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Caleb is HOH
Paola & Joey are nominated
Brittany, Joey, Hayden, Cody are Have-not

Team America (fuck yeah) is Joey plus two to follow


Monday: Nicole's 22nd birthday
Wednesday: Prom
Wednesday midnight: Have-nots over
Thursday: Julie on The Late Show with David Letterman

Next show
Wednesday 8pm: Have-not comp or decision, veto comp, veto meeting


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Sister sister (Monday 6/30)

Many have asked if any or all of them know that Frankie's sister is Ariana Grande.. if it was out, I think he'd be talking about her openly, but that's not to say he hasn't confided in any of them.. we also don't know (yet?) if any of them think they recognize him in his own right or have said something in Diary - Christine's hubby has said he thinks she might guess

Frankie was asked about siblings today, and he described his little brother and sister, saying her name is Ari, she just turned 21, and "she's beautiful".. Victoria grilled him a bit more after he seemed to have finished, for whatever that's worth.. is it me or did Frankie seem a bit startled and perhaps even nervous during this convo? He usually orchestrates the topic of the hour - Flashback 6/30 5.46pm

In other news, the campaign trail is starting to get traffic.. Joey told Hayden that she's on Team America (fuck yeah), or America's Favorite as she called it, and of course she swore him to secrecy, for whatever that's worth - Flashback 6/30 1.07pm.. it should be noted she was given the choice whether to keep it a secret or not

If you're having trouble catching or keeping up, click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what came before and/or get a whole lot more detail plus loads of caps in the Updates section.. you really should get the feeds to watch it unfold yourself


Caleb's truth

Caleb continued his many retells of his big convo with Amber through the day.. it was usually a sort of accurate retell, give or take, until he got to the end.. I think he convinced himself that she hugged him at the end, and he kept saying he thinks she does like him but she doesn't want to admit it on TV

But all that changed when Devin, the resident busybody, told him that Amber just isn't into him.. predictably, Devin talked himself up along the way - Flashback 7/1 1.11am

Caleb did a silent crash and burn, and remained a misery guts at the hot tub amid the others who came along to chat and laugh, loudly.. later Caleb started dissing Amber a bit - again with Devin's help - and now he seems like he might be setting his sights on Brittany

Derrick did his (almost) daily shoutout to Jokers and Hamsterwatch, and he described this site a bit, including the fact that I refer to them as hamsters - Frankie understood immediately.. Derrick also gave a shoutout to a couple other sites, and "to all the feedsters" - that's you! Flashback 7/1 3.13am


Off with her head (Sunday 6/29)

Donny used his veto on himself, obviously, and Caleb nominated Joey in his place.. feeds were fishies instead of Jeff, and they came back to the post-meeting hugfest.. Caleb & Joey had the requisite conversation with the requisite rhetoric and hug.. Joey went off to cocoon in bed, covering herself with the HOH robe - I wish I could make this stuff up.. nobody knows how it'll affect Team America (fuck yeah) if she gets evicted

Frankie & Zach had a celebratory convo reminiscent of my Game of Keys Ratings from last year, kind of:

Frankie: I feel like we're in Game of Thrones and we're the Lannisters
Zach: Oh, without a doubt
Frankie: And they're the Snows.. do you watch the show?
Zach: No, I don't watch the show but I agree with whatever you're saying
Frankie: They're the honest ones that like play with integrity and then get their head completely sliced off their body
Zach: That's us?
Frankie: No, we're the slicers of the heads

In other news, Joey was enjoying a light massage from Cody, until he said he'd like give firmer rubs but he has psoriasis in his hands - once again, can't make it up.. Devin apologized to Brittany in a long sit-down complete with many retells of sheets & lotion and Tropical Storm Joey, many tears, and more tales of his fatherhood woes.. Brittany sniffled a bit as well over missing her own kids - Flashback 6/29 2.22pm

If you're having trouble catching or keeping up, click the "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for what came before and/or get a whole lot more detail plus loads of caps in the Updates section.. you really should get the feeds to watch it unfold yourself


Nicole's 22nd

It was a long, mostly quiet evening of mostly the same loops.. Derrick and Donny built a bowling alley of sorts, and there were isolated pockets of gametalk and chit-chat all over

Things picked up as midnight approached: a birthday celebration was laid out for Nicole, complete with our first feeds booze delivery, flowers, and Hayden dressed down like a stripper.. she was called inside, everyone hollered and hugged, Hayden lap-danced her, and a good time was had by all.. Nicole seemed a bit overwhelmed but clearly enjoyed herself and even Jocasta, who hadn't been feeling well, came out to join them - Flashback 6/30 12.13am

It was a scanty amount of booze but it did its job and then some.. Devin got slurry and sloshy, replaying his loops and laughing alone.. Nicole talked quietly with her girls about how creepy and tiresome he is, and that he was faking being drunk (I don't think so), and the ice room and backyard were alive with twerking and dancing

That all made for a great night but it wasn't over yet: after many, many, many threats to do so, he finally sat down with Amber and told her how he feels, sort of

He started out awkwardly, but he went on to tell her pretty much what he's been telling everyone else for days, that he doesn't want a showmance, he likes that she reads the Bible, and he's got a thing for her.. it took quite a while for him to get that all out there and she didn't help much, saying things like "you're giddy," "I'm here," laughing a bit and asking why he was being so awkward

She finally got away (and without the mandatory hug required after every serious hamster convo) - Flashback 6/30 2.05am, and stick around for Amber's retell to Jocasta and Nicole afterward.. much later in Caleb's retell to Devin & Frankie, he was fairly accurate but added that he's sure that she likes him


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Ratings - I Love This Cast edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value, and there's a bunch

Sunday's show was pretty darn good, from the snappy new titles (other than misspelling Jocasta) to the HOH eggs and miniature key boxes to the swinging champagne comp. Never mind that they barely acknowledged Joey, their star for the next couple shows. This cast has the freshness of Canada's two seasons, and that's a welcome change from the heavy reliance on casting formula of the last several USA seasons. I think fan applicants should fill every slot but if that can't happen, I don't mind a mix of hardcore feedsters, casual CBS-ers, and clueless newcomers: everyone loves a good blindside and that's a surefire way to get them.

I know hardcore strategy fans are feeling disappointed but that stuff will come along when some of the eejits get bounced. The new and different personality types we have this year are making this season the social experiment it was always meant to be. But the best part of this cast is we don't have an overabundance of attractive but dingy or catty or emotionally crippled women, but we do have Caleb and Devin. Gender reversal within the formula has been needed for a long time, and I love that it's finally happened.

She's gone from zero to 60 since Caleb professed his [whatever it is] for her. She gets around, she interacts, she gametalks, she prays, she had surprise double entries for opening day of Deathrace 2014. She did not hug Caleb at the end of his [whatever that was], no matter how many times he says she did.

She's not around an awful lot (unless you're watching midnight to dawn). I think she might be a contender but I'm not sure yet. Devin's gotten SO MUCH mileage from being a dad, many have forgotten Brittany also left kids at home - three of them. Take that, Devin! She often reminds me a bit of BB Canada 2's Sarah Miller but I've been unable to capture the likeness in a cap.. yet. Overnight update: we might have to start putting out Amber Alerts for her.

That confession of [whatever it is] to Amber was the most eagerly awaited convo on BB feeds for ages, and it didn't disappoint. His retells didn't disappoint either, but I'm afraid there have been reports of some cases of alcohol poisoning due to the related Hamsterwatch drinking game.. sorry about that. Then Devin buttinsky'd to Caleb that Amber's not into him, dumping misery on us. Hopefully Caleb will recover soon and talk some more about his 'estrogen problems' and what noodles have to do with it.

Seeing her and Nicole teamed up on the Sunday show was a very nice surprise, and we've now seen Team Nicotine gametalking on the feeds. Each of them gets around to the other non-pinup type hamsters as well, and I have high hopes for the 'regular people' to outdance the actormodels this season.

Speaking of pinup types.. I don't have anything against him but shouldn't he be on something like 'The Bachelor' where he can skate by on his looks? His psoriasis surprise allowed Joey to give us one of the best of many, many priceless facial expressions this group keeps delivering.

Ups on behalf of wife Jana and daughter Tenley who came through adenoid surgery Monday without incident. For all Devin's constant yap about his daughter, we really haven't heard much about herself. Derrick is another story as he brings a smile to my face when he talks about his daughter and the things she does. He's also proving to be a very savvy hamster who has all his ducks in the right rows, at least for now. VOTE DERRICK FOR TEAM AMERICA (fuck yeah) because hashtag #undercovercop would be a terrible thing to waste.

This guy is like a Rachel-less Brendon. I don't want to feel bad for him, but Drunken Devin came alive Sunday night and was happy, laughing, and likable. Many folks do that with booze or drugs, but it's a problem when the booze or drugs become a problem for them. It's like Devin doesn't know how to be sober, or how to express himself when depressed. But enough of compassion and empathy. If you follow Devin around the feeds, it usually feels like he's in a role-play game and the rest of them are all NPCs to him.

Donny: There must be a airport near here
Need I say more? He's a keeper.

I was all prepared to dislike him based on being a stuntcast, but it's difficult to stick to that. Topping off his masterful social game in general and specifically letting Zach think he's in charge, Frankie gives surprisingly good Diary. I was expecting another shouter, but he sounds like he's actually just telling us what's going on and how he feels about it.. how unique and refreshing!

He describes himself as immature and self-awareness of these things makes them a bit easier to stomach. He's also bright, funny, unique, and he seems kind, and that's an unusual mix on top of acting like he's Howie's little brother. He seems a bit smitten with Nicole and she doesn't seem ready or willing to be smitten back, but maybe she's being showmance and/or camera shy. Regardless, they're a cute pairing, but I hope he doesn't screw up her game.

She was neck and neck with Victoria for the hamster most likely to need a Daily Sighting reminder, but that was before Jocasta did an imitation of Devin running the yard, sweating, and chanting 'BREAD you did this to me!' Her bow ties also give her an edge, as do her incredible and wondrous facial expressions.

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Joey didn't excalate to hurricane status (yet?) but no matter, she's brought her share of entertainment these last few days, and then some. She's been doing some intense campaigning including bouncing back and forth between Caleb and Devin like a dented ping pong ball, and on Monday she told Hayden she had 'America's Favorite'. More dumb Joey moves? Yes, but she has nothing to lose at this point. Anyway, if we didn't have dumb moves, we might as well be watching scripted TV.

Her birthday wasn't as drama-funny as April's, Sarah's, Keesha's or McCrae's, but a good time was had by all and she'll always remember her 22nd. She's turned out to be the flame that the boy moths are drawn to, and she doesn't seem particularly interested in any of them. This is refreshing in general but especially in that habitat, and I hope she goes the distance - preferably with Christine and Derrick. She had a mini meltdown Monday night when she thought she'd said something she shouldn't have, and the pressure of being watched 24/7 'because of last year.' Hayden reminded her (correctly) that she's the designated sweetheart role, and the others reassured her that it's all good.

She kept insisting she only needed another C to turn CALTORU into CALCULATOR in the veto comp, but she may finally have been convinced otherwise. Once that airs on Wednesday night, it's going to land on the all-time BB WTF list.

See Jocasta. The fact that Sunday night's belly dance class never happened didn't help her in my eyes, and I hope she starts to step it up before she drops to Who? status.

He thinks he's going all the way with Frankie but he doesn't realize Frankie's social game is light years ahead of his, and possibly his comp skills as well - we'll see. I'm seeing the comedy of Zach's arrogance more and more, and I'm hoping we get some bonafide buffoonery along with it soon. He was telling Donny that he probably has a BB Wikipedia page about him already, and I figure Zach will be that guy who's constantly editing his own.


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Sunday's show won the hour with 1.8 rating, 6 share and 5.76 million viewers, ahead of Wipeout on ABC with 1.0/4/4.00, The Simpsons reruns on FOX with 0.9/3/1.95 and 1.0/3/2.42 respectively, and American Ninja Warrior rerun on NBC with 0.7/3/1.48.

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HOHs in order: Frankie/Caleb*
* indicates the surviving HOH

Veto wins in order: Donny


BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

Big Brother 15
Round 1: BBQ 1, Helen 1, Jessie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Helen 0, Jessie 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Spencer 0
Round 4: BBQ 1, Spencer ½, Judd 0, McCrae 0

Big Brother 14
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

Big Brother 12
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

Big Brother 11
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ ½, Ryan 0

Big Brother 8
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

Big Brother 7 All-Stars
BBQ training sabbatical

Big Brother 6
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

Big Brother 5
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, CBS 0, Nakomis 0


House meetings - 2
First eight, on premiere #1
Joey's (semi-formal) 6/28 5.56pm

Fights - 1
Devin vs Brittany 6/29 12.21am

Pinkyswears - 1
Devin & Paola 6/29 1.35pm

CBS goofs - 4
- Happends
- Jill, for the 2nd year
- Premiere 2 wasn't live
- Misspelled Jocasta 6/29 show



Devin to Joey: Whether it's you or Paola, it's gotta be a unanimous vote, 13-0

while Caleb & Frankie dance:
Victoria: Caleb, you know how to ballroom dance?
Zach: He's actually the best at everything

Joey: Are they swollen?? Do you have a big weiner down there?
Frankie: It's nice, I get complimented on it
Joey: I have a cute little vagina, I get compliments

Caleb: Hopefully at the finale she'll be like 'hey do you want to take me out or something?'

Zach to Frankie: You are a godsend for me

Devin: I get the weird feeling I'm at the mercy of the editors

Derrick: Shoutout to Jokers and Hamsterwatch! Shoutout to all the feedsters!

Caleb: Makes me wonder if that's why Devin wanted [Amber] in the alliance
Frankie: That's EXACTLY what I wanted to say!
Caleb: She probably conneded her way in
Frankie: The only people who do like [Devin]..
Caleb: Are the people in the alliance
Frankie: Not even

Caleb to Frankie: I'm taking Hayden to the end

@valokva re Jocasta: Her face was made for the internet, to be a gif or a meme

Donny: I'm gonna go find a box and read

Frankie to Caleb about what to wear to veto meeting: Just look HOH-like, ready to rumble

Donny: What would be your CB handle?

Caleb: I try to stay away from noodles because of my estrogen problem

Frankie: Brittany had no idea what game we're playing.. she thought we were playing Chutes 'n Ladders, not Big Brother

On living at home:
Frankie: I'm basically dating my mother
Cody: I literally have the best relationship with my father

Caleb to Joey: I haven't talked to [Amber] about [hooking up] because she doesn't like to talk about it, but she's made remarks to others

Frankie: You cannot walk into the Hunger Games crying


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