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SAFETY SUITE 1st 3 weeks

Optional pre-noms comp for safety, one time each, +1 guest gets safety plus one week punishment, current HOH ineligible

Week 1 Don't Miss a Beat
Competed: Janelle, Kaysar
Winner: Kaysar
Guest: Janelle/star suit

Week 2 Getting Tipsy
Competed: Bayleigh, Christmas, Cody, David, Da'Vonne, Ian, Kevin
Winner: Christmas
Guest: Ian/'BB All Star Wars' scenes

Week 3 Stealing Safety
Competed: Dani, Enzo, Memphis, Nicole F
Winner: Enzo
Guest: Christmas/star babies care



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Power Status

Head of Household: Tyler
Safety Suite #3: Enzo
Safety Suit #3: Christmas/Baby stars care
Original noms: Janelle, Kaysar
Veto winner/outcome: Cody/did not use
Final noms: Janelle, Kaysar
Have-nots: Bayleigh, Cody, Enzo, Janelle (over)
Evicted: Janelle

Latest alliance chart by @89razorskate20

Latest Diary segment tally by @clamperls4

Ratings Watch Wednesday's show won the hour with 1.1 rating, 7 share, 4.238 million viewers, ahead of America's Got Talent on NBC, United We Fall and Goldbergs rerun on ABC, and MasterChef rerun on FOX.
Overnight rating & share: adults 18-49; Rating: % of all TV households; Share: % of households watching TV

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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 20 - Monday - August 24, 2020

Christmas got a couple overnight star baby signals and enjoyed retelling those, and she continued to rattle off their names frequently. Fallout from last night's frenzy of meetings kicked off the morning, with most targets still on Janelle. Bayleigh tried again to campaign for her with Christmas, but that didn't go well. Christmas also asked how David's doing, and "is he figuring it out yet?" Bayleigh said "not as fast as I hoped." Nicole complained that she's not getting her special juices anymore, "so I need to figure it out on my own, I guess." Cody did not use his veto, so Janelle and Kaysar remain on the block, with Janelle almost everyone's target as of now.

Tyler apologized to Janelle and said he'll probably follow her out the door soon. Christmas forgot about her star babies for awhile and left them inside, unattended - they cried. Janelle and Kaysar talked about their lives, her real estate work, her former Minnesota accent, and his future in the game without her. He said she's a better game player than he is, and she said "I'm not gonna deny that" - both laughed. She reminded him not to get excited and overdo again, "stop trying to lead people to the promised land" and they laughed again. Meanwhile Nicole told Kevin and Christmas that Janelle spread the pre-season rumor that she (Nicole) cried her way on to the show, and she asked Kevin not to say anything about that because she doesn't want any drama this week.

Later Christmas griped to Nicole about Da'Vonne allegedly bending the rules at charades the other night. Janelle made her pitch to Dani, saying Kaysar has more friends in there and she'd still be on her own, and she'd like to work with Dani if she does stay. Dani said she'd "100%" like to work with Janelle if that happens. Janelle then asked if she can get five votes, would Dani be her fifth? Dani asked who the five would be, saying she didn't want to put herself in a bad spot by committing too soon, and Janelle said she only has Bayleigh for sure. They ran the roster, and Dani didn't give any indication of how strong the anti-Janelle movement is in there other than saying Nicole would be a definite no, of course. Janelle said yesterday's wall yeller was about her (Janelle), and she and Cody heard it three times. You'll recall yesterday that was claimed to be anti-Nicole but apparently it was actually "Janelle". Dani didn't commit to being Janelle's sixth vote, but said she was leaning that way (lie).

Dani reported almost immediately to Cody that she'd had a second campaign pitch from Janelle, and said he'd be next to get one. He said campaign pitches are the worst part of BB, and Dani said "we should lock ourselves in a room where no one can talk to us." And they talked about getting someone, maybe Memphis, to put up Bayleigh and either Da'Vonne or David. Cody said "everybody's nervous because it kinda looks some type of way." Dani said "we'll make sure it doesn't, don't overthink it" and Cody said he was just being realistic, "it's the world we live in." Big Brother feeds are also the world they're currently living in, and here we are again. The camera finally came out for the first time and they finally did their group swimsuit shoot, in a do-it-yourself pandemic kind of way.

Janelle asked David in the pantry about his vote, saying she'd voted for him to stay. He said "at some point you were kind of using or manipulating Nicole [A], and Janelle said on her kids, she wasn't. He said Janelle spread lies, rumors, and speculation around the house, and "do you deny that?" She said lies no, speculation yes. And she said she hopes they can work together in the future if she stays, and he said "that's something that'll be evaluated at that time, but right now this is where I stand." He was borderline hostile, and unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize he's the one being used as a dispensable drag-along by most, while Janelle would remain loyal to him if he helped her stay. Same story, different week. Kaysar meanwhile had a convo with Ian that was all kinds of more awkward pauses than conversation, with no real info and nothing resolved. Janelle and Kaysar checked in, with Janelle wondering what Nicole A said to everyone to make them all so against her. They realized Kevin probably got to Nicole to "poison her brain," and Nicole then spread to everyone whatever they'd told her in confidence. Ding ding ding - on top of coming in as a solid duo with strong comp records.

Nicole told Kevin she misses cuddling, and her parents took her dogs for a month to prep for this. Bayleigh approached Tyler with a pitch to pair up within their group of six. Tyler agreed, though he didn't sound overly enthusiastic (he's already over-allied, again) but they shook hands on that and hugged. Janelle made a campaign pitch to Christmas, and they discussed Nicole A's and David's messy games. Da'Vonne asked Kaysar why he wasn't campaigning, and he said he's fine, he just needs to recharge. She said that's okay but he should be doing something and not just laying down to die. He said giving up wasn't in his vocabulary, and he said "I don't want to be rude but why does it matter to you?" She said "game aside, we've built a rapport with each other" and she felt they were friends, she wants to meet his wife, and that brought a hug. Bayleigh joined and there was more discussion about Nicole A, and Bayleigh also encouraged him to campaign.

Bayleigh reported her Tyler convo to Da'Vonne, and said she'd said Day's her number one girl and they want a number one boy, and that Tyler had said Dani's in the middle of things. Da'Vonne said she finally "cracked the code" and talked game with Ian today, and she said she thought David was trying to make up for not sticking up for Kemi last year, with them. Bayleigh said David had told her he was unaware of the racism last year, and he was shocked by the names he was called afterwards. Da'Vonne was surprised to hear that. Various other chats happened, like they do, including Janelle and Kevin, in which he tried to convince her Kaysar's sketchy and can't be trusted. And Christmas got a tenth star baby.

Reminder, if you missed what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and/or the detailed feeds updates by @UgotBronx, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

Day 21 - Tuesday - August 25, 2020

More Christmas star babies were added overnight, until she was at 13. When she was instructed to go around and show off how cute each new one was to everyone, she'd open each bedroom door, stick the pillow in, sleepily say "cute," then move to the next bedroom. It was so silly and sleepy, and without Christmas narration, making it the first time I've enjoyed this task. Kaysar told David "each person got their own thing" and David said Janelle got the star suit because she's a star, Kaysar said Ian got his "nerdy Star Wars scenes" (no, they were nerdy All Star Wars scenes), which David said was perfect, and "this is Christmas being mommy" - err no, it's all stars, Get it? Tyler and Memphis had an early meeting and said they'd let Janelle think she's staying in order to lessen the chance of her coming up with some plan that really would save her. Nicole ran balcony laps, then complained to Christmas about Janelle saying Nicole A had lost her mind in there. Dani tried to get info about David's plans, and tried to coach him on how to BB, but once again it didn't seem to 'take'.

Janelle told Da'Vonne and Kevin she'd work on Dani, David, Cody today. She started with David in the skybridge lounge, and he was hesitant when she asked if they could move it to Have-not because of passing traffic. That set the tone for the rest of the meeting. They rehashed Nicole A again, and last week again, and last year again, and everything else again. He remained near-hostile like yesterday, but she offered him three weeks safety and a promise to use veto on him if he's on the block and picks her to play. He didn't accept that offer and he didn't reject it, but he did say "I don't trust you." She asked if he can see the benefit of three weeks safety at this moment, and he said no. She said he's still good with her and if the house decides to keep her, she'll still give him the three weeks safety.

Janelle then moved on to Cody, which went almost as badly, but his social and hamster skills are a bit better than David's so it wasn't quite as painful to watch. And that meeting also had a comedy element: she offered her wedding band as collateral, which he rejected. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh agreed Kaysar should go after Janelle, and Kaysar told Christmas that Dani's playing both sides, and had brought up Christmas's name to Janelle as a target. Further comedy popped up when David told Kaysar he "hasn't proven to be trustful." Kaysar referred to the various "nonsense" going on all over, and David offered to give him advice, but eventually David did tell him he has his vote. Memphis told Christmas he'd promised his vote to Janelle but he was going to vote her out anyway. Cody told Dani that David told him Da'Vonne was trying to flip the vote last week, and Dani said David denied flip plans to her. They agreed Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, David, Kevin, Kaysar were all dispensable going forward.

They had their weekly virus sticks-up-the-nose, and later they got a second booze delivery since Janelle's been a Have-not, which should be illegal. They'd been about to play charades and they went ahead and did that as a group anyway. There wasn't more drama about rule-bending or hurt feelings over bad clues this time. Dani told Nicole to uninvite Janelle from her wedding in her farewell, and the two of them each grabbed a beer from Tyler's HOH fridge that had been tucked away for Have-nots tomorrow. A game of Price is Right broke out based on price tags left on decor items. Bayleigh formally called a meeting to order with Da'Vonne and David, about having heard David had been saying Da'Vonne tried to flip the vote last week, and wondering why he never brought that to her. He flustered and blustered, like he does, and Da'Vonne said she was going to fact-check his story. That didn't go over well, and Da'Vonne again stressed she wanted the three of them to work out as a team, partly in order to inspire other POC to believe they'd have a shot on this show in the future.

David fact-checked with Kevin, who blamed Kaysar for the vote flip plan, and more people got in on it. Chaos ensued, again, including Tyler finding out David had dropped his name to Da'Vonne about the vote flip talk. He got annoyed at David and said "I'm fucked, I'm gone next week, David" and like several before him, tried to explain BB to David. David apologized, and said Tyler would be fine, David is still his "stop cat" and he's going to win HOH. Da'Vonne and Janelle compared notes, and Janelle told her how difficult her talks with David had been and how unreceptive he was.

Reminder, if you missed what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and/or the detailed feeds updates by @UgotBronx, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

Day 22 - Wednesday - August 26, 2020

Morning started slowly, with eating, primping, talk of the state of the kitchen (clean today), bad British accents (Cody), Have-nots looking forward to food tonight, and most of us out here wondering whose game(s) David would blow up today. Janelle told Kaysar she thinks there's a battle-back, and to send her Nicole F next week. (Keesha and Nicole A are both home, so it wouldn't be first four outs.) In damage control mode, Tyler told Da'Vonne he'd told David it was Kaysar, not him, who told everyone she was trying to flip last week's vote. Da'Vonne said David had told her it was Tyler and Cody. Tyler hadn't heard the Cody component before. Da'Vonne asked Cody about it, he denied, Tyler joined, Cody said people were saying Da'Vonne was talking about a guys alliance, and Da'Vonne said that was David.

Janelle campaigned to Dani again, who said if Janelle can get seven votes she's in, but she wouldn't be her sixth and be the one to split the house. Janelle reminded Dani how long they've been friends, and said she knows Dani is close to Nicole F. Dani said they aren't besties, she just enjoys her company in the house. Tyler retold Davidgate to Cody, and they both agreed David's "an absolute rookie," and Tyler said David's dead to him now. Tyler then met with David again, and it didn't go well again. Tyler kept his cool again, and tried to explain things to David, and tried to teach him to BB again. David didn't say a lot, and Tyler said he wasn't upset with him and still wanted to work with him going forward. Bayleigh told Kaysar the David plan was not to target him because of the social cause, and Kaysar said he wondered how that would work with David being with the other side. He added David's an emotional player and loose cannon. Kevin told Da'Vonne she has to flip things around, and Da'Vonne was utterly exasperated.

Tyler and Bayleigh compared their respective notes about Davidgate, and Tyler told her he didn't want to get in the way of what she/David/Da'Vonne have, as it's "bigger than the game." Dani told Tyler they should try to get Kaysar out next in case Janelle does come back, and she said if they can't get Kaysar, it should be Bayleigh or Da'Vonne. They agreed they should be on the block together or "Bayleigh would go on a rampage" if Da'Vonne was evicted over anyone else. Tyler gave her a subtle redirect attempt to Memphis, saying he (Tyler) might vote for him if he's in the finals.


Ian got a full spa treatment from Nicole and Kevin, and he seemed pleased with the finished product, and said he'd enjoyed the process. What's ironic about this was it was happening on feeds at the same time the show was airing a fluff segment about Janelle's vampire facial, and Ian commented in Diary about the various high maintenance procedures by many of them, saying he didn't go in for all that.

Janelle gave Da'Vonne a (pricey) red dress and asked if she'd wear it tomorrow. Enzo and Cody griped about Dani and Nicole swiping the beers stashed away for Have-nots in Tyler's HOH fridge. Nicole went through with uninviting Janelle to her wedding in her farewell message, so that'll be good for a laugh when Julie plays it tomorrow. Dani told Christmas she wants someone to be mean to Bayleigh so she lashes out. Dani suggested to Cody they throw hinky votes to keep Janelle, to frame Bayleigh and Da'Vonne, but Cody said "nah, I ain't doing that!" More gripes, whispers, check-ins, and retells carried on all over town but as of now, Janelle is still going tomorrow. It should be noted the narrator said over the Wednesday show credits that the show will be live. We're due for a lengthy HOH comp that won't finish on the show - whether endurance, slippy-slide, eggs and chicken wire, etc - since they'll need something for Sunday's show now that Safety Suite is over. Hopefully that will be on feeds, but there's no word of that as of now.

Cooking by Have-nots started early with a huge and varied menu: chicken parm, tacos, pasta, stir-fry, mac 'n cheese, nachos, avocado toast, bacon, banana bread. Around 10pm Cody's guacamole leapt out and exploded when Janelle opened the fridge, but she scraped up and salvaged most of it. When midnight finally rolled around, everyone enjoyed the feast but especially the Have-nots, and especially Enzo.

Good bye Janelle, it was great having you on feeds again.

Reminder, if you missed what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and/or the detailed feeds updates by @UgotBronx, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

Ratings - If You Can't Say Anything Nice edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value
See full bios in cast folder at
Hamsterwatch Forum

Looks like they're going to let the third former viewer favorite winner in a row go home on Thursday, and if that doesn't put accusations of rigging the game to rest, nothing will. Sure, they nudge in Diary and have swayed the eviction target once or twice in the past, but this is a triple whammy they surely didn't want.

Permanent gripe/comment until slop is done: They need to do away with slop in general, but especially during pandemic plague season when good nutrition should be a major priority on their highly-touted list of safety concerns.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1
She's often funny, and her random impromptu dances make for great gifs. She'll probably be the next female target when Janelle goes, thanks largely to Nicole (and Dani's seed bombs), and I hope she's prepared.

Won: $5,000; Safety Suite #2; Safety Suit #3 (Enzo's win)/1 week star babies care
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 1
I don't know why he blocked me on Twitter. I likely said some negative things about him, but I know I said worse about his brother and he doesn't have me blocked. Go figure.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
It's understandable she wants to be the last comp queen standing, but her ally choices remain puzzling.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1
His bad reads on everything are as bad as bad can be, but whoever's running his Twitter feed @davjalex is hilarious.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
I love her one-on-one convos, especially when she's in no-nonsense comforting mode, and of course she remains highly gif-able. She's on a few hit lists but I think she'll stick a bit longer.

Won: Safety Suite #3
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 1
His comedy value dropped somewhat this week, but that's to be expected when someone is being starved.

Won: Safety Suit #2 (Christmas's win)/1 week space skits
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1
It's great to see him hammocking again, and it's also great to be able to use the word hammocking again.

Won: Safety Suit #1 (Kaysar's win)/1 week star
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1
It's been great seeing her on feeds again, and kudos to her for taking the high road with Nicole F, but that high road isn't as fun to watch as the in-your-face old days were.

Won: Safety Suite #1
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1
His life convos are still the best stuff on this season's feeds, and his and Janelle's easy laughter and comfortable camaraderie together has been delightful to see again.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1
She has a wedding coming up and ad dollars rolling in, and like most of them, her stock isn't being upgraded with this return visit. She shouldn't have come back.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
I mostly applauded his game last time, until the end, but not his entertainment value. He must have some kind of magical in-person aura that inspires trust because how else are they all falling for the same thing again after seeing his season? He brought back hanging out in HOH this week, but at least he had some variety in his visitors this time, and he didn't stay horizontal.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1
2nd evicted, Day 16

Imagine going on BB and not wanting to work with Janelle and Kaysar. Having them to go bat for you, hard, and then throwing it back in their faces. It's mind-boggling. She was in way over her head this season, made one bad decision after another, and she repeatedly promised us a house meeting that she never delivered.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
1st evicted, Day 9

She was feisty her first time around but like all of them, she's older and more mature now, and her birthday happened before they moved in, so we didn't get any new memorable Keesha scenes. But it was good to see her again and she got a nice check for two weeks isolation and one week of summer camp.

Lines and Links of the Day


Janelle: Nicole Anthony has ruined my name in this game

Da'Vonne about David: He's here but he's not present

Ian: Can the wakeup song tomorrow be My Dick by Mickey Avalon?

Enzo: I don't care about eating, it's my body cares tho

Dani to Cody: I'm the Derrick and you're still the Cody

Christmas: I'm quickly becoming [Kaysar]'s new Janelle

David: Everything in my effort -- if I'm gonna get in with these guys and they're going to be willing to tell me things, that is forewarning, that is an olive branch

David: I can read a situation

Tyler to self: All-stars huh, this is all-stars? Great cast you guys picked here, man

Janelle: Kaysar's one of the most beloved houseguests of all time
Bayleigh: Is he?
Kaysar: Maybe at the time, when there were six seasons

Enzo: I got a plug in my butt

Cody: Nip that in the butt

Cody about cuddling: I gotta stay away from anybody who's married this season, I feel like everybody's waiting for that

Kevin: I don't like the feeling of being expendable

Dani Diary: Janelle is the Big Brother queen but it's time for a new coronation



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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Minor fights: 1
Janelle vs Nicole F
8/20 (not on feeds) - 8/23 show

Booze deliveries: 5
(Day 1 move-in - 8/5 nothing)
Day 7 - 8/11 2 wine, 6 beer
Day 9 - 8/13 2 wine, 4 beer
Day 9 - 8/13 Memphis HOH wine, 6 beer
Day 16 - 8/20 Tyler HOH 12 Vizzy
Day 18 - 8/22 2 wine, 6 beer
Day 21 - 8/25 2 wine, 6 beer

Pinkyswears: 3
8/7 11.58pm Ian/Nicole F
8/9 2.35am Kevin/Nicole A
8/18 12.21am Bayleigh/Cody/Dani/Da'Vonne/Enzo/Tyler

Injuries, illnesses, etc: 11
-Cody's broken glass/cut hand washing dishes
-Ian's slop sick day
-Enzo's sore foot/leg from backyard bicycle
-Nicole A's slop sick day
-David's cut hand from a decor star
-Nicole F's low potassium levels
-Da'Vonne's low iron sick day
-Da'Vonne's banged heel getting off the bed
-Enzo's pulled muscle from laser Safety comp
-Janelle's cut finger chopping veggies
-David's burned finger from pizza

Broken habitat items: 3
Broken awning attacked Ian
Mirror/window light frame went out
Another broken awning

Bigger BB stories than BB22: 2
-The Amazing Race season 31
-BB21 leaked group text

Pre-season cockamamie rumors/events: 5
-Kaycee and Josh contracted COVID-19 partying together
-Nicole Franzel masterminded casting
-Public sour grapes from various uninvited alums
-Danielle Reyes will/won't/will/won't show up
-Nicole Anthony's potato salad recipe


Production Goofs

1 Premature All-stars merchandise in CBS Store
2 Promoted interviews didn't happen
3 TV Guide posted a cast list prematurely
4 Forgot to update winners list for BB21
5+6 Wrong 8/9 show time, wrong BB1 premiere
7 Unfinished spots in house pics
8 Julie interview that mentioned 'some' failing virus test was deleted
9 Prematurely released half the cast
10 Have-nots locked out of HN room on premiere
11 Wrong season for Janelle winning first AFH
12 Misspelled Tyler's last name
13 Feeds window has wrong show days
14 Da'Vonne misspelled in press pics
15 Cody in Diary visual leak on their monitor
16 Referenced Orwell in BB Rewind promo
17 Switched BB Rewind host's accent é è
18 Staffer left a walkie talkie in the house
19 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/12 show
20 Kevin's comp shirt backwards on 8/12 show Diary
21 Alliance name errors in Twitter poll
22 Julie said wrong Day number on 8/13 show
23 Forgot to update Julie's twitter
24 Misspelled Cody's last name in press pics
25 Forgot Kaysar was on BB6 and BB7
26 Official site still showing BBAD on Pop
27 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/19 show
28 Lockdown recording bleed in feeds block music
29 Wrong Nicole in press pics caption
30 Posted 8/26 veto show pics a day early
31 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/26 show

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Cody; Memphis; Tyler

Veto winners in order: Enzo; Memphis; Cody

Evictions in order: Keesha 13-0; Nicole A 10-2

Cast Twitters: @BayleighDaily; @christmasabbott; @Cody_Calafiore; @danidONAT0; @davjalex; @DayDaVonne_; (Enzo deleted @the_Meow_Meow_); @TulaneTerry; @JanellePierzina; @KaysarRidha; @KeeshaSmith0801; @kcampbellicious; @MemphisGarrett; @Strongislandni2; @nicole_franzel; @TylerCrispen2

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The habitat has 94 HD cameras (no change) and 113 microphones (no change).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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