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hamsterAugust 21 & 22, 2006 - Days 50 & 51

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Happy Birthday Mom (Tuesday)

It's arts & crafts day again - they get play-dough and tie-dye kits.. it's also Erika's mom's birthday and she spells out a play-dough message to her

If you're Erika's mom I hope you had a very nice birthday, and maybe you should stop reading now

I'd suggested origami paper for James but play-dough works too.. just like last year when he finally gave up, he's turned into a fun guy - note his sidebar pic, he's smiling and even laughing.. he spells out EAT A DICK and he & Erika do a Mr. Bill routine with a plane - watch the video
James: 100 years of total age here at this table and we're playing with clay
[someone asks him to tell Diary about something they need or want]
James: What part of my relationship with the DR would make you think they listen to me at all?
James [later to Danielle]: Last year it was easier to be the target and escape than just be in the game

George bakes a James dolly out of slop to counteract the George dolly James made (I haven't seen it, and sorry for quads here - Slop James looks like crap on its own).. craft kits mean reading material.. Janelle dives in to tie-dying
She make a TEAM WILL shirt (with all the others coming & going around them).. Will makes his CHILLTOWN, no surprise
Janelle also makes a VETO THIS shirt.. George gets in on it and they all sign a shirt for him, since he's supposed to be leaving this week (according to what everyone's telling everyone out loud anyway)
Janelle: 'I trusted Chilltown and all I got was this lousy t-shirt'

I'm surprised they haven't had an arts & crafts group assignment yet like the BB5 piggies, BB2 dollies, BB6 piñatas and BB3 gnomes.. those are usually way before this and make for one of my favorite nights of feeds.. if they let it go much longer there will be so few of them it'll be like activity hour at the Home - we're almost there now

Random events not necessarily in order include Will having a second meet with his camera date - watch the video (it's short).. Janelle touches up Boogie's roots for him - she's also being friendly with James again today and vice versa
Willboogie check in with each other.. Will says it's hard staying up so late to keep Janelle company and study.. Operation Double Date seems to be operational.. this is where feedsters argue and get confused, since Will seems to genuinely enjoy the time he spends with Janelle.. they both seem to enjoy their flirty walkathon du jour
Will: Staying up til 5 is killing me! I'm working all night long
Will: She's Seabiscuit and I'm riding Seabiscuit as long as I can, but you gotta fucking feed the horse
Will: You gotta bang Erika tonight

Booze delivery comes and then comes again - there's lots to go around.. Erika attends the party in a towel and Boogie checks in from above in his

George is eating slop straight from the slop bucket - never mind the fancy recipes.. Will & Janelle enjoy each other's company some more with a toast over grilled cheese

Happy Birthday Mom, again

My plans for a lite episode today are dashed when this happens

It's Bath Buddies of another kind and it goes on forever on all four feeds

We find out later that Will & Janelle have a dual Diary while this is going on, and an "important talk".. James & Danielle play pool and chat in the back yard, as you'll hear if you watch the video - it's a lot of game chat in both places.. it's clear now that Erika & Boogie are definitely not a long-time item so there's one rumor laid to rest (if they are, there's a serious problem in the relationship considering how they talk while doing this)

Erika's the aggressor in the sudsy scene and also the poser, as usual..they swap hats
It goes on forever
Feedmasters try to show us something else but there isn't much else in there.. the HJ isn't subtle and also goes on a long time.. I think he does his doo-dah but I'm not sure and I don't want to know
Right about then the other wine drinkers come in looking for some stash, including Danielle, but Erika & Boogie drank it all so they leave.. the bathing beauties eventually get out of the tub, each in their own way
Boogie puts the HOH robe on Erika and leaves his shorts behind.. they make out awhile in bed and do some undercovers maneuvering.. some see a quick flash of nekkid Erika but when she comes out later she's in her 'kini.. I guess that doesn't mean it stayed on
Boogie keeps shouting "America's Choice!" (referring to bedding a trophy hamster, or something).. they mention condoms but he says he doesn't want her to do anything she shouldn't, with cameras and all.. then he says "I have a big day tomorrow", turns away, and farts on her.. twice - watch the video of #2

They sleep but the cameras stay on them a long long time.. Will & Janelle come up and turn on the lights.. Boogie growls sleepily and they go downstairs again.. we can hear them singing at the top of their lungs but the cameras stay on the greenlight pair.. several hours later Erika smarts smooching on sleeping Boogie but he gets up to pee.. she smooches some more when he comes back and even straddles him, but he turns away again and goes back to sleep.. a bit later she gets up and leaves
According to a Boogie whisper to Will many weeks ago, something similar happened on their only prior date, some weeks before BB7: they went to bed, Boogie passed out drunk, and woke up the next day to find her gone

Still more bath buddies

We're finally allowed downstairs again and find Will & Janelle outside

They're talking about this & that and game.. they mention their Diary and their "important talk on August 22nd" - see the transcript by Penguin.. it's all kinda flirty as usual.. at one point they tell each other secrets - one of them sounds very much like "I want to kiss you" - watch/listen to the video caught & audio-boosted by Tiger/tigershere, at about the 13 second point

She asks if he wants to play more cards.. he says he's too tired and wants to shower.. she says she'll join him.. his shorts come off as she's entering and catch on the hook.. I think she takes off more than usual in there.. they sing & sing & sing - we get a lot of flames
Afterward they chat and study a bit.. Will talks about James and how nervous he always is when they talk, and he does a funny impression of him - watch the video.. he also mentions their talk of August 22nd again - watch the video.. this time as well as earlier he says it in connection with trying harder in the game; a bit later he says "luckiest talk you ever had" - maybe they firmed up a split-the-money deal

The Dolly Wars revisited

All this tonight and a show too

I covered most of this when it happened and when James & Janelle's versions jived I figured it was no big whup, but it was nice to see it in the flesh, so to speak

I don't fault James for going ballistic - he handled his pain over losing in his way, same as Janelle handled hers over learning of her many betrayals in her way.. his leaked over to the next day but he's over it now, and people who say hers was faked, especially after her Diaries tonight, need to check wardrobe and realize those were recorded the following day when she'd come back.. maybe she milked it some and/or maybe just didn't want to admit to being fragile.. regardless, I have to commend the editors on this one for minimizing both and not using more of the additional hours of tape to exploit either any further

As for the Dolly Wars, it's astonishing that few if any seem to be aware that Erika was still in the running - I certainly ass-umed it was a James vs Janelle final - and that just shows how truly under the radar Erika really is in this game.. it's also one less leg for James' arguments to stand on

The tussle is how they each said it, more or less: they fought over the Howie dolly (James said repeatedly that night they'd fought so hard over it that its H was broken), but he didn't yell or curse when he was "assaulted" - he said "you can have it".. looking at it objectively (yes, I can do that) it really looks like both are equally at fault for the tussle, or neither.. it was a rough 'n tumble and both played it hard
He said "I am harmed. It's a little harm but it's a harm" and he probably did get scratched - she flipped him off with the broken-nail finger from the finish line.. the Howie dolly's broken H was a big focus of James' rant that night, but they showed the diagram twice placing the wrong Howie dolly as the spot they fought.. the right Marcellas dolly was on Janelle's side and he never crossed over.. as his partner Danielle often says, "the proof's in the pudding" and Janelle has the necklace
Janelle: Don't be mad at me
James: That's poor sportsmanship, you don't get a hug
James [Diary]: This bitch took the doll out of my hand.. [that's] assault in the outside world
Janelle [Diary]: I can't believe we fought over a frickin' doll

In the end, it's ridiculous that so many adults are caught up in the details of two adults fighting over dollies, myself included.. the Dolly Wars are over

Was it good for you? (Monday)

Will makes up with us feedsters (and then some) today and has an extended, intimate conversation with us in the backyard

This is the stuff that makes people love Will or hate him.. I think it's pretty funny, and I'm glad he's still there - nobody else bothers to stop and entertain us

He starts off by making up with us and apologizing for all the nasty things he's said about us.. he discusses his hair, his sleeve-danas, gives us shopping lists, makes out with us, breaks up with us and then comes back to us (naturally - we're irresistible)
Will has a busy afternoon all around.. after our cyber session he gets trapped under a lounge.. then after he & Boogie re-enact Howie's eviction he bounces his bouncy ball too high and breaks the decor.. then he acts like a hyper bratty kid, pretending he didn't do it, gets called to Diary and comes out grumbling

Other events include Janelle veto'ing herself off the block and George going up as scheduled.. Danielle pulls out the booze she stashed yesterday.. George weighs in - the slop diet's still got him losing.. Danielle drops a bombshell on James

Poker messages

The middle-size table arrives, also on schedule or maybe one Howie late

James has recovered from his mood and seems to believe he's staying (but is also afraid he's leaving).. he goes to bed early and the others break in the table with some Texas Hold'em and M&Ms for chips

It's a good time with fun chat but as usual, there are game undertones.. Danielle says "I'm a gambler!" when they go over the how-to and suggestions for folding or bluffing.. Erika wins a hand and they ask what she had - she responds "I don't have to say!" and doesn't.. Janelle wins a hand and squeals "Yay! I'm good at poker!" - the others go quiet.. George loses a bunch of M&Ms to Boogie, and Will says (as George) "I won the game Teresa! Unfortunately I owe all the cash to Mike Boogie"

The crew sends us some messages as they play, zooming in on James' photo for awhile (reminding us he's absent).. then to a deliberate split shot of Kaysar & Alison's black & white pics and back to James (reminding us he was instrumental in their evictions).. then to Danielle & back to James, then to co-nominee George and then to Howie's black & white (an obvious one).. then to George again and then to the top of the photo bank frame - again, very deliberate - back to George and then to the side of the frame
Call me nuts, but they've given us messages before. One of the more memorable was last year's Revive-a-Hamster event: Ivette was having an animated discussion of all the reasons Cappy would be voted back in as we got a deliberate zoom between his name and the FORGET part of the DON'T FORGET message on her shirt. I took that as a sign that he wasn't coming back, and he didn't. Don't forget the crew hears all the convos as well as Diaries.. I hope this doesn't mean George is going to fall off the edge this week.

In business news, Danielle proposed a one-week truce to Janelle who accepted (but they didn't shake hands or pinky-swear).. Erika overheard James & Danielle trashing her and told Willboogie about it.. she also told Danielle who told James "you f'd up" - he sweated, she rejected his suggestions to mend the problem and gave him hers.. Danielle also told him they have to split up Willboogie

Will & Janelle spent a lot of time together again including another walkathon in the backyard where they made up flirty stories about step-siblings who are attracted to each other - hmmm.. Willboogie are definitely split as to whether to keep Janelle or Erika - Will's pushing hard for Janelle, Boogie doesn't trust her and slams her (and cocktail waitresses in general, again)

A discrepancy popped up today that may or may not mean anything: Danielle told James that she's been with Will since Day 1 and with James since Day 2, and that makes him "low man" in the Legion of Doom hierarchy.. later she said to Will "we've been together since Day 2".. this settles the debate over who betrayed BB6 first (which mostly rages only in James' head), but it's also an odd incongruency - maybe Danielle hooked up with both on Day 2 but revised it for James so he always knows he's the minion and not the boss? Just a thought

Late night finds an odd trio playing cards.. Will comes & goes and Danielle sneaks hits off Janelle's cigs.. later Will & Janelle study a bit before bed.. she's much slower than usual - maybe just acting blonde

Janelle gave me another shout-out tonight during shout-out hour, which made my day again :)

Videos are varied once again.. it's lite episodes for a few days as I need a break before it all starts over again Thursday

Willboogie starting to parannoy about it all - remember The Plan when Erika joins
Will cybers us (volume is very low, sorry) part 1 - ends in a breakup
  part 2 - he's back with a shopping list - part 3 - quads was it good for you?
Just after Will makes a broken glass noise happen
Will delivers the evidence to Diary
Hodgepodge of fun stuff Paris Hilton, Will's evidence, fans/stalkers
Danielle & James meeting part 1, Janelle - part 2, "Erika heard us - you f'd up"
Willboogie discuss Erika vs Janelle part 1
  part 2 has a revival of the Boogie Troll: "Janelle makes guys feel like that on Monday
  nights between midnight and 4" also Will does a Beatles scene re-do

Janelle stays up alone for awhile.. Boogie's bed looks like a minefield wrapped in plastic


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Tuesday's show won its time slot. Next show is live eviction Thursday at 8 pm. Finale is Sept. 12
Some perspective: Tuesday BB's 5.0 rating/8.0 share corresponds to the 8pm winner, a rerun of 'House' at 5.7/10. The 10pm winner, 'SVU' had 6.5/11.

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Ratings indicate my guess for their future in the game based on viability of current alliances (and maybe a little wishful thinking)
I figure we need two more double evictions to finish in time

Big thanks for turning the flames music down! Now please fix the volume on F1?

A great show all around Tuesday. They didn't dwell on James or Janelle's breakdowns and they replayed the Dolly Wars in detail - watch the video by Tiger/tigershere. But there were still problems: tv-only viewers must be insane by now trying to put together this 1000-piece puzzle since they've only been given 100 pieces and 50 of them are wrong. Now they have James saying he feels bad about Janelle crying since they know each other outside the house? This is after they aired him calling her Anna Nicole wannabe, fat piece of shit, and a bitch umpteen times. They showed Boogie & Will talking to Janelle but I'm pretty sure they didn't air either saying they were sorry for Howie's eviction, and both did. Will's diaries about James were funny as always, as was his 'rebuild Janelle' stuff. We can see where that's going now when they kept his 'I own you' but didn't show much of their flirtations this time, and this is when it really started to kick into high gear. Not surprising they cut out Boogie getting Howie's HOH photos but it's kinda shocking that's it's still a full moon over that house. The cyberpunk electronic spy music was perfect for the Dolly Wars comp as was the cartoony jazz for Willboogie's celebrations afterward. Boogie placing Will's key last in the nom box shows just how little he knows about game tension or 'good tv' when on his own. Erika's edits are turning sour (wait til they cover tonight) and Danielle was barely there considering how busy she's been. I'm surprised yet not that they didn't air her comment about 'looking out and seeing idols - with my religion and all, I knew this wasn't a competition for me.'

+ Will
- Will/Janelle
+ Erika
0 Will/Danielle/James

0 James
0 Will/Boogie/James
- Will
- Erika
0 George
- Janelle (1 wk truce)

- Danielle
+ Boogie
- George
- Will/Boogie

- Erika
0 Danielle
+ Janelle

- Janelle
0 Danielle
0 Will/Boogie/Danielle

- James
- Will/Boogie
+ Will
+ George
- Danielle (1 wk truce)

Dr. Will
+ Boogie
+ Janelle
- Boogie/Erika
- Boogie/Janelle
- Danielle
0 Boogie/Dani/James


Love him or hate him, nobody can deny he's an individual. Two years running he's stayed truer to his partners than anyone while staying on good terms with everyone on all sides, in spite of behavior that would get most arrested. His act gets old and he drops trou a lot, but he's almost always upbeat and his heart is solid gold. We'd all be lucky to have a friend as loyal as Howie.


He had early alliances galore but blew them all off to mope & complain instead. Editing was far from kind and didn't even give us his best but it's his own doing (like most of his problems are). Hamsterwatch Most Photogenic award winner, especially since he started posing for renaissance paintings.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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