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hamsterJune 8 & 11, 2006 - Pre-season

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Oh boy, Howieee.. Oh wow, Will!

Howie's scheduled for another chat at his site on June 14 at 7pm BB time/10pm Eastern - this time he'll be joined by Kaysar and BB4 Erika.. you can also read the log of the chat Howie did on his own on June 8

Erika is also scheduled to chat on James' site June 13 at 6pm BB time/9pm Eastern

Meanwhile, Kaysar's site hosted a chat with BB2 Will and Howie as cheerleader - read the log - scroll about halfway down and then some til you get to the parts where Will tells Kaysar "please don't dress like a gay vampire and then lecture me about morality".. he says repeatedly he didn't watch BB6 but then calls Janelle "a 50 cent whore" and Kaysar "Count Cockula".. Kaysar sticks to his usual moral highground but is clearly rattled, calls Will a snake and a moron and finally kicks him out.. Howie loves it all

Will also says repeatedly that he can't talk about All-Stars, which would seem to imply he's under a non-disclosure contract already - hmmm - but he also calls the fans (voters) "web nerds and overweight cat lovers"

Could/would a self-professed successful doctor/restaurant owner/reality show appearer/new club opener/teddy bear mogul take three months off all those jobs? Maybe he's on the payroll for a few weeks only, to stir up stuff in the pre-season to generate interest and controversy - CBS & the producers can't ignore the fact that virtually every hardcore fan and BB site agrees that All-Stars isn't such a hot idea

And then there's this Someone claiming to be Bunky's niece has posted on Big Brother 7 All Stars that he's "under contract" and that she's signed off permission for him to tell all her dark secrets on TV if he's one of the 20.. she started this campaign as early as June 4 at TV Clubhouse.. more on this later, but she might want to be careful: I've heard finalists can be disqualified if they spill the beans before Julie does

Calling all hamsterwatchers

that dingo (me) needs your help

I've not made it secret that I'm not in great financial shape.. it's difficult at best and likely impossible this year to bypass earning a living for the whole summer in order to follow the hamster goings on and report them here, as much as I'd like to

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Many many thanks for your continued support and for encouraging my behavior - you hamsterwatchers are the best!

Why dingo? Many have asked me why the dingo nick.. the answer goes back a few years to BB2 or BB3 I think.. I'd continuously see board postings bashing one hamster or another for unfounded reasons (in my opinion) - things like facial features, hair color, etc - and pretty soon a bunch of other posters would jump on the hate bandwagon

I was reminded of the great Meryl Streep movie A Cry in the Dark based on the true story of an entire country believing hearsay and jumping to convict Lindy Chamberlain for murdering her child simply because she was "different".. signing as "a dingo ate my baby" was my way of protesting these rushes to judgment without reason, and in time it evolved into just dingo

That's right: the phrase did not originate on "Seinfeld"


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