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8/12/04 - Day 42, part 2    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest
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Good thing the immature hamsters are gone...

I figured they'd unwind from the live show and celebrate a bit, having gotten rid of all those icky people.. but no, they went much farther than that. Far enough to warrant a two-parter Hamster Watch, whoa.

It's Thursday night, and that means another debut of new personal items..
Adria has a different style to the unveiling than we've seen before..
"Wait.. first.. here are the rules" .. hmmm

Show 'n tell is enjoyed by all.. Cowboy zeroes in on the photos
"Pictures are everything.. they say over 100 words, or more"
Marv celebrates having Usher's Confessions in the house..
then he leaves the festivities early to grab a bite.. but what's this?
Look who followed him! Hmmm again.. this will bear watching

Diane continues her rounds, visiting Adria in HOH and starting the latest
Keep Diane Safe campaign.. watch A's attention giving up

Outside, Diane asks Drew if he's wearing his white underwear tonight?
Diane: I don't want you to think I'm responsible.. what America thinks.. you look at me like you're thinking 'this is all your doing'
Drew: People look at me and think like yeah.. 'bedmates'.. I dunno if I like that.. I was thinking of like my little cousins seeing that..
Diane: That's prolly why she said bedmates, cuz to kids it sounds like sleeping buddies..
(ah, like Michael Jackson..)
Diane: I just don't want you look at me like it's my fault
Diane: I have a feeling.. well, Nat has a feeling, maybe they were talking about you last night.. as in after they take down Marv or Cowboy, you're next on the list

Diane: See, I look hot, every damn night
(she keeps looking in the window)
Drew: What's going on in there?
Diane: Nothing. Nat is sitting there, Cowboy is walking around like a dumb fuck.. hey, yanno what happened to me today?
(she tells how everyone was telling jokes, and they were 'smackin' on her about her cussing)
Diane: Moral of the story, I walked up to the other twin and say 'your sister's always on me cuz of my mouth' and she's giving me this funny look, then I realize I'm talking to the first one!
(I remember her saying she can totally tell them apart, like it was yesterday..)
Drew: It's so weird not being a twin, but so cool at the same time
Diane: I know what you mean.. wanna play poker?

(the flirt-kiss-backoff cycle goes on awhile, then Diane then starts talking about Karen and if she's bisexual, or would be, or could be.. she says she's going to go in with some story to get Karen in a position to kiss her.. and we're off!)

Hamster truth or dare

After a few false starts, the lights are out and the game is underway. Drew is flirted with by Will and kissed by one of the twins (on a dare, of course)

Diane says "back off, bitch" then carries out her wish to kiss Karen

Karen kisses back with enthusiasm, and tongue.. the hamsters are delighted

Then things get umm.. iffy.. as Cowboy is dared to do his hat trick
His inspiration nearby, he concentrates.. and concentrates.. and.. voila!



Not to be outdone, his sister flashes "band-aid titties" at the spyscreen cam..
but she was too far away, so they make her do it again
Then everyone's favorite not-yet-nekkid guy gets nekkid
(thanks to everyone who called to complain about the horrid feeds lately - it worked! Will's nekkid dance is one of the first times my feeds froze tonight.. sorry, I missed it)

Did somebody say sister? A lesbian/incest flavored lap dance follows.......


Marvin won't show his goodies.. but he strips to his undies and shows MILF a good time

Last dare of the night: Drew & Diane are to kiss, wet 'n sloppy, for 15 seconds..
they manage about 3 seconds - less wet and less sloppy than Diane's earlier with Karen
Finally this party's over - Adria rounds up the empties
Remember Karen doing bathtub laundry? Who knew tonight was gonna be down 'n dirty!
I should have put all my marbles on her puck, but how was I to know dumb luck was going to take the day off? She's already holding court in HOH, and looks like she's going to hold out for the best offer.. and provide some adult entertainment in there too.

He may be one fry short of a happy meal, and the new look isn't all that.. but the dude knows the meaning of friendship and loyalty. He's a stand-up guy.. and then he has to go and prove it with the hat trick.

The more she gets what she wants, the more bitter and vindictive she gets. Fun times ahead.. fasten your seat belt.

Two for two. He might as well set up Cowboy now to walk the plank to Julie's boudoir too - at least he won't have to face him afterwards.

Curiouser and curiouser. And bitchier when they aren't looking. She's in the Marv category now: better every day!

He avoids eviction for two weeks running, calls Diane by her pet name on live tv, and has a cool mom too! This guy can do no wrong.

Jase should have gotten to know her cuz she came up with the Plan? Sorry Nik, but CBS, Shapiro, and friends came up with the plan.. and it only took you six weeks to figure it out. With help. Awesome possum.

Sitting pretty this week, accepts a lap dance graciously, and we'll finally know which is which (sometimes) - should be a good week.

I called it right that he'd throw the HOH comp, but I didn't think he'd end up dancing nekkid for the hamsters. He's mostly dull, but pulls out the stops often enough to give him an upgrade to neutral.

Definitely good tv, but only because of the players. Julie's Thursday script is getting tedious, and she definitely looks like she's hiding a budding pregnancy under those cards. Cheap shot of the night: asking Nik again how it feels to find out her dad had another life and/or abandoned a family? She hasn't even been able to talk to him about it yet.. lighten up on her already!

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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