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Re-Draw - not used
Bonus Life - #1 Sam
-Can give one of first 3 evictees a chance to return to the game. If unused, 4th evictee automatically gets a chance.
Upgrade - not used
The Cloud - #2 Tyler
-Immunity for any one noms or veto meeting within 2 months
Identity Theft - #3 Bayleigh
-Can replace noms one time before final eight.

Yell! - #2 Rachel
-24 hours getting yelled at
Fake News - not used
Read It! - #3 Haleigh
-Read Hamlet in costume
Hamazon - #1 Faysal
-Periodic [vegan] ham deliveries, must all be eaten
Spammed - not used

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June 2018

Power Status

Feeds are underway and they are the real show - SIGN UP NOW and get a one-week free trial! No promo code needed

Winston evicted 6-5

Sam is Head of Household
Haleigh and Kaitlyn are nominated

Angela, Brett, Tyler are Have-not

-Sam can give 1st, 2nd, 3rd evictee a 'chance' to return to the game - 4th evictee automatically gets a 'chance' to return
-Tyler has one-time immunity, to be used anytime within two months from July 6
-Bayleigh can secretly change noms before noms ceremony one time until final eight

Upcoming Events

Saturday: Veto comp
Monday: Veto meeting

Next Shows

Sunday 7/22 8pm - HOH comp, JC vs Bayleigh 'cultural sensitivity' segment, nominations
Wednesday 7/25 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting
Thursday 7/26 9pm - Live eviction, evictee challenge, HOH comp

CBS schedule is Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 9pm 8pm, live eviction Thursdays 9pm - stream links to watch East Coast airing online are posted in Quick Links & Bookmarks on the left sidebar

After Dark airs for three hours every night on Pop - times vary by area and provider, check your cable guide

Other News

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20: Day 30

Hamsterwatch Forum for real-time feeds updates, screencaps, and air show recaps by @UGotBronx

Diary segment tally by @clamperls

Week 3 popularity poll results #1 Bayleigh, #2 Rockstar, #3 Sam
Follow @89razorskate20 on Twitter to participate: weekly polls launch every Monday 4pm PT/7pm ET

Post-eviction shows are hosted by BB Celeb runner-up Ross Mathews and winner Marissa Winokur, Fridays on Facebook Watch. The first (no eviction) ran June 29.

Ratings Watch Thursday's live show won the hour with 1.6 rating, 7 share, 5.56 million viewers, ahead of The Four: Battle for Stardom on FOX with 0.9/5/2.83, Match Game on ABC with 0.6/3/2.97 and two Trial and Error episodes on NBC with 0.6/3/3.26 and 0.5/2/2.69.
Rating and share: adults 18-49 - Rating: % of all TV households - Share: % of households watching TV

Week 4 - Days 30 thru 36 - July 19 thru 25, 2018

Daily and Noteworthy Events

Evicted: Winston
Head of Household: Sam
Have-nots: Angela, Brett, Tyler
Original noms: Haleigh, Kaitlyn
Veto winner/outcome: TBA
Final noms: TBA
Evicted: TBA

Day 30 Thursday July 19
Rachel and the bros had another farewell over coffee, and Sam and Kaitlyn had a chat about their issues and Sam's power - well, Kaitlyn chatted about her issues, her intuition, her feelings, Brett's speech, etc. Sam again reiterated that her power expires tonight (technically, it expires for her) and that she didn't want to use it as it "wouldn't be fair." Tyler was temporarily TKO'd by Scottie in a foosball shot to the groin, and assorted primping plus Sam's Salon kept the downstairs bathroom busy. Haleigh told Bayleigh and Kaitlyn she had "a weird feeling" about the vote, but Kaitlyn assured them Tyler will vote the way she wants him to.. okay then.

Sam did not invoke her power and Winston was evicted 6-5 as expected (by us, but not by some of them), with Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Fessy, Bayleigh, Haleigh the five minority votes. Brett's nominee speech included saying that Rockstar was going to flip her vote and blame it on Kaitlyn, and we had quite a bit of Rockstar yelling "on my daughter's birthday?!" at him after Winston walked the plank. All that, and it turned out her daughter's birthday isn't til tomorrow - go figure.

Julie sent them out to Out on a Limb wall comp and officially started them at 6.53pm. Drops in order and times of falls were: 7.16pm Rockstar; 7.22pm Fessy; 7.25pm Brett; 7.25pm Bayleigh; 7.32pm Angela; 7.32pm Rachel; 7.41pm Haleigh; 7.44pm JC; 7.53pm Kaitlyn; 7.53pm Kaycee; 7.54pm Tyler leaving Sam as the winner at just over one-hour mark. Along with tilts of the apparatus, they had the usual rain, wind + flying leaves, "honey" dripping, and guano flung at them.

When feeds returned, Rockstar was crying about Brett's speech plus her poor comp performance, and she later cried to JC and Fessy, repeatedly saying "it's not right" - the latter after she was in Diary. Sam said she'd wait to eat when her fellow Have-nots can too, and Tyler said she should eat, she earned it. She said no, but if there's booze in her HOH basket she'll drink that. Kaitlyn challenged Haleigh about her vote, called her a liar, and told her to swear on her mom she didn't flip. Haleigh said she didn't flip but she wasn't swearing, and that she was tired of Kaitlyn always putting her on the spot, especially in front of other people. Brett was one of the people present, and Kaitlyn was on his lap for some of the post-comp chatter. JC did his busybody routine with Fessy (who looked DONE) and Tyler, and various others - I didn't follow.

Haleigh told Bayleigh about her Kaitlyn convo and Bayleigh said she was tired of being left out of the loop, and did Haleigh want her to go hit Kaitlyn in the face? (She didn't.) Bayleigh also said that JC told her just before the vote Kaitlyn was going to flip, and that she's playing everyone for a fool and is going to turn on them one by one, and that Brett was cheering for Tyler in the comp. Bayleigh and Haleigh went on to work Fessy against Kaitlyn, and they asked him why he wasn't angry at Kaitlyn for flipping her Swaggy vote. Bayleigh went on to tell him she regretted telling him about her power, acknowledging he hadn't told anyone but she was afraid for when people press him about it later. Fessy seemed to be really struggling to catch up and keep up with everything, and came close to losing his mind. JC had a round with him later telling him Kaitlyn and Haleigh were the flipped votes tonight. That isn't true (and JC knows it) but Fessy took it badly, and it didn't get easier with all of JC's additional revelations.

Sam announced she was going to stick to what she'd said previously, that no one could hang out in her room this week. She also said she wouldn't be holding one-on-one meetings, but she'll announce her noms at her room reveal. She asked Brett if what he said about Rockstar in his speech was true and Brett said yes. Angela later told Brett that Rockstar deserved an Academy Award for her performance. Tyler had a peptalk round with a whimpery Kaitlyn, telling her to basically suck it up, that she was still in the game. Tyler, JC, Sam met to congratulate themselves and each other, and she asked each of them who they would have put up. JC said Brett and Kaitlyn, Tyler didn't say, but he did tell Sam she wasn't allowed to straight up tell her nominees they're going up, and that production had gotten on his case about that during his HOH week -cut to fishies. The entire habitat pretty much exploded with activity, investigations, accusations, shock and horror, and it was a very good time for fans of chaos or popcorn.

Sam got her room around 11.45pm with pics, a straw hat, cornbread, grits, BBQ sauce, cocoa, a meatloaf, Zebra cakes, earplugs, sleep mask, booze! James Brown music! and a letter from her momma. She said everything moves so fast they don't take time to think about everything and everyone, including Steve, Swaggy, Winston. She told them she wasn't doing one-on-ones, and she knew her noms but wasn't allowed to tell them, so they should all just relax until the veto comp. She also announced it's her room and nobody's allowed in unless she lets them, especially if she isn't there - and it worked! They all left. Brett popped back in for a bit, as well as JC and Rachel, and they got sips of her booze, as did Bayleigh who knocked and asked after they left.

Fessy went back to his confusion loops and had a little spat with Kaitlyn, plus Rockstar chiming in. Bayleigh told Fessy she might tell Sam about her power, and Fessy said that'd be a good idea. Kaitlyn decided Sam used her power and nobody flipped their votes, and she said her intuitions and spirit guides were going nuts and now she knows why, and that made the rounds.

Bayleigh challenged that theory, which upset Kaitlyn, and Bayleigh said she thinks two people are lying. Kaitlyn didn't like that either and rattled off about her family/boyfriend/lifecoach business. Bayleigh said Kaitlyn always gets defensive, Kaitlyn went back to her original vote lie/flip and said Bayleigh knew about that but "put her under." Bayleigh suggested other ways for Kaitlyn to handle it and said she's tired of the drama and getting pulled into it (referring Kaitlyn openly asking Bayleigh about her vote earlier). Kaitlyn said "okay I'm sorry," Bayleigh said that wasn't sincere, and she walked out saying "don't go around bullying me and making me do things I don't want to do." Kaitlyn said "Bullying?!" but Bayleigh was gone. Bayleigh then retold to Tyler and Rockstar, with tears and frustration, and Kaitlyn retold to Scottie with whimpers and babytalk.

As if that wasn't enough for one night, Rockstar did pots 'n pans (actually a spoon on a frying pan) and banged it all around the habitat, chanting at Brett. To her credit, she acknowledged that Evel Dick originated the "strategy" after others cited Josh (no one mentioned Dallas). Brett handled it pretty well at first, but it looked like it was getting to him after awhile. Sam finally talked Rockstar off the ledge, saying it was late and enough was enough. Later Angela and JC told Brett he should complain to Diary that Rockstar touched him inappropriately when she was sitting on/by him. Yep, that JC, who's already been on TMZ for same, and was egging on Rockstar at the time. You cannot make it up!


How Sam will handle noms with her power going automatically to next week's evictee will be interesting - GET THE FEEDS to watch it unfold, and catch up what you missed on my previous week's page, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx, and please remember to use my Amazon link for any Amazon shopping anytime, USA or Canada - thanks!

Day 31 Friday July 20
Morning saw some Kaitlyn and Rockstar rehash loops about Brett, with Rockstar saying Kaitlyn had hung out with him even after that veto meeting but she's "the kind of person" who doesn't surround herself with negativity, and Kaitlyn saying she's "the kind of person" who forgives and "I like that about myself." Rockstar swore what Brett said about her vote wasn't true, and Kaitlyn said she didn't like being drawn into it and "just try to be sensitive." Rockstar said Brett drew her into it when he made fun of her with his veto speech, and Kaitlyn replied "Exactly! So just try to be sensitive that I'm still sensitive." If it all wasn't absurd enough, Fessy was right there between them, getting further confused by the minute. The two crystal girls had enough of a tentative truce that Kaitlyn allowed Rockstar to do some adjustments. Rockstar also implied Diary had checked on her to ensure she was okay, and that had meant something, to know somebody cares.

Sam talked at length about dogs and horses over coffee and captive spiders, and later repeated to Brett, Kaycee, Rachel that she's not announcing her noms ahead of time, but she had told Rockstar she's not going up, because why waste it on something that will "inevitably happen next week." She said she was going to move back into Have-not room after her HOH and they agreed it was the best room this year as it's quieter than most and provides "a false sense of privacy." Rachel, Bayleigh, Kaycee, Scottie had already agreed to volunteer as Have-nots for the upcoming week.

Noms were held earlier than usual, in what had been the approximate App Store taping time. Sam put up Haleigh and Kaitlyn, and Rockstar said "that fucking smug bastard [Brett] was sitting there laughing." Tyler gave Kaitlyn a hug and she seemed okay, until Fessy asked her how she was doing (and added that he didn't know what was going on) - that brought out Kaitlyn's tears and babytalk. She said she was empathetic about the situation he'll be in if he wins veto or is even picked for a Houseguest Choice chip. A few minutes later she told Tyler and Kaycee she was crying because she didn't like what Sam said: "she questioned my female empowerment, and she said I disrespected men."

Later Sam told Rachel additional reasons for her noms were the two girls dressing inappropriately and being disrespectful about other people's possessions and areas. Rachel asked her about a renom if needed, and Sam again said she hadn't thought that far ahead (of course she has). Sam said she'd probably have to put up Rockstar as a game move only, and while she respected her as a mother she didn't approve of what she'd done last night. She added that Haleigh flirting with and sleeping with Scottie, and it turns out to be nothing real for her, "could scar Scottie for the rest of his life possibly," and said she didn't like the way both girls "lay all over" the guys all the time, which could affect Fessy, Scottie, Tyler later on. Rachel said she supported Sam's speech and her noms, and Sam commended her and Angela for being "ten times hotter" than Haleigh and Kaitlyn, but they've conducted themselves much better.

Next up was Rockstar, who challenged Sam on her stance about "bullying" so why did she let the big one downstairs off the hook? Sam diverted, and went into lengthy explanations about her noms, and asked what game events would be Reasons to put up Brett. Rockstar squeaked and cried and retold the crimes his against her, and Sam said Rockstar will have to either get along with him, or get fired up enough to get him out. Rockstar countered Sam's Reason about the girls laying on the guys all the time that Tyler was in on that as well, and Sam replied "he's a man and can't help it." Meanwhile Brett "explained" things to Fessy and Kaitlyn, perpetuating his lie about the votes, of course.

There were several talks about the noms and Sam's speeches. I don't think much was accomplished them, but you be the judge: Flashbacks are 7/20 6.18pm for Sam/Haleigh with Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie present; 6.48pm for Sam/Kaitlyn; and 7.13pm for Sam/Haleigh alone.

Later Sam met with Tyler, who said he'll do what Sam wants if he plays and wins veto. Sam said she'll let the veto winner pick the renom, but Tyler didn't like that idea. She said if she wins she won't use it (I believe she told that to both nominees also), and she said she put up the two weakest girls [comp-wise] in hopes they wouldn't win. She then said once noms are finalized, she'll tell the final nominees the reason they have an option to come back is because of her, and she added she's glad she got this opportunity now [pre-jury] before things get ugly later. JC joined them after much ding-donging of the doorbell, and the three pretty much repeated what Sam and Tyler had discussed, plus Tyler explained many feedsters watch so we can live vicariously through them.

Meanwhile Scottie told Fessy he thought Tyler was one of the mystery votes, and Fessy went on a monologue about being lost, confused, and disappointed with his comp performances. Later he asked Sam what she thought the two girls' true feelings for him were, and Sam basically said to go with his gut. She also gave him a very long hug goodbye. Rachel told Kaycee that she'd heard Winston kind of liked her, and she didn't know what to do with that. Kaitlyn told Tyler the real reasons she's there are to fund and make connections for her Zen Den idea, but also because her dad's safe deposit box was one of 15 cleaned out in a high profile New York bank robbery.

Tyler, Rachel, Angela, and later Brett had a chat about throwing the veto to either nominee if possible, so Rockstar would go up and out. This came after Rachel and Angela agreed it'd be easier to handle Haleigh if Rockstar was out of the picture. Sam excitedly called everyone to HOH for what turned out to be something she saw in the resident sand painting. JC stomped back to bed muttering "that bish, I thought there was a fight." Sam had a chat with Brett about his feud with Rockstar, repeating what she'd said earlier to Rockstar about her being a mom, her kids were watching, etc as well as Brett being someone's son, etc. Brett said nothing he'd said was personal but he didn't care if Rockstar wanted to take it there.

Tempers are running high and Sam's power going automatically to the next evictee will be interesting - GET THE FEEDS to watch it unfold, and catch up what you missed on my previous week's page, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx, and please remember to use my Amazon link for any Amazon shopping anytime, USA or Canada - thanks!

Ratings - TBA edition

Ratings will be updated later, based on entertainment value - free neutrals for now


Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: Power App #3 Identity Theft
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 2

Won: 1st eviction immunity; Crap App #1 Hamazon
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: 1st eviction immunity; Crap App #3 Read It
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1

Won: 1st eviction immunity; 2 weeks Pinwheel
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0

Won: 1st eviction immunity; Crap App #2 Yell!
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0

Won: 2 weeks Robot; Power App #1 Bonus Life
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1

Won: 1st eviction immunity; Greece trip
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 1

Won: $2500 (on TKO); Power App #2 The Cloud
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2 - HN 1
3rd evicted 6-5 Day 30

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
2nd evicted 8-4 Day 23
Pre-season he said all the right things (albeit in his own unique, third person way), but he started off way too strong and way too Swaggy for his own good. He gave us great shockface when Steve was evicted but it didn't sink in that he wasn't fully plugged in, so he gave us another when he went up as backdoor renom. To his credit, he campaigned his brains out to stay rather than lay down to die, but it didn't help. His pre-show QAs said he was wary of showmancing but he fell for Bayleigh anyway, and together they were one of the cuter 'mances to watch - it helped that they didn't slurpydurp too much. Swaggy C was a good character for TV, but Chris was a good hamster and will be missed.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
1st evicted 7-6 Day 16
The Summer of Steve™ ran just a couple weeks and his job lie(s) didn't help him any. He might have been better off if he'd been open about his undercover past and teaching present as both would have let him share more stories, or if he'd gotten in with Kaitlyn and Rockstar via his wife's new age interests and books. He and Scottie buddied up but otherwise he was odd dad out. He didn't keep up so believed he was safe, and he didn't really campaign to stay. It might not have helped if he had because all the scurrying was elsewhere, but it wouldn't have hurt. He didn't get his required nightly baths but he learned to clean his ears, and early risers in particular will miss him.

Lines and Links of the Day


Tyler about Kaitlyn: She's so fuckin annoying for bringing me into this

Fessy: I don't give a damn about the game 'cause obviously I don't know how to play it

Bayleigh: I'm proud of myself I haven't popped off
Fessy: I'm about to pop off

Angela: I had a dream that I was eating something
Brett: Cool story, Angela!



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Sam's nominations by @em__BB

BB By the Week for Week 4 by @aubramariebb

Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Broken front doors: 1

House meetings: 1
Kaitlyn's 7/15

Super shady nominee speeches: 1
Brett at Week 3 veto meeting (shading Kaitlyn)

Nominee speech scorchers: 1
Brett, saying Rockstar would flip her Brett vs Winston vote and blame it on Kaitlyn

Makeout pairings: 2

Alleged sex events: 3
(subject to interpretation)
7/2 4.45am Bayleigh/Swaggy
7/7 3.55am Fessy (self-service)
7/12 12.27am Bayleigh/Swaggy

Injuries: 10
Steve's cut toe and belly welts from 1st veto comp
Sam's leg bruises from 1st veto comp
JC's burned finger from the stove
Kaycee's burned hand from hot oil spatter
Winston's tossed (something) hitting his face
Winston's foot blisters
Haleigh's sore neck (from braids?) and blurred vision
Bayleigh's pulled leg muscle from tripping on stairs
Swaggy's smashed thumb
Winston's/Scottie's skinned knees from spinny veto

Pinkyswears: 15
7/1 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/2 Kaitlyn/Faysal
7/3 Kaitlyn/Haleigh
7/4 Sam/Scottie
7/5 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/6 Sam/JC
7/6 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/9 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/10 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/10 Bayleigh/Rockstar
7/13 Haleigh/Scottie
7/13 Kaitlyn/Tyler
7/13 Sam/Scottie
7/15 Bayleigh/Kaycee
7/17 Angela/Rachel

Scandals outside our BB world: 5
JC's ice cream scoop + inappropriate grabby
Angela's & Rachel's over-tanning comments
Kaitlyn's n-word lyric
Kaitlyn's boyfriend
JC vs Bayleigh vocabulary incident

Pre-season fanbase + alum dramas: Too many to list

Pre-season Minion abuse events discovered: 1 JC


Production Goofs

1 CBS site lost the cast after reveal for at least 12 hrs
2 Staff seen prepping the stage (maybe intentional)
3 Its/it's error
4 Ceiling issues in official press pics
5 Several staffers seen in Julie's house tour
6 Misspelled JC's last name on BB site & press materials
7 JC's bio mixed up Cuba with Spain
8 Allison mixed up 20 seasons with 20 years
9 Messenger Bot still needs tweaking
10 Several misspellings in move-in press photos
11 Random guy onstage in move-in press photos
12 Misspelled Brendon on premiere
13 Messenger Bot crashed upon launch
14 Feeds countdown was off varying minutes on launch day
15 More misspellings in press photo captions
16 Sambot malfunction
17 After Dark tweeted eviction when it's not
18 Video promos have last year's show schedule
19 Quads crashed Day 13
20 PS4 feeds has a show tonight (on Monday=no) plus Celebs disclaimer
21 Forgot to remove placeholder text in new batch of press pics
22 No audio for Julie talking to us after recap clips on July 5 live show
23 Quick shot of Bonus Life comp setup during July 5 live eviction
24 Conflicting how-to-vote info for BB App Store voting
25 Forgot to change the automated image for the voting URL
26 Staffer's reflection seen on feeds
27 Broken awning
28 Wrong show day and time on Youtube promo
29 Another reflection from inside the walls showed up
30 HOH comp setup glimpsed by a few a day early
31 Misspelled Ross's & Marissa's last names in press pics
32 Problematic headline grammar
33 Press release said time change for 7/11 only, but it also applied to 7/18
34 Misspelled sponsor 'Mamma Mia' in press pics

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Tyler; Kaitlyn; Scottie; Sam

Veto winners in order: Faysal; Tyler; Scottie

Evictions in order: Steve 7-6; Swaggy 8-4; Winston 6-5

Pre-jury Twitters: @bb20Steve; @SwaggyCTV
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