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Frankie is Head of Household
Victoria and Jocasta are nominated
Hayden won veto
Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick are Have-not

Donny, Derrick, Frankie are Team America (fuck yeah)


Monday: Veto meeting
Tuesday: HOH tweets, blog, photos

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Wednesday 8pm: Veto comp, veto meeting


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Four-three-two-what? (Sunday 7/27)

The feedster poll showed 50-50 results for the silly photobooth props vote, but it has peace sign rainbow glasses marked as the winner - they got both props for the weekly selfie event anyway.. could they make more of a mockery of the promised "exclusive votes just for Live Feed subscribers" or of us? I don't think so

Hayden initiated a chat with Jocasta about his veto.. he didn't promise anything but told her if he uses it on Victoria, it'll be to replace her with a "bigger target".. he repeated that several times, and Frankie used the same language with Jocasta last night, so she'll probably be putting two and two together if she hasn't yet

They had another memorial for the two deceased grandfathers, this one led by Jocasta - Flashback 7/27 9.29pm.. the plan remains for Hayden to veto Victoria and for Frankie to put up Amber in her place.. Zach worked up a speech for the veto meeting, going after Amber for treating Caleb badly, which Caleb was all for even though it'll make him look even dumber than he already does.. the Team America (fuck yeah) guys indicated that it would earn them another $5,000 each if Zach runs for a full 20 seconds - never mind the task wording about making two of them fight

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Zingaroonie (Saturday 7/26)

Waiting around for the veto comp, some of them were doing roasts of each other and mock nominations.. Cody did a spot-on Zach impression and it was all fun and games until Donny contributed "you're not very good at renominating" to Cody's roast, and then pointed out that Cody was the only one of the who hadn't been nominated yet during mock noms.. Cody wasn't pleased, and complained to his boys about it later

Meanwhile, Jocasta was telling a few of them that Brittany had "borrowed" her story about having to raid the kids' piggy banks to pay bills, and said she wasn't sure if Brittany even had kids.. maybe she was setting up for a revival that won't happen (but they don't know that) or maybe she was just milking that mom card, but you'd think she'd murdered Brittany and her kids by the reactions out here

Donny, Hayden, Christine were picked to play for veto with Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, with Amber hosting.. Hayden won, and Jocasta took to her bed again with another case of heat-stroke, or something.. it was a Western themed comp involving blocks and rocking horses - it sounded very physical, and most of them said it was fun but strenuous

Caleb continued his Amber loops, like he does.. at one point he was talking in HOH and Zach suddenly started shouting at him "BEAST MODE COWBOY MY FUCKING ASS! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE BEAST MODE PIECE OF SHIT! BEAST MODE PUSSY!" (jokingly) (more or less).. it was audible downstairs, and Cody went tearing up the stairs as did Derrick to break up the fight that wasn't real - Flashback 7/26 4.54pm and go quads

They got their deep fish pizza which turned out to be a huge variety of fresh and canned seafood plus pizza crusts, including some gluten-free for Christine - they were thrilled.. the card said "America voted" implying CBS viewers, but that was another feedster-only vote.. Caleb bit the head off a raw fish and went into retells of that immediately, along with a lot of hunting chat about internal organs - bleah

The plan as of now seems to be for Hayden to use his veto on Victoria, and Amber will go up in her place.. even Caleb got on board with this plan, saying it'll "scare her a little bit" but figuring she won't go home (she will).. as always, keep it in pencil


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Ratings - TBA edition

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Won: Nothing yet
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Won: $5,000
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Won: 24 hrs kicking self
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Won: $10,000
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Won: $10,000
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Won: $10,000
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Won: 1 week frog, 1 week Germitard
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Won: Germany trip
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Won: 2400 goals
She was the rawest recruit we've had in awhile and she didn't do much homework, which worked against her in a big way. She seemed to have pretty good game instincts and may have done some real damage if she'd been better prepared. She'll be remembered for her high bun as well as the few times her hair escaped it and landed her in Deathrace 2014 hall of fame, and for sticking with and completing that brutal soccer task when she didn't have to.

Won: Nothing
He has a daughter.

Won: Nothing
I kept hoping for the spitfire she plays on Twitter & Instagram to show up but it didn't until the veto meeting blowup. She was well on her way to being a perma-pawn but she stressed about not being able to win comps, and then Devin happened and out she went. She had a lot of entertainment potential and while we were robbed of most of it by her early exit, we'll always have CALTORU.

Won: Nothing
She blew up her game prematurely and spectacularly, and then her alter ego Alex and his 'big ass balls' sealed the deal. Supposedly she beat someone with 150k Twitter followers (plus 15 million backup) in a public vote, but that went splat just like BB12's saboteur Annie. Joey was lively and personable, a worthy member of the first out club, and she easily leads the pack of hamsters with unnatural hair colors.


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Hide someone's things & convince them to blame someone else
> Get two hamsters to fight at either noms or veto meeting
Voting is closed


Currently: Deep fish pizza for Have-not supplement


Sunday's show was first for the hour with 2.1 rating, 6 share, and 6.52 million viewers, ahead of Wipeout on ABC with 0.8/3/3.20, American Ninja Warrior rerun on NBC with 0.7/3/2.99, and The Simpsons reruns on FOX with 1.0/3/2.17 and 1.1/4/2.57 respectively.

Rating & share = adults 18-49
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Share = % of households watching TV



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HOHs in order, *indicates the surviving HOH
Frankie/Caleb*, Amber/Devin*, Nicole/Derrick*, Cody*/Frankie, Frankie*/Zach

BOB wins in order
Brittany/Victoria, Hayden/Nicole, Amber/Donny, Amber/Jocasta, Christine/Nicole

Veto wins in order
Donny, Devin, Donny, Victoria, Hayden

Evictions in order
Joey 13-0; Paola 10-2; Devin 11-0; Brittany 10-0

Evictees on Twitter: @JoeyVanPelt1, @paolashea, @devinshepbb16, @britt4skin


BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

- Big Brother 16 -
Round 1: BBQ 1, Frankie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Frankie 0, Derrick 0

- Big Brother 15 -
Round 1: BBQ 1, Helen 1, Jessie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Helen 0, Jessie 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Spencer 0
Round 4: BBQ 1, Spencer ½, Judd 0, McCrae 0

- Big Brother 14 -
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

- Big Brother 13 -
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

- Big Brother 12 -
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

- Big Brother 11 -
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

- Big Brother 10 -
No title events

- Big Brother 9 Winter Edition -
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ ½, Ryan 0

- Big Brother 8 -
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

- Big Brother 7 All-Stars -
BBQ training sabbatical

- Big Brother 6 -
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

- Big Brother 5 -
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, CBS 0, Nakomis 0


House meetings - 4
First eight, on premiere #1
Joey's, semi-formal 6/28 5.56pm
Devin's 7/2 11.18pm
Devin's Bomb Squad 7/5 5.47pm

Fights - 3
Devin vs Brittany 6/29 12.21am
Devin vs Caleb 7/5 3.06am
Zach vs Paola 7/7 3.10pm

Makeout pairings - 1
Hayden & Nicole

Sex events - 1
Hayden self service (retell) 7/25 6.57pm

Blindside evictions - 1

Nom speech scorchers - 1
Zach putting up Nicole & Christine

Pinkyswears - 12
Paola & Devin 6/29 1.35pm
Paola & Devin 7/4 12.15am
Paola & Donny 7/4 8.06pm
Devin & Victoria 7/6 10.49am
Jocasta & Amber 7/10 7.57pm
Derrick & Victoria 7/12 8.37pm
Nicole & Christine 7/13 1.24am
Nicole & Hayden 7/15 12.07am
Nicole & Christine 7/15 11.05pm
Jocasta & Amber 7/22 6.27pm
Zach & Victoria 7/24 9.00pm
Nicole & Hayden 7/25 5.32pm

The Soup mentions - 3
-Donny's smarts
-Donny's America + Devin/Caleb cuddling
-Egg puns + Jocasta's tongues

Almost literal asshats - 1
Zach 7/5 6.08am

CBS goofs - 14
- Happends
- Jill, for the 2nd year
- Premiere 2 wasn't live
- Misspelled Jocasta 6/29 show
- Flashback calendar's off
- Joey left before trackers came but got 1st place anyway
- Forgot TA results 7/10 show
- Pointless edit amputated Caleb's toes 7/10 show
- Misspelled Jeff's name 7/10 show
- Live show tweet on Saturday
- #BattleoftheBlcok
- Faulty status updates
- Arithmetic is hard
- Ignored feedster poll



Frankie: YIKES! I just showed the entire world my hole.. not like the entire world hasn't seen my hole

Frankie: My anus is bleeding

Donny, after sex chat followed by shout outs: Shout out, spit out...... that was wrong

Caleb: I hope they got me biting that fish head off on tv, blood went all over my face

Zach: A lot of people in this house think I'm just an asshole
Donny: It's working good for ya


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