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Top three vote-getters competed.
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-1st place: Jackson
Immunity for the week
-2nd place: Analyse
One week chicken suit
-3rd place: Christie
Go OTB as 3rd nominee



Week 1 Nightmare - not used
Bella, Cliff, Kat, Nicole, Ovi
-Ovi could secretly force HOH to name two new nominees after one of first six noms ceremonies, excluding his Camp Comeback weeks

Week 2 Chaos - used Day 32
Holly, Jack, Jackson, Sam, Tommy
-Jack could stand up and force a redraw of veto players, one time, until final six

Week 3 Panic - not used
Analyse, Christie, Jessica, Kemi, Nick
-Christie could secretly activate so veto winner would name renom if they used veto, at one of 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th veto meetings



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Power Status

Evicted: Kat 6-1
Head of Household: Jackson
Original noms: Analyse, Christie
Veto winner/outcome: Jackson/TBA
Final noms: TBA
Field Trip chicken: Analyse (completed)
Evicted: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20: Day 60 - Day 57

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4: Latest

Ratings Watch Thursday's live show won the hour with 1.1 rating, 6 share, 4.40 million viewers, ahead of Ellen's Game of Games rerun on NBC with 0.8/5/3.90, Spin the Wheel on FOX with 0.6/3/2.59, and Family Food Fight finale on ABC with 0.3/2/1.98.

Sunday's show won the hour with 1.3 rating, 6 share, 5.04 million viewers, ahead of NFL Preseason on FOX with 1.1/6/4.36, Celebrity Family Feud on ABC with 0.8/4/4.96, and America's Got Talent rerun on NBC with 0.4/2/2.50.

Overnight rating & share: adults 18-49; Rating: % of all TV households; Share: % of households watching TV

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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 58 - Thursday 8/15/19

Last night's drama carried on through the night and spilled into this morning, with rehashes, retells, accusations and denials about the new six, Cliff's Angels, and Holly's comments about Analyse all taking center stage. Yes, it was a very crowded and very chaotic stage, but it probably changed very little and Kat will probably still be going to jury later today.

Editors did some quick turnaround work and got quite a bit of last night's and today's shenanigans into the edit. Kat added another nominee scorcher speech to the tally, aimed at Cliff, but as usual that and the drama were all for nothing and she was evicted 6-1, with Jessica the dissenter. Jessica was also the only hug Kat gave on her way out. She was pleased with the audience reaction she got and she did well with her Q&A, surprising no one. Julie broke a cross-support at the bottom of her stool as she sat down with Kat, which also went onto the tally. Everyone was in lederhosen outfits for the HOH comp, including Analyse, and they didn't have even a short segment of her coop sitting or eggs cooking. Maybe it'll show up later. Julie told us next Thursday woud be another "live eviction" - singular.

The HOH comp was the slippy slide race in Crisco, this time with a Swiss theme,s titled Aug-toberfest. They had to transport "beer" from a barrel and fill up a large stein. There were no special jugs this time for prize money or the like. They started at 6.54pm, feeds were on by 7.05pm, and it ran for almost exactly one hour. Jessica and Cliff were both having trouble especially on the upslope; Jackson, Nick, Christie all started strong; and Jessica, Nicole, Analyse, and Nick all had falls, but most everyone was more upright more of the time than usual for this comp. Jackson lost his lederhosen around halfway through and kept going in his underpants, but he up his pace and fished out his ping pong ball first to win the comp. Cliff said he wanted to fill up his stein and finish anyway, but BB put the kaibosh on that. When feeds came back, Nicole was crying and Analyse got back in her chicken suit. Jackson told Holly he'll target Christie and may use Jessica and/or Analyse as pawns to get her gone. He also said he wouldn't put up Nick, Cliff, or Tommy, and Holly ranted about Nick for a bit.

Most of them sat around the bathroom and chatted about the comp, and this and that. Tommy talked about his butt being itchy because he shaved it. Jackson hollered about his room around 11.50pm and they all trooped up to ooh and ahh. There were six watermelons in the room, and he got watermelon scented lotion, watermelon scented soap, watermelon candies, along with a truckload of beef jerky and protein bars. He also got sunglasses, his University of Tennessee shirt, a sweater, a loofah, sunflower seeds, BEER, and the usual assortment of cereals and snacks. His music was Curtain Call by Enimem, and his letter was from his dad Fish, and it mentioned watermelon.

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Day 59 - Friday 8/16/19

Pre-nom meetings kicked off on schedule, with Jackson telling many he wasn't giving up any info. He did get Cliff and Nicole to agree to vote how he wants if he doesn't put them on the block. He told AnalyseChicken that he trusted her and he needed her to know that (things you say to a pawn). He also referred to Day 44, which was the huge pre-eviction show fight. Holly passed through to use the shower while she was there, and she was still in there when Jackson's target Christie arrived. She too got the not-giving-any-info spiel plus various clichés (drink!), but she also got "being on the block is part of Big Brother" and "fighting for the veto when on the block is part of Big Brother." Of course Christie agreed enthusiastically, but she'll probably cry later when she goes up. Jackson confirmed to Holly that Analyse and Christie will be the noms.

Holly trotted through when Jessica was having her turn, distracting them about her hair and makeup for a Diary call, and effectively putting an end to the meeting. She installed a dozen or more sets of stunt hair while talking with Jessica, then went downstairs to apply more makeup to her face as well as her arms, shoulders, chest, throat, and cleavage. She put a hat over all the stunt hair, then removed it, then added more makeup before waiting outside Diary. She finally went in, and was back out again in a few minutes. Group chat in the RV room including Nick tapping AnalyseChicken's butt with his foot, and several of them trying to establish ground rules for the trash-the-house veto comp, if it's that tomorrow.

Christie and Analyse had a premature block party with many tears from each, not certain they'd be going up but both had a pretty good idea they would. Group chats carried on, with most of them being impatient for noms, and apparently not having paid attention all these weeks to what time they happen. With Kat gone, Nicole fed the fishies with Holly and Jessica, and they discovered the one named Nicole looked sickly (dying). Nicole said she hoped that wasn't a metaphor for her game. Christie and some others, as a prank, screamed the yard was open with an Outback meal set up, but of course it wasn't. Cliff and Jackson reaffirmed the agreement they'd made back on Day 40 to work together, along with Holly (who wasn't present either time), plus Nicole and Jessica (who weren't present this time, but Nicole has previously agreed). Nick and Jessica both deep-throated bananas. Analyse got her final chicken signal just before 3.30pm and shunned her suit, with help from Tommy who pretty much shredded it, thus dropping its Ebay value considerably.

Jackson nominated Christie and Analyse, as planned, and feeds came back to the usual sniffles plus hugs all around. Cliff and Nicole had a quick pantry meeting where he told her last week was "just a one week deal" and "they can call me a flip-flopper, I don't care." Analyse was confused because Jackson apparently said both were huge threats, and Christie said she wasn't going to cry - we'll see. Tommy and Holly, the only two left who haven't touched the block, checked in on the nominees who'd retired to their RV beds. Analyse said at least she'd get to be with Jack if she goes, and Christie said she'd get to be with Kat. She also said she just wants to see Zingbot, that she'll go happily if she can get zinged first. (Cue a big blinking BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR sign.)

They discovered Nicolefish had been scooped out and evicted while they were away for noms. Christie and Analyse commiserated for awhile, and asked viewers to send them a power - oops, that already happened last week. Cliff gave his health report and shoutouts to family - he's doing okay and still happy to be here, and Nicole studied days. Nick told Analyse if he plays and wins veto he'd use it on her but she told him not to, as Christie would be a certain goner if noms stayed the same. They whispered and hatched some plot but I didn't hear what it was. Tommy took a bite of one of Jackson's protein bars but spit it out right away as it had nuts in it, and he has a severe allergy. He seemed okay but went to the upstairs Diary/medical room and was given Benadryl, and he reported they told him they'd keep an eye on him all night. He also talked again about getting the old alliance back together again (not gonna happen). This crew has never been big on entertaining themselves or us, and it's often becoming a chore to watch the feeds.

Christie worked on Analyse for awhile and seemed to convince her to pick Tommy rather than Nick if she gets a Houseguest Choice, and to throw the comp to Christie if possible. Jackson, Holly, Cliff, Nicole had a formal meeting of their new group. Well, Jackson called and chaired the meeting, and the others agreed with him a lot. He said they could keep their partnership open-ended and revisit after this week, and they agreed. And he said their three votes were all he'd need to break a tie, and they agreed. Nick then visited Jackson and Holly, and both told him they'd keep noms the same if they win veto. Nick told Jackson if Tommy wins veto, he figured he'd be the pawn renom, and Jackson didn't agree or deny, he just said "you know you're good with me." Then Tommy visited HOH and I zoned out, but I think he told Jackson and Holly he'd use veto on Analyse if he wins it. (He lies.)

Nicole made a birthday greeting for her mom with cereal, and she did a little presentation to wish her happy birthday but no cameras were on her, then Jackson dropped his pants and feeds cut to fishies before Nicole was finished. How rude. Well, happy birthday to Nicole's mom from here! Jessica had some tummy problems and talked about poop for awhile. Jackson and Holly did some clowning and bad dancing in the HOH doorway to watch themselves on the monitor in a mirror, and then he told her if Nick wins veto and uses it on Analyse, he'd have to put up Tommy in order to get Christie gone, and vice versa, if Tommy wins he'd put up Nick. Everyone in the habitat said they were going to bed at 10 tonight, but they say that every night and rarely do. But most of them were quieting down by 11, with some scattered paranoid whisperings about the veto and subsequent votes, and various visits to various beds. To her credit, Christie didn't actually cry a lot since her nomination - last week must have softened the blow.

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Day 60 - Saturday 8/17/19

Veto players were picked early: Cliff, Holly, Nick will play with Jackson, Analyse, Christie, with Tommy the planned host. Christie dramatics kicked off right away, earnestly urging Analyse and Tommy to work together if she goes, and saying she would have put up Jackson if she'd won HOH, she gets why she was up, and telling Analyse "I just hate that you're up next to me." Nick and Christie then went at it as he said he'd veto Analyse if he wins, Christie accused him of playing both sides and working with Jackson, which in turn upset Nick and brought protestations of always being transparent, and Analyse cried about things she'd been told Holly said about her. Tommy reported to Cliff and Nicole that his best friends were upset with each other and he hated that. Jackson and Cliff reaffirmed their deal yet again, Jackson said he had no deals with Tommy, and he still wanted to go forward with Cliff, Nicole, "and maybe Jess." Christie cried in the shower and Tommy consoled her with an extremely sincere-looking puppy dog expression, telling her "you can always look at me and see home."

Feeds were only down an hour and a half or so for the veto comp and when they came back, Jackson had won. Competitors were in swimsuits and said it was a fun but difficult and frustrating comp. It was called Coral Grief with a beach theme, and they had to gather pieces including a seal, seahorse, octopus, whale, shark, turtles, and flounder, put them together and balance them, and slide or push them into something. They all competed together and the others watched. Most were quiet and subdued when feeds returned, but Tommy plus Holly played Baywatch rescue on Nicole, laughing, and that's when Christie went sobbing up to Camp Have-not and melted down. Cliff went up to apologize on behalf of all of them for [having fun, apparently], and she hiccup-sobbed that it wasn't that she knew she'd be leaving, it was that she thought Tommy was her friend and he was laughing. Tommy talked to her a bit later and apologized. Meanwhile Analyse was angry-sulking in her bed, and Jackson and Holly (over his HOH beers) agreed Analyse was a worse sport than Christie.

Things settled down to a dull non-roar the rest of the afternoon and evening as various groups finally wound down from sniping about each other. Cliff told Analyse and Christie some people wouldn't appreciate pranks considering the stress, but they assured him they would.. we'll see. Christie begged for a power, a Pandora's Box, "anything" because she said she wasn't ready to go yet, and later she was part of a funny convo about what she'd do to stay. She said she'd give up the $500k and even her stipend if she could. Nick told Jackson he wouldn't nominate him or Holly if he wins HOH next week and Jackson wasted no time jumping up to get the handshake on that. Jackson was surprised to discover he'd eaten all his beef jerky, seven bags of it. Christie, Nicole, Analyse put Vaseline on doorknobs and drawer pulls in hopes of getting Cliff, but Tommy was the victim. Checkers and backgammon happened upstairs, eating happened downstairs, and not much else.

The backyard finally opened and Analyse, Christie, Jessica broke one of the lounges, the second on the tally. This one just went boop in mid convo, startling Jessica into another classic reaction expression. Jackson told Holly he'll have to take some time off their extracurricular activities for awhile, as his Bullwinkle was irritated. Holly apologized that she "doesn't know what's going on" - with herself, it sounded like, so maybe her rash still hasn't cleared up. Maybe they're allergic to each other, or maybe he got new deodorant. You're welcome, Hamsterwatchers - I know this is the kind of quality content you come here for. Backyard psst-pssting carried on, with Analyse still being adamant she's never said anything bad about anyone (cough), Nicole telling Tommy she had discovered her stress/emotional outlet is crying, Tommy telling Nicole it might be better to keep Christie, and retells of the Vaseline prank.

Jackson took advantage of Christie going to Diary to invite Analyse to his Camp Have-not office to talk about her nomination. She was petulant, he was condescending, both were animated and talked over each other, and both got loud (but not really angry, so nothing for the fights tally). She said she was blindsided by her nomination and didn't respect that he didn't warn her so she could prepare, and she realized he wanted Christie gone, and she "didn't make the deal, she was just a part of the deal," and she lost her train of thought a couple times. He said his usual Day 44 spiel, that it was clear he'd been cast out, "best for my game" etc, and he said he didn't owe any explanations before noms anyway. That didn't help anything and she got more riled up.

He said no way she'd go over Christie, and she asked what if she does? He said "keep this attitude up and you might." That didn't help anything either. He said he wanted Christie gone as she was the biggest threat to him winning, and putting up Analyse against her was a guarantee to get Christie out. Eventually he apologized, and magically it began to settle. She said she respected his nominations, but she still had issues with Holly, and he said that was between the two of them. They ended with love you's and a hug, Jackson retold to Holly, and Analyse was much more talkative and personable when she rejoined the others downstairs. She retold to Tommy and then Christie, who said her spirit guides told her to fight to stay, and Analyse said they should come up with something to reunite the Six/Five Shooters. Cliff told Jessica that everything's good, her name hasn't come up, and Jessica said Christie had "no shot in hell" to stay.


Nearly all of them were in bed shortly after midnight, but most got up again for late night silliness, screeching, snacking, and pranking in the form of Christie, Tommy, Nicole, Analyse throwing cold cuts and cheese onto a sleeping Cliff - or so they thought. But he was ready and waiting for them, and threw it right back.

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Day 61 - Sunday 8/18/19

Their Sunday started late, giving Cliff plenty of morning hammock time to chat with us, like the old days. Among other things, he threatened another day of pranks, which included parking a fake mouse just outside the door. Tommy and Nick had a gametalk and among other things, Nick said he's noticed Tommy's very protective of Holly. Not Christie, but Holly. Many viewers have questioned why Jackson didn't and won't put up Christie and Tommy together to ensure breaking them up, but their campaign to appear to be more separate has clearly been effective, as has their hiding their relationship all season. It's easy to forget they don't know everything in there that we do. Nick and Tommy also talked about protecting Nicole going forward, and Nick said he'd promised Jack to protect Analyse going forward, and both said they regretted last week's deal. Analyse started the day's pranks by tossing baby powder on freshly showered Cliff.

I don't expect much today beyond Christie and Analyse running their resentment/apathy/begging/drama cycles, and the usual future plans repetitious loops from everyone else, but we'll see. Oh, and pranks.

Christie and Analyse had a whisper-plotting convo, and Analyse and Tommy had a what-to-do convo - predictably, he said they should "get the gang back together." Analyse met with Holly to say she'd been blindsided by her nom, and hurt, and what about their friendship and deals when they were the Four with their bedmates, or maybe the Four with Tommy and Christie. Then they shifted to the "mean talk" issues, and blamed Jessica for that (Analyse plotted that with Christie and Tommy). Holly was happy to jump on that bandwagon, and said Jessica doesn't know anything about what's going on game-wise so she latches onto personal stuff. They also bashed Nick for his fake sincerity. Holly said Christie leaving was a done deal, Analyse had to remind her Jackson still has a veto, and she pushed to "get the gang back together" because they're so strong together, plus Nick, and they could take out everyone else. Analyse stuffed Cliff's drinking cup straw with toothpaste and stuck it back into his cup.

Christie finally made her pitch to Jackson, with Holly present, and it included lots and lots of words, as you'd expect. Holly piped up a couple times but Jackson was stoic and silent for most of it, brick wall-ish even, and then he ran his usual spiel about her being a threat and he did what's best for his game, etc etc etc. They ended with hugs, like they do. Later Analyse and Tommy made yet another pitch, which Holly kinda liked as it put Nick in the cross-hairs, but Jackson told her after they left he didn't buy it, he's still not using his veto, and he still wants Christie gone.

Nick then dropped in to HOH, and dropped a tidbit that Jessica had told Cliff that Jackson, Nick, Tommy have a final three deal. Jackson erupted "are you fucking kidding me?! This chick is ASKING me to use the veto!" Nick dropping this tidbit was cooked up by Nick, Tommy, Analyse earlier, in hopes of Jessica going up in Christie's place. Jackson had been called to Diary but he pulled Cliff aside on his way to ask if it was true. Cliff said yes, Jessica had said that early yesterday morning, but she hadn't said it as fact, more as a guess or even a what-if. Cliff added that Jessica had been throwing Jackson and Holly under the proverbial bus all over town. (Cliff had also asked Nick not to share that tidbit.) Jackson gave his word to Cliff that he didn't have any deals other than the one with him, Nicole, and Holly.


Pop sent them sugar cookie supplies rather than booze, again, and they blew up bigger than expected. Analyse and Nicole tried to repair them by recutting them with the owl cookie cutter after they were baked. That ended up working okay once they were iced and decorated. Between baking and fetching the others to decorate the cookies, they saran wrapped the door to Cliff's room. The cookies turned out pretty cute after all, and Christie got caught by the saran wrap and Vaseline. She believed Analyse when she said she didn't do it, Cliff justifiably said he wouldn't booby trap his own door, and Christie started to freak out just a little bit when Nicole admitted it was her and Analyse. Christie made yet another pitch to Jackson, this one to take down Analyse and put up Jessica.

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Ratings - Literary special edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value?
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Noms count: original/renom/twist

A trade manual giving reality editors tips about selecting and inserting light moments into drama and angst filled episodes, with an emphasis on chronological unimportance.

Won: 1 week chicken/3 days eggs
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0
A non-illustrated cookbook for beginners, with easy recipes for various egg dishes from simple to classic to haute cuisine. The deluxe edition includes a companion pamphlet for parents and other recipients of the finished product(s) with tips for stashing bad eggs into pockets and napkins, plus 15 creative ways to say 'these eggs are delicious!' while sounding sincere.

Won: Whacktivity 3 Panic; 4 days Poison Ivy; Field Trip nominee
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/1 - HN 1
A gothic, tragic, novelized biography filled with drama and tears, revolving around a wretched heroine who undergoes many trials and tribulations. She fails to understand that she causes all her troubles and blames everyone else for them. Very long, very wordy, and rather dull, it's good reading for interstellar space flights around the universe. Special introduction by her sister.

Won: Revival to Camp Comeback Day 30; Full revival to BB21
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 3/0/0 - HN 0
A little manual with tips to live a happy life and enjoy whatever it throws at you. Features daily reminders to share one's thoughts with strangers, remind family members you love them, and tend to your injuries, plus a special chapter of step-by-step prank instructions.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0
Not quite a self-help book, this guide to image projection demonstrates the importance of makeup and makeup mirrors to portray an image of one's self rather than one's self, plus multiple style tips for excessive stunt hair. Mostly photos, plus cut-out diagrams to learn random little dance-like moves, and a few word chapters that stress the importance of deflecting any topic back onto one's own image. Filled with repetitive anecdotes and stories about places and experiences from the distant past, plus a bonus audio cassette to learn how to meow.

Won: Camp Director 1st eviction immunity; Field Trip 7th eviction immunity; 24 hrs Alien Doctor
HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 1
A chapter book for young fruit lovers featuring the history of watermelons, tips for growing watermelons and for carving watermelons, plus an extended bibliography of watermelon-flavored and watermelon-scented products of all types. The deluxe edition includes a how-to guide for changing one's image through careful conversation and modified behavior. The latest addition to the wildly successful CUCUMBER, CUCUMBER and MEAT, MEAT series. Note: the once-popular SLOP, SLOP volume is no longer available.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 2/0/0 - HN 1
Girls everywhere will love this easy guide to modeling because it stresses the importance of body positivity and likability, along with conversation tips. It also stresses the importance of repetition, and repeating everything you hear, immediately, to the wrong person(s), with many 'likes' inserted.

Won: $5,000
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0
Gritty autobiography of a fast talking, former therapist and his struggle to stop nuzzling and humping everything in sight. Not for the faint of heart.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 1
A pleasant book from a pleasant author about being pleasant. This slim volume has caused controversy among some critics for being too pleasant and lacking bite, but it's remained #1 on best seller lists for over 60 straight days, causing some critics to rethink their position on pleasantness.

Won: 4 days Poison Ivy; 1 week 6 days BB Explorer
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1
Equally inspired by Sun Tzu's ancient treatise The Art of War and Dale Carnegie's classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, this title teaches simple lessons for gaining trust and friends. Chapters include 'Compliment Like You Mean It,' 'How to Look Sincere,' 'Up Your Getaround Game,' 'Kill Your Haters with Kindness,' and 'When All Else Fails, Put on a Show!' Soon to be a major motion picture.

Won: Hawaii trip
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 2/1/0 - HN 1
She came in confusing, telling one interview she'd watched for years and another that she just heard of the show. Then on the pre-season audio leak, Christie said she'd put Kat OTB because she was paranoid and annoying. Then feeds started and Kat was a basketcase, crying and freaking out. We found out some of that was due to Jackson's hump 'n dump, and when she wasn't evicted she settled into being the most entertaining of this bunch. She was random and funny, often using self-deprecating humor and making it work, along with ongoing gags about 'conspiring bitches' and Brett. She played a rat floater game but she didn't do it well, and there were a half dozen other rat floaters to maneuver around. She was outside most alliances but infiltrated with the best of them, and her game was great fun to watch, though very, very messy.

Won: Whacktivity 2 Chaos; 24 hrs Angry Alien
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0 - HN 0
He was cocky and arrogant, and he and Jackson didn't want to talk to anyone who wasn't cool or pretty enough for them. He had a vendetta against Kemi for no apparent reason and he made more than a few racially charged comments about her and David. Julie grilled him about some of those as well as a comment about Bella, like she hasn't done to anyone since BB15 Aaryn. His HOH letter was from his dogsitter, and he called a house meeting to announce nobody could gametalk with the three Camp Comebackers (but everyone did, including him). He referred to bedmate Analyse as his 'game piece' early on to Jackson, and he had a multi-way attraction thing going with Christie and Tommy. He was tipped off about some of his behavior and tried to do better but it was a transparent effort.

Won: Fiji trip
HOH 0 - Veto 2 - Noms 1/0 - HN 1
He was the first outsider to learn the Eight (and the Six) were things, and he seemed content to be their ninth (and seventh) rather than taking that info to the rest of the strays so they could organize and counter. He started strong, winning the first two vetos, but his luck went downhill after that. He planned a nominee speech outing Christie's shady dealings but he blabbed and it got back to Christie and the rest. But that then led to the huge fight before his eviction show that tore the Jacks apart and blew up the Six, so kudos for that. Never mind he could have used that mess to his advantage and maybe stayed. He was a DIARY SHOUTER, he had lots of goofy (sometimes inappropriate) stories, and he was liked by most, most of the time.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1 - HN 0
She seemed promising in her pre-season interviews but it turned out she hadn't really done the homework recruits should do, and she was quickly in over her head. She blabbed about most every convo she had, and she blew up alliances almost as soon as they were formed. But along the way she mixed and drank gross concoctions including hot dog water and mayo, she told some funny stories and some sad ones, and she and Nick fell in love (once she finally got him to stop lusting for Analyse).

Won: Revival to Camp Comeback Day 23
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0 - HN 0
She was targeted by Jack and Jackson for no reason we know of, other than naming them as potential nominees in the first days. From then on they were obsessed with her, spreading that obsessive hate to their teamies, and it was so stupid it would have been comical if it weren't so ugly. She kept it classy despite all that, and it's good she had Nicole as a sounding board (and genuine friend) to vent her frustrations. I just wish she and Kat didn't hate each other as they would have made a superb comedy duo.

Won: Whacktivity 1 Nightmare (unused); Revival to Camp Comeback Day 15
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1 - HN 0
He was a prime example of BB book smarts not necessarily equating to BB street smarts, and he didn't help himself any by being too loud and busy, nor by snitching on alliances to those same alliance members. Analyse accused him of being creepy with her but there was no evidence of that. He's done great things out here and will undoubtedly do more, so it was probably for the best that he got out of that snakepit sooner than later.

Won: First 2 weeks in sequester; Revival to Camp Comeback Day 15
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 0
He got the rawest of BB deals, the first night boot, and then he was locked in a hotel room for two more weeks. He showed a quick and accurate read on everything when he re-entered the habitat and was probably the only one of the Comebackers with potential to do some real damage if he'd won the comp to re-enter the game, but it wasn't to be. His and Kat's flirtation was fun to watch. He could and should have been a contender but instead he got the boot twice, and without any noms or votes to evict.

Lines and Links of the Day


Cliff, in the comp: Like a hippopotamus on a highwire

Jackson, in the comp: I need that key more than I need a foot!

Jackson: I like the gamble of produce, I like the excitement, like you don't know what you're gonna get til you cut it open

Holly to feedsters:
Cliff: Jackson and Holly are.. 'meditating'

Holly: I literally have PTSD from my HOH [because of] Kat

Holly: Oh no, there's nine people and eight pieces of chicken.. I guess we'll have to do eviction early

Nicole to us: One thing I never spoke about in this house is my absolute obsession with Muhammad Ali



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Julie extended interview with Kat

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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Booze deliveries:
-Move-in champagne
-July 1
-July 4
-July 6
-July 30
-August 7 halfway party
-August 12

Major fights: 1
8/1 before live show (leaked video/not on feeds)
Christie, Jackson, Holly, Kat, Jack plus Tommy, Analyse

Minor fights: 4
-Bella vs Kemi 7/11 7.24pm
-Jackson vs Kat 7/14 approx 7.45pm (not on feeds)
-Bella vs Jack 7/21 show (not on feeds)
-Analyse vs Holly 8/15 2.12am

House meetings: 3
7/3 6.37pm called by Jack
7/22 8.25pm called by Sam
7/24 12.49pm called by Tommy

Revive-a-Hamster full returns: 1

Revive-a-Hamster Camp Comebackers: 4

Nominee speech scorchers: 3
Kemi 7/11
Bella 7/25
Kat 8/15

Blindside evictions: 1

Unorthodox peeing incidents: 1
Jackson 7/25 HOH comp

Planned veto hosts bumped for alums: 4
-Tommy, bumped for Kaycee
-Nick, bumped for Tyler
-Holly, bumped for Kaitlyn
-Analyse, bumped for OTEV

Pinkyswears: 12
-7/12 11.54pm Cliff/Nicole
-7/14 4.26pm Kat/Jessica
-7/16 4.05pm Kat/Holly
-7/18 12.29am Kat/David
-7/18 1:04am Nicole/Kemi (retell by Nicole)
-7/20 10.11pm Sam/Holly
-7/26 12.01am Jackson/Holly
-7/26 10.21pm Kat/Holly
-7/29 8.00pm Sam/Nicole
-8/8 2:02pm Kat/Nicole
-8/9 2.49am Tommy/Nicole
-8/9 8.42pm Kat/Nicole

Broken habitat parts: 6
-Tommy broke the backyard boat lounge chair
-Jack broke the lounge door
-Cliff and Christie broke an awning
-Cliff broke the living room platform floor
-Julie broke her stool at Kat's eviction
-Analyse, Christie, Jessica broke another backyard lounge

Injuries, illnesses etc: 19
-Sam's hemorrhoids
-Analyse broken glass in her foot
-Jackson's hurt ankle in 7/6 veto (and subsequent flareups)
-Nick's back zit/cyst
-Jackson's chipped teeth from grinding
-Holly's mysterious rash
-Cliff's hurt calf in 7/20 veto (and subsequent flareups)
-Christie's bleeding butt
-Jackson's bleeding butt
-Jackson's oozing infected thumb
-Jackson's food poisoning
-Nick's motion sickness from 8/3 veto
-Kat's jammed pinky toe
-Tommy's sore neck from his Space Explorer hat
-Jackson's rolled foot
-Cliff's sore elbow, forearm, back from 8/10 OTEV veto
-Holly's banged head while piggybacking Jackson
-Jackson's stubbed 'ring finger toe'
-Tommy's accidental protein bar bite (nut allergy)

Scandals outside our BB world: 7
-Selective editing of the Jacks + racial optics
-Jackson's [alleged/likely faked] domestic violence record
-Jack's 'rice pudding' comment
-Kemi asked by Diary to talk like a stereotype rather than herself
-Sheep used for 7/27 veto comp

Funerals: 1
6/29 12.05pm For the fishies

Hamster birthday parties: 2
-Kemi and Jack

Non-hamster birthday parties: 4
-Cliff's son
-Nicole's dad
-Tommy's dad
-Jackson's dad

Makeout pairings: 3

Sex events (minimum): 16
-Pre-feeds Jackson/Kathryn (3x)
-7/6 11.48pm Jack/Analyse
-7/7 2.33am Nick/Bella
-7/8 3.29am Jack/Analyse
-7/10 1.56am Nick/Bella
-7/16 1.43pm Jackson/Holly (Holly retell)
-7/19 5.56pm Jackson/Holly
-7/21 10.33am Jack/Analyse
-7/21 1.33am Jackson/Holly
-7/29 8.17pm Jack/Analyse (Analyse retell)
-8/3 2.28am Jack/Analyse
-8/4 11.33pm Jackson/Holly
-8/5 11.11pm Jackson/Holly
-8/12 3.03am Jackson/Holly

Breakups: 4
-Jackson dumped Kat
-Jackson dumped Holly (didn't take)
-Jack and Jackson dumped each other
-Bella dumped Nick? maybe (from home)

Premature exits: 1

Pre-existing relationships: 3 confirmed/discussed
-Christie/Tommy (longtime friends + she dated his aunt 7 years)
-Holly/Kat (acquaintances, with numerous mutual friends)
-Holly/Jackson (Instagram + mutual friends)

Pre-season cast leaks: 1
Sam was seen getting his key with his truck

Pre-season fanbase + alum dramas: Too many to list

Production Goofs

1 Wrong URL for Ovi's dog's Instagram in official bio
2 Misspelled Kemi's last name
3 Misspelled Jack's first name in press pics
4 Misspelled Holly's last name in press pics
5 Julie misspelled Orwell
6 Multiple veto history errors, plus misspelled 'introductions'
7 Misspelled 'houseguests,' and Nick's and Kemi's (again) last names
8 Sloppy photoshop job pasting in David
9 Misspelled 'brushing'
10 Timestamps on 6/25 feeds peek were wrong/screwy
11 Bad spacing for Ovi's home town, should be two words: Oak Ridge
12 Random Celebs 1 finale shot popped up on feeds
13 Gave Holly wrong last name in press pics
14 Mixed up veto draw with veto meeting on highlights caption
15 Misspelled Nick's last name in press pics
16 Misspelled Analyse's first & last names in press pics
17 Misspelled Ovi's first name in press pics
18 Misspelled Christie's first name in press pics
19 Misspelled 'winning' on Instagram post
20 HOH info still not updated from Battle of the Block era
21 Diary name label mixed up Jack and Jackson
22 Misspelled BB20 Brett's name
23 Press pics posted/spoiled veto results the morning of the show
24 Misspelled Isabella's first name and omitted her last in press pics
25 Gave Nicole wrong last name in press pics
26 Tweeted the show starts 'now' an hour early
27 Panic comp roaches and staffers seen on feeds
28 Mislabeled Sam and Kat in press pics
29 Mislabeled Kat three times in press pics
30 Posted a BB tweet from Amazing Race account
31 Misspelled Big Brother plus a new Ovi variation in press pics
32 Narrator made Jackson and Michie separate people, on 7/21 show
33 Gave Cliff's parents the wrong names, on Facebook
34 Episode description repeats narrator's names goof
35 Mixed up nominees with evictees
36 Faulty math
37 Misspelled Christie's name on her Poison Ivy outfit
38 Cliff's timer went backwards on 7/24 veto show
39 Field Trip ballot had Bella as an option (a week after her eviction)
40 Mixed up 'going home' with 'going to jury'
41 Mislabeled Jack in press pics
42 Misspelled Jack's last name in press pics
43 Series of feeds glitches 8/8-8/9 around midnight
44 Forgot to change to new Wednesday time
45 Feeds timestamp off by 27 minutes + severe freezing all day
46 Staffer reflection seen on feeds
47 Posted the wrong show on BB's Youtube
48 Mixed up Kat & Christie, misspelled evictee, wrong show time

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Christie; Jack; Nick; Cliff; Holly; Jessica; Tommy; Jackson

Veto winners in order: Sam; Sam; Kat; Jackson; Nick; Jessica; Tommy; Jackson

Evictions in order: David via twist; Ovi 12-0; Kemi 10-1; Cliff 6-4; Bella 8-2; Sam 9-0; Jack 6-2; Kat 6-1

Cast Twitters: @analysetalaver; [Christie TBC]; @cliff_hogg; @davjalex; @MissHollyAllen; @BellaWang21; [Jack TBC]; [Jackson TBC]; @jmilagrosplus; @itskathryndunn; @kisseskemi; @N_Maccarone; [Nicole TBC]; @TheOviKabir; @bb21_sam; @TommyBracco

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Day 7 CBS premiere was June 25
Day 8 Feeds began June 26
Day 99 Finale is September 25

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BB21 finalist prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and (probably still) $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others to be confirmed if/when they mention it on feeds. Top finishers get bonuses again this season, amounts to be confirmed.

The habitat has 94 HD cameras (no change) and 113 microphones (no change).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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