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March 5, 2008 - Day 27 (or 28)

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>> Ryan & Allison evicted 2-0 - Air Raid - Solo players now, starting with new vote: Ryan or Allison <<

>> Allison evicted 6-0 - Ryan won Head of Household <<

Giddy with anticipation

The air raid and "surprise no one saw coming" loom over them and us, but maybe giddy isn't the right word for them.. lots of them had restless nights and their 8am wakeup call wasn't welcomed warmly

How quickly the thrill of going on national live tv in a few hours wore off.. Joshuah especially wasn't ready for a new day: he was up pacing into the wee hours

I don't often catch the breakfast show so I was mildly surprised to see James cooking eggs for three.. Adam adopted The Thinker pose: whether he was thinking or dreading eviction or trying to shut out Allison I don't know - maybe all of the above.. Matt & Natalie took a field trip to the painted library upstairs to study titles.. he participated even though he's certain it'll be a physical HOH comp and not questions (but they didn't lock them in to build a backyard comp apparatus last night)

Allison spread her own poison brand of sunshine around a bit before all ten were locked into HOH for the usual Wednesday mystery reason.. Sheila told her show biz resumé & Scott Baio stories again

Allison explains it all

She (smugly) explained to Sheila & Ryan what she and she alone has figured out: the Truth about the game, this vote, past votes, alliances present & past, the creation of heavens and earth, etc etc.. it was as much about how SHE observed everything and SHE figured it out as it was about what she was telling.. Sheila added some adjustments.. Ryan played along

Sheila went off to wherever the others were.. Allison wore Ryan down some more by explaining the puzzle that's coming, the puzzle in the cage and how the blocks have all their initials.. she incorporated Natalie's nail polish/napkin method and Theory of 8s.. (I think Natalie invented those - Allison would argue that)

Either way, she's getting pretty complex with it all and I'm reminded of the elaborate theories about the Visitors last summer, when that turned out to be just about the playing cards - she could be on to something with the initials though.. incidentally, nobody else in the habitat was around
Ryan: I think you're fulla shit.. why didn't you tell me all this if you had it all along?
Allison: You're gonna have to divide Jen into Ryan, and add Allison and maybe Parker..
Allison: I could put that thing [the puzzle in the cage] together in two seconds, I guarantee it
Ryan: Sucks you're not gonna be around for it

Speaking of taking credit <koff>.. thanks to The Powers That Be for listening to me (??) - we've had feeds for much of the day, and we have new trivia :)

Air raid

The convenience store supply counter had to wait

Naturally Allison & Ryan were overjoyed at Julie's good news, but things quickly changed after Allison came up with zero votes.. again

For those who still hadn't gotten enough of Allison's final downfall after she limped away from Julie's boudoir, she wasn't even an option on the first draft of Revive-a-Hamster


Okay, enough of her

It was a good HOH room debut for a change, with a beaming Ryan and lots of oohs and aahs over adorable nieces and a hot mom, clothes and snacks and beer - Ryan only got a few, but he shared.. he was clearly in charge too, when the inner circle convened and the others scattered

The dynamics are shifting but slowly and subtly, and it's a joy to behold.. this is all new to them and they're all checking each other out, not sure who to jump in bed with and who to trash

Chelsia took some initiative and went up to work on the boys club while James worked on Joshuah & Sharon.. neither sounded particularly genuine to me and Chelsia's act especially was comically transparent.. James had that "acting" tone
Afterwards they reconvened and had a quick kissyface session.. Adam's in the Some Things Never Change category

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Daily ratings - Flying solo edition

VTE = voted to evict
Ratings are based on entertainment value

Wednesday's show was excellent thanks to well-kept secrets sprung on them and us together. I don't know about a surprise that 'no one saw coming' but it sure worked out well and although every scenario had been mentioned in there and out here, nobody knew for sure which way it would go. Yes, it was mean of all of us who savored Allison's final tragic fall from triumphant smug to shocked misery over the span of a commercial break, but she brought it on herself so we might as well enjoy it. I'll overlook the drawn-out storylines about hinky vote plans, the staged-sounding Diaries, and the still-repetitive lesbian and Matt & Natalie junk because the (un)twist worked this time and it worked beautifully. They were all just as shocked as Allison and that's how it should be. I still have no idea how Ryan & Adam ended up the HOH finalists, but I think most were pleased with Ryan's win. Both Alex & Parker got raw deals and it was looking like Ryan was going to go the same route so it was a sweet win especially after his unanimous reprieve. Bottom line: big ups for doing it right and giving us a half hour of real reality tv.. the random guinea pig was icing on the cake.

VTE Allison
Paired with Sheila

He's the only one who didn't visibly change a lot: he's still sticking his hand down his pants and staring at cleavage when its owners talk to him. He does seem a bit happier, relieved to be still there obviously, and very likely safe another week since he's a member in good standing of Da Boyz Club (aka the New Horsemen). Sheila made a pitch to him to remain secret partners but I'm not sure how he responded: I just saw him staring at her.

VTE Allison
Paired with James

Does she think she's fooling anyone by suddenly deciding to hang out and drink beer with the boys and without James? It was laughable but she stayed for a long long time. I hate to think of their retelling it later, but it'll happen and it'll probably be ugly. I don't know what her deal is with James now that she's been cut loose. I have a feeling it'll be whatever's most convenient for her.. time will tell. She had a Night Prowl and was looking almost sad, but when James joined her it turned out to be stress over the impending noms.

VTE Allison
Paired with Chelsia

See Chelsia, with the exception that he's an even worse actor, and he was nervousing hard after the show, I suspect due to his having stepped slightly outside the boys club circle with his almost-a-fight the other night, but it wasn't all that great. Nervousing should be amusing from out here and he just isn't.

No vote (HOH)
Paired with Neil / Sharon

He got everything he wanted: Allison gone and solo play, but he's acting like he's dying. Maybe he forgot to factor into that wish list having to move back downstairs, having to face five of his nominees (count 'em, five!), having to decide whether he & Sharon would be in public or private cahoots, and whether he should bond with the boys or with the girls. I'd have paid extra to catch his Diary tonight.

VTE Allison
Paired with Natalie

He's like a pig in poop now, and he was the only one of them who knew exactly what to do after the show: shmooze like a crazy man. Everything's good for him now since he's the honorary chairman of his club, plus he's keeping Natalie close as insurance. He's rallying up a storm but the fact will hit him sooner or later that he's only the honorary chairman.. Ryan's in charge. At least for now.

VTE Allison
Paired with Matt

Sympathy ups since she just seems kinda lost and not nearly as social as she's supposed to be since all this hit the fan. She schooled them all about schooling since she just bubbles with enthusiasm when she figures something out, and Matt doesn't have as much vested interest anymore to try to keep her quiet (which he didn't do so well anyway). She's said, and so have they, that she's incapable of lying and that's believable. If this season now goes the way others have, she'll be a wreck when the mud really starts flying. Matt said he'd still sleep with her and he's probably just covering more bases but it made her happy. Then she rebounded with the Line of the Day when he asked her to get or do something for him: 'I'm not your bitch anymore - you do it yourself!' She's not a lost cause at all.

No vote (nominee)
Jen's boyfriend Paired with Allison

Who wasn't happy for him when he first got unanimous approval to stay and then won the comp? He's put up with more than any of them by far, and without much complaint at all, and it was about time one of those 'soulmates' casualty guys got something good out of this thing. He sitting real pretty right now, and although he doesn't seem to know the game as well as some, he's no dummy and he might make some good decisions this week - or some poor ones. We'll know soon enough.

No vote (HOH)
Paired with Jacob (her ex) / Joshuah

She's about the same as always, except she's downstairs again and she's stopped laughing. She's stuck to Joshuah, over-gaming her brains out, and being no fun at all. She & Jacob could have been in a sweet spot right now if they'd kept quiet, but keeping quiet isn't the thing to do on BB9. I doubt he'll get revived but if he does, it would throw a big wrench in her game.

VTE Allison
Paired with Adam

To be fair, when she retold her tales again today, there were a few who hadn't heard them. I know - impossible, right? We forget that we hear all and they don't necessarily. They've all heard it now though, so this was her last chance on the Baio-Guccione-Warhol cycle. She went into a cleaning & scrubbing frenzy after the show which pretty much said it all about her mood: they always clean before a live show. She made a pitch to Adam to stick together which maybe wasn't her best move, as he's likely to take it right back to boys club headquarters and anyway, their teamwork was pathetic since the start. She could stick awhile if she'd shut up and lay low while the heavier hitters hit each other out of the habitat.. does she have it in her? I don't think so either.

Paired with Ryan

She called it manipulation - I call it emotional blackmail with a lot of 'poor me' thrown in. One of the most delusional hamsters ever (and that's saying something), she's the poster girl for Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It. She did give us some confrontation doozies and fireworks deluxe but trust her, like one million percent, she does not care.

Paired with Amanda

He started out looking like he was on board with Matt's showmance plan and CBS picked up that angle, but then we got to know a bright, charismatic, and goofy guy who had everything going for him in there except his partner. His diplomacy was remarkable and he might have gone the distance, but he went out as another casualty of 'Til Death Do You Part'.

Paired with Alex

She began with hysterics & drama and was at the center of the biggest BB fight ever, but she went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Her moods dropped as fast as her blood sugar but to her credit, she rebounded just as fast. She & Allison had dual 911 events, but Amanda's collapse brought unexpected (and uniformed) guests into the habitat and onto the air.

Won: $5k
Ryan's girlfriend/Paired with Parker

She & Ryan could have gone far if she hadn't opened her mouth in the first days. She made loads of enemies in a short time and took Parker down with her. She'll be remembered for super-quickie sex in the bathroom and a rash on her backside.. hmm, coincidence?

Won: $5k
Paired with Jen

He was good watching at first til he gave up and went on strike. He bounced back a bit at the end but his doom came early when partner Jen couldn't keep her trap shut about her & Ryan. She had to go, and he was just the innocent bystander casualty. 'I'm sick of people's dumbass assinine ass comments' might be Line of the Season.

Paired with Joshuah

He left suddenly and mysteriously but wrote on his MySpace that he didn't leave for health reasons and that he won't be back. He seems like a good guy and I wish him well.. he's probably lucky he got out when he did, unscathed.

Paired with Sharon (his ex)

Gone before the feeds kicked in: he didn't even make an appearance. All that potential for rehashing their breakup and/or a jealous rage up in smoke. To make it worse, he & Sharon didn't even get an exit interview in Julie's boudoir - how rude!

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Nominations Thursday: expect maximum shmoozing and a healthy dose of paranoia til then

Food comp might be Thursday too?

Revive-a-Hamster: Vote at for Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda, Alex or Allison to come back. Polls close Tuesday, March 11 at 11.59pm PT

Jacob would make or break Sharon's game, bring angry sex potential, and we'd find out what he looks like

Jen would make or break Ryan's game, cause a lot of drama, and have sex

Parker would be entertaining and probably smarter the 2nd time, and he'd make the sponsors happy

Amanda would create chaos and cause fights, cry a lot and make excuses

Alex would be funny and flirty, talk in funny voices, do talk shows, and probably be a nice guy again

Allison would be Allison, and would beat Kaysar's 3 eviction record by combining them in the same season, and unanimously

Ryan is Head of Household
Nobody is nominated

Sounds like the winner of Revive-a-Hamster will be reintroduced to the habitat on next Wednesday's live show? One out and one in like the Neil/Sharon swap, but without the mystery

Finale is April 29 but 'subject to change'

First place earns $500k, second gets $50k. The others earn $750 a week, including jury sequester weeks for those that go there

Wednesday's show remained in third place with a 3.8 rating and 6 share, behind 'American Idol' on Fox with 16.0/25 and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' on NBC with 4.7/7.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Sunday, March 9 at 8pm: Nominations, assorted dramas

Sex: 3 (Jen/Ryan)
Oral: 2 (Natalie/Matt)
Self-service: 3 (James, Adam, Matt)
Makeout session pairings: 4
  (Jen/Ryan, James/Chelsia,
  Alex/Sharon, Matt/Sharon)
Nekkid makeout pool orgy: 1
Nekkid party favor: 3
 (Natalie, James, Chelsia)
Nekkid party trick: 2 (James, Natalie)
Ambulance rides: 2 (Amanda, Allison)
Major fights: too many to count

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