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Future shock

This is bound to happen here sooner than later: the UK version of "Big Brother" is offering the public a chance to end up in their house via Golden Tickets that are hidden Willie Wonka-style in KitKat chocolate bars

Assuming those who find the tickets pass the psych and background checks <koff> they'll end up on a special show where one of them will be chosen at random to move in and become a star <koff>

It's just a matter of time til a similar casting option happens here.. I bet the PR departments are kicking themselves they didn't think of this first, instead of this lame All-Stars idea that nobody seems to be looking forward to

Golden Ticket video - story

Applications out the window

"All-Stars" seems a misnomer

In sports, an all-star game is played by the best of the best, the cream of the crop - not just some players who happened onto the field at some point in a game

But it's a done deal now.. Julie will host an unveiling of a pool of 20 former players on Wednesday, June 21 at 8pm.. polls will open on at 9pm BB time/midnight ET for viewers to vote for the 12? 14? who will become hamsters once again.. voting will end on June 28 at 9pm BB time/midnight ET

Then the show gets officially underway again on Thursday, July 6 at 8pm, when the "winners" will be announced live and will move into the house.. this is another big departure from the past, when move-in day occurred several days before the show - and for that matter, the feeds - began, so that's one plus at least.. before this, we always missed those first few critical days of first impressions, reactions, polite getting-to-know-you chit chat, and alliance forming

Of course, none of that will be necessary this time since they all do know each other, albeit some better than others, and they all know how to react to the voice of Big Brother giving them mic instructions, etc

Personally, I'm not really looking forward to it.. of course much will depend on who goes in (and I don't for a minute think that web votes will decide that) but for me and many others I've talked with, the best part of Big Brother is getting to know them and watching them get to know each other

There's a lot of speculation whether the former hamsters seen in the ad the other night will be on the slate.. I'm sure some will, but I doubt if that's an accurate predictor - it is, after all, CBS and Big Brother - and it also showed a few clips of BB1's "Chicken" George Boswell, who has been diagnosed with cancer.. I'd like to see George return and I'd hope he'd be well enough to, but somehow I doubt he'll be back in the house, and that doesn't give much credence to guaranteed return visits by the other faces glimpsed in the ad

Once again I wonder what became of all the applications & videotapes they received from ordinary hamster-hopefuls, and if all this means that casting director Robyn Kass is looking for a new job

They aren't going out of their way to promote this one, at least not yet.. the new logo has appeared on the CBS BB7 site, but it's superimposed over the same old furniture, carpet, and odd metallic wall from last year.. even the Coasters game equipment and oversize nipple clamps are still there

Meanwhile the feeds will be back again, provided by Real again, Housecalls will be back again weekdays at 10am BB time/1pm ET, and the air schedule is the same as always: Tuesdays at 8pm, Saturdays at 9pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 8pm.. barring pre-empts by higher profile and/or higher sponsor revenue events, as always


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