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Sorry I've fallen behind, HamsterWatchers
They keep doing stuff - big stuff - I'm having some trouble getting it all recorded and posting it here at the same time.. and sometimes I have to sleep and do life stuff, sigh

This is just a quickie version of today's episode - but it's the big stuff
I'll catch up later and complete the day, but I want to move on to Sunday as soon as possible, cuz it's really big stuff

Thanks for your patience as always, and for visiting! Check back for the rest - it'll show up gradually

Romeo & Juliet.. to poop on

Against all Vegas odds, Cowboy wins the veto late in the evening - the fishies don't swim away til after midnight

He's a bit gloaty about it, not surprisingly (and probably deservedly too).. Diane & Drew go to bed.. a little later Cowboy comes in like he has been doing (remember I said to remember that?)

Sorry about the excessive dialogue.. I know pictures are more fun, but wow this was some convo..
Headline courtesy of Aldav

Diane: What were you & Cowboy doing in the cloud room?
Drew: Saying a prayer
Diane: Thanks for including me in it!
Drew: Sorry
Diane: You better be saying a prayer I'll still be here Thursday
Drew: Are you scared?
Diane: Uhh.. yea!
Drew: Seems like Cowboy's already got his decision made
Diane: Well you know how shit goes around here
Diane: I'm not talking about then, I'm talking about right now.. I don't know what the plan is, I don't know what you boys got going
Drew: What are you talking about?!!
Diane: I guess I just get worried about you two sometimes
(Cowboy taps at the door)
Diane: Come on in!!
Cowboy: We've had a rough week..
Cowboy: Diane, I want you to hang around Nakomis this week
Drew: You think she knows what's going on?
Cowboy: I have that feeling
Drew: She's intelligent
Cowboy: She is.. it runs in the family
Diane: I think she'll go out that door happy.. well not happy, but mature
(they talk about the veto comp)
Cowboy: I don't want her beating herself up over this.. I don't want her to see us all together all the time.. if we're talking about nothing, let's just go where she is.. the thing is, our sister's pregnant.. she wanted that money for herself
Diane: I know we've made our deals.. and I know I've shown you that you can trust me.. if anything changes will you tell me?
Cowboy: I love y'all both, and I know where I stand.. I don't think it's gonna change
Drew: We don't want another thing like the Adria week where nobody will talk to her
Diane: Yea but Nakomis is the kind of woman that she doesn't take it as seriously as Adria does!
Cowboy: She doesn't like hugs, especially from guys.. so I just shook her hand
Drew: She doesn't like hugs from guys?
Diane: No.. well she doesn't like pity hugs

Cowboy: Diane, why did you want me out, the very first four people you wanted out?
Diane: What? Who told you that? Jase?
Cowboy: No.. I'm just kinda curious
Diane (flustered): I don't remember.. how do you remember something like that?
Cowboy: What I was told, and I'm not holding this against you.. but kinda what I heard was that you wanted the good looking guys in the jury house, and I wasn't one..

Diane (more flustered): No.. no
Cowboy: Did you make a comment like that?
Diane: I don't know how you remember stuff like this.. I might have.. it doesn't sound like something I would say? I honestly wish I could remember, but I don't
Cowboy: I'm just kinda curious why you wanted me gone
Diane: That I don't remember.. the only targets I remember were wanting Jase & Holly gone
Diane: Who were these four people supposed to be?
Cowboy: The four were me, Nakomis was actually in there.. the Don, and Marvin
Diane: Yea, I don't.. I don't even know what to say.. I can't imagine saying that.. but..
Cowboy: I'm surprised Nakomis took so long (in the veto comp - apparently it was a timed event)
Diane: Me too, cuz she was actually trying.. I was lollygagging around
(Cowboy leaves)
Diane: Did you hear what came out of his fucking mouth??
Drew: What???
Diane: Everything's about you! Who cares about you?? I hope you heard everything that came out of his brain
(kiss kiss)
Diane (crying): How the fuck can I remember what happened the first week of the game??
(Drew gets up and turns on the light)
Drew: Why are you crying??
(Diane sputters and spews, justifies and rationalizes)
Drew: Whatever

Diane: You better promise me there's nothing going on or I'll never speak to you again when we get out of here!
Drew (angry): Number one, you're threatening me
Diane: You threatened me with my sister's life and my dog's life!
(he says he apologized for that already.. huh?? WTF is all this??)
Drew: One, you need to cool off, you're paranoid

Diane (crying again): I tried to win that veto!!
Diane: Who the hell does he think he is to bring up shit from the first week of this game???
Diane (whining): I don't know how to kiss ass.. you have to help me Drew
Drew: I'll find something to make it work
(they bicker back and forth)
Drew: I hate it how you act like everybody hates you in the jury and everybody loves me
Diane: How does that affect you??
Diane: Well you already spoke your piece about not wanting me here next week
Drew: What? What?? I never said that!!
Diane: You said you weren't gonna talk to him cuz you didn't want me here next week
Drew: I'm sorry, I was mad when I said that
Diane: You know what? This is a game.. I'm not gonna let it stress me out
(Drew laughs)
Diane: Cowboy's got a fucking veto and now he's Hitler!
Diane: I don't want him to feel like I'm threatening him
Drew: Threaten him!
Diane: Have you ever met anyone who interrupts people when they're sleeping?!
(remember Cowboy's been coming in to them at night for a week with few complaints)
(remember very loud drunken shenanigans with Adria trying to sleep next door)
(they go on & on about how horrible Cowboy is
Drew: Motherfucker!!
Diane: I've pissed you off 100 times today
Drew: You pissed me off once! You're like my friend Nick, always exaggerating.. you pissed me off once
(Diane rattles them off, one by one: I called you this, I called you that, etc)
Diane: I don't want to be in the final four
Drew: What??
Diane: I want to be in the final three, I'm not settling here
Drew: He wants us to feel sorry for him???
Diane: He's probably married with six fucking kids at home
Drew: I'm mad at Cowboy right now, but he could have acted the opposite
Diane: What's the opposite?
Drew: Happy.. cool..
Drew: I think we have been married for umm.. fifty years
Diane: (silence)
Diane: You have to tell Cowboy I never won an HOH competition.. I won an endurance competition and that's it

Diane: I just hope I haven't made too much of an ass of myself on tv.. I don't care about the game so much, it's this stupid shit, know what I mean?
Diane: I can't stand Cowboy!
(Drew asks her maybe she'd like to go his college homecoming with him.. she says he will have to pick her outfit so she'll fit in.. they make out - badly - for about an hour.. they finally go to sleep about 6am)

dingo: It dawned on me during all this that these are both twins, and each grew up always having someone there to bitch with when they got in trouble, even if they got themselves into it. It's still pretty lame behavior for supposed adults, obviously, and it's just whacked how every fight of theirs leads to a slurpy kiss-a-thon.

Cowboy's question was direct and deliberate, and something he's been sitting on for who knows how long? He never did say who told him about Diane's wish to get rid of the unpretty people (in her eyes).. but the fact she didn't deny it, or apologize for it, makes me believe she said it.. and a comment like that fits her.

Thanks to mirage-uk at KeithX's BB Chatter for the date info

Big ups for the second long-deserved calling out in as many days, and for winning his first competition - and what a time to do it! He's starting to look like a mastermind actoring his way through this muck, or at the very least some sort of idiot savant. Likely he's just a lucky eejit, but even if he doesn't do what he should with the non-responses he got from Diane tonight and Drew yesterday (which he probably won't) he's the first to make Diane speechless this season, and that deserves praise. Plus he tried on her skirt and pissed her off when it fit him. Little does he know they turned around and called him 'Hitler' afterwards, but hey, he's too happy with his new boots to worry about that.

Predictably not pleased about being nominated or Cowboy winning the veto, even though she helped orchestrate both. She sputtered her way through Cowboy's surprise question, not having the wits to lie (for a change) or the courage to admit and apologize, which led to another night of volatile pillow talk for feedsters to gag over. Diane & Drew spewing venom together about Cowboy made the twins at their worst look like the angels they pretended to be, and in typical fashion for this shipwreck of a romance, led to what sounded like plans for a definite date. To homecoming.. what else? Producers, can we please get some adults on this show next time?

Pretty Boy slithered his way out of another one with that 'I wanted you to look natural' crock: it looks like Cowboy's swallowed it as easily as Diane did (pun intended.) His new swaggery attitude deflated visibly after the veto comp, and his expression & demeanor changed from the bully back to the bullied. Tonight's bedchat revealed he has threatened the lives of Diane's sister and dog (which she forgave him for, of course) and he referred to Cowboy as 'Motherfucker!!'.. not in a friendly Marvin-like way, either. Now it's starting to look like he thinks he might see Diane after the show after all: I hope he does. I hope they marry and live misery ever after: they deserve each other. I despise this guy for making me despise him so much - and now I care who wins: anyone but him.

She's only still in neutral cuz I want to believe she's going to pull it out in time and talk to Cowboy. Those two need to have a history lesson together about the gruesome twosome and everything else that's led them to here.. yet I doubt it'll happen. She sleeps through every pivotal event in the house, and all she cares about now is how many carry-on bags she can take to paradise with her. Even Cowboy is adding more things up than 'The Smart One'.. it isn't looking like she learned anything from Karen at all.

What house are they watching?? Drew & Diane came across on Saturday's show like they have a fairly 'normal' (if immature) relationship. The week-old intense kiss 'n cuddle they aired happened right after Drew felt threatened by Nik asking a simple and fair question (and one he expected) along with Cowboy's dogging him (as they'd asked him to do).. Drew attacked Diane with a physical intensity we've never seen from him before or since, along with the guaranteed sure-fire 'I love you' strategy that's fueled everything she's done since. They definitely left out from that incident Drew pulling Diane's eyes up, down, saying 'Chinese, Japanese'.. Nice to see Drew's diary 'she's definitely not my girlfriend' with little finger quotes around girlfriend, but something was drastically lacking from Diane's 'all we do is talk about things we're gonna do after the show' diary - like the fact that only she talks about those things. The BBQ3 SmackDown segment was criminal compared to how it really went down! And worse, feedsters who know better than to fall for CBS airing the whole truth about anything fell for that one! Cowboy's got plenty of footage showing him to be an eejit and a creep - they don't need to fabricate that by using an incident where the real story was everyone else was being downright mean, whiny, and childish. The clothes comp was just stupid and dragged on forever: we don't care about the silly competitions! This show is about personalities interacting, and about how people handle the power they get from winning the comps or how they cope with losing them. Finally, they aren't even trying to be accurate with sequencing anymore.. for example Cowboy getting into Diane's bed happened before Karen left - she was in the room, even. An all-around ultra negative: shame on you, CBS! (A quick P.S. to this too-long rating: showing Drew lingering over the photo wall & key box was hysterical after watching the 'special' live version of the same.. they should have left in BB's stage directions and his confusion over them this time too.)

First out for playing well, but chameleon strategy is better defense than offense. Elevated the game with empathy, Oscar-caliber acting, and right-on-target rants. Most photogenic by far.

Funniest hamster ever. Provided joy, nicknames, dinners, trivia, laughs, insect tributes, golf commentary, and bowling lessons: he's cool & the gang.

Set off the end-game with 'How long you been dating?' Both pulled off Twingate brilliantly, but A's better as a solo act.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

I need a job. If you like what you see here, please let me know if you've got one for me, thanks.

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