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hamsterJuly 6, 2006 - Day 4

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Bye bye, bitches

Ok, maybe it's a little cruel to dwell on these sad faces but what the heck? They knew losing was a possibility when they signed on

So long Monica, Lisa, Dana, Ivette, Cowboy and Bunky - it was almost fun

It's aaawwwwwnnnnn!

Janelle's the first inside, followed by Erika, Nakomis and Diane.. the others follow in their own styles, and soon they're all toasting themselves

CBS gives us a few captioned whispers - Jase & Nakomas hugging with "You're going to make it a nice stay, honey" is unusual for these former arch-enemies - maybe they do have a secret alliance? Will & Boogie wanting Kaysar gone is no surprise, and neither is seeing a pricey new apparatus for the first HOH comp.. we may get tired of the stars motif before the season even warms up

It's a meteor on a tire swing to knock the all-stars off their self-important pedestals.. Jase & Janelle both win, which we already knew

Then it's HOH room debut.. this is the ice, downstairs is fire.. older season hamsters explore the private bath - it's old news to Janelle.. goodie baskets full of the usual junk food & booze

Plots start to hatch as established or on-the-fly alliances come together (or pretend to).. Danielle, Alison & George make an unlikely trio in the leaf & platitude room and we get visuals for some of the leaked audio hour from July 4th as they decide to convince Jase to disagree with Janelle on nominations so they'd both go on the block instead, then they'd vote out Janelle

When they confided in James he told Janelle about it, and now it seems there was some brouhaha over that which Alison may have been blamed for? At any rate we get rare in-house smiles from James when he isn't nominated.. disappointment and a blank icy stare from Danielle & Alison, who are

We got feeds - we got booze!

And then it starts

The feeds come on to find them chowing down chips & snacks, chattering away happily - too happily maybe

Most of them are pros at this now - we're no longer nebulous "internet fans" they find out about during Week 6 or so - we find out they were told the feeds were going live.. Howie's hanging around the girls, of course

Janelle & Nakomis play a little chess upstairs.. George hangs out in the backyard like only George can.. and then they get the word: there's booze in the pantry!

They sit around it ever so politely, not at all like the frenzied grabbing we're used to seeing.. they chat about their seasons, their seasons' other hamsters, their lives.. Will seems completely unimpressed by Howie's Howie-ness.. it all has a bit of a staged feel - after all, they've been there a few days already
Will: I don't want people to get drunk and talk about 'Star Wars'

Booze, butts & bikinis - yep, it's Big Brother.. Danielle & Janelle are suddenly aware of the cameras, and our eyes, on them

Feedsters want some action, some intrigue but it's all so friendly and chit-chatty.. Howie entertains them all, like he does.. Diane is unusually quiet and seems almost uncomfortable at times.. she also seems to think Dr. Will is kinda dreamy - uh oh, here we go again

Erika & Kaysar play pool and chat and/or flirt - it's hard to tell.. Danielle & Janelle go hot tubbing with Marcellas, and get camera-aware again

They talk about being voted in - James & Howie both pretend not to understand the process ("Did they have to pay to vote?") but both were encouraging power-voting at their sites & MySpaces.. goes to show we can't trust what any of them say this year

It doesn't take long for Howie to go too far, like he does.. Will, Diane & Jase are all speechless when he breaks into his 'Rug chomper, carpet muncher' Ivette song.. Janelle makes her rounds, chatting with Nakomis about hair color then settling in with Danielle & Howie

They each have a photogenic moment, then Janelle & Danielle are whispering and giggling together like long-lost pals.. or alliance members.. or keeping their enemies close.. or something


It's the hip new trendy game for the year

They have elaborate rules and points system of course, but basically it's toss 'em into a bucket

Duckball video - it's not much, and the quality's iffy, but it's a start.. more and better videos will follow as we go


Then the butter knives come out and they gather round to chow down - all except Alison, that is.. she goes off to do her hair with the untossed duckies and go to bed.. she seems as ostracized as any twin ever was.. whether she's a social outcast or it's her own doing, I don't know

The boys will be boys department is in the leaf 'n platitudes room, where they check out the tarantulas that act as a room divider.. they say they haven't seen them move, but that they end up in different spots.. they have little metal matchbook-like houses
James & Boogie have a little conference - one of our first glimpses of gamespeak - James tries to get him on board to kick Alison out, that she's a badass player and good at comps.. James in this shirt in this room kinda blends in

George, Erika & Jase take the next hot tub shift.. feedsters seem to be liking Jase this year - that's different

Nakomas strikes a pose.. Howie, Kaysar & Will model the uniform of the day.. Diane has established her headquarters

Marcellas complains about having to sleep on the sofa with only his robe to cover him, ""I don't even have a blanket!" Someone asks why doesn't he sleep in the big room? "There's four girls in there!".. James & Howie wonder about Will's credentials - Kaysar explains how to Google his name to find his practice (which means he has - maybe after that chat).. it's a lot of that kinda stuff

Some wander off to bed.. Janelle, Marcellas & Erika chat in HOH - they're worried about George under-the-radar'ing his way to the end and winning against anyone.. Erika mostly listens

Howie, Kaysar, Jase, Will & Diane form a parade upstairs to see what they're missing.. they chat more about past seasons, hamster gossip.. Diane seems to be sticking close to Will
Diane: Drew has gay tendencies
Jase: Drew was like a treestump in the backyward
Diane: The only reason people watched it was cuz of our relationship
Kaysar: So Boogie was part of your contract? [to be on BB7]
Will: [laughs] No, no, no
Howie: Have you been to my site,
Will: I thought your site was clownpenis.fart
Howie [about his chances to get laid this season]: I got Diane here.. Erika.. Janey gets drunk once in awhile
Marcellas: I feel like somebody put a hex on me, dammit

They eventually filter out again and find their beds.. Jase is sleeping downstairs and Marcellas up.. he & Janelle talk a long time about their competition.. Marcellas keeps talking about being in the final two and who either of them could win against.. he disses Danielle a lot - it seems like he feels betrayed by her since others seem to be sticking with their castmates, and he seems to be looking for an alliance

They also talk about Alison. both wanting her out soon if she doesn't go next week.. then they talk about Erika and why was she there earlier? Marcellas decides she's an Amber (from "Survivor" - going far without really playing).. Janelle agrees with most things he says but doesn't commit to anything
Marcellas: If Erika's an Amber, she has to tie her tail - her wagon to a rock
Marcellas: You're the strongest girl in the house - me, Kaysar and Howie would fight to keep you in.. James is iffy but he'll go with the numbers
Marcellas: I stumbled into that room and discovered Alison trying to get Mike Boogie to play for her
Marcellas: If those two [Alison & Erika, I think] end up at the end, I wouldn't even come back to vote for them!

So that's the first day of feeds - not much, I know, but they're all still feeling each other out, as are we

One more video: Amber alert Marcellas & Janelle about Erika


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Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value. Everyone's still has a free neutral since nothing much happened either way Thursday night, except Editors: they earned theirs.

Premiere show wasn't bad, except there were few surprises thanks to their leaks. Was it cruel to dwell on the losers' disappointed faces so much? Maybe.. but it was kinda fun too. Noms were unexpected and it was nice to see some behind-the-back scheming already, and to be surprised by it. They aren't fooling anybody with '15 million votes' though - if autovoters aren't allowed they should have rules saying so. Even before the autos kicked in, Cowboy & Lisa had far more votes than Erika & Boogie and everyone knows it, so their line about 'too close to call' was just that, a line.. not to mention the 14 photo frames were seen before voting even started. Meanwhile they advertised the feeds which only came on just after 9pm BBtime, and they had the feeds player showing stuff from the last few days before they were on. Oh well.. that's BB editors for you.

She didn't like being nominated and made that clear, to nobody's surprise. I kind of hope she sticks a little while for her dramatics but she seems to have plague, as they say in BB land, so she's likely gone unless she can win veto. She's probably not going without a fight.

I don't really understand why he's here, unless Dr. Will cut a deal to make it so. He whispers with James here & there but I don't know if that's something real or if Boogie just thinks it is. Nobody wants to share a room with him - apparently he's a bit farty.

Sure, they're all into game already but she came on too strong too soon, and possibly got herself evicted first. We don't know veto details yet though - maybe she'll pull it off. Most of them were scheming in that hour of leakage, but CBS showed more of hers on the premiere.. I guess it's expected of her. She laid low once the feeds came on though, and went to bed early.

She's laying low for now.. give her time. We already know who she thinks is cute: 'I won't fall for Will on tv' referring to her fiasco of a fling with Drew. She stuck close to Will most of the evening though. Hopefully she'll settle in soon, start mouthing off and earning the ups she's known for.

No way she was one of the top vote-getters in any legit fashion, although she was high on the autos too so somebody was pulling for her. As a past winner, Lisa was a far more 'deserving' choice, although I don't subscribe to the 'deserving' school of picking. I still think she may be in pre-arranged cahoots with James but time will tell. She's making rounds - cozying up to Kaysar for pool and later with Marcellas & Janelle for game chat. Marcellas may have called it right: Amber alert.

The chicken man probably appreciates getting in there more than any of them, and he seems to be working with Danielle & Alison already.. not the best company at the moment. Janelle & Marcellas had the only real game chat I caught, and they think he should be sent home sooner than later in case he ends up at the end.. nobody would want to vote against such a nice guy.

More cries of 'boobies!' this season but Howie can be a lot of fun, especially late nights with Janelle & Kaysar. We didn't get that tonight - which could mean they're a team and not wanting to look like it. The rest of them are as bewildered by Howie as the rest of us were this time last year.

He said he'd try to be more entertaining in there and I hope it's true, but the only smiles he cracked on the show were getting in and not being nominated. He didn't do much else thru the evening of note but we know his wheels are turning all the time. C'mon James, come out & play a bit - the rest of them are already a little suspicious of the constant game face.

Julie made a point of saying 'in no particular order' and then announced Janelle as #1.. who are they trying to kid? No worries, nearly everyone's glad she's in again, and even gladder that she didn't fall victim to the first attempts to get her out. She's on form game-wise, making rounds and talking the only extended game talk we got tonight. She'd said she wasn't going to go for the first HOH but considering the dual HOH situation, it's a good thing she did: the rest of them are gunning for her.

I always liked this guy but he wasn't popular with most feedsters and wasn't on the show long enough for the tv-only crowd to vote for him, so how did he end up in the top four males, and without campaigning? Hmmm. Good thing he's starting off lower key than he did in BB5 - maybe more will see how fun he can be. Or maybe not: he so quiet & likeable that he's an early feedster favorite, but we didn't have any bath buddies or other Jase-type fun tonight.

Nobody's surprised to see him back in there. Let's hope he learned something last time about how to play this thing. And the time before that. He was mostly quiet tonight, getting to know the new faces but he kept his ears open. He's lost a lot of fans since last year but maybe he'll earn them back if he doesn't start showing all his cards to one and all.

Did he look desperate to get in there or what? According to the CBS promo Gretchen will be doing Housecalls by herself with revolving co-hosts. He sure didn't get much face time on Thursday's show, and he wasn't on the feeds much until late when he & Janelle had a long and interesting chat in HOH. He's still whiney about creature comforts, he's way too anti-Danielle for his own good (being loudly anti-anyone at this point could prove fatal) and he considers himself a major player, but he comes up with some great stuff like 'Amber alert' for Erika and 'I feel like somebody put a hex on me, dammit'.

They owed her another shot (in a big way) but I can't believe she got more votes than Danielle or Lisa or even Alison.. what gives? She seems out of her element with the girly-girls and was even seen saying so, but we know she can hang with them just fine. She's working her way quietly into one-on-one chats with some of them, and she's suspiciously friendly with her former arch-nemesis Jase. She spent a long time explaining cameras & internet feeds to Diane, who probably knows more about what we see than she does since much more of Diane's non-game stuff made news. She seems to be in a good spot game-wise.

Dr. Will
He had a ton of face time and seems as amusing as ever, but it's early. You'll never convince me Boogie or Jase got more votes than he did but oh well, it's a done deal now. He seems bored by some of the kids in there, especially Howie, but he may come around and even become one of Howie's fans. He's got a reality star girlfriend out here but if he catches on that Diane's kinda sweet on him he might play along with that. Game-wise he's all too subtle so far.

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