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March 21, 2008 - Day 43 (or 44)

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Bumps in the night

A tiny bar of music leaked before dawn "If I had a million dollars" or maybe "a half a million dollars" and some muffled voices - much like the little music leak and muffled voices before the Visitors last summer.. a bit later there was a sudden and dizzy-fast extreme zoom to the camera window between bedrooms, a shadow and zoom back, and then a little light came on in it

Evel Dick in the house? Looking for Joshuah's bed? We'll only know from hamster hearsay and CBS edits: the trivia took them away

I have nothing to say about the Friday/Saturday fiasco.. it's just another example of their poor calendar skills this season

Rock 'n roll

James won the veto, again

Dick woke them up with pots & pans, and hosted a comp like the one he won last year: croquet with disgusting drinks.. it sounds like Dick somehow "won" a Les Paul and vintage amp.. James puked all over the kitchen.. Dick led them to believe Natalie & Chelsia's strip show was on CBS, as well as Natalie's Theory of 8s

Afterwards Sharon visited Adam and volunteered to pawn herself (much like Dustin did last summer, during this same week, after this same comp: hmmm).. Joshuah sweated, Sheila ranted, feeds went back to blocking James & Chelsia making out, and Ryan's pizza oozed cheese all over the oven

Bible class carries on

Adam [reading]: ..she was a prostitute in Egypt, there she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses
Ryan: Heh heh
Adam: Heh heh heh
Ryan: What part is that in?
Adam: Ezekiel
Ryan: Thanks
Adam: Genitals like donkeys, heh heh
Ryan: Heh heh

(apologies to Mike Judge)

Condolences and randomness

Ryan told Sheila he lost his grandfather today, that Diary called him in and Allison Grodner told him.. they allowed him a special letter from home that he read to Sheila.. it said his grandpa had been watching every episode and they hope he'll stay in the game

He told Sheila he doesn't want everyone to know so he doesn't get ragged on for being mopey or sad, but he told her because she's compassionate.. Sheila told him about her mom's heart attack and coma, her grandma's death, her uncle's death, her grandpa's death.. but she also offered to swap beds if he wants some privacy.. Ryan told Joshuah they'd been talking about a personal issue outside the house, and Joshuah let it go at that - for now anyway

Condolences go out from here to Ryan's family.. (and damn Johnny Fairplay for making us question stuff like this when we first hear about it)

Here's a few for the T&A fans, and for those who requested more from Sharon's "CSI" audition

And a few for the Adam fans - you know who you are

Fight night, once again

Booze came and Chelsia worked herself into a frenzy about Natalie

She was spurred on over the past couple days and tonight by James, Joshuah and Sheila, who also gave a long sippy tirade to Sharon and even got her to start talking about Chelsia

Chelsia's put on a couple pounds in there - I thought this rear view was a new hamster for a minute.. Sharon dressed up for the occasion in a fresh, wrinkly tee


Natalie was sipping her wine upstairs alone, reading her Bible, praying, and practicing her 8s.. Chelsia didn't get enough booze to keep going and her frenzy fizzled.. she had a crash 'n burn in the pantry, crying and saying she's broken.. Joshuah was comforting to her - James not so much

She got riled up again though, and went on a rampage through the house, shouting about Natalie and abortions and religion, and eating a half gallon of ice cream as she went.. it got very ugly

Finally they faced off: both started calm but Chelsia escalated to shouting again - Natalie stayed calm.. Chelsia attacked Matt and also said he'd fingerbanged her in the pantry (he didn't), and that she'd do him in sequester.. Natalie said no she wouldn't: he'd said Chelsia's fat.. they waved a symbolic goodbye to each other, each saying the other was BB history.. Sheila was in the room

Joshuah was happy with the turn of events, skipping around like a little girl at one point.. James was absent for most of it, but came out at one point to tell Chelsia that although they aren't working together, what she does & says in there affects him: Matt's exact words about Natalie.. Chelsia either didn't notice or didn't hear it that way.. she hung out with the other guys for awhile, then went to fingerpaint (© BB5 Diane) with James.. they got down 'n dirtier and the feedmasters left them alone

Fun with RealPlayer II

Yes, it's a bonus mini-section if you made it this far

My feeds were choppy all day and night, communicating their brains out, and I got a whole lot of happy accidents as a result.. this one is Sheila talking to Joshuah: he's still, but her hands are flying all over the place as she rants

If you like this kind of silliness, a couple more from this crazy day are posted here

Daily videos

Natalie tells Sheila to settle down; Sheila/Natalie/Chelsia/Adam about Dick's wakeup; Drunken Sheila rant; Chelsia says she's broken; Chelsia versus Natalie in 3 parts; and James/Chelsia sex are posted in the forum, linked top & bottom of every page

Daily ratings - Very special donkey genitals edition

Ups all around for what came out of their mouths: you can't make this stuff up

Wednesday's show featured a rare HOH tiebreaker, but all the drama that such things should have fizzled. The 3-3 tie was carefully constructed so James could make a nasty speech to evict Matt, but he either chickened out or was directed to merely say the words on the script. Either way it came and went, and the HOH comp that followed was a much more surprising event with a flabbergasting finish. James has been mentioning that old BB standby 'true colors' a lot lately, and he showed his when he laughed in Diary about Matt's crying and then deflected Julie's question about giving his word by telling her what the backdoor means.. umm, I think she's picked up on that by now. Natalie in turn called out James for being hypocritical, while the rest of them laid low as usual. The show continues to make Sheila appear logical and stable somehow. We didn't get an HOH interview again because that time went to showing us Daniele's car. When Dick dreamed of being a guest feature on a BB live show, I have a feeling he didn't think it would revolve around Barry Manilow, but that's show biz. I thought Matt did a good exit interview, but leave it to him to go out on a rumor rocket: the calls & letters will pour in now asking about Natalie being an NFL cheerleader.

Note/free tip to Lynette Rice: BB8 Daniele uses one L (BB3/7 Danielle uses 2)

Bonus Marcellas quote in keeping with today's theme: 'In 2002, a friend who worked for Shapiro/Grodner Productions called to ask if I'd like to do a reality show.' (so BB has been avoiding their own laborious casting process since BB3, at least)

Won: Motorcycle
Paired with Sheila

[to Natalie]: You HAVE to win HOH.
[to Natalie's 'We're still sending home the C-H-E-L-S-I-A, right?']: What? An eight pound testicle?
[about Ryan's adulterous Bible sisters]: They loved it, they couldn't get enough cock.
[about Dick]: Did you see his boner? It was casting a shadow.
[to Sheila wondering what people are blogging]: Sheila, you don't want to know.
They gotta do a reality show of her in Oregon, just let her loose. Survivor Oregon. Just have Natalie by herself eating berries.

Paired with James

[thinking her stripshow was on CBS]: Oh ho ho ho FUCK!
[to Natalie]: I'm going to go fuck Matt in sequester.. he won't know which tit to look at.
[about doing 'Early Show' - which isn't happening for them, but would be taped in LA]: I've never been to New York!
[to James' asking her to fetch him some mac 'n cheese]: I'll fucking get you some, even though you're not gonna give me a fucking vote. Last time I was on the block I was like, I will be their bitch. I will feed them to stay, I will do dishes, I will scrub the floor to stay in this house. Not anymore!! [throws clothes & pillows and fetches mac 'n cheese]
Horseback riding? I get off on that.. I mean, literally.
[sarcastic]: Folks, Natalie is THE fucking Christian of the house.. she abides by all ten command-i-ments.
[bashing Natalie]: When you are a Christian, you accept people for what they are.

Paired with Chelsia

[about the comp Hangover concoction]: It had anti-acid in it.
[about doing Chelsia in the backyard]: It won't be sex, it'll be fucking.. we'll be making fuck.
[to Chelsia, after her blowup about Natalie]: Even though we aren't working together, what you do still affects me.

This last one gets the only editorial note today.. if there was any doubt about James' feelings for Chelsia before now, using Matt's words to her - in public - making her into Natalie in effect after she railed on Natalie, without support, was the deathblow.. in my opinion.

Paired with Neil  Sharon

I cannot even in my makeup handle the block.
Bitter party of one, your table is ready at Hooter's.
Ryan's on our side.
[to Sharon]: Girl, you gotta protect me.. you know people are after me.
I ain't fucking scared of shit! But I am scared of going on the block right now.
[about his truce with Sheila]: I can go after her about anything in the house, that's the parameter.
[about Dick not liking him]: He made that quite clear to me.. he said 'You are not the gay Evel Dick.. you are Joshuah'.
I told them in the DR, I said can you please just put a prompter in here? Because you know what you want me to say.. it'd be easier if you just put a prompter and I could read it off.
[toasting a truce with Sheila]: There is no game to talk about until HOH.

Paired with Matt

What does pig lip taste like?
You know what, Sheila? I think you're just overreacting, just a little bit too much.

Won: $10,000
Jen's boyfriend Paired with Allison
Special extra ups today for his family

[to everyone]: Yep, uh-huh, yep, okay.
There was another good part I just reread: two adulterous sisters, they got ran thru by the Syrian army.. we find all the dirt in the Bible, me and Baller.
[about Sheila saying she won the Big Ass-paragus comp]: And you did what for that, sweetheart?
[about Dick]: He fucked our pots up.

Paired with Jacob (her ex)  Joshuah

[to Adam]: If you want to put me up against her, I won't be mad.
I'm going on the block, I feel good about that.
[about Chelsia]: She's done, that girl is done.
[about James]: For some reason God made him win that POV.

Paired with Adam

You know what??
No, you don't understand.
I'm sick of having to go thru this each week!
I hated Evel Dick! And then I told Natalie a couple days ago you know what? I respect him.
That was the best surprise ever! That's what I love about Big Brother! [she ranted last night about BB's torture making them wait)
Dick didn't attack women to the degree Joshuah has.
You know why [Dick] doesn't like [Joshuah]? Because he's been seeing what he's been doing to women in this house, and he's got a daughter.
I'm not gonna let my personal feelings about Joshuah interfere with the game.
[to Natalie/Adam/Ryan]: We cannot look like we're in an alliance together.
I saw a great thing about Kaysar and his family on 'All-Stars'.
Why was Adam so obsessed with Dick's dick? I think he's jealous Dick and I hit it off so well.
I'm just throwing some scenarials out there.

Paired with Natalie

America's Playa came on strong, prepared to showmance his way through all the girls and into the money. That didn't work out but he was fun to have around and he usually kept things light amid the chaos. He brought BJs to the feeds and made Bibles fun in there. Despite the fact that he's a pig, he has some good qualities too and he kinda grows on you.

Paired with Ryan

She called it manipulation - I call it emotional blackmail with a lot of 'poor me' thrown in. One of the most delusional hamsters ever (and that's saying something), she's the poster girl for Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It. She did give us some confrontation doozies and fireworks deluxe but trust her, like one million percent, she does not care.

Revive-a-Hamster winner & loser
Paired with Amanda

He started out looking like he was on board with Matt's showmance plan and CBS picked up that angle, but then we got to know a bright, charismatic, and goofy guy who had everything going for him in there except his partner. His diplomacy was remarkable and he might have gone the distance, but he went out as another casualty of 'Til Death Do You Part'.

Paired with Alex

She began with hysterics & drama and was at the center of the biggest BB fight ever, but she went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Her moods dropped as fast as her blood sugar but to her credit, she rebounded just as fast. She & Allison had dual 911 events, but Amanda's collapse brought unexpected (and uniformed) guests into the habitat and onto the air.

Won: $5,000
Ryan's girlfriend/Paired with Parker

She & Ryan could have gone far if she hadn't opened her mouth in the first days. She made loads of enemies in a short time and took Parker down with her. She'll be remembered for super-quickie sex in the bathroom and a rash on her backside.. hmm, coincidence?

Won: $5,000
Paired with Jen

He was good watching at first til he gave up and went on strike. He bounced back a bit at the end but his doom came early when partner Jen couldn't keep her trap shut about her & Ryan. She had to go, and he was just the innocent bystander casualty. 'I'm sick of people's dumbass assinine ass comments' might be Line of the Season.

Paired with Joshuah

He left suddenly and mysteriously but wrote on his MySpace that he didn't leave for health reasons and that he won't be back. He seems like a good guy and I wish him well.. he's probably lucky he got out when he did, unscathed.

Paired with Sharon (his ex)

Gone before the feeds kicked in: he didn't even make an appearance. All that potential for rehashing their breakup and/or a jealous rage up in smoke. To make it worse, he & Sharon didn't even get an exit interview in Julie's boudoir - how rude!

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She's only been out for a couple hours on St. Patrick's Day. She wrote 'Don't believe everything you hear and see on Big Brother' yet said she was herself in there. Well, not to worry, Jen: feedsters see it all, and nobody else is watching it on CBS.

Intra- and inter-alliance tension, with a chance of fights

Some of them get to watch a movie, won in Wednesday night's luxury comp

Veto meeting is Sunday

Sunday, March 23 at 8pm: Nominations, Vegas comp, assorted dramas

Wednesday's eviction show remained in fourth place with a 4.3 rating and 7 share, behind 'American Idol' on Fox with 15.1/23, 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' on NBC with 4.6/7, and 'Supernanny' on ABC with 4.4/7.
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Sex: 4x (3 Jen/Ryan; 1 James/Chelsia)
Oral: 4x (all Natalie/Matt)
Self-service: 3 (James, Adam, Matt)
Makeout session pairings: 4
  (Jen/Ryan, James/Chelsia,
  Alex/Sharon, Matt/Sharon)
Nekkid makeout pool orgy: 1
Nekkid party favor: 3
 (Natalie, James, Chelsia)
Nekkid party trick: 2 (James, Natalie)
Ambulance rides: 2 (Amanda, Allison)
Rodent bites: 1 (Ryan)
Returned evictees: 3
 (Sharon, Ryan, James)
Revive-a-Hamster vote hoaxes: 1
Major fights: too many to count

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Twists that work #5: Surprise visitors are always good.. they almost got that one right today, but pots & pans should have been on the feeds.

Adam is Head of Household
James & Chelsia are nominated
James holds veto

Finale is April 29 but 'subject to change'

First place earns $500k, second gets $50k. The others earn $750 a week, including jury sequester weeks for those that go there

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