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hamsterAugust 24, 2006 - Day 53

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Never say die

Not surprisingly, James runs his betrayal campaign right up til the end, pitching deals to dump Danielle to Boogie and then to Will

This is his response to Will's that he just wants to make a good show - I know James is a goner then and maybe he does too.. he doesn't give up though and plays his betrayal game right up to the end, telling Boogie "Don't tell Danielle cuz she'll kill you"

Surprisingly, it's on the feeds - recent weeks have been solid flames for hours right up to start time.. maybe they've got the live vote rehearsal thingy down pat now

Like most of them, James played the game the same as he did before, but more so.. he set up his double dips early this time, on Day 2 (or maybe before they went in? Ok, I won't go there again).. he joined teams all over town and accused many of betraying him - usually Janelle, his most loyal - but that's James: when he accuses someone of something it's usually whatever he's guilty of

He wasn't much fun until the last few days when his subconscious seemed to know the truth even if he wasn't admitting it to himself.. he had some out-of-character passionate moments early on though, like this one way back on Day 9.. I didn't fully get it then but it's all clear now: this was just before the first vote, Alison vs Danielle

Danielle had just been putting a hurt on George in the pantry, afraid she wasn't going to get the vote he'd promised her.. James came in to drop off the trash and passed them on their way out.. a second alone, and he let out a shrieking whoop with this fierce fighting mask - now we know it's because he was already in a Final 2 pact with Danielle, way before the Jase & Diane evictions he kept hanging on Janelle
He got sippy on his last night and loosened up some, becoming genuinely fun & likeable for the first time in there (for more than a few passing moments anyway).. he hinted that boozing maybe wasn't his best method to get there, and that's a good self-awareness for James.. he can do it sober too though - we saw his smile more in the last 3 or 4 days than we have since the start - he should do it more.. he's not a bad guy at all as I found out when we exchanged emails before he went in - he was warm and gracious when he didn't have to be and I remembered that all season, even as I despised his gaming style.. if he didn't play it so personal and so nasty, and if he weren't so quick to hang his crimes on others or didn't do it so viciously, he might have had a chance even against Dr. Will

The show deviates from its usual misdirection and focuses on James before the vote - George is almost a non-entity this show, especially for a nominee.. the vote shocks James but he handles it well with hugs all around and a murmur to George about something
It's funny that a dolly shows up - I wonder if it's Howie or Marcellas? He drops it off saying he'll deal with it later, maybe meaning lawsuits etc.. he probably has no idea what a laughing stock he was last week because of it - that's what he'll deal with later
He tries doing the tv thing, glad he was "beat by the best, Willboogie & Janelle" - but he does a double-take when Julie confronts him about his Hate Janelle Campaign, laughing for "dumb" and "stupid bitch" but visibly gulping when she gets to "whore" and "Anna Nicole Smith wannabe".. he tries to brush it off with his usual "Janelle threw me under the bus" and "I don't know how much of that got shown" but none was shown because it didn't happen until tonight, and deservedly so.. notice he doesn't tell Julie he'd bought a bus ticket from Danielle on Day 2 and had a daily fast-pass since
He defends betraying his BB6 team with "kinda wondering what show is being watched" but editing was in his favor all along, til even they couldn't ignore his dirty dealing.. Janelle's farewell "you played more honestly than last year" was a fitting slap, as was Will's "the teacher never teaches the student all the tricks".. but James hears what he wants, like he does, and goes out believing he intimimdated Will.. forget "the tapes" - wait til James sees the Youtubes

Props to James for going quietly.. the tv-only audience will let it go at that and he should be grateful to CBS for the edge they gave him there, but feedsters know what he did & didn't do, and I hope he figures out how to deal with it all honestly, and escapes the justification/rationalization loops he's lived in for two BB seasons.. so long James - thanks for Howie's answering machine, Mr Bill, and the Internet Voice, and hi's to Sarah

Update James watches the Dolly Wars replay & diagram on Friday's "Early Show" and complains about Janelle grabbing his dolly again.. Julie says the Howie dolly they fought over was the wrong one and James says "Aaahhh.. a whole weight has just been lifted" and that nobody had told him that before.. give me a freaking break! See the video in today's links

We visit Marcellas & Howie in paradise© (that's been my term for sequester since BB5 - they're using it now).. it looks like the Caribbean or Mexico so must be Mexico, it's cheaper & closer
It's a nice spread - it should be easy enough to figure out where it is
Marcellas rips off BB3 Lori's "welcome to my banishment" popularized by Janelle's impression of her last year.. Howie gets a bad edit, full of Howie-isms of the worst kind and none of the good that anyone who's seen Howie knows were there too - luckily Howie won't care
CBS knows who's really in charge as well as we do and that the HOH comp is a farce, and they admit as much with the opening shot.. but then Janelle's out for not knowing the grim reaper came before the prom.. Erika wins.. Danielle gets right in there
Maybe the power shifted in this short comp and Janelle's driving the house now, quietly.. I'd said she might throw it even though Will was pushing her hard to win.. some still think she didn't throw it (ha!) and Will might be among them, or he might be acting

Text 1 for this week's trivia sweepstakes (and give me a cut if you win?).. Julie tells us next Thursday will have two evictions, and makes it sound like they'll both be live and a surprise for the hamsters.. she cruelly taunts George with hopes of fried chicken, then snatches it away from him

Princess Daisy

The atmosphere in the habitat is different as soon as James is gone.. the tension's lifted and the negative vibe is gone, at least for now

They wait for dinner (no more pizza, please) and Will tells them about old time village sin-eaters.. Erika asks about 'the twist' (the Coup) and Will says he can't confirm or deny but how dare they have a twist that expires? He adds they're taking the cost of a mic and jack shack repairs out of his stipend

Erika's anxious for her room and runs up the stairs but it's locked - it's about two hours before it's usually ready.. she & Danielle join the walkathon and chat about books, with an involved discussion of Anne Rice's erotic Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Janelle tells Will (again) she just doesn't have her old comp skills anymore and he says it's ok, and winks.. he says Erika will probably put them up but that Boogie's going to showmance her and try for Danielle.. George builds another piece for his room and places it.. quick flames and he moves it (it was probably blocking a camera), then quick flames again and he's moving another but gives them a snappy comeback.. he's definitely removed the eviction curse of the big big bed in the red room (redrum)
George [to Diary]: They were up there all last week, but you guys apparently missed it

Finally Erika's paged and when she comes out of Diary she calls out "Who wants to see my HOH room?" but nobody's inside.. she says "that was anti-climactic" then goes to the back door and says it again.. they all come sauntering in, slowly, and make their way up the stairs.. they form small groups around the photos & snacks, like they do.. even adversaries are getting along now
The BB4 cast photo is a hit like usual.. they all say Alison was a lot bigger then, and Will makes a few more jokes.. Erika walks around like she's hosting a cocktail party
She has photos of family of course and of her doggies, and letters but she doesn't read them yet.. she says her brother's a huge fan and is online all the time, "probably defending every move I make".. Danielle goes for glasses and pours the wine
Feedmasters clue us in once more by zooming from Will to the HOH sign then back to Will.. he whistles a tune but we don't get flamed.. Erika apologizes twice to Boogie for her Coldplay CD even though he'd said earlier 'it's a dope album'
Watch the videos - part 1 - part 2

The real HOH

George leaves first with Boogie right behind

Danielle's parks at the HOH blog desk.. Will & Janelle stay a bit longer and chat, it's all friendly and doesn't sound forced on anyone's part.. they leave together, then Erika & Danielle jump up and hug

Erika jumps up & down, happy with her room, and says "I can't believe we're HOH"

She has to turn around in the little teacup-ride chair to talk.. Danielle says she wants to know why Janelle "changed her vote".. she also says Boogie told her that Will's aligned with Janelle, and that he cried, and that things "don't make sense" to her
They chat about the Top Ramen she got - apparently it's Erika's favorite food, coincidentally (or not).. they decide Janelle & George will go up with Janelle the target - if veto's used, Will goes up.. I can't get enough of Danielle's variety of expressions
Food finally arrives, once again from Baja Fresh - Boogie keeps telling them to get sushi from his place but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.. they eat together like a happy family - mom, dad, and the 4 kids.. Erika finally reads her letters

Willboogie check in.. Will says it'll be hard convincing Erika that Danielle's more dangerous than Janelle - "Did you see them hug after she won?".. he tells Boogie to tell Erika to put up George & Janelle because they each nominated her.. he also says Janelle lied to him about her vote (if she did I missed it.. maybe this is part of Will's Ultimate Plan - see yesterday's episode - or maybe he thought Danielle was voting out James)

Willboogie & Janelle chat over pool.. she says again that it was a hard comp (it was easy, especially for her - I think this is Janelle at work).. Will asks how many HOHs and vetos she's won - she says five each and he says she's the best player in BB history.. wine arrives
Janelle: This is a good week not to win HOH
Will: It isn't?
Janelle: No, next week is

Will tells Boogie about his & Janelle's dual Diary last night and how they did a phone call.. Boogie's surprised but he laughs when they re-enact it - watch the video.. it's funny stuff

Erika tells George at the hot tub she's going to put him up with Janelle.. she says he'll be safe for sure, it isn't a betrayal, but she also tells him he should go for the veto and take himself off if he wins.. she says if Janelle's veto'd off he'd still be safe - watch the video

They all sit outside and chat, it's very relaxed & friendly.. Danielle encourages Erika to talk about BB4 and share her war stories.. Boogie explains how the Coup would have worked - watch the video, and also why he couldn't use it - watch the video.. (see today's featured link for more: I suspect our own Aldav was indirectly responsible for Boogie's Power outage)
They remind Boogie he dissed Howie on tv tonight and they wonder what would have happened if it had come to blows when he was evicted.. Boogie says he thought it might and he was glad James had been there.. they re-enact it and guess how Howie's interview with Julie might have gone - watch the video.. it's funny, and pretty close
Janelle: What if he would have punched you? That would have been awesome!

Danielle & Janelle tell Will about the BB6 Nerd Herd and Kaysar's big move to take out Eric.. she re-enacts "I caught the bigger fish" and says how everyone was rooting for the Sovereign Six.. again, it's all friendly and doesn't seem to have ulterior motives (though maybe it does)

Boogie goes to work

He knocks on the HOH door and asks if Erika wants alone-time.. she says "No, I want you-time"

He sits in the teacup-ride chair and she pounces him.. they make out a bit and he says something about her breath, has she been smoking? She says no (she's been smoking Janelle's) but goes off to brush her teeth

She smooches, he talks game.. rewind, repeat.. she keeps saying "talk openly with me, don't bullshit".. it's embarrassing for all concerned, including us

She talks about putting up Will if Janelle comes off.. Boogie stutters & stumbles and says it's too soon.. Erika reminds him that was the plan and he'd go work the jury.. Boogie's not as good at this stuff as Will but he finally gets her thinking about putting up Danielle and that she'd go.. Erika's not so sure but realizes it'd be a major coup
She eats a cookie and asks if he wants one.. he says no, he just brushed his teeth.. she goes to brush hers again.. they move to the bed and repeat the loop - watch the video.. feedmasters zoom in to the HO in HOH and back out to the bed - twice! I swear I do not make this stuff up
Erika: If you're playing me for the game I'll kick your ass
Boogie: Come on! Come on!
Erika: It's ok if Will is, but not you

He asks if she's going to sleep in her bikini and she says no.. he says he'll sleep in what he's got on, it's comfortable.. they both go downstairs where he changes and she puts on 2-3 layers of clothes.. she'd locked them out and has to wait for a new key from Diary (I don't think anyone's done that since Cappy last year).. they finally get back in and all goes green.. he turns away and goes to sleep, and so does she

It's much nicer downstairs, where Will & Janelle are playing cards quietly by the fire.. Will blows smoke rings and says he loves cigarettes.. they head into the bugs 'n platitudes room around 3, and they ask Danielle to move in there too.. she brings another mattress and settles in, tossing a dozen pillows to Will for his bed-fort.. they talk about life & love.. Janelle tells a lost love story and Danielle gives sage advice
It's a very pleasant evening all around (mostly) with everyone getting along.. Danielle grinds her teeth some in her sleep - she's more tense than she seems


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As it happens, those 'people' were all the BB7 YouTubers - many watch & document but video means proof. Aldav gets the money shot once again, and Boogie's power was deflated

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Special body language edition
VTE = Voted to evict
Daily ratings have no explanation.
Double eviction next Thursday - I figure we still need one more to finish in time.


A surprise eviction is always fun but I'm neutralizing them because paradise© has been my word for sequester since BB5 and they know it. Their James plotline has made no sense til now and Thursday's footage just muddied it more. They implied this was Chilltown's third week in control when Will's been in charge since Day 1 and engineered every eviction. Comparing Janelle's (one night in two seasons) crying to Bunky's (continual) was a cheap shot, as was the voiceover 'Janelle mourned for Howie - or DID she?' George was a nominee as well as James, but if he hadn't been wearing a flowery sombrero and clown shoes he wouldn't have gotten any air time at all, other than to be teased with food and then denied it. The cheap shot edits of Howie were many but he got the last laugh as always when Marcellas asked not to be called Marci: 'Ok Marjealous.' Copping to Willboogie's showmance strategy was a long time coming but they sure played that one safe by showing just a flash of the two hour make-out bath; and once again hardly any of Will & Janelle's flirty stuff. I guess they figure they'd gotten all they could out of that weeks ago, but that was before it existed. Julie calling Janelle an 'honorary member of Chilltown' made her sound like a groupie instead of their 2nd most valuable asset. I realize they have a gazillion hours of tape to cram into 15 minutes but Julie really needs someone from Diary whispering into her ear so she stops making a total eejit of herself on Thursdays. They also need to change the tagline for 'Early Show' Fridays: 'a secret scene you won't see anywhere else' just isn't true: it's always stuff that's been on the feeds! And almost always dumb.

No vote (HOH)
He made an ass of himself once again by implying salesmen are a lower life form on live tv. Howie's done ok with his HOH prize and become an asset to its manufacturers, and who's Boogie to diss him for that? Now he's put himself on the hit list for his restaurants' suppliers along with his bar staff.. way to go, genius. Boogie's been pissy about Howie since he lost the Life of the Party vote to him, but he doesn't stop to question why. At least he admitted to Julie that bringing Janelle onto the team was Will's idea. I'd like to know which of the producers are shareholders in Dolce Group? There's no other explanation for Boogie's continual favorable edits or the fact that he gets to wear & display his restaurant names & logos on every show and in every Diary - he even changes into one when they call him in. Nobody else can wear a logo or brand. Friday's 'Early Show' secret scene was Boogie once again, cutting Howie's hair. What it did was show Howie as a good sport, and they left out Will & George doing the dye job, but Julie wound it up with 'Now you know why Howie looked so silly when he got evicted.' WTF? Post-show events included being a HOH ho but hey, she wanted it more than he did.

VTE George
She threatened wrath and she got wine but all she did was become friendly and sociable. She thinks she's in charge of Erika but she spent too much time babysitting James to notice Erika's in bed with the enemy, literally. Boogie doesn't even want to be there but maybe he's ho'ing himself out enough to get Erika to turn on her co-HOH and nominate Danielle. That would be something to see and I hope we get some fireworks out of it. Maybe Dani will just curl up and give up if she knows she's beat, but I feel sorry for George cuz he'll get the brunt of it otherwise. She wouldn't be so bad in there if she'd STFU once in awhile when she's working - she's not so bad when she's just being herself. She got a cheap shot on Thursday's show too when Julie asked about being away from hubby & kids.. how does she think it feels? Is this 'Big Brother' or 'Queen for a Day'?

VTE James
HOH or HO? Even the camera crew can't tell the difference. She crawled all over Boogie in the bathtub and he not only rejected her afterward, he farted on her. Twice. She took him back in tonight as if she didn't even notice the timing, and he rejected her again, over & over. Every time she crawled on him and smooched him he sat back and talked game.. what's wrong with this picture? Nobody even wants to watch these two go at it.. if they ever do the deed, feed subscriptions will be cancelled en masse. I don't even think she's doing it all for the game alone - there seems to be some 'issues' here. She said it all when she apologized to Boogie for the CD she got cuz it wasn't hip-hop. Hello? It isn't Boogie's HOH - it's Danielle's!

No vote (nominee)
George who? I'm pretty sure he was nominated for eviction this week but you'd never know it by watching the show. Tune in Thursdays at 9 for 'James Rules! Even When He Loses' on CBS! I hope the votes come out so George knows Danielle's got no more ground to push him around: long ago she promised him one vote. This was it and she didn't come through. George is the best sport in town and maybe that's part of why he's still there. He never says a bad word about anyone, he doesn't get to eat or drink but he doesn't complain about that or anything else, and he keeps himself busy. Wait, I get it.. he's the adult in there.

VTE James
I'm giving her ups just because I like her, I'm glad she's still there, and I'm glad the guy who called her a liar, a traitor, a whore, and a fat piece of shit isn't. Deal with it.

Dr. Will
VTE James
I would have liked to hear his entire farewell to James instead of the ego-stroke they aired, but it's ok: I have videos of Will impersonating his whiny rants and saying what a no-fun eejit James is. I've been saying for weeks (will this thing ever end?) that Will owns them all and he has til now, but I'm starting to think Janelle might be owning him a little now. A whole lot more than Erika owns his stoopid little sidekick anyway, and that's good news for me: if I have to watch the last few days of feeds with Boogie & Erika I'll pull the plug. We need Will to keep pushing Boogie to showmance Erika, and to have Boogie keep doing that in his creepy inept way, and to have Erika wake the hell up and kick Boogie to the curb. I'd even take Danielle in Final 3 if Will & Janelle are both there, but George would be their ideal third. That house gets awfully big when there's just a few of them rattling around.. we need Will to make those last days good tv for us feedsters and that isn't gonna happen with Boogie & Erika: they don't have the personality of a flea between them.


He ran a self-professed 'Janelle hate campaign' when she had his back, and called her a liar, traitor & worse on tv but he hooked up with Dani on Day 2. He promised to be more fun but wasn't much until the end, when he was great. He plays the game well but too hard and personal. The Dolly Wars will follow him but he'll be ok: it's just a little harm.


Love him or hate him, nobody can deny he's an individual. Two years running he's stayed truer to his partners than anyone while staying on good terms with everyone on all sides, in spite of behavior that would get most arrested. His act gets old and he drops trou a lot, but he's almost always upbeat and his heart is solid gold. We'd all be lucky to have a friend as loyal as Howie.


He had early alliances galore but blew them all off to mope & complain instead. Editing was far from kind and didn't even give us his best but it's his own doing (like most of his problems are). Hamsterwatch Most Photogenic award winner, especially since he started posing for renaissance paintings.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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