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hamsterAugust 2, 2006 - Day 31

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Turnaround plan

After their dawn meeting Kaysar & Janelle decide to stay up til 11.30 tonight so they can turn their schedules (mostly Janelle's) back to days again, and be fresh for the live show and HOH comp

They run the backyard then jumprope, do lunges, weights.. then they run some more.. watch the videos: running and after the first 100

They joke & laugh too, and talk as friends.. it's fun for the mornies who are usually asleep when Janelle & Kaysar have this kind of chat that overnighters enjoy.. they say they'll keep each other up all day, then separate to the pool and bath

The rest of them are woken up to vote (they think).. feedmasters give us a series of still lifes around the house as they prep
I like these - they're easy to understand, confusion-free.. the messy and the neat

Most are up and primping or eating but there's always a body count somewhere - this morning's are creative.. Will's hand is barely visible in his cocoon of many colors on the floor.. Marcellas' hand peeks out of the pink.. Howie exposes more, like he does

Danielle warms up for what turns into a very busy day for her by giving someone or something a very disapproving look (I'm not sure who or what).. she says to James "Why don't you make me some pancakes, bitch" - his face looks like he's partly amused but partly not.. she finally gets called into Diary and we have a bit of feeds slippage

Erika wonders about big hair.. Marcellas floats through like a vision in white before settling into a slump
James sends a finger-crossed hi to Sarah.. Diane's not feeling well or something, but she joins the hurry up & wait crowd
Boogie & Erika resume their positions from last night/this morning.. no telling what does or doesn't go on under those blankets this time
Pretty soon it's a full body count again.. Diane comes through with an annoyed sounding "What, you aren't voting?!"
Apparently the ones who were called in were doing farewells.. nobody in there or out here knows what's up with them not voting - 8 live votes is a lot of network tv time, and there's no reason to do it live when it looks unanimous

Shaving Alliance

"Let's not confuse grooming with sexuality"

It's what it is and it's what it looks like, and it's funny stuff.. it will definitely make the air show.. watch the video

Amid the buzzzzzzz Will works Howie a bit, speculating on a Final Four of Willboogie, Howie & Janelle.. if the HOH comp will be combined with the absent eviction vote somehow.. if someone's coming back.. if there's a team comp coming up - he notes there are six has-beens that didn't make it in plus four evictees after tomorrow, making an equal number of ten in & out of the house
Danielle joins and asks what they're doing, and they speculate about the public voting for a returnee or evictee.. Will finally agrees to do Howie's neck - but he does it from a safe, non-gay distance.. Janelle, Kaysar & James also join
Danielle: She told us in the room America's not going to deal with any evictions
[all agree]

It's Wednesday so the camera comes out.. Kaysar sets the auto-timer and they're a happy BB6 family again, for a minute at least

Then things get dicey - I don't really know what happens, I'm barely paying attention and only really tune in when Danielle hits the fan.. pics are in the order I capped them

Will's got them all thinking and/or parannoying - nobody knows why they haven't voted.. Janelle says it wouldn't be fair if there's no eviction and she doesn't get to send someone home for her HOH.. Erika says "That's why you never put up a pawn"

They say maybe America will send someone back in.. Janelle says maybe we'll send someone for Chilltown since they're only two, like we sent Kaysar back for her since they were only three against the nerd herd.. they also talk about the various endurance comps they were in.. Howie asks if anyone wants to finish his shaving for him and drops trou on his way inside
I kind of tune in & out but I'd noted the above.. apparently shortly or immediately after this Danielle makes a quick stop in the pantry with James and tells him Janelle told her that her game is weak

Then I catch Danielle in the red room (redrum) telling the same to Marcellas, who's folding clothes (neatly).. he doesn't seem overly concerned and responds in a "that's what she's like" kind of tone
Next she goes to the gym and hops on the treadmill next to Boogie.. she tells him the same tale and he's interested.. it's very whispery but they become animated and take on a "we'll get her/them" kind of tone
Danielle gets more & more wound up the more she talks about it, miming Janelle eating from her bowl as she said what's now evolved to "you're weak".. she finally says Diary needs to let her come in and vent or bring some wine in - watch the video
Danielle: I'm gonna slap that weave right out of her hair
Danielle: Weak? I'll show her weak..
Danielle: I need to go to the diary room and vent before I say some things on live feed I shouldn't say

For those who say I stick up for Janelle and can see no wrong in her, please realize that updaters at Jokers, Sucks and BB Chatter are equally confused by this event - nobody heard anything said other than 'America brought Kaysar back for us'.. most sites are saying Danielle's flat-out lying

I'm not going to say she made it all up because I wasn't paying all that much attention and I think it's stupid to ass-ume someone's lying just cuz I didn't hear something said.. it's very possible Janelle said something that could be construed as 'your game is weak' by someone who's looking for ammo, but I do know what they were talking about when Janelle was eating, and I was dumbfounded by the suddenness & intensity of Danielle's rant, and how she went looking for someone to tell it to.. I have more video snippets of her with Boogie but the sound quality is too poor to understand what they're saying

Grooming deluxe

Meanwhile Diane's doing her thing and getting ready for her exit

She does all her nails as the hamsters pass through the bathroom/social zone, like they do.. (Janelle doesn't seem like she's been involved in anything recently)

Danielle goes to Diary and back out again.. Janelle asks if she voted and she says no.. Danielle sits with Diane for a minute and we get another odd eruption
Danielle: I expected you to fight
Diane: It didn't seem like there was anything else I could do
Diane: If Janelle wants to be a fucking c***, so be it.. I never use that word unless I mean it

Again that defeated attitude from Diane.. it's not surprising to hear her use that word for the person who nominated her, but there's no fire behind it like we'd expect from Diane

Danielle finds James and runs the story down again, and gives him another working over as far as what to do next.. this time she's definitely stretching the truth, to put it mildly, and they talk about putting up Janelle next week with Marcellas or Howie - watch the video (it's whispery).. Danielle tells James not to tell Kaysar anything.. James asks if he should go for the HOH or throw it, and she says things like "what they did to you" (last year)

Next thing you know, Howie's giving George a full body hair shaving
Boogie observes awhile and Erika works her pink awhile.. feedsters run screaming

The string-pullers separate with their minions, stragglers & spies, like they do: Danielle plays cards with Marcellas, Erika, Diane, Kaysar, George & Boogie.. pretty soon they move to the floor like little kids.. the game directions are loaded with subcontext and symbolic like chess with a lot about "these three jacks" (James/Kaysar/Howie).. it's a game BB3 Roddy taught them by the way
Erika [to Marcellas]: We are not the nerd herd
Diane [learning the game]: Can you add another person?
Danielle: Sure!

Diane flirts with Howie and says he can touch her, if she stays.. James encourages the idea.. she leaves and James works over Howie, telling him the whole house is after Janelle and therefore them, and they need to do something to protect themselves.. he seems desperate - watch the video
James: Janey didn't do what we wanted - do we do what she wants now??

Will's on Erika/Janelle duty upstairs - Howie comes & goes.. they talk about ordinary things, dates, relationships etc.. like they do
See how Erika gets around?


All the chaos ceases suddenly as Kaysar prays on two feeds and Janelle bathes on the other two

He may pray throughout the day but it usually just shows up on the feeds early mornings and late nights.. I don't post a lot of caps of his prayers but they're a part of BB6 & BB7 so here we are.. after all the tension today it's a nice moment of zen, or something


Another still life: this one surrounds George who's making another costume with felt & bandaids.. Howie helps by warming up a pin on the stove, or something

Will, Marcellas & Erika are up in the pink.. the girls climb into bed with Will and Marcellas tells them to stop it.. James shows up but I tune out - I'm OD'd on his nervousing and their silly game overall.. vote or no vote, Diane is not staying

She knows it too.. she plays checkers with George and complains about money problems.. rather than offer a vote he offers advice that she doesn't want to hear.. it's like a dad & daughter convo.. later she tries again with Will & Kaysar and gets more advice.. Will talks with her a long, long time and offers support, good advice and several job options if she stays in SoCal

Janelle & Kaysar's plan to stay awake in the day and sleep at night doesn't turn out any better than my plan to make today a lite episode or skip it completely.. they're still up with Will at 5am again and so am I.. they're a good overnight trio and I hope we have more of these convos to come.. they talk about some interesting stuff including the notorious pre-season chat and Janelle/Diane feud and Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Most of them think tomorrow's HOH is the endurance, at last - they've been on indoor lockdown all afternoon & evening.. they never voted

Here's a tidbit for those of you who read all the way to the bottom.. when Diane leaves tomorrow keep a close eye on her: possibly neither Mr. & Mrs. Smith nor our 15th hamster Toni Ferrari are done yet.. apparently when Diane gets evicted, James or Erika are supposed to say or whisper to her "Toni says hi" to let her know they're the replacement M/M Smith and the alliance will carry on.. I don't know.. you can get all the scoop at here.. thanks to Hamsterwatcher BigSis for this

I hope to be able to reconstruct yesterday's lost episode within a day or two from Google or Yahoo caches.. thanks for visiting


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They didn't vote today.. if it's a live vote on Thursday's show pack a lunch, and be sure to watch for those Diary hallway mirror primps.

Reminder: these are my opinions based on my perceptions. I usually try to be fair even if I'm feeling otherwise.. but I don't have to be.

Today's daily ratings are based on a whim.


Yea, whatever

It's easy to advance by getting everyone else to say vile stuff about everybody else, but that's not impressive, it's schoolyard bullying-by-proxy. It's the Big Brother gospel according to Maggie & April. Maybe Janelle didn't say it but I will: Danielle, your game is weak. That's right, I said it.

Her heart wasn't even in it when she called Janelle the c-word so you know Diane's not up to BB this time around. I'm glad she's getting out while the getting's good and I'll give her a good sendoff. Check the bottom of today's page for yet another Mr & Mrs Secretsquirrel to watch for tomorrow night.

Yea, whatever.

It was cute seeing him giving Diane good fatherly advice but watching him get his entire body shaved in excruciating detail? Not so much. Hey George, it's about time to stage another walkout - this show is down the toilet.

Willboogie still can't figure him out but it's fun to watch them try. He did great today by nodding & listening to James harangue, tucking it away and then telling Janelle about it many hours later. He's a stand-up guy for his core BB6 alliance, but he took his new membership in the Shaving Alliance too far by evangelizing all over George.

Neutral cuz I just don't care and am this close to shutting him off completely instead of trying to figure out what he's up to and follow his web of lies all over town. I'm ready to see his face when he realizes he gave Dani the keys to that bus he's always talking about - she's going to flatten him with it. The way everyone's hating on Janelle again for no real reason has to make you wonder.. maybe it wasn't April instigating all that with Maggie/Eric/Ivette last year - maybe it was that other guy who was always running back and forth.

Ups for being Janelle. That's right.. I'm getting flak for supporting her 'no matter what' but she's had her share of neutrals this year along with the rest of them. But it's my site and I can do what I want with it so she gets ups for being refreshing & genuine even while they're all plotting her demise. Silly hamsters - don't they know by now that just keeps her going?

He's coming back to where he should be and that's on our feeds with an occasional laugh and working with Janelle & Howie instead of against them. He looked like he was gonna die during marathon fitness camp this morning but he kept up with Janelle and they had some good fun doing it.. feedsters have missed that stuff.

I wasn't calling him a vile bedhopping snitch yesterday, just questioning if he is one.. but it caught on. I hope to see him either esconced in HOH and see who sweats, or on the nomination block.

Dr. Will
He owns them all and he's the only one putting on a show for us feedsters - never mind the air show. Extra ups for a very long chat with Diane which had her looking & sounding a little hopeful by the end for the first time since this mess started. He wasn't cold or condescending and gave her some genuine good advice that was totally sincere. Yep, I said it.
Easy ups were downgraded to neutral though for another 6am rant about feedsters watching cuz we have a void in our lives, we're using them for socialization, etc. Listen buster, it clearly states below that I'm about watching what you're all doing and why, and making ass-umptions & denigrating your meal ticket en masse says you have some insecurity about being watched or worse yet, figured out. You're good but you're not as opaque as you like to think you are. You keep saying you shouldn't have gone in there again but there you are and here we are.. we knew better. Back off the Hamsterwatchers bub!


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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