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hamsterAugust 28 & 29, 2006 - Days 57 & 58

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Kill Will, Volume BB7 (Tuesday)

Kill Bill Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2
©2003,2004 Buena Vista Entertainment
Ok, I admit last year's Kill Bill Hamsterwatch extravaganza Volume 1 and Volume 2 were a bit premature.. the villains fit perfectly but I wasn't 100% happy with Howie as Bill (even though he's the one who inspired it, telling Janelle to "take them out, take them all out" when he was evicted.. it didn't quite go as planned

This time we have a similar but inverted scenario: other than Danielle who's almost history (and is a better fit for O-Ren's kimono than Ivette anyway) we're left with Janelle, Will, and three non-entities - game-wise anyway - but we've got our Bill now

Showmance shmomance - it's time for Janelle to don her Bride/Black Mamba persona and take up her sword again.. it's time for her to remember all her lessons (including those taught to her by the master himself) and kill Will

For some idiotic reason, all of them seem to have forgotten how this guy operates and they also seem deaf & blind to notice he's doing the same thing he did five years ago: winning without even trying.. Will's been behind every eviction so far and while he does seem to genuinely like Janelle and vice versa, I'm pretty sure he's planning to get behind hers too - banana bread or no banana bread

I'd like to see this thing wrap up with a surprise or two, and as much as I respect Will's game and enjoy watching him for the most part, I'd also love to see Janelle get the better of him.. anyway, there's not much else going on in there to think about: they're all laying around (again) waiting to be pampered (again) with a fancy dinner

As for the day: after a solitary morning crying jag, Danielle points out to George that their flames have been replaced by a Win 95 screensaver - no such luck for us.. George cleans most of the house, then digs out the rule book and looks up SEQUESTER.. maybe he's planning a trip

Erika's cocooning style has gotten ridiculous.. maybe Boogie thinks so too, as he does his afternoon doo-dah in his own bed and collapses outside after.. mostly all they do anymore is sleep, sit around, play cards, and lay around

Making up for lost still-life time.. I didn't pay much attention to BB4 but this doesn't seem to be much of a keepsake photo
It seems to me the rotating HOH decors might come up for a comp.. Who had the daisy room? or Who had the pink palace? would be too easy even for George or Boogie, but maybe they'll have to place the knick-knacks.. they do go all out in the details and they're often not in line with the overall color scheme at all

Five stars and six of these guys

It's luxury time again: steak, lobster, and champagne

They take their time getting ready, and why not? They've nothing else to do.. Will asks Janelle to curl his eyelashes and she tosses in some lip gloss with it

She decks out in red with the tiara paid for with 50¢ votes.. she lends a similar dress in black to Erika.. they chat about their dates as they wait to be escorted to dinner.. Erika tells her she hasn't kissed Boogie yet.. finally it's time and they head out in pairs to the glamorous backyard
It's a nice spread but their conversation's muted - it's hard to say if they're even enjoying it much.. Will's makeup isn't overdone.. Erika chokes and goes off to the bathroom a couple times - the less said about that the better, I think

Making whoopee, or something

I guess they have more booze with dinner than I realized

Janelle & Will are "telling secrets" in the chess lounge/flirts nook.. it's very whispery and very physical

The flames come & go and our flirty pair is still at it but they've moved into HOH.. her jammies have changed into sweats, nobody knows why
They go on & on, whispering and touching, and laughing.. Boogie shows up and becomes an oblivious third wheel, talking himself & Will up and talking Janelle down, like he does.. Erika finally shows up and they wander off downstairs for another makeout session with HJ.. when Boogie's done, she says she wants her room back
I'm wondering if there's a pattern here, if Boogie tends to do himself on the afternoons he's got an 'assignment' for that evening, or if it's coincidental that it's worked out that way a couple times

Will & Janelle had napped while Boogie & Erika were gone, and are too tired to get up when they return, so they all pile in together.. it's not so fun, especially when Will tries to escape and Janelle won't let him
He finally does, and finds his way outside where Danielle's talking up Janelle to George again (likely to prevent his final vote going to Will or Erika).. Janelle follows and plops onto Will, surprising Danielle & George, or not
Then it's second wind & munchies - Janelle's got her tiara back and chases Will some more as he fights her off, kinda.. she starts waffles and he comes back, like he does
It's a distasteful evening overall in my opinion.. Will & Janelle have some definite chemistry but they're likely each playing each other.. the more she chases, the more he runs and the more she chases - it's all kinda junior high, and kinda disturbing.. meanwhile Erika keeps smooching on Boogie and doing his doo-dah even after he ignores her most of the rest of the time, and rolls away from her every time his doo-dah's done.. it's all a rather pathetic display of showmances and/or homances underway, similar but different.. although Will & Janelle are a lot cuter to watch

More later, maybe.. as Mark Twain said, "the rumors of my death are premature," but things are still far from settled here.. if you're going to make up stories about my spotty presence, make 'em good at least? Maybe I got adopted by Arnold Shapiro and will live out my days in comfort after all, or maybe I've flown to Cabo San Lucas to provide exclusive reports from paradise©.. maybe I've taken on a dozen new chat personas and am lurking among you even now

Best friends forever (Monday)

Hissy fits are done for now - maybe for good - and they're a big happy family again

Janelle used her veto again, and Danielle went on the block again

They're all getting along, swapping stories - even non-BB stories <gasp> - napping together in Will's bouncy, and killing time til Thursday.. they still don't know the season's been cut short

I can't do much more in the way of updates for a few days yet.. thanks for all the emails but I can't read them for awhile either, so my apologies for not responding - I may not be able to for some time.. please, please, please ease up on emailing me - I'm begging here


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Tin cans & string edition
I figure we still need one more double to finish in time

I can barely stay awake through the Sunday & Tuesday shows anymore but now that the numbers & sub-plots have dwindled, they seem to be getting the story straighter. Neal Patrick Harris wasn't a very special guest star and I'm more convinced than before that he's a pal of Willboogie's on the outside which, if true, is just wrong. And if not, there's still no excuse in hell to air Doogie Houser dropping yet another Dolce mention in his Diary scene. Christmas was a drag even with Chicken Claus involved: it was like looking through Christmas snapshots of some family you don't know - just plain dull. What could have (and should have) made this show was the finale, with Danielle chain-smoking as she harangued Erika for days outside, then leaning on the HOH doorbell for a long long long time. Instead they went easy on her edit, making everyone else's comments that! she'd lost her mind seem silly & exaggerated.. once again, a prime example of awesomely good tv potential gone bad.

Once again I ask, who died and made him star of the show? They seem to like showing him to be such a Casanova - let's have some truth in (free restaurant) advertising here: they need to air him giving himself some afternoon delight, or at the very least, move on and show what's really happening with his homance: he avoids the girl whenever possible.

Glaringly missing from Tuesday's show: about 1,000 ding dongs.

Princess Daisy left the fancy dinner table twice and nobody seemed to notice.. she could leave the house and the show with the same results.

He keeps himself busy with half-day cleaning binges, he's always got a new crafts project going, he listens to all of their endless yap about all of the others without batting an eye, and he never has a bad word to say about anyone or anything.. yet he seems to be this season's most hated hamster. Go figure.

She seems bored to be there even in buxom red & sparkly tiara. As much as I'd like to see Kill Will play out, I can't help thinking she'd be having a much better time in paradise© hanging out with Howie & Marcellas.

Dr. Will
His Diaries are getting very old as they sound more & more rehearsed with each show. He's fun to have around when he loosens up and portrays himself, but the Chilltown shtick has expired.


He ran a self-professed 'Janelle hate campaign' when she had his back, and called her a liar, traitor & worse on tv but he hooked up with Dani on Day 2. He promised to be more fun but wasn't much until the end, when he was great. He plays the game well but too hard and personal. The Dolly Wars will follow him but he'll be ok: it's just a little harm.


Love him or hate him, nobody can deny he's an individual. Two years running he's stayed truer to his partners than anyone while staying on good terms with everyone on all sides, in spite of behavior that would get most arrested. His act gets old and he drops trou a lot, but he's almost always upbeat and his heart is solid gold. We'd all be lucky to have a friend as loyal as Howie.


He had early alliances galore but blew them all off to mope & complain instead. Editing was far from kind and didn't even give us his best but it's his own doing (like most of his problems are). Hamsterwatch Most Photogenic award winner, especially since he started posing for renaissance paintings.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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