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Whew! Our sickly hamsters made it through the night: Ad/Nat are recovered enough from tummy troubles to shovel down breakfast, and Diane has recovered enough from the deadly combo of giant insect bite/broken kneecap/cramps/PMS to study the mirror.. uh-oh, what's this? "The scrape on my nose (from the pie eating comp) won't stop bleeding!" followed by complaints that she threw out her back & shoulder from darts yesterday.. it's always something.


Bathing beauties around the pool

Jase & Marv analyze Hollygate and Scott's demise
while Cowboy goes to work on Drew and Diane (in cocoon)

Cowboy goes on to give Diane advice about her relationship with Drew..
they go together to find Drew (not easy!) to talk about being a couple
Cowboy: You are a cute couple, cuter than Rob & Amber
Cowboy: Drew and I are a lot alike.. we're both emotional, we both cry
Diane: I LOVE to see guys cry! Did you see Drew cry?
Cowboy: Yep
Diane: Oh wow, that is so cool!
Cowboy wraps up relationship counseling, and Diane tells Drew what to think and do about the veto situation, then giggles when Drew says she's cute
Marv is outta line, saying I am being this way cuz I'm on my period
(this from the person who was stomping around last night "You wanna see PMS? I'll give you fucking PMS!")
We can walk past each other in the hallway and she (Adria) knows what I'm thinking, and I know what I'm thinking.. it's just weird
I feel like my life has been so structured...
It makes me almost paralyzed that I overanalyze everything and then I freeze, I can't do anything.. look at my HOH
See, that's like my sex.. err.. skepticism showing up
Diane leaves and sends in Nakomas for Round 3.. she assumes the position
and gives him a lengthy speech to memorize for the veto meeting

Karen joins them and they talk at length about what a horrible person Jase is..
(Karen's really tired of hearing him say negative stuff about people.. koff)
Nik says that Jase being nice now "after being a jackass is freaking her out"

Diane says "I don't care if America sees me with pimples, but you know
how it is when you like someone.. I don't want Drew to see them"
Will says "I could care less how I look in here"
but a bit later he strikes a pose debuting a new shirt

It's a PB&J kind of day

These hamsters are becoming less fun and more unlikeable every day.

Maybe Drew will notice the bitter vindictiveness of his new leaders and question what's happening to his "conscious"..

Maybe next time Marvin falls out of the hammock I won't miss it..

Maybe something fun will happen tonight.

It did! It did! Spycam games led to Ad/Nat and Will (in pink thong) doing a bump 'n grind for the 2½ Horsemen; and Jase, Cowboy & Drew streaked the house in retaliation

Adria came out and did a Bible reading (with boobage adjustment) and Diane did
a sexy PG-rated strip-tease and lap dance, which left Cowboy beyond speechless


(Cowboy later ran the house in drag, diddled himself under a blanket on the sofa, and hung his cowboy hat on his weenie.. but I'll spare you those images)
This is the crying twin, and she's at it again. Both twins' everlasting chatter would be easier to take if it wasn't all monotone.

I love that this guy is giving everyone advice on everything from game strategy to romance.. and they are coming back for more!

The next drinking game: take a swig every time Diane complains about something. <hic>

Everyone's pond says "I'm taking somebody outta this game who's been on my side since the beginning.. that's like taking your own chess piece." Yes Drew, it is just like that - time to kiss your integrity good bye.

They are hating you, Jase - you're the new Holly. The whole house is talking about how much they hate you today, and you were absent from the feeds - it was a preview of what it'll be like after you leave. Bath buddies forever!

She's amazed she passed the psych tests to enter the house, and she's starting to cry because she never wins competitions.. things are looking up!

"I wish I had two more arms so I could give those titties four thumbs up." This mofo has a way with words like nobody else.

Explaining her own personal theories about black holes and aliens to Diane was a good way to shut her up for awhile; maybe she'll try it on Karen. Nik is by far the most guarded person in there.. when she cracks, she's gonna crack big.

The Twist has been twisted and we are free to ass-ume again. Nat's most interesting hour since the big reveal was cleaning the house.

CBS is trying to get that token mojo working, but "Jase has pit stains" is the best fashion commentary he's got? Paging Marcellas, we need some serious help here stat!

Saturday was good tv! Mostly because of the surprises withheld again from those who paid for The Great Lie ("unlimited access 24/7" - what a crock!) Don't think that airing Cowboyisms the day after I posted them went unnoticed either.. just hire me, already.

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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