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9/7/04 - Day 68    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest

They rub each other

Karen tells Nakomis what we already knew: she heard Diane & Drew scheming against them last night

She says she won't do anything about having this proof of their suspicions until Wednesday

Fair warning to feedsters: clear your calendar
They own this fucking house.. now that they're both safe, everything's a joke to them
She instigates everything..
They're so disgusting in bed.. they make out all night long.. all night long!! And they giggle.. and they rub each other

Note: I didn't pay much attention to them again today.. same ol' tedious stuff

A sidenote here: there's increasingly more activity at night when the hamsters are sleeping - and to a lesser extent when they nap - footsteps, doors opening & closing, even things being dropped

It's kind of creepy - we hear them, but we can't see them - it's like they have burglars in there.. maybe they're stocking the pantry/conference room for the next day, or maybe the overnight interns are playing chicken.. I just hope I'm there when Cowboy "The Night Prowler" goes on a prowl and catches them

Lunch is where it all happens anymore: Drew chats with Cowboy as he whips up tuna and mac 'n cheese, and then joins Karen, who's enjoying a nice salad outside
Cowboy: Be careful, she (Karen) left the door cracked..
Drew: She hasn't talked to me.. I would talk to her if she approached me, but I'm not gonna initiate anything
(Drew goes outside and joins Karen to eat)
Karen: I don't wanna ask Diane (about the vote) - I don't want her to think I don't trust her - but you'd let me know if something's up.. I appreciate it
Drew: For me, I'm thinking about next week..
Karen: For me, your word has been like golden all along
Drew: For me, I'm all down with this week.. I'm scared about next week

Drew reports back to Diane, who's foraging in the kitchen
Drew: She was asking me about next week.. I was totally honest, I told her I was scared.. and..
(he deflects and changes direction by grabbing her)
Drew: She just lied to me, so.. I just figured something out about her, bigtime
Diane: What?
Drew: I'll tell you later
Drew: She sticks to telling easy stories to remember over & over.. Taco Bell club, Walmart, artist.. I'm not saying that's who she is, but there's more to her than we realize
Diane: I know! Have you seen her calf muscles?
(they decide she is a pro athlete, or 'ex fitness person'
Diane: I don't like the way Nakomis was looking at me, then looking at you, then looking at me
Drew: Every time I've followed my gut in this game, it's been good.. like with Holly..
Diane: Yea, cuz then her fucking twin would have come in

Drew wanders off and Cowboy comes in to make himself a tasty burger.. Diane chews & fills him in on how much they don't know about Karen, and back to Drew, Marvin
Diane: There's more to Karen than we think
Cowboy: Of course there is!
Diane: Have you seen her calf muscles?
Diane: It's been 3 months and there's no sex whatsoever
Cowboy: Are y'all planning on doing that your first night together?
Diane: I don't know, it's hard
Cowboy: I'll be laying April down!
Diane: I could go a few more months if I had to.. I'd do anything for Drew
Diane: That's why I broke my pact with Marvin, cuz of how he treated me - but I never had a pact with him - but that's why I broke it.

Alone in HOH with Trent Reznor and NIN, Nakomis
doesn't seem concerned that Karen's not giving
her much info lately..

Nik: Oops, ripped my pants some more

Movie chat, then Drew and Cowboy come up with a sure-fire show idea
Diane: I declined 'Titanic' you know
Cowboy: That's funny, so did I! I turned down Ben Affleck's part.. I mean Matt Damon's
(they laugh)
Cowboy: Wait, I know, I know.. Cappio
Drew: 15 people or a few less, in a house..
Cowboy: With a cow trough for a swimming pool
Drew: And they all have to kick somebody out each week
Cowboy: It needs an awesome host.. how about that Julie Ching off 'The Early Show'?
Drew: I think this is gonna fly
Cowboy (sniffling): Kinda like Savage Junior..
Drew: Why'd you have to bring that up??

Cowboy & Drew play putt-putt and talk about next week, and how they'll avoid the remaining girls taking over
Drew: Make sure Diane doesn't find that out

Cowboy & Drew move inside to play chess.. Diane hops into Drew's chair with him and chatters as they play.. she tells him about the weird fishie porn among other things (you heard about it here first)

Diane: If I let myself get pale enough, then I'll get a much better tan
Diane: Drew, would you do 'Amazing Race'? With me?
Drew: Yes
(she talks about her 'nice' bra)
Drew: Dammit! I'm gonna lose the game now
Diane: See what happens when you start talking about bras?
Drew: I was paying attention, I was looking at all my options
(Diane snickers)
Diane: Wish I had a pen, I'd connect your freckles and make a constellation
Drew: Looks like it's gonna be down to two kings
Diane: Is it over then?

Drew heads off to nap.. Cowboy does a cannonball.. and Drew joins the exclusive hammock-dump club! (Charter members are Amy, Holly, and Marvin)..
Nik watches it all unfold, and seems to enjoy the results
Drew: Dude, I thought someone poured one of those buckets full of water on me!!
Look - it's even on the windows!

The girls get domestic: Diane cleans her headquarters in the bathroom.. Nik cleans the sink (hey Drew did that yesterday! oh..) Karen cooks and Drew does laundry

Drew & Cowboy try to have another conference but Diane arrives again
Drew (about a little scuffle with Diane earlier): Her telling me to wash that glass for her - even if it was a joke - I'm not gonna take that shit from her!
Cowboy: You and me, we're both in it for our families.. well not you, but it's the same
(Diane comes out, heads to laundry bucket)
Diane: What's up, what's up
(Drew shakes his head)
Drew: Hey hot mama, why don't you wiggle that ass over this way?
Diane: Did you know we can talk about public figures and it's not slander?
(Cowboy explains that it may not be in her best interest for the future to do so)
Diane: I don't know.. I can't really hear what you're saying, I'm just nodding my head
(Cowboy goes inside.. Diane starts to, but pauses & turns)
Diane: You aren't gonna screw me over for Cowboy are you?
Drew: No
Diane: Promise?
Drew: Yes
(he pulls her onto his lap - he always does something like this when they get close to 'feelings' or 'future' chat.. watch, you'll see)

Nowhere to run

Is Drew trying to find somewhere he can get away from her?

No.. (but wouldn't that be fun to see!)

Just a game of hide 'n seek getting underway.. isn't that what adults do when they decline their nightly booze ration?

First Drew hides from Cowboy - Diane says she doesn't want to play ("it's silly") -
but she makes a fine accomplice.. although Cowboy finds him pretty quickly

Next Cowboy hides - what fun! Drew looks here, he looks there.. aha, found him!


Drew found a really good hiding spot when he was looking for Cowboy and tries it out.. Cowboy sets off - running! - looking all over, even the pantry/conference room.. even his own favorite hiding spot in HOH

He looks in wood and in clouds - even Diary Room! No luck.. he keeps scurrying

Down the hall to the bathroom again - oops, been here already! Through the kitchen to the back door "He isn't out here is he?" Nik & Diane are watching all this through the windows (ridiculing Cowboy) "No!" they shout.. and he's off down the hall again!

Hang on.. he spins and starts going through the kitchen cupboards - he even looks in the fridge! - finally he opens the right one and they all crack up

I warned you I wasn't paying a lot of attention today.. and Diane said she didn't want to play.. so I'm surprised to see her there on quad counting off while Cowboy helps Drew hide (sorta).. next thing you know, Diane's shouting "Rape! Rape!"
She sits there and pouts for awhile.. Drew probably isn't thrilled with the way the game is going - Karen & Nik watching on the spyscreen (and hearing through the wall) look a bit shocked as well - of course Diane is just fine again in no time.. no rape here..
Diane rebounds enough to drape herself around Drew some more..
I have no idea what's going on here with Cowboy - and don't want to know -
but in a day or two she'll probably claim he molested her

Some days just keep dragging on.. first Drew & Cowboy bring Diane into the Bible school fold ("So why don't we worship John the Baptist instead of Jesus?" is her reaction).. Karen joins the discussion.. finally all settle into their beds

Diane goes off to the bathroom and Cowboy comes into the clouds and tells Drew they should switch places and surprise her.. hilarity ensues when she returns..

She climbs in, and almost plants a kiss (or a hand) on Cowboy, but no such luck! The joke's on - Drew comes back in and they all yuck it up - even Karen, from the next bed

Cowboy comes back in a few times, and finally goes back to his wood and does a peculiar dance before cozying down to do himself.. Nik does the same in HOH (but she looks to be doing it in her sleep).. Drew & Diane go to sleep.. Karen stares at the dark

Hey Diane, show us your followups

As reported in the 8/27 HamsterWatch sidebar ratings, Diane told Marvin, Drew, and Cowboy during a drinky poker game that she and an ex-roommate had "done a little show" for Girls Gone Wild, but also said she didn't know if it had ever made it onto a tape.

I figured if it's out there, somebody would find it.. Dr Bunny at Jokers says she or Lindsey appear to be on the Bad Girls video.. (hmm could both twins have done a GGW show?) This pic is from Dr Bunny's caps of the tape - see all the photos and judge for yourself (note the red bra - Diane talks about her red bra sometimes..)

Thanks to Aldav for passing this one along, too.

Bonus neutral for VH1 Goes Inside Big Brother - a decent look at seasons 1 through 4 , but barely a mention (if any) of what makes this show unique and addicting: the feeds!! Some behind-the-scenes scoop that we expect from the 'Goes Inside' series were glaringly absent: the logistics of the house (i.e. control room), how they keep an eye on everyone and keep up with the stories, Diary Room, 'where are they now' etc.. we've seen the highlights they did show umpteen times already (including the 'Reality Moments Countdown' that aired the hour before!) Hmm on second thought, it's probably worth a negative.. but I've been too cynical lately.

He's either gonna be taken on the ride of his life, or he's just gonna get taken. It's easy to feel sorry for the guy: he's being used by most of them and ridiculed by all, but then he does a bunch of stuff you want to slap him for. The air show is making him look like a sentimental favorite and avoiding the icky stuff, and also making it look like everyone in there loves him all the time. I guess I can accept that - but only for the lovely April's sake, and Chasen's - who I'll wager did not sign a release consenting to all this, and may have the most to lose (cut the losses and homeschool him, April!) Forgotten item from yesterday: Karen said 'Good night Cowboy, see you tomorrow' to which he replied 'I'll be here.'

In under a week we've seen her turn into the most irritating girlfriend ever, and it's driving Drew nuts, too (point in her favor.) She's pestering and draping herself on him at every opportunity and acting much like Holly did with Jase.. hmm.. (the difference being, Jase liked it.) She looks like she's starting to feel guilty about her plans to screw over Karen, and is talking about dumping Cowboy instead - pinky swear and all - she's made herself a nice little no-win situation, and giving Drew lots of excuses to dump her with a morals clause. Her giddy gloating seen on Tuesday's show at the veto competition and ceremony was downright sickening - it might have been otherwise if she'd set out claiming to be a conniving liar - but she claims innocence with every breath. Check out the scoop on her probable Girls Gone Wild escapades in today's postscript. Forgotten item from yesterday: nope, I think I got them all.

CBS is making him look like a thinking player, and a decent boyfriend - which house are they watching? They also conveniently left out his hammering Diane over the grill incident, which set the pattern-wheels in motion for her explaining she needs to 'protect him' (which did air.) He got caught with his pants down tonight, and it probably won't be the last. He's complaining to Cowboy about Diane at every opportunity, and she'll find out soon enough.. he may have to vote Cowboy out just to maintain his new alpha male role: Cowboy's catching up. Forgotten item from yesterday: singing the theme to Sesame Street... to himself.

She got a few good licks in today, but they were too subtle to make much impact. She listened again tonight as Drew & Diane gloated in the infrared some more, and before that she had more to contribute to Bible & religion chat than Drew or Cowboy combined. It's good to see her diaries on the air show - it gives us hope that she may still be in this. Karen says she's going to do something on Wednesday as far as the dirt she's got on Drew & Diane - here's hoping it works! She's stuck at neutral til we find out. Forgotten item from yesterday: saying about the 24/7 feeds 'How much of this can people watch?' uhhh, no comment.

Her meltdown is coming, but she's on a very slow simmer. Odd to hear her on the show saying how she 'respects Cowboy now' after threatening to rip her face off yesterday if he talked to her anymore. It dawned on me watching part of a 'Real World San Diego' reunion that Frankie from that cast was what Big Brother hoped they had in Nik.. no such luck! Frankie was a headcase, but she had a personality instead of just parroting the latest goth/punk/morbid trendspeak, and she was mostly likeable. Forgotten item from yesterday: any indication that Nik can think for herself without Karen explaining it to her first.

I'm starting to recognize to-be-aired stuff now as it happens. Take for example the fishies porn segment: I knew something was up there, even being deprived of the convo going on outside the tank, because of the way the shots came through the feeds. (Somebody hire me already - I'm batting almost 1000 here! Ok, so Scott didn't show up.. but they haven't explained Dr. Gene Scott yet either.) I predict yesterday's lunch prep will air Thursday, along with this moon shot that appeared for no reason on tonight's sleeping feeds. The buildups to much of what they aired Tuesday were the better parts of the various incidents, and why do they so often air 'important' Diane segments when she's smashed - without any reference to that? She can hold her alcohol better than some (when she wants to), but it's a factor in getting to half the places they show her at. I'll wager that seeing Drew & Cowboy trying to pray their way around their behavior in the name of $500k was distasteful to most religious and non-religious folks alike. Applause for boiling down these last horrible few days into something fairly cohesive, but boos for making everyone look decent, intelligent and mature - what house are they watching?

Funniest hamster ever. Provided joy, nicknames, dinners, trivia, laughs, insect tributes, golf commentary, and bowling lessons: he's cool & the gang.

Set off the end-game with 'How long you been dating?' Both pulled off Twingate brilliantly, but A's better as a solo act.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

I need a job. If you like what you see here, please let me know if you've got one for me, thanks.

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