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hamsterJuly 17 & 18, 2006 - Days 15 & 16

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What a tangled web they wove (Tuesday)

I hope they didn't pay much for the housepets this year.. the free spiders outside are far more fascinating to the hamsters

Kaysar throws a moth into this one's web and they love watching it get wrapped up and devoured.. the irony is rich

I missed much of today again but they didn't do much.. the parannoying picks up in the evening and into the night - they vote tomorrow so they all scurry around trying to avoid a tie or worse

They get arts & crafts like psych patients.. the nominees/conversation topics dive in

Kaysar makes a nametag so George can learn there's no Z in his name (all writing materials were always been forbidden before).. Will relaxes knowing his minions are busy doing his work.. Diane stress-snacks, like she does.. if she stays and goes on slop it won't be pretty

Everybody's up in arms about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith pre-show alliance thanks to Diane's ex-roomie/ex-friend Toni Ferrari tattling to some of them about it weeks ago - Toni was on "Paradise Hotel" but has somehow become the 15th hamster on BB7.. they talk about her enough that she signed a release allowing that - whose list was she on?

James brings up M/M Smith to Jase (Mr. Smith) who denies it.. he also denies being at a Boogie restaurant party others say he was seen at

James & Kaysar have a heated discussion because James wants to keep Diane - Kaysar even drops an F-bomb.. Nakomis "doesn't campaign" by having several chats with Kaysar and saying "we should trust Jase"

Marcellas tells Jase & Boogie "I'm not gonna be season 6's bitch.. if they're scared of Diane staying in the house then we should keep Diane in the house.. I intend to honor our deal and I'm keeping Diane".. he then goes to HOH to inform Kaysar & Kompany

It's a mess.. right now (and subject to change) we have Willboogie, Jase, George, Danielle, Marcellas (6) voting to evict Nakomas; and Howie, Janelle, James (3) voting to evict Diane.. Erika says she'll do what HOH wants

Nakomis was the target when Kaysar nominated her & Diane, and now he's the one leading the charge to keep her - go figure.. James & Marcellas are butting heads about it.. Danielle & Marcellas laugh about "the rookies" upstairs taking it all too seriously, and making it too stressful for this early in the game

Videos to help explain or further confuse:
Jase & Boogie after Marcellas said he'll keep Diane
Marcellas tells off Kaysar, Janelle & Howie - Erika's in there too, again
James can't sleep - another visit to HOH
Marcellas gets in James' face video by Aldav - they kissed & made up after

James: I just don't want my name thrown out there
Kaysar: Basically your job is reconnaissance and you're useless to us if nobody trusts you

Big Brother art (Monday)

This is the kind of pic you only get on Big Brother, or maybe a pricey conceptual art gallery

Morning comes late since half of them were up late wasted and the other half are weak with hunger, but they have business to attend to so BB hauls them out of their beds at the crack of noon

Nakomis chats with George while he slops & cooks.. it's a nice chat.. she's joined the Kaysar & Will hair twisting club now - maybe she thinks it'll make her look cool or keep her safe, or something.. Diane rolls out and poses/stretches
Nakomis: San Antonio is kinda like Venice but it's smaller, and it's in Texas
This reminds me of my favorite Nakomisism, when she explained the Five Fingers & a Pinkie Plan to her alliance 2 years ago: 'As long as Neil Armstrong is still going to the moon, that's all we need to know.. there's gonna be a touchdown, or there's gonna be a Challenger disaster'

BB calls for backyard lockdown and trouser situations pop up all over: Jase continues whatever he's doing.. Will pulls his down his hips to sit down (and we know it isn't to catch the rays).. Danielle's flying to HOH bathroom so fast she's already unzipped

Extended flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come and go, and we find Diane & Nakomis having a little party in the red room (redrum): the veto wasn't used.. but apparently nobody told them the game had started or what the rules are.. it was only last night Nakomis was on our tv screens saying "It's officially 'Big Brother' now" to Janelle and smiling, kinda
Nakomis: Kaysar wanted to nominate me & you even though his teammates were like 'what the fuck are you thinking?' Kaysar always gets what he wants
Diane: I'm not down with the golden child anymore
Nakomis: Everybody in this house has absolutely no backbone whenever it comes to the game
Nakomis: [about Will & Boogie's behavior] That isn't playing the game, that's just causing drama.. that's just making good tv
Diane: I'm just real disappointed in the game in general
Nakomis: Yea, it's not a real game
Diane: It's like a really bad season of Big Brother.. the games are not good, not a fighting chance to save ourselves, cuz we're playing golf
Diane: Big Brother obviously doesn't give a shit that we're on the block
Diane: I'd rather Cowboy was here cuz at least he could be manipulated
Diane: Alison campaigned and look what happened to her
Nakomis: I was praying the other night and God told me to campaign
Nakomis: This isn't all-stars.. people aren't playing the game - people came on here to make good tv
Nakomis: Will wants to leave!
Diane: We can't even beat a person who wants to leave
Nakomis: I feel like the quiet girl who made a card house and they come along and threw a baseball bat through it
[one or the other]: Did you see Will's face?

Marcellas joins and commisserates with them a little while - he does it well - then he stands in the corner for a minute before leaving
Nakomis: Don't straight up tell us 'we'd like to save one of you' or 'I'd love to save both of you' and then not use it.. please, don't cop out like that
Marcellas: We've got a general who will not listen to his troops
Nakomis: I came here to play a game and the game isn't being played
Nakomis: Fucking no one's standing up for themselves
Diane: How can other people let themselves be manipulated?

Refresher: Part of Kaysar's plan is to give the appearance that the BB6-ers are in shambles.. it worked well enough that it fooled Janelle, James & Howie for a day and it's clear that it fooled Nakomis & Diane also, and Marcellas steps right up to reinforce it

It's a whopping good time all around - watch the videos part 1 - part 2 - part 3

Marcellas goes out to join his fellow slopsters, with a quick scolding to Boogie first about last night's shenanigans and "the reign of terror is not working".. when he moves on, Jase & Boogie talk about Janelle "We watched last season, we know she's not dumb.. you can play the dumb blonde but you have to have a personality with it"

Flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come and go all the time: unlike fresh hamsters, these guys know they can keep talking about who or what they aren't supposed to talk about and they won't get kicked out, so we're all getting used to mini flames

But not long after the nominees' pity party/bashfesh the flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come and stay for a long, long time.. when they finally go away, everyone is working everyone all over town, in a frenzy of not-so-secretive meetings and not-so-quietly-whispered scheming than we usually hear

New storylines passed out and scheming scenes being rehearsed? Things that make you go hmmm..

I don't keep close track of the convos so I won't report on them.. they were all mostly Nakomis-Diane-Nakomis-Diane, but the sheer number of them and combinations of participants in such a short time span was amazing, and these aren't all of them.. a few extracurricular highlights:

Janelle has a rare and surprising Anna Nicole moment

Nakomis gets around but Diane stays put as people come to her.. Kaysar will give himself a haircut later

Jase shows off a fancy jacket we'll see him in some Thursday

James sticks to one spot too.. Janelle's back to normal, and George washes windows so we get streak-free views - thanks George!

Bath buddies 2006

It's a silkier, sudsier bath buddies than we're used to when Janelle & Marcellas share a bubble bath

They talk some game and they sample products.. it's relaxing and fragrant - you can just tell it is


Kaysar comes in surprised (like I did).. he says "Oh.. sorry.." Marcellas says right away that he's in his undies and Janelle in her 'kini, it's all innocent

All day, all evening it's pssst pssst DianeNakomis pssst.. since the goal is to create confusion, it's pointless to follow.. I'll stick to random shots

Danielle's perky but Marcellas has lost his sudsy glow, for now

It's definitely an up and down kind of day in there

It seems to me like Erika's posing a lot, mostly for the windows/cameras/us.. draw your own conclusions for the third one, and/or it's just a depth perception thing

Get 'em while you can: it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better

Pssst pssst to pfftt pfftt

The guys say they never see the tarantulas move.. this one waves at Janelle

Lots of videos again today

Let's get Diane out of the way first: she gets a rash - Janelle says it might be hives and then lends her nail polish.. later she's crying again

The sloppers are getting gas.. Howie's are especially bad so he carries a room freshener spray can around with him.. hamsters don't seem to like <pfftt pfftt> in mid-sentence anymore than they like Howie's farts but hey, he's trying to be considerate

Dodgeball videos turned out kind of cool.. it's a fast intense game outside while charades are going on too, but the audio is James, Janelle & Howie talking and studying in the kitchen - part 1 - part 2

Tazer is a little Janelle & Howie skit.. Marcellas is directing, but it comes out more like Tazer out-takes.. funny stuff

Willboogie make an unexpected visit to Janelle.. Jase shows up and also Marcellas.. the summit is virtually complete here, with a bonus flip over to Diane drama at one point
Kaysar & Will are both hair twisters when thinking.. Will seems to be worrying a bit too when he twists - he doesn't do it a lot

HOH summit - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6

A bit later they make similar offers to Kaysar & Howie in a shorter and funnier meeting

The HOH crew talk it all over later along with everything else from the day.. they want to evict Diane but all the day's psstt'ing didn't result in a confirmed majority.. they end up having some laughs again like the olden days.. outside Willboogie play to the fans a bit but feedmasters cut to flames when Will asks us for a favor

Kaysar stays up all night and cleans up the backyard


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Lisa about secret alliances chat transcript from Jokers

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devil duckies
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Duck slop rerun
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.

Pirate Devil Duckies

CBS took the oversimplified route Tuesday. They didn't show anything feedsters were denied and Diaries gave us nothing new. They're avoiding any hints that secret alliances even exist let alone providing any definite info about them. The whole mess is dull enough as it is: guessing who's in bed with whom is the only fun we have.. tv-only viewers are going to click it off in droves at this rate. Willboogie's spiel about giving good tv is not only accurate but skillful as theirs were the majority of Diaries shown, along with Diane's emotional rollercoaster. They boiled down Kaysar's plan and its many repercussions to basically 'Kaysar's a thug and Willboogie are noble victims' plus basic arithmetic. Howie's forgotten towel made up the filler as did another new haircolor for Nakomis <yawn>, plus 'Radford Place' which they worked up cute but nobody needed it. Boogie's face-time went into overkill with the birthday party, but they edited out his plunge into Erika's crotch to a cutesy PG version. Most of them barely showed up at all, especially Danielle & James who are the busiest ones in there aside from Marcellas.

Polka-dot Devil Duckie
He had a jack shack episode today - he's even copying Howie for his material now. I'm ready to overlook him for the most part unless he does something noteworthy on his own. From now on he'll just be the tail end of a new entity 'Willboogie' for when he tags along with the smart guy.

Ninja Devil Duckie
She was one of the busy whisperers today but I'm not following all the details of every pssst pssst and anyway, Danielle's the champ at not showing her cards for awhile.. I can wait. She's still the most animated charader to watch (even with my audio off).

Leopard Devil Duckie
She didn't disappoint when the veto wasn't used: the tears didn't quite flow but the persecution complex exploded just like we knew it would, and it battled with the very fragile ego that she protects so stubbornly. Later on she started parannoying (her word) again, knowing everyone was whispering about which of them to kick out. She has nobody to talk to about scheming & campaigning other than dearest pal Nakomis, but they haven't kept in contact since BB5, when they were also this close for a minute. As much drama as Diane can provide, she does seem to be unstable overall this time and probably would be better off going home Thursday.. but you'd never convince her of that.

Invisible Devil Duckie
She keeps showing up in various rooms where people are whispering. You think they're alone but then 2 minutes into it she says something and you discover she's in there.. it's spooky.

Hot Rod Devil Duckie
Everybody's scared of him now, saying he's either another Cowboy or he's the devil. The poor guy makes the slop more palatable for the sloppers and he gets attacked for it? Jeesh. He played some hardcore dodgeball tonight and kept up just fine with the kids in a workout that would have put most his age (and more than a few half his age) onto a stretcher. Go chicken man!

Hot Rod Devil Duckie on a Spring
Howie's proving he's not as dumb as he seems once again by infiltrating Willboogie and throwing them for a loop as well as pulling off his role in Kaysar's plan better than expected. Sure, he gives up some info now & then by mistake but that just adds to everyone's confusion. He called out Jase as a member of Willboogie minutes after Janelle did, and both were done beautifully: hers might have seemed random and his came out as a quick joke. With all the boobies & butt cheeks lately it's easy to forget that the eejit can also be brilliant. Tonight that brilliance is accompanied by a pfftt from his anti-fart spray can.

Red Devil Duckie
I think he thinks he's gotten away with being in on all the convos & alliances so far but everyone's had an eye on him since Day 1 and Will said it publicly. He hasn't been able to infiltrate Willboogie directly and he has to be stressing that they didn't meet with him like they did with Janelle, Kaysar, and even Howie. He said something about Marcellas tonight that made him sound like extra furniture but all three of his teammates responded 'do not underestimate Marcellas' so he was in the dark there too. He's pretty much at the point now that when he starts talking about Jase or Willboogie you can insert 'James' or 'me' and it makes sense: his 'Will never had anyone just get in his face and not give a shit before, he doesn't know what to make of it' becomes 'I've never had anyone just get in my face and not give a shit before, I don't know what to make of it' - try it.

Pink Devil Duckie
She held her own in her surprise summit meeting with Willboogie and successfully added to their confusion about her and her team. She played the buxom blonde for her assigned 20% by denying the obvious and then making them think she gave up info by mistake, then called out Jase as being in with them in the next breath. She's still their #1 target but they aren't exactly sure why. She also revived bath buddies although it was a gentler, silkier version than say, Jase with fruit cocktail.

Camo Devil Duckie
What's up with Jase? He came on strong, grown up, and fooled us all. Now he's barely there even when he's in the room and the subject of conversation. Squirting ketchup didn't win him any favors with the slop crowd, but he better step it up soon or everyone's going to forget who he is. Again.

Dead Duck
He got Dead Duck through process of elimination more than anything (plus there's one in the HOH bathroom), but that's what he'll be if his plan doesn't work. It's only Monday but now that he's got his own team back on board (and remembering the plan) it's starting to look like it's actually working. He may also be the one member of his team that Willboogie can't figure out and therefore push his buttons. For now it's a good ride though, and a special bonus that the plan keeps confusing us too. 20 people can watch the same hour of feeds this week and come up with 20 different versions of what happened - that has to be a first.

Black Devil Duckie
He's wormed his way into BB6 and is helping their plan along by spreading confusion and reports of mutiny. He isn't in on the plan as far as he thinks he is and chances are he's reporting everything back to Erika, but the guy's got game and throws at least one or two good one-liners a day between complaints.

Tattoo Devil Duckie
Apparently nobody told her the game had started or that other people would be playing it. Diane comes up with better pity party material by far. 'The quiet girl who made a card house' wasn't bad but it wasn't a Neil Armstrong quote either. Maybe she'll have another meltdown this week? 'They aren't playing the game' won't generate as much compassion as 'they threw a surprise brother at me on national tv' though.

Dr. Will
Jumbo Red Devil Duckie
I love the psychological game he plays but I can do without the sidekick or the bully sessions. Apart from that it's fun watching him put the latest puzzles pieces together and even get stumped by the likes of Janelle & Howie, who aren't what he was expecting anymore than they were what we were expecting a year ago. It's great tv when he puts things out in the open that everyone else only whispers about and he's still the funniest one in there. He tried to ask internet fans for a favor tonight but that went to flames; then when he said he probably wasn't on camera anyway 'because they just show sleeping people' we were switched to green-light George. I guess he's pissed off the crew in a big way by now but it's just as well: calling fans 'pathetic' probably wasn't going to get favor fulfilled.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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