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Joey evicted 13-0
Devin is HOH
Brittany, Paola are nominated
Nobody is Have-not

Amber is deposed HOH
Her tributes were Nicole, Hayden - they won BOB

Team America (fuck yeah) is Donny plus two to follow


Friday: 4th of July event on CBS lot, open to public

Saturday?: Veto comp
Have-nots sometime/somehow
New comp schedule is still unclear

Next show
Sunday 8pm: Nominations, BOB, assorted drama


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Vampire hours (Friday 7/4)

Big Brother kept them up all night so most of them slept most of the day.. early-riser Donny had the place to himself for a long time again, but eventually the rest of them got up to crawl the walls some more since they remained locked inside.. several donned patriotic outfits to commemorate the day.. Caleb asked a few for the day off, basically, since it was 4th of July

Diary took back Amber's HOH goodies, photos and letter, but she got to keep her blankie, which Caleb cuddled up with a few times.. Cody finally killed the fly that had been buzzing around for a couple days, named Lenoy.. Jocasta cheered him on, and nobody reported them to PETA or TMZ

Later we came in Cody alone in the ice room, crying, and shortly after that he was ranting and cussing.. despite appearances, he wasn't lost in guilt or running stages of grief for Lenoy: the rant was over a shirt Caleb had borrowed and didn't wash right, and much much later he told Zach the tears were because he was suddenly missing home and 4th of July traditions - well, he didn't come out and admit he'd cried


Bomb Squad blowup

It looks like Caleb's asking to switch feeds here, or maybe rewind, especially considering what came later

They stayed on lockdown til the party on the lot was over, but they got to watch fireworks on TV like last year.. Frankie led Caleb & Jocasta for abs class while Christine ate ice cream and watched.. Jocasta & Nicole were joking about Victoria being demanding and she had a sudden explosive meltdown over that, and required much talking down and some Hayden cuddling

Caleb sat by the hammock talking to Amber for ages about past relationships and potential future dates and the like, making feedsters' heads explode.. Jocasta was here, there, everywhere, loud and laughing, and very interactive.. she made Zach promise by handshake to be cordial to Victoria (but later he asshatted).. whispers about keeping Brittany over Paola permeated everything, everywhere

And then it hit: Devin was called to Diary and shortly after, he got into a sudden spat with Caleb over keeping Brittany versus Paola (reminder, they haven't played veto yet nor even picked names)

Things escalated quickly as they bickered over whether Christine or Brittany were messing up the alliance, Devin saying Caleb's "lovestruck" and distracted from business, and Caleb saying the girls were "scared to death" and felt threatened by Devin.. Frankie and Derrick were there for all that, and Derrick looked ready to put on his cop hat to step in if needed - Flashback 7/5 3.06am

Devin went off to his room with Frankie following to run damage control, then Devin came back down again and called Caleb aside.. neither would hear what the other was saying, and Devin suddenly blurted out "there's no more alliance, we're done!" Caleb said "okay, cool" and the Bomb Squad was history.. Devin stomped back to his room to sulk, which led to a spurt of desperate laughter, and elsewhere the retells began amidst much confusion over what had just happened and where to go from here.. @IdolKnights put it best: "I guess bombsquad is a fitting name because everyone's confused on what wires to cut"

Remember to click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what's come before, and/or get the play-by-play with lots of caps and Flashback times in the Updates section thanks to @UgotBronx.. but you really should get the feeds already!


Let the game begin (Thursday 7/3)

The day started with Devin retelling last night's events again/still - Frankie's had a very good "I'm interested and listening" demeanor with Devin and Caleb thus far, but I think he's starting to crack.. shortly after this body language demo, he went another round stark nekkie, holding his junk - Flashback 7/3 11.18am

No matter how busy or crazy the first couple of weeks are (and these have been), the game of Big Brother never really starts until the first eviction.. when that first hamster walks out the door is when the urgency and desperation of life and death type proportions that we know and love sets in.. that's something I learned many seasons ago from my friend and role model BB mentor @DogDaveBB

Joey was evicted as expected, unanimously, taking her Team America (fuck yeah) title with her and nothing else.. HOH comp was a fraternity/sorority theme, split by gender groups, and involved running a balance beam to load kegs while the other group tossed Frisbees at them.. Amber won for the girls and Cody won for the guys but was disqualified for stepping down early, so Devin won for the guys

Donny is the new Team America (fuck yeah) representative and the other two will be named next week.. they're obviously holding Frankie until then for the buzz and web traffic - even the most mathematically challenged know it's impossible he didn't win the first two votes

If you're behind, it's not too late to get up to speed! Click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what's come before, and/or get all the juicy details plus loads of caps & Flashback times in the Updates section where @UgotBronx has been updating her brains out.. but you really should get the feeds because this season's a doozy



That's the only word that describes this scene

As their adrenalin wore off, various pairs and groups started talking noms strategy.. certain he'd win the BOB, Caleb offered himself up to Amber to be one of her tributes so he could "protect" her when renom time comes around.. yep

Along the way, there was an explosion in the microwave just as Brittany was talking about Joey expoding, which was fitting - somebody's cup or something

Frankie showed up in the pink insect suit and introduced himself as Larry the Louse "makin' some cawfee".. then Hayden put it on, transformed into Heavy Metal Louse, and did a routine that had them rolling, complete with his semi-pro death metal vocals and Jacksonesque moonwalking moves that were really quite good - Flashback 7/3 9.04pm

Amber and Devin got their HOH pics, goodies, and letters from their mommas - Flashback 7/3 9.41pm.. they all crowded around the pics and goodies like vultures, like they do, and when they started to scatter, they saw the NOMINATIONS TODAY signal

Naturally that sent them all scampering and whispering.. by a stroke of serendipidity, Amber read aloud from their rulebook to Devin the nomination rules, including the parts about warning nominees ahead of time (something feedsters have wondered, argued, and/or assumed for years) - Flashback 7/3 10.09pm

Devin and Amber went back and forth negotiating for who gets whom, waffling here and whispering there, along with most of the rest of them.. Devin was hyperventilating the whole time and somewhat dictatorial, while Amber kept saying she didn't want to be HOH, she just wanted the pictures

They also told various nominees who they'd finally settled on - Hayden & Nicole for Amber and Paola & Brittany for Devin - and Twitter kind of exploded about broken rules, especially by Devin.. Devin & Paola even snuck a second pinkyswear in at one point.. those ended up being the nominations anyway, rules be damned

Other than the few early-to-bed hamsters, the rest of them kept going at full speed towards morning.. if all that isn't enough, BB started shooting short blast audio phrases at them, maybe for a sleep dep memory comp.. remember Julie said something about college week at the kegger comp? The phrases were college party themed, panty raid and streaking through the quad and the like.. hamsters figured out they might relate to things they've said

Jeff returned at 5am Friday morning for Battle of the Block before the big 4th of July event on the lot.. it involved jello shots and buzzing in to answer.. Hayden & Nicole won so they're safe, Amber's not, and Devin's HOH for the week - goodie

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Ratings - One Empty Wheel edition

Every picture is worth 1,000 words, plus a free neutral arrow
VTE = voted to evict

Jeff again.

VTE Joey

VTE Joey

No vote (HOH)

VTE Joey

VTE Joey
WON HOH #2 - DQ'd

VTE Joey

VTE Joey

VTE Joey

VTE Joey

VTE Joey
NOMINATED by Amber - Won BOB

VTE Joey

Won: Nothing
She blew up her game prematurely and spectacularly, and then her alter ego Alex and his 'big ass balls' sealed the deal. Supposedly she beat someone with 150k Twitter followers (plus 15 million backup) in a public vote, but that went splat just like BB12's saboteur Annie. Joey was lively and personable, a worthy member of the first out club, and she easily leads the pack of hamsters with unnatural hair colors.

VTE Joey
NOMINATED by Amber - Won BOB

No vote (nominee)

VTE Joey

VTE Joey


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What food supplement should the Have-nots get? Polls are closed
Vegan S'mores (43%)
> The 'Wurst BLT (57%)


Thursday's live show won the hour with 1.6 rating, 6 share, and 5.12 million viewers, ahead of Gang Related on FOX with 0.8/3/2.61, Rookie Blue with ABC 0.7/3/5.11, and Undateable on NBC with 0.7/3/2.18.

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HOHs in order, *indicates the surviving HOH
Frankie/Caleb*, Amber/Devin*

BOB wins in order
Brittany/Victoria, Hayden/Nicole

Veto wins in order

Evictions in order
Joey 13-0


BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

Big Brother 15
Round 1: BBQ 1, Helen 1, Jessie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Helen 0, Jessie 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Spencer 0
Round 4: BBQ 1, Spencer ½, Judd 0, McCrae 0

Big Brother 14
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

Big Brother 12
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

Big Brother 11
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ ½, Ryan 0

Big Brother 8
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

Big Brother 7 All-Stars
BBQ training sabbatical

Big Brother 6
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

Big Brother 5
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, CBS 0, Nakomis 0


House meetings - 3
First eight, on premiere #1
Joey's, semi-formal 6/28 5.56pm
Devin's 7/2 11.18pm

Fights - 2
Devin vs Brittany 6/29 12.21am
Devin vs Caleb 7/5 3.06am

Pinkyswears - 3
Paola & Devin 6/29 1.35pm
Paola & Devin 7/4 12.15am
Paola & Donny 7/4 8.06pm

The Soup mentions - 1
Donny's smarts

Almost literal asshats - 1
Zach 7/5 6.08am

CBS goofs - 4
- Happends
- Jill, for the 2nd year
- Premiere 2 wasn't live
- Misspelled Jocasta 6/29 show



Cody: What's everyone been doing all day?
Nicole: Cody! Nothing! We're locked inside, sitting at the dining room table!

Zach: One down, 14 to go, right?
Brittany: Yep

Paola to Donny: He always talks about integrity and daughter and this and this - we all know he's bullshitting

Caleb: I don't care how big you are, you get on top of me and I'll get you off

Paola: I can't cook, I can't clean, but I'm good in bed and that's all that matters

Donny: There's a lot of opportunities for participation in this game

Nicole to Victoria: I love you! You're hilarious, funny, and a real life princess

Amber: Really Caleb? It wasn't like we were sharing spaghetti and sharing the same noodle

Christine: Going in circles after eating Skittles is not my favorite thing

Amber after jumping into the pool, fully clothed: I told you not to dare me, Caleb

Devin to Caleb: There's no more alliance, we're done

Frankie to Caleb: If you keep antagonizing him, he will go nuts

@cnmsaga: Big brother happens at night always and forever

@idolknights: I guess bombsquad is a fitting name because everyone's confused on what wires to cut

Frankie: You fully have my support


Donny: I dunno why they locked us down a day and a half for that little bit of setup

Devin: that's all I want you guys to do, is listen to my advice

Zach: I'm having potty problems

Jocasta: If you hear it drop, that's not good stool - if you don't hear it drop, that's good stool


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