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hamsterAugust 1, 2006 - Day 30

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James gets played

James: I don't understand why you'd go after a neutral player
So I'm watching tonight's show and thinking hmm, interesting that they're portraying James as the betrayed victim and Janelle as the turncoat when he stepped outside BB6 first, which caused her to look for alternative plans

Yep, Janelle succumbed to Will's wiles and/or logic.. I don't think it was in as dumb blonde a way as portrayed but okay, they can have that one - it's just the Eric/Maggie School of Editing again

The air show gym convo between James & Danielle where he said "Janelle is gone - she's a piece of shit" had me hunting videos to see which gym convo they used and if it was in sequence to the show events.. (it also had me chuckling since James is acting so much like April this year and POS is famously part of her CBS legacy too)

So going back, I get real confused again about James' attitude over the last week or two; why he's all perturbed about floaters being a wasted nom though Janelle nominated Boogie; why he's chosen now to step out on his own; and why CBS is editing him as innocent victim to Janelle's evil ways, as they're portraying Janelle as a nitwit incapable of thinking on her own

Naturally Will is behind a lot of the aired dealings much as he is in the house - they got that right - but Danielle was noticeably absent from tonight's show save for a few fluff moments, such as being the only one to say she enjoyed the movie (the others all said it was crap)

We knew James is in cahoots with Danielle - I don't think the show's mentioned that yet (or any of the other non-BB5 secret alliances) but they're going to have to out this one soon.. when I went back to find the first James to Danielle "Janelle is gone!" gym convo I found this one.. watch it again in light of tonight's James In Charge show - he's clearly taking directions from Danielle

James stomped his feet about Janelle putting up Diane because he thinks Diane's in his side alliance - maybe she would be if she stayed, but that was a last minute effort to recruit her after he evicted her partner.. would that have even happened if he was aligned with her? I think not.. it's true that James didn't want to backdoor Jase, but he was the only one he didn't give a free week promise to.. is that why he's so pissy about his team not doing what he wanted before this week too? I think not

First things first: James is working for Danielle (or with her, in his mind) and Danielle's working for or with Will (watch again her reporting to Will about the gym convo that was on tonight's show "he woke me up to tell me").. James wants Diane to stay but he doesn't have a hope in hell of changing anyone's vote because Erika is working for Will, and Will owns them all

So why does James keep saying his team keeps going against him? Last week when he was HOH he nominated Will under a gentlemen's agreement of sorts since Will assured him he was fine with it.. he also nominated George - he was against the idea of putting up George when Howie first suggested him, but later he told Danielle "I want Chicken George GONE!" She told him nominating George would be a bad idea that he'd regret (she knew Will would go over George).. and sure enough, James didn't like the eventual outcome

A huge & rare smile after the nomination ceremony for someone supposedly forced to do something he didn't want

When George won the veto and sent James into his all-day hissy fit, he put up Jase in his place at the urging of Janelle, Howie & Kaysar, but Danielle had suggested he put up Jase in the first place instead of George.. James had also suggested Jase as replacement nominee to Willboogie who suggested Marcellas instead, and James ended up arguing with "his team" for Marcellas while they wanted to evict his original choice Jase.. last week when BB6 met in Janelle's pink HOH room to discuss possible nominees James sat downstairs, and later told them to do whatever they wanted, which they (Janelle) did

Confusing? Yep it is.. but the point is that James keeps saying he didn't get what he wanted for his HOH week when he did - at least until his mind was changed by his string-puller Danielle and her partner Will.. the guy who thinks he's got the game in the bag due to his manipulation skills is being manipulated all over town and doesn't even know it.. I wonder if the editors do - if so, they sure didn't let on tonight

After my videos & Hamsterwatch episodes review, even more signs point to Danielle having a side deal with Marcellas that James definitely doesn't know about, but Willboogie seem to know or suspect.. they had a side deal with Jase - whether long-standing or since arriving in the house.. when they lost him they started to lure in Janelle on a "can't beat 'em - join 'em" strategy the day after I suggested the Jedi Will possibility

And the minutes drag

You know the vote's finalized when there are few meetings or grand wafflings on a Tuesday

Diane's already gone from most views I catch today

They get checkers.. Kaysar & Erika play on all four feeds.. Erika's in need of a touch-up


Sticking with board game strategy, Kaysar prepares to take Janelle's queen, so she tackles him.. Erika continues her camouflage strategy by wearing Janelle's hoodie

Then Erika gives Howie a backrup while Kaysar deep-cocoons

Howie touches up his FUPA, then passes the backrub on to Janelle who gives me another shout-out - hi back Janelle!

Howie's not on slop but his gas is worse than ever.. luckily he keeps his room freshener spray can handy

The sloppers are holding up well - it can't be easy with all the food around.. George cuts the cheese and makes tacos for the non-sloppers - he doesn't even take a nibble.. he's looking good lately and getting quite a few compliments in there about his new look

Marcellas, Danielle & James lie around complaining.. Willboogie, George & Erika hang out at the hot tub.. it's all more of the same

We check up on Boogie's toe.. Erika tells a story about a breakup.. I'm only half listening so miss who it's about but Will & Danielle are howling and high-fiving each other - it seems to be someone they all know.. it's some years ago so it's not Josh but apparently not Robert BB4.. she retells in detail - watch the video - explicit language
They talk a long time about this & that.. it gets very interesting when they confirm that the leaked list was not deliberate but in fact an oops, and go on to talk about more pre-season oops's by the producers that let some of them know who some of the others were.. they note how it was all supposed to be top secret.. click the links for the videos.. it's very surprising that these convos didn't go to flames and WAY TOO LOUD music as such things usually do

Howie & Janelle join and they chat into the night - it's a good time.. they move inside telling dating & sex stories.. Danielle "rescues" Kaysar by pulling him into side convos when Howie gets too graphic - but Kaysar's heard all the stories before.. they laugh about how boring they are for us compared to other shows.. Will says they need a motto "Out-sit around, Out-starve, Out-annoy".. he & Danielle are still up at 5am - long past their usual bedtimes - maybe they're both enjoying themselves.. maybe neither partner wants to leave the other alone with the remaining BB6 alliance of Janelle, Howie & Kaysar during their usual business hours

Danielle finally breaks it up by heading to bed and Will gives up too.. Kaysar prays and Howie says "Ask for the next HOH.. or world peace" as he passes to go floss.. Janelle & Kaysar finally go outside at 5.30 to discuss the game.. Janelle says again she feels bad about Diane and that we feedsters must hate her for being mean.. they imitate Marcellas at the nom ceremony if he wins HOH - in his white robe with Janelle's sunglasses - it's good-natured and funny as hell.. they talk about relationships & love, and they say Danielle's "probably been coaching James" but that he probably isn't ready to turn on them yet

Hey Willboogie

I'll let my sidebar rant at the full staff run til Julie shows up again - it all still applies

Tuesday's show wasn't a bad one in spite of the peculiar but typical twist in editing James - these hamsters are so dull the story editors need to make up twists as they go.. anyway that's all been covered ad nauseum above

Willboogie stole the show again.. love 'em or hate 'em (and few are in the middle) they do know how to spice up their diaries to get them on tv, and their "we're still here" phone call bit was pretty good

Wake-up calls were covered here at the time including the rehearsed annoyance scenes before anyone had really gone to sleep.. Kaysar, Danielle & Erika were noticeably missing but the comps were pretty good this time

The electric chairs and jumper cable hookups were just for show and most potential evictees could decipher NOITCIVE on even less sleep but it was a good time nonetheless.. you had to feel for Diane with her feet in worms and her blinders on - she didn't stand a chance
It was interesting they noted "please take your shoes off" and Boogie's celebratory toe slashing - they usually avoid including such non-niceties in the air show - maybe teacher's pet Boogie will be given the option to sit out the HOH comp.. if it's scripted, maybe he will and somebody like say, Dr. Will or Danielle or Erika will win

Earaches from slop & blueberry diving, bloody toes, and a "broken rib" <koff> - the injury list makes it seem more like "Fear Factor" this year.. they're lucky nobody took a tumble off the revolving car platform - it looks like those pads leave a lot of gaps

A huge chunk of the show was a movie commercial but we've already heard the reviews.. it looks like they found another use for last year's spinning combination lock apparatus.. Diane took her nomination so very well this time - especially for Diane
Not the case with James, but he got to be the star of the show this time, and that's where we came in

I don't expect much tomorrow but Thursday's a whole new HOH color scheme so I'm hoping they'll let me rest up for it

Extras nobody needed to see

Finally there are these, and I heartily apologize but we have to take the bad with the good.. this is Erika's foot plus Boogie's crotch from the group chat tonight as capped by StickySixx.. and Howie helping to de-hair George's ears yesterday, contributed by Hamsterwatcher grammydianne1.. thanks to both cappers, I think


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Tuesday's came in second behind a rerun of 'House' on Fox. Next show is live eviction Thursday 8pm.

All-stars still aren't top Googles

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Yesterday's ratings can stand - they're based on the big picture as I see it - entertainment value, gameplay, acting ability and character.

All-stars was a bad idea that gets worse every day. All they can talk about outside of game is their own prior seasons and their existing interpersonal relationships ad nauseum, plus stuff they know is forbidden so we get strobing flames and WAY TOO LOUD music all day and all night. They may be the stars of the show but there is no show without fans & viewers, and these all-stars insult us personally and insult our intelligence on a daily basis. Feedmasters, producers, staff & interns: I know you read this page. If you can't get these spoiled children to behave, start doing something about it or you won't have a dozen active Superpass subscriptions by mid-August and the air show ratings will drop below Nickelodeon reruns. Send them to the naughty corner of the house and start withholding their many privileges til they learn to behave, and start punishing the guilty parties (the hamsters) instead of us paying subscribers who provide the revenue.

He's still a weasel but he's proving to be a not-so-bad Igor/errand boy for the doctor. It seems like he's too excited to have these big players confide in him though.. he may blow it in a big way sooner or later. Or not.. if it's all scripted, he's finishing first or second.

Her secret alliance with James is a bust now but he's too obvious to have lasted with her long. She's in with Willboogie from before the show too and that's valuable for both sides but is she going to put all her eggs in the evil doctor's basket? I think not. I bet she's still got a 'secret-er' alliance tucked away and I still suspect it's Marcellas, but if I'm wrong I'll admit it. Maybe. In the meantime she's playing too hard, too fast and too nasty - nobody likes the negative campaign smear ads at election time and this is no different. She's awesomely good at this game but she's not playing - she's working round the clock and she makes for such distasteful viewing in that mode that when she eases back into fun-time Dani few can enjoy it.

She held up well for her second nomination, especially a surprise one. She thinks it's personal from Janelle and that may give us a catfight before Thursday but Diane's heart just isn't in it this year. She hasn't shown any of her usual spunk & guts and that's her loss as well as ours. I still would have liked to see Diane & Janelle team up to take them all on, but it wasn't in the euchre cards. She's almost certainly going to go Thursday and Janelle says she feels bad about it, and that'll wipe out BB5. If it's scripted it makes sense: BB5 never came out on DVD, and with both Diane & Jase out they probably won't have to pay the crew overtime for the endurance comp.

She shows how smoothly she's infiltrated just about everything a little more each day, and nobody's willing to kick her out. But they need to: she's a drag and will destroy the feedster experience if she sticks around til the final weeks. If it's all scripted she's bound to linger on - she's obviously a producer fave.. working for 'Survivor' can't hurt (though it should have disqualified her from even showing up.)

He's having the best summer ever. He's gone from being #1 on everyone's hit parade (for no reason) to becoming everyone's pal.. okay, he's more like the uncle they like but don't want to hang out with all day. But he's losing weight, being told everyone's dirt, and he doesn't cause any problems or complain even on endless slop. He's the only one grateful to be there even though they all accepted the offer. If it's scripted he's right where he should be.

Low profile day and that's fine, and yea I know it's an oxymoron to say somebody's low profile who's cussing at full volume playing badminton or pool in the background of most every whispered convo, but that's Howie. He's on board with Janelle after all: if it's all scripted I guess it just means he screwed up his storyline for a couple days, just like Janelle did when it was Kaysar mutiny week.

It seems like he put all his faith into two alliances: BB6 for show & strength and Danielle for the distance, and he probably thought he was being cagey doing so. But Dani knew that and made other plans too - why didn't he? Their styles are too similar for them to get far on their own and they're already outed to everyone before anyone even goes to jury. Now he's trying to round up last second support to keep Diane and have one extra body around but Janelle and/or Willboogie got to everyone first. He should be fun viewing in his paranoid daze but he's just dull & predictable, and nobody likes seeing a guilt-tripper laying down the trip when his were the first hands dirtied. It's ironic that he thinks he's the ultimate player while he gets played by everyone.. he probably could have pulled it off if he'd let BB6 in on his alternate plan and then rode the fastest train home, but he wanted to be the sneaky guy again and he can't blame it on his teamies this time. It might be good fireworks when it all comes out, but for now he's been outplayed, outwitted, and he needs to be outlasted: send him on his merry way. I'll throw in a case of nitrous-laced Redi-wip for his sour grapes.

She still isn't telling anyone what she's really up to so I'm going to dream a little dream that it's all calculated. She took a big risk and it might backfire - they all say they're out to get her now - but she can veto her way out of most anything and probably even get the votes she may need. Look how long she lasted against last year's foes who hated her far more than these do.. so far. I'd like to think she's taking out Diane (and had a big hand in taking out Jase) because they're the undisputed endurance champs of this group along with Kaysar - but theirs was harder and they didn't do it coming off a week of rest & room service. Janelle's in pretty good with Willboogie - at least it seems that way - Thursday's vote will tell for sure, and they're going to go along with whoever goes furthest, cleanest. Marcellas may be the same story since he trashes everyone equally who's not present, but it's going to sting when she sees the vile stuff he's said about her even if it's just for the game. We'll see how it all plays out, but that's my script and I'm sticking to it.

I'm waffling about the waffle king. He's come out of his mope and apparently was supposed to cozy up to James and get some dirt, but by end of the day he reported back to Janelle little more than 'he's a little upset'. Kaysar heard a lot from James today but it seems like he doesn't want to believe it, that he still thinks he can reform their team of four without damage, and he finds it distasteful to 'spy' on someone who's supposed to be on his side. Well guess what Kaysar? James isn't on your team at all if that team includes Janelle, and just 'cause you don't want to see it doesn't mean it isn't so. Wake up and come back to reality tv: it's a dirty game. If it's all scripted, the writers have no clue what to do with him anymore either since he refuses to play his assigned role. It was good to see him cracking up with Janelle over 'it's not so bad' though. Happy birthday to whoever the hat's for.

Vile bed-hopping snitch or just playing both sides to advance himself? It really doesn't matter at this point.. his choice of words to describe Janelle was just awful, and made worse after she fought to protect him. He stuck to Janelle like glue for another Thursday to Monday cycle, and now that he's safe once more he's off on his own again most of the day & evening - how transparent is that? Not to mention Danielle, which he didn't once again when it was open season for nominee candidates.. do the math. If it's scripted, I bet they'd like to see the back of him sooner than later, but not til they find out what's up with his toes.

Dr. Will
They all expect him to be playing the same game he did on BB2 and so do half the feedsters but he hasn't lied yet, and he's attached himself to all the power players without trashing the others. Bash him if you want - he is arrogant and the first to admit it - but all his accomplishments are verifiable and that's more than most of them can say. Bottom line: four weeks of 'evict me' and he's still there stronger than ever. Accept it.. he owns them all, each and every one.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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