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hamsterJuly 16, 2006 - Day 14

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Pease porridge cold

Breakfast means eggs for Will, which he enjoys a lot.. and lets it show

The oatmeal crowd? Not so much

Will keeps encouraging them to eat some real food "C'mon, they aren't going to give six penalty nominations!"

Will joins the oatmealers outside and makes a little joke about Janelle's little toot last night - she isn't amused, and she leaves

Will & Boogie laugh about it.. Boogie impersonates Janelle.. then Will climbs on the table to oversee Boogie's birthday preparations

Almost party time, so Will gets replaced by a new centerpiece: Erika


Will applies whip cream decorations to Erika

Boogie comes in and pretends to be surprised, they sing "Jolly Good Fellow" (royalty-free) and he proceeds to blow out his candles.. or something - watch the video by ashersmom/PBandKay
Unlike last year there are no presents this time, no digicam, no K-Mart.. but it looks like last year's recycled party hats
Unlike last year the oatmeal crowd doesn't get any sushi, cake, champagne or beer, so we don't get any comments about refusing to eat cake or "a cake of poo" (© Maggie).. most of the sloppers go outside, Howie stays.. Will shovels a piece of cake into Howie's mouth, and he spits it out

But Howie's still the life of the party.. he gets an idea for a new version of Cowboy's hat trick and comes out with one party hat in front and two in the back - they love it - and he goes into the pool
They're paper hats though, so they don't last long.. he roams around Beavis-like awhile before grabbing his pants

The party's over

Marcellas isn't into slop

He throws a hissy fit about it that's pure Marcellas - watch the video

Things go downhill from there


The oatmeal crew comes in for sloppy seconds and Janelle says "I'm sick and tired of people asking me how I'm doing" (meaning Diary - they all talk about their Diaries all the time, and everything else they aren't supposed to talk about).. they compare condiments and George whips up some new ideas for them to try
It's the Betty Crocker test kitchen of oatmeal and condiments.. the deep fried pickles are a hit

The rest of the day and evening are a blur so I'm going to do a sloppy recap rather than a blow-by-blow.. lots of videos are posted to fill in the gaps, or not, accompanied by some random pics of the day

It turns out yesterday's mutiny was real: Janelle's been flip-flopping about whether Jase is a good guy or a bad guy since Day 1, and he told her the Kaysar/Will/Boogie deal was the real thing on one of the days she saw him as a good guy.. despite Kaysar having told both her & Howie that it was only meant to appear to the rest of the house that he'd cut a deal with them, Janelle forgot and/or panicked and told Howie & James yesterday that Kaysar was going behind their backs.. hilarity ensued, if you'll recall

Random pics: Jase makes a beer bong for Boogie with a milk jug & a butter knife.. Jase's new fans recoil and old fans shudder when the feedmasters' obsession with his deodorant/sweat crumbs returns.. Marcellas isn't pleased with this hour's pontification waffle from James

Things are silent all day between Howie & Kaysar and downright icy between Janelle & Kaysar.. he knows something's up but his people skills in general are lacking, female people skills in particular, so he doesn't say or do anything useful about it.. Janelle, Howie & James meet in HOH and affirm they're still an alliance, with Kaysar, and that they're going to tell him what went down over the last 24-48 hours

Meanwhile this year's Fun Group holds court outside, and George does a repeat spectacular bellyflop performance - watch the video

Random pics: Kaysar's so confused by Janelle's cold shoulder that he's doing two-handed hair twisting.. Howie counts the floor bricks step-by-step.. the neon flame wall might be a factor for something coming up (along with the blue alarm lights) - get out your old psychedelic readers and decipher the puzzle, somebody

Basically, last year's Fun Group has become this year's Misery Group, giving James free rein to parannoy & strategize with everybody all the time.. substitute nominee plans change like the wind but nobody even knows if Erika will use the veto - it's all so ridiculous

And then the non-oatmealers get booze, and lots of it.. the hookah's out.. it's a good time but you can feel the tension building

James visits for a minute.. so does Howie and so does Kaysar.. Howie checks his pubes

Video journal

Let the videos tell the story from here.. it isn't pretty in any number of ways and it's hard to keep track of, but it's exciting.. unfortunately, nobody gets thrown out

sorry, I stopped recording just before Danielle went down

Fun in the hot tub
Prelude: bodyshot - Diane refused to let this happen, then it happened
James is in every alliance - Danielle's challenged
The food thing is a factor.. here, have some Coke
Diane's in a tizzy about something (we had flames), they summon Kaysar
Kaysar answers the summons
Will begs to be nominated, Kaysar refuses

Janelle & Kaysar have it out, finally
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 - everyone else wanders through.. you can cut the tension with a butter knife

Later Janelle & Kaysar find their way back, sort of
Part 1
Part 2

Later still, they hash it out again with Howie - thanks to immunegb5
James is crazy
Don't go Busto on them

As it's all winding down, Danielle, Erika, Diane & Nakomis have a bonding moment - they're all disgusted by the Will & Boogie show, especially the Boogie show.. Will & Boogie hammer Howie's brain for an hour or so, telling him he'd never win against Janelle, that she's only using him, etc etc.. he just sits there and takes it, then tells her all about it.. Will & Boogie laugh and say they've now alienated every houseguest

By the time it's all over Erika has agreed to use the veto if Kaysar wants her to.. Janelle & Kaysar & Howie are back where they started, sort of

Portrait of a creepy drunk (sorry, I try to keep this side of the page kind of non-judgmental but jeesh).. Kaysar prays and reads his Koran before bed - it's color-coded like Drew's Bible.. Marcellas the Night Prowler seeks out the first aid kit at 5am

I don't know what the problem is but he's very delicate about it.. not long after, Boogie makes a bathroom run.. he comes out, has a drink and jogs back to bed.. the feedmasters zoom in on the unused soap - they know people get interested and/or obsessed about these things

I don't know about you, fellow Hamsterwatchers, but I'm ready for a couple penalty nominations or double evictions - it's too much to keep track of them all.. they're doing my head in


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They're changing history again. The Will & Howie comedy banter was shown on Sunday's show as a one-sided bully session, and they neglected to show Kaysar's public invitation to Will & Boogie for the HOH summit (and it was a huge part of it) before they went on to snip the chat to shreds. I'm glad I recorded & posted both events in their fuller versions for the record. Kaysar wanted to make the house think he'd cut a deal with them - it's one thing that James & Janelle fell for it (even knowing the plan) but it's something else for production who should be paying better attention. They also neglected to include Will asking to keep Erika safe 'since she got hurt' (is that really why he asked that?) but they couldn't air that because they left out her injury in the first place. They're trying to create a Kaysar/Erika showmance because that's all they've got for filler with this oh-so-serious crowd, but they still go for the cheap easy shots at Howie & George. They never mentioned the anti-PBJ is oatmeal with protein: tv audiences are left with 'slop' and Danielle's 'like vomit'.. the real slop here is, once again, the editing. It is BB6 all over again.

I didn't catch how old he turned but he acts like a snot-nosed brat on a need-a-nanny show. This is one nasty little man and a very creepy drunk. He makes Maggie & April seem charitable.. even K-Mart doesn't love him. His everlasting boasts only keep pointing out what an insecure snert he is. I don't know what Will sees in him.

She held her ground when the Hot Tub Alliance tried to call her out to see who she's in bed with (just after stating that James is in bed with everyone). She gave a good speech that most there likely respected even though they know good speeches are part of her game. Too bad she slipped & bounced at the end of it - it would have been a great exit otherwise.

Is she safe or sorry? Magic 8-ball still says 'ask again later'. She showed Will (and anyone else who was paying attention) how easily manipulated she can be when she let Boogie do a body shot on her after refusing to let Boogie do a body shot on her. She got Jase all riled up when she talked about having experimented with girls and also when she put on her bikini on command.. it's making me wonder if Mrs. & Mrs. Smith is more than an outside alliance code word.

She did an Adrienne Curry table display but later refused to play with the birthday boy in the hot tub. Apparently she told Kaysar she'd use the veto 'if he wanted her to' so she'll end up being the only blameless one when [whoever] walks the plank Thursday. She stood up to Will a bit, but Danielle did it better.

He's getting flak from fans for coming up with new oatmeal concoctions but why shouldn't he? He's a nice guy and it gives him more to do than the rest of the bored twits. He sits in on almost all of Will & Boogie's sessions and now everyone thinks he's gathering info all the time from them but that could be a stretch.. it's usually the only place with any action. He did another spectacular bellyflop on command but it was just a short comic interlude in a drunken tension-fest. CBS is being downright cruel about him: how are they going to explain to the tv audience that he's everyone's #1 target?

Yea, I'm tired of his act but I have to give him ups for heart today. He's suffering with the rest of the oatmeal crowd but hung in there at the party and went on to give everyone a laugh with his party hat jock strap. He spent much of the night being psychologically assaulted by Will & Boogie messing with his head to get him to join the dark side. It would have been enough to make many crack, but not Howie. His loyalty to Janelle is probably the only absolutely unbreakable alliance in there, and that counts for a lot.

Yesterday he took nervousing to new heights and today he surpassed them. If he'd keep his mouth shut sometime maybe we'd all get some peace but no, he has to stir it up all day, every day. I think half of tonight's feeding frenzy came out of his stirring but when it all finally hit the fan he hid inside. Kudos to Will for saying it out loud: 'James is in an alliance with every one of you, right?' It's about time somebody did. It looked like he was going to grind his teeth down to nubs afterward as he ran around trying to find out how many of his fences needed mending.

So yesterday's mutiny was real and it was her doing after all. She finally talked it out with Kaysar & Howie but there's no telling what will happen tomorrow when James gets back in one ear and Marcellas in the other. I've been thinking she's out of her element here: this isn't like the BB6 females hating on her for no reason - she deals with that fine, likely from experience. She confirmed this was different when she told Kaysar 'but I can't be the buxom blonde' and that was kinda sad. It might be too late for her but it sure wouldn't hurt if she got out there and let some of the others see what those who like her see in her, but that isn't going to happen if she keeps hibernating. She still should have brought her unused PBJ pass from last year to get off the oatmeal.

I don't know where he's at but I have a new wondering: he stomped into HOH and told Janelle & Marcellas how much he didn't want to hear Diane talk about playing around with girls, and later he had a problem with her putting on her bikini when Boogie asked her to. He's acting very much like a jealous boyfriend, plus he got all mopey when she was nominated. So what about his girlfriend Heidi & her kid? Ehhh, it's easy to show up with a photo and pretend it's someone it isn't.. it happens all the time on the internet.

He comes up with a plan, he explains his plan, and his plan goes according to plan. Then his teammates forget the plan and start a mutiny behind his back, and then we end up with this day. He doesn't want to put out Will or Boogie since evicting the opposition leader got him evicted last year, but what he fails to see is that this isn't last year. Will is the real deal, not a Little Emperor wannabe like Eric, so his nominations will likely cause his eviction once again, as well as Janelle's & Howie's. (James is already on Will's radar as a solo act, so he's on his own - just like he plays.)

I was getting tired of his whining even before the oatmeal got delivered so at least now he has something to whine about.. not that I want to hear it, but today's hissy fit was a good one. Anyway I need to be a little generous: ups are rare so far this season.

In? Out? Friend? Traitor? All of the above, and dull to boot. Hopefully they'll boot her.

Dr. Will
World class and so far accurate analysis of his co-hamsters but the bully tactics just aren't happening. He's better than that - I don't know why he's hooked up with such an ass as Boogie or why he lets the drunken troll be such a creep in his name. The trademark evil doctor, okay: he can't exploit someone's weakness unless they volunteer and show it to him first, but the strong-arm tactics should be left for the lesser talents to use. Kudos for laying James out on the table and in the open, but I wish he'd ditch the creepy sidekick along with the Marge Simpson look: neither is working too well for him.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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