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hamsterAugust 16, 2006 - Day 45

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What to wear to the prom

They come in from lockdown to find racks of prom wear

Normally this would be cause for hamster squeals of delight, but not this group - they're barely phased by it all and don't seem at all surprised (likely warned it was coming?) but they paw through the racks anyway

Watch the videos: part 1 - part 2 - part 3

They start to find pieces they like and tuck them away
Boogie goes for powder blue and red high-tops.. he & Will have yet another quick whisper on their way to tucking their goods away
Typically, James is complaining - he says there's nothing in his size.. Boogie helps him find some stuff.. he goes for a conservative look
Erika tries pink sparkles, then Marcellas helps her zip up a little black dress.. Janelle tries red with a boa, and Danielle finds a pink dress she says looks like the Supremes, and it does
Naturally George has the best time and makes the most of the choices, selecting a sparkly red shirt, sparkly silver jacket and top hat - he could be a ringleader and he looks great
Janelle drags her rejects down from her private dressing room upstairs and puts them back, then helps look for Howie who seems a little out of sorts today
He finds a jacket that fits and looks quite nice in it too.. George helps with his bow tie
He tries his pants on in the living room.. not surprisingly, Danielle seems to disapprove
Sticking to her Single White Female storyline, Erika grabs a boa before helping George wheel the racks back to the pantry, where the leftovers will go back to the wardrobe department or Target or wherever they came from
There's a card that says BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS PROM so maybe they know what they're in for or maybe they don't - it sounds like they'll be wearing the new stuff for tomorrow's live show.. nothing else comes from it today though, and they're back to body counts, whisperings, complaining and gloom

Back to slop

The fun's over soon enough and they're back to sitting around complaining about the slop they're all on today

Will whips up some Rice Krispies-type treats that go over well.. Janelle has some slop 'n honey.. Erika mopes.. George has a pickle

Danielle seems to be going the martyr route - she isn't going to eat at all and doesn't want to try any of the new slopcoctions.. she sulks as the others chat and eventually puts herself back in solitary
She mopes and mumbles - maybe afraid to tell either of her minions they'll be soon gone? Or maybe just knowing that one of her minions will be soon gone

Jenga prepares to die

Will's been trying to burn the Jenga game for a long time.. I'm not sure whether it's a personal vendetta or just something else he holds over Diary's head

For whatever reasons, he decides today's the day to bring it up again.. he builds a nice tower/pyre in the firepit, interlaced with bits of paper towel


I've avoided the silly vote question so far today since they're still waffling back & forth a mile a minute, but I can't avoid everyone cozying up to George again, like they do when they need his vote.. first James tells him long involved stories heavily laced with James' trademark vocabulary of f-bombs, mo-fo's and the like.. later Willboogie demonstrate their superior people skills by letting George tell them long involved stories.. Danielle has quick check-ins with him all day
Another 24 hours is cut short for these spoiled kids when slop ends at 9pm.. Danielle makes something they all enjoy.. George is still sloppy and on his own again while the rest of them eat together, quickly forgotten by all his new best friends

Grooming parties

Janelle offers to help Erika with her roots, since she's apparently never done her own haircolor

She mixes up the care package sent by Erika's hairdresser, and the cam crew gives us a closeup to assess the severity of the problem

They take it inside and Janelle gets her started, showing her what to do
Erika catches on and takes over her own hair, and a crowd gathers
Erika breaks out her next product and Boogie starts working Howie's touchups
George & Will join in and decide to give him a 70s look for the prom.. they start with mustache color and a few racing stripes
Pretty soon it's an all-out major effort by dedicated artistes - watch the video
Before they're done all subtlety's gone and the stuff is glopped on.. Boogie pats his crotch as he plays audience member with Danielle

Jenga dies

Will lights the Jenga pyre but not much happens - apparently it's treated, fire-resistant wood

This won't do, as Will says he just walked out of Diary to burn Jenga rather than talk about what they wanted him to talk about for text alerts subscribers

He lights a Duraflame log and rolls it towards Jenga, and it's off.. watch the videos: part 1 - part 2

It's a good time and feels relaxed, almost like they're all on a camping trip together.. George checks to see how Howie's do's doing
Erika's results don't look all that different, but I haven't seen the finished product yet.. George fluffs up Howie in HOH and says "that's how we did it in the 70s"

Janelle & James miss the Jenga fire as they're up in HOH talking about Marcellas vs Erika, Willboogie vs Danielle, Us vs Them.. James makes some sense and almost sounds like he's back on the team again.. then he reports the entire convo to Danielle and they reiterate how they must get Janelle & Howie out of there

Howie & Janelle talk things over with Willboogie for awhile and consider flipping a coin to decide who should go tomorrow.. Boogie tells them the whole thing isn't worth his time & aggravation if he doesn't finish in first place and win the money

They say at one point that if Erika stays and if BB wants her to be the next HOH, the comp will be something in her favor.. Will says "the thing about Michael Sullivan - I worked with him on another show.." cut to flames and WAY TOO LOUD music.. (Erika had named him as the person who actually read the questions to the veto players in the graveyard comp).. Will's also said his brother used to work for BB and/or CBS

Howie's rocking his new look - he almost gets a Burt Lancaster thing going now & then

Later Janelle & Howie study, and she does the day's final grooming touchups.. unlike the other groomees, she ends up looking like she stepped out of an ad

It's an almost fun-filled day for a change except these yahoos can't make up their minds between Erika & Marcellas, mostly because most of them are starting to run into trouble covering up their various behind-the-back alliances, and that takes precedence over just about anything (especially with the one-track minds of James & Danielle involved)

They all believe Boogie holds the Coup d'Etat power but none know what it will do

They also don't yet know that their season's been cut short and that after tomorrow they'll need six evictions in 3½ weeks to end up with two finalists on September 12


Today's must-click special:
Marcellas gets nominated (unedited) from Housecalls, posted by immunegb5

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Tuesday's show won its time slot. Next show is live eviction & Coup d'Etat Thursday 8pm.

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Yesterday's Misery House edition (ver 2.0) will stand, even though it was almost a fun day in there. The everlasting waffling over who to evict is ridiculous and has worn me out, and now I have to prepare for two possible evictees again. Tomorrow will have an all-new sidebar again - deal with it.

So now it's just a 'well-known phrase' - they've dropped the 'applies to the BB game' part; and they've got Jack and April as 'some of the most explosive houseguests in BB history'.. uh huh. Janelle's editing was a bit less horrid on Tuesday's show but that's ass-uming James & Marcellas aren't taken at their word.. oops, silly me. I honestly don't know how anyone could stomach this show if they didn't have the feeds to balance against, but do I care? Not so much.. I'm over it and any hope of a decent retelling or fair portrayal for tv is long out the window. The show's being co-produced by Will and its star is Boogie, for no other reason than he's Will's sidekick.. gotta wonder how much that deal cost CBS. I'm just glad the whole thing's being cut short and if there is a BB8, I hope it'll be done by different producers.. Endemol's original vision remains a huge success in other countries. Let CBS stick to what they do best: shows about corpses.

He just about hung himself & Will by bringing up the Erika dating story before they went in the house (translation: he passed out on her) in his solo flight to convince Janelle & Howie to keep Erika and kick Marcellas. That got James all hot & bothered, which is never a bad thing, but they talked their way out of it again.

Great fun watching her drunken self slopping all over the house & backyard talking to herself, talking to us, saying she wasn't drunk (drunks always say that) and that she was 'acting'.. yah right. <hic>

Looks like she's going to slip through again and stay in there to haunt us some more. Then again, maybe she'll go.. you never can tell with hamsters when they're in waffling mode.

Yea, he's still there.

He knows what's going on but he lets them steamroll all over him & Janelle anyway. What we need is for Howie to go Busto on James, or any of them. Until then he's a lost cause.. but he remains the only one who hasn't been nominated.

He's still there, he's still nervousing, he's still biting his nails, he's still speed-rapping 100 mph, he's still cussing every other word, and he's still a drip.

So disappointing to watch her stand up for herself, presenting the facts that she was pressured into nominating Marcellas to those who pressured her, then bowing to their pressure again (and Will's charm) and agreeing to go along with evicting him. Marcellas will never forgive her that - not that that's a great loss from Mister 'Walk up to that busted blonde bombshell and pull that brassy hair out by its black roots' and not that his gloomy presence in the house will be missed by anyone, but she knows she got screwed over and she's letting it happen again on a daily basis. I'd still like to see her do well but she's going to have to snap out of it and get back to herself pronto to pull it off.

Everybody's fighting over him and he couldn't care less: he's just happy he got his $30k sequester bonus and wants to go pop zits in a mirror without a camera behind it. For co-hosting 'Housecalls' for two? three? years, the guy is clueless about the game and its players beyond what CBS shows, and maybe that's why he won't be going back to HC (or so he said many weeks ago). He & Danielle hinted about their partnership tonight so she could still swing to keep him if the house does, but his Eeyore act has run its course and it'll be a relief to watch him go. He'll never acknowledge that Janelle watched out & tried to fight for him every chance she got, and that's just as well: with friends like him, who needs enemies?

Dr. Will
He owns them all more than ever, especially Janelle, and he's playing them all like a dime store yo-yo. He's not impervious though: the arrogance & overconfident act are covering up something (they always are.) He's got a professional reputation this time that he didn't before and that's probably keeping him nicer than last time, but all these behind-the-back successes can't be good for business. He made a plea to internet viewers tonight promising how good he's going to get and to tell our friends to tune in, but that came six weeks after he's been insulting us daily: not the best PR style there, bub. Anyway, CBS is pulling the plug on his act earlier than scheduled: that's gotta hurt. After all the hype & self-promotion, Mr. Showbiz may never have an explanation for that one.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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