
-Izzie's bruised knees from 2nd HOH comp

Drowned microphones: 4
-all Felicia

Netherland trips: 4
-Cory Day 1 via comp
  A couple hours, got nothing?
-Jared Day 9 (late night) via comp
  12 hours, pick someone for immunity
-Jag Day 10 via Jared pick
  8 hours, Week 2 immunity
-Bowie Day 11 via Jag pick
  12(?) hours, unable to be play veto

Broken habitat items: 3
-Stove (on first night)
-Leaky kitchen faucet and/or sink
-Decor/prop eyeglasses (by Cameron)

Scandals outside our BB world: 1
-Luke's n-word

Premature exits: 1
-Day 8 Luke ejected

Booze deliveries: 3
-Day 1 Move-in champagne
-Day 2 Reilly's HOH kombucha
-Day 10 Hisam HOH wine

Post-cast-reveal arrivals: 1


Production Goofs

 1 They ended the season before it began
 2 Season errors for Janelle, Derrick, Frankie
 3 Julie didn't know there is a reality casting Emmy
 4 Julie forgot BB1 feeds were free
 5 Julie said a BB5 conversation was 'halfway thru the season' - it was on the 2nd episode
 6 Press pics misspelled Cory's last name
 7 Official Instagram countdown off by 24 hours
 8 CBS Mornings piece called it 'the Brother house'
 9 Two shots at juror count, both wrong: neither is 'always'
10 Misspelled Rachel's and Dick's names
11 Bowie Jane's dropped Ball
12 Staffer (barely) seen on feeds
13 Omitted move-in self-intros for Cameron, Izzy, Jag on Episode 2
14 Misspelled Cameron's and Hisam's last names
15 Misspelled Cory's last name (again), another wrong version of Cameron's, two wrong dates in press pics
16 Feeds 1/2 froze on quads, 3/4 didn't
17 Browser tabs/page titles out of date
18 Hisam called to pantry by mistake (or prematurely)
19 No Cirie bio (as of Day 11)
20 Ad for 8pm BB aired at 8.30 (golf delay day)
21 HOH comp sequencing error on 8/13 show

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Reilly; Hisam

Veto winners in order: Hisam; Hisam

Evictions in order: Luke (ejected); Kirsten 13-0

Cast Twitters: @kstace_

Cast Instagrams: kirstenvivica

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Week 1 BB Multiverse
Losers of four move-in comps went on the block, and HOH Reilly saved two

Week 2 Nether Region
Inconsistent and vague. Individuals were sent to Nether Region for varying lengths of time, receiving 'something good or bad' and selecting the next one to go. Roster of who went and for how long is in the Extracurricular Items tally.



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