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hamsterAugust 17, 2006 - Day 46

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All's forgiven, kinda

Marcellas becomes the sixth hamster to walk the plank and the first on the jury as another three days of filibuster waffling comes to an end

Boogie won the Coup d'Etat but doesn't use it, possibly because Julie announces that Janelle as outgoing HOH can't be put up, or possibly because he really does want Marcellas gone.. he has two more chances to use it but he isn't supposed to tell anyone he holds it or what it does

They all look great in their prom gear.. we even get a rare laugh from James - not surprisingly at someone else's expense as Julie pokes fun at Howie's "spool of lies"
Both nominees seem to know what's coming.. Erika has her Janellish boa nearby
Then Marcellas snubs most of them by making a quick exit with few hugs.. he looks dapper and cool in his 'fro and ruffles as heads to Julie's boudoir
He gets/gives a hug to Julie and makes up for the snub she & boss-man hubby gave him & Gretchen on the Emmy red carpet last year.. he's back to his usual animated, smiley self and even laughs as Julie asks if the 'fro is protection from getting whacked by her, like last time
He gets to see clips of some of his lesser venom and even corrects Julie for what likely isn't a misquote, and he continues to trash Janelle even as she's about to be named America's Prom Queen, having no idea how hard she fought for him over & over.. he says she's lied throughout but that he played without talking trash <koff>.. he also says all's well with Danielle and it only took him four years.. hopefully he'll learn something from all this and drop some of the pettiness that makes him such a bitter & miserable man.. maybe he'll even understand one day that we do indeed reap what we sow, and that he sows far more nasty seeds than most

Then they're outside to the prom, which pretty much consists of their clothes, a disco ball and high school pics.. they guess who the public voted as Most Intelligent (Will), Biggest Whiner (Marcellas), Worst & Best Dressed (George & Janelle), Life of the Party (Howie), Most Likely to Break Hearts (Will), Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize (George) and Biggest Flirt (Janelle).. I'm glad they cut it off before they get to the ugly & hurtful categories such as Most Likely to Die Alone.. we never find out the "advantage" the Prom King or Queen would have had in the comp, as Janelle wins that one and can't compete

George comes from behind and meets Danielle in the tiebreaker.. they have to guess how many minutes they were on cold water.. Julie needn't worry as neither comes close to going over (a day has 1,440 minutes and they were on it 4-5 days) but his 360 beats her 308, surprising nobody more than himself
Back to the living room and George must nominate right away as it's a double eviction week (the first of several - I don't think they know that yet).. James & Erika are nominated and it's a wrap for another Thursday show

Sour grapes of wrath

Danielle grumbles on the stairs, as if she's waiting to pounce on George

She says "You and me, final two?" to Janelle in passing.. Janelle takes it as the "joke" it probably is - but maybe we'll get some fun convos later

Fallout from the evening results are swift and brutal, starting with James saying the noms make no sense (apparently forgetting that he nom'd George), how stupid the public is for naming Janelle flirtiest, and bitching that the Nobel Peace Prize is like a culmination of the Nobel prizes for science, economics and literature, or something (et tu, dumbass).. Danielle says she started "thinking like America" after hearing that the voters think Will's more intelligent than she is

A livid James & livid Danielle meet in the gym/jail/conference room with Erika who's gloomy, and Boogie who's happy as a clam.. Danielle thinks she's being backdoor'd and says Janelle & Howie HAVE to go up and James claims they're scared (hello? the room's full of mirrors - who's scared?).. he promises to "explode on three people" and hurt their feelings and their families' feelings.. Erika says she can "see their fingerprints all over these nominations".. James says "fuck yea, cuz there's 9 on one of them and 10 on the other.. oh yea, I went there" - watch the video.. he lingers alone after they leave and mutters that George has "awoken a demon"

Willboogie meet up and celebrate another week of no-win wins and no worries.. I don't know if Will knows Boogie has the Coup or what it does, but I'm guessing he does.. they say they'd rather keep Erika as she'd be easier to dispose of later, and they'd like to keep Howie as long as possible as he's easy to beat in comps, and at finals

George's HOH room decor is a lively green & yellow and everyone goes up to help celebrate and/or suck up.. they check out the photos from home and George in his chicken suit at the Tropicana, Las Vegas.. watch the videos: part 1 - part 2
They meet the BB1 cast - some for the first time (hey Eddie!).. they look over and dive into his snacks (don't gain all that weight back, George) and they look over his new shorts, shirts and Beanie Baby from Teresa, the lovely Mrs. Chicken
He has letters from Teresa, his mom, and his daughters.. Danielle reads one aloud and he reads another.. (Danielle doesn't read it as smoothly or easily as the one she read from "her mom" <wink wink>)
They laugh at one daughter's shock that he didn't get up til 10.30am one morning, and that his snoring & the doubled-up slip 'n slide were on the show.. they pause and wonder when she writes that she hopes he brings home "the million dollars".. one of the letters has drawings with it, awwww

Shmoozing rounds start with Howie, who George assures is safe.. ditto with Janelle when she joins them.. Erika pretends to be interested in his home stuff when she goes in, until George asks her about the "fight" between she & Drunken Danielle the other night.. Erika explains that it was fake, which doesn't sit well with him

Fast forward to picking players for the veto comp: along with George & the nominees, it'll be Howie, Will & Danielle.. Janelle finds a vase for her prom queen flowers

The "it's just a game" crowd lies around waiting for the veto comp, each one as miserable as the others

George gets worked over

James wins the veto in the rushed-up comp, and HOH rounds begin anew.. it isn't pretty

Boogie starts off with I don't know what - I can barely listen to any of them anymore.. he does mention The Power but doesn't say he has it.. James joins for a bit

Then George confronts Danielle downstairs about discrepancies & holes in things he's been told - her responses don't sit well with him - watch the video

James goes back for an extended bullying/insult session that he seems to think is complimentary.. he admits he's cussed and wished George would die in his sleep but doesn't quite apologize for it.. George tells him "I like your alliance" (meaning BB6) which James has to swallow although he's trashed Janelle & Howie in front of George many times til now, and he's there now to talk up Danielle and talk down Janelle.. George explains the only reason he nominated him was because he was the only one who's nominated George.. James tries to argue but obviously can't on that one.. watch the videos: part 1 - part 2

James trades places with Erika who looks around and shudders at seeing her ex, BB1 Josh.. she takes on a compassionate persona although she avoids eye contact a lot.. she dances around his pointed questions and says she's just been trying to protect him from knowing too much.. he tells her Teresa recommended he side with her and she eventually gets around to saying Janelle should go up against her, and she promises to keep him in the loop in future.. she also agrees when George says what a great guy Josh is, in spite of her earlier shudder

Downstairs Willboogie are lying low (literally) in the gym/jail/conference room.. I don't catch what they're saying as I'm recording in HOH, but Danielle tries to

James reports back to Danielle that things are looking up for her again, which she likes hearing, and she trots up to HOH next and smoothes over her semi-burnt bridges.. she also promises to keep George in her future loops

So George's short, accelerated tenure as HOH is running like most have so far: he begins it by promising safety to Howie for being his pal and Janelle for not nominating him in her 3.5 chances, and he's suspicious of James, Erika & Danielle.. within a couple hours he's virtually promised to replace the soon-to-be-veto'd James with Janelle and he's in thick with both Erika & Danielle again

But wait, there's more

Feedmasters screw up and we get a glimpse of Will in Diary.. I love when this happens.. I guess the live show A Crew's shift is over

George tries to enjoy some of the perks of his office by having some after-pizza watermelon.. Will discovers a cricket being devoured and Howie & Janelle join in the nature viewing


Finally Will pays a visit to George and as usual (and unlike the others) it's blissfully short 'n sweet.. he suggests that George nominate him instead of Janelle, ensuring that Erika would go, the house would be peaceful without retributions, and Janelle & Danielle could stay to fight it out and keep the rest of them in the background.. he asks George to keep it secret from everyone, even Boogie - watch the video
It gives Janelle & Howie fans reason to celebrate, maybe.. George says he couldn't take the chance that Will would go but he's assured that'd be ok too.. Will lets it go, like he does, and says they can talk about it again tomorrow

Erika pops in to say good night to George, playing up her new best friend role between griping with Danielle.. Will reports back to Howie & Janelle, and Howie pops up to say good night too, thanking George for promising safety to him & Janelle.. Will plays with the left-out veto player picking balls, much as he plays with the players themselves
George is troubled but beds down for the night.. he gets up again to check the official rulebook for something but falls asleep soon enough, and without snoring anyone into pissiness.. Howie & Janelle hang out and snack and laugh and study, like they do.. Erika & Danielle move in with the bugs 'n platitudes - Erika takes the big big eviction bed's bedding with her.. Howie finally beds down in it diagonally with a sheet.. I think Janelle settles in with the leafs 'n platitudes


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VTE = Voted to evict
High-speed double eviction week #1
Today's ratings are based on entertainment value and overall watchability.

I think the flames music has been turned down, yay!
I have to give them props for packing a bunch into Thursday's show, many of them true (and rare) surprises, even after nearly half the show went to review. Prom night was silly but I'm glad they spared the really nasty questions, and it's always fun to watch Julie scold them for admiring their pricey set dressings. They've revised the script: now Janelle's been HOH three times instead of the former four or accurate 3½, and the Coup d'Etat was again 'a common phrase' with 'applies to BB game' just tacked on as a footnote once. Both Janelle's & Danielle's moms added some much-needed class & perspective to what's usually treated as life or death matters in the house, and Julie tried to temper Marcellas' nasty attitude by joking about his last eviction when she thwapped him. Unfortunately not much can temper that man's bad attitude but at least she cut him off in mid-whine about being sent to Tijuana. We'll probably never know what Janelle earned as far as an HOH comp advantage for being named Prom Queen so all that was just a lot of 50¢ into CBS's pockets, plus a packet of comp Q&As they didn't have to pay the writers for.

VTE Marcellas
Mr. Reap What He Sows had better pay attention to the platitude he's holding: he's starting to work too much without a net (Will) and could easily end up double-talking himself into a corner. Wait.. on second thought, that might not be so bad. He couldn't get over the fact that the public thinks of Howie as the real life of the party, but that's the way it is.

VTE Marcellas
She's only fun anymore when she's drunk and pretending not to be. Ms. 'It's just a game' seems to have trouble grasping the fact when it applies to her, and she harped for quite awhile about not being voted more intelligent than Will by saying (repeatedly) that she's known as the 'smartest player never to Win BB'. Hmm, that leaves six winners and at least a dozen smart/good player threats that were dispatched early, but she can't see beyond her own stuck-up nose to acknowledge facts that aren't convenient to her endless self-hype. She needs to listen to her mom and start practicing what she preaches a bit, and learn to STFU once in awhile.

No vote (nominee)
She weaseled her way into another nomination and it looks like she may have cutesy-voice'd her way out of it again, but late developments have Will working to bounce her out and even kissy-face pal Boogie's bad-mouthing her all over town. George's wife said he should align with her but chances are she was talking from the start, and secretly like her alliance with that other older guy Jack. Unfortunately for George, she's just hopping on this bandwagon now as a last resort to keep the target off her back, but maybe he'll see the light yet.

VTE Marcellas
Chicken Man surprised them all by winning a comp that most were really trying for and he got an ice cream social room and a couple days off slop for a reward. He also got a lot of grief as suck-up rounds kept him up late, and a lot of harassment from James in particular (who didn't even have anything to be sucking up about this time.) It was good to see him get his stuff and introduce BB1's characters to the ones who've expressed no interest til now, and it was great to see him question Erika & Danielle about their shady dealings with him. Too bad he seemed to buy their responses so easily but Will's on the case now to dump Erika and we can only hope George goes along with it. He got a lot of grief for BB1 editors making Mrs. Chicken look like a cheating, phone bank demon - maybe he'll remember that and won't be so fast in wanting to put out America's Prom Queen so easily.

VTE James Marjealous Marcellas
Leave it to Howie to make Julie ask him for his vote three times - as if she doesn't know who Marjealous refers to. He's still the only one not to be nom'd but people need to stop giving him crap about not winning anything yet: neither have Willboogie. I'm hoping he goes Busto on somebody soon, and I'm hoping that somebody is James or Danielle.. Erika would do too.

VTE Marcellas
He's been going around saying he won five vetos last year but that's just another James fib: he won four and is taking credit for Sarah's since he says he gave it to her. (By that token his pal Danielle's won nothing.) He did win tonight's quickie duct tape and glue project, but I'm one of the many who isn't all that impressed by comp winners. I'm not impressed by bullying, constant cussing and plain meanness either, let alone when it's all said in a monotone voice, so I wish he'd just STFU and get outta there. It takes a lot for me to refuse to watch someone on the feeds but I'm just about there with him. But first.. here's some homework for the know-it-all who's so fond of calling everyone else dumbass: the Nobel Peace Prize is not only completely separate from the other Nobel prizes, it's even awarded in a separate country. Dumbass!

No vote (HOH)
America's Choice once again and this time it got her a tiara, a dozen roses, and a mysterious advantage she didn't get to use. But she accepted with grace and was even approached by arch-enemy Danielle with an invitation to team up. It was only said in jest and because Dani thought George was ready to shove her through the back door (evil-doers breed their own paranoia & suspicion like that) but it did show some respect where respect is due. It was great to see Janelle's mom Ann on the show and she did her daughter proud, as Janelle does her every day. Once again Janelle's at Dr. Will's mercy and he just might save her again. Even though he's just doing for his own & his sidekick's benefit, he knows and we know that the feeds & show will die an even more horrible death than they're each headed for if Janelle (and Howie) are shipped out sooner than later.

Dr. Will
VTE Marcellas
I missed much of his stuff tonight while taping the venom spitters upstairs, but he deserves retroactive ups for yesterday's Jenga events and probably for tonight's too. I'm vowing (once again) to avoid the inevitable waffling and trash talking and hope he stays in the forefront to entertain us while all that crap goes on. He still owns them all, and it's funnier each time he begs to be put on the block after the others sweat & ramble for hours to avoid it.


He had early alliances galore but blew them all off to mope & complain instead. Editing was far from kind and didn't even give us his best but it's his own doing (like most of his problems are). Hamsterwatch Most Photogenic award winner, especially since he started posing for renaissance paintings.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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