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Karen's in the game

Finally! It sounds like a combination of small hands, powertools, and rum and/or vodka shots gave Karen the edge she needed to be dropped right into Adria's lap.. I knew Karen's stock would rise if she'd booze it up a bit - doesn't take much.

She says she's going to take the veto home..
"I wonder if it can be engraved"

A sunny SoCal day in late August plus ice - yep, it was a quick competition

Diane wastes no time bringing the new guy into her bed..
Karen & Nik have a rushed what-to-do meeting in the pantry/conference center..
Currency exchange rates for the day are established:
one bag of peanut M&M's plus a handful of Sociables equal one Bud Lite

Karen, Cowboy, and Nik have a rousing discussion about anthropology, evolution, geology, theology.. Karen contributes most of the ideas, Nik the factoids, and
Cowboy the Cowboyisms.. Drew eats, nods, and says "that's crazy" a lot

Drew tries new methods to get some game info from Diane while she naps..
Cowboy watches Adria work out in the new gym (his view, from the creepy-cam)

Adria gazes serenely at the photo wall.. then snickers and walks away (huh?)..
She makes a snack, talks to herself, snickers some more, and bites her nails (Nat??)

Right on schedule, Adria approaches Karen to work her about the veto..

Karen: Are you pissed off now that you picked me?
Adria: Not at all
Karen: You still wanna hang out with me?
Adria: Sure, why wouldn't I? ..if you want to give it away - I'm available
Adria: I don't see you as a target.. you're scary, but you're not a target
Karen: I'm not scary!
Adria: Sure you are.. everyone has their advantages
Diane: Somebody should go outside and rescue Karen

Cowboy (re April): I didn't have an orgasm the first night.. I usually don't the first time
Diane: Weird!
Cowboy: I can count the number of women I've had on one hand.. how about you?
Diane: One hand and an accident.. It was like a penetration thing and then done - to me those don't count

Cowboy: Have you ever cheated on someone?
Diane: No, but I was with someone who was cheating with me.. it was a best friend kinda thing - well, not a best friend, but a best friend of a best friend of a best friend
Drew: That's the kind of girl she is - she'll be with a guy knowing he's with someone else

Karen asks Marvin his thoughts on the veto, and they talk about the game

They compare thoughts about Adria, Natalie, and the whole twin scam
(but tell us how you really feel Marvin!)

Marvin whispers quickly to Cowboy that he's safe this week, then chats with Drew in
the gym (about the gym).. later Cowboy tells Drew what Marv said.. Drew runs with it

Drew has to do his laundry: first the hose has a problem and sprays all over.. he cusses at it and cleans the window.. then he cusses at the faucet some.. finally he dives into his huge pile of laundry, washing it in the bucket.. Cowboy and Marvin tease that he left it too long and can't play with them.. Drew's just not having a good day

Diane is upside-down again, and now Adria is too! And Adria does it better! (Diane's not going to like that).. meanwhile Cowboy's having trouble staying right-side-up

Poor hamsters are really bored with nothing to do (except Drew, who's still doing his laundry).. then Cowboy gets some condoms..

Condom volleyball!

A condom breaks on Karen - "I got jizzed!" - but she keeps playing!

Everybody plays (except Nik) - they have a great time!

It wears them out and they're all in bed by midnight.. even Drew & Diane go to sleep

Snippets du jour

Natalie's gone but her spirit remains
Cowboy: What do toilet paper and John Wayne have in common?
Everyone: What?
Cowboy: They're both rough and tough and don't take shit off nobody
Adria: But.. doesn't toilet paper take shit off people?
After volleyball while Drew was folding his laundry, Karen tells him she won't use veto (he's super relieved), and that he's the only guy in there who is always the same.. day after day, he's always the same.. he responds 'I feel the same about you'
Other Drew quotes of the day:
Last night I said the worst thing I could say! Marvin asked me how my day was.. I said 'Well, I escaped the block again' - I can't believe I said that!
Diane's always in the loop.. am I playing this game the way I'm supposed to be?
Marvin just scares the shit outta me this week!
Adria: I always saw you as a sharp player.. you'll look at all the benefits..
Karen: Everyone's got good and bad points: Marvin's mouth, Cowboy feeling sorry for himself, Drew's the quiet one, Diane the feisty one, I'm the homemaker, Nik the smart one, you're the sporty one
Adria: That's kinda not the point, know what I'm saying?
Ok, this is just tweaked: Adria in bed, talking to (her pillow? a shirt?) calling it Lenny and saying she loves it/him.. complete with nuzzles and deep kisses.. what's up with that??
(cooey voice) 'Oh stop, don't do that <giggle> no, don't stop.. I like it!'
It's not like she thought she was alone, either - Cowboy was there for some of it!

Today's aliases are inspired by Karen's wrap-up of all the hamsters' bad points - in under 25 words! (spice seemed an appropriate addition) Thanks Karen!

(Sporty Spice)
She's getting more peculiar lately - snickering & talking to herself and making out with bedclothes - putting her back in positive standing here. She told Karen 'I've had good relations with everyone since I've been in the house as Adria' - huh?? They were both 'Adria' before the reveal.. is this Natalie? Is the real Adria tanning in paradise with Will?? An excellent twist-on-twist! Played volleyball expertly, as expected, and she can walk on her hands too!

(Sorry Spice)
Almost over-confident about being on the block this week, he's believing all the reassurances and not nervousing at all. That could be a problem: he's emoting right and left, and edging toward creepy again. His heart is obviously in the right place, but this guy has no filters at all for what comes out of his mouth.. and that's often more disturbing than entertaining. A condom volleyball champ, with skill and spirit.

(Feisty Spice)
We've come to expect a lot from Diane, and she just didn't perform today: even Drew was more entertaining. She's eating nonstop now - more than Karen! - but 'penetration-and-done doesn't count' aside, she barely did anything noteworthy today.. other than convincing Nik & Marvin that Ad/Nat are really triplets. A bit more background escaped though: 'My dad doesn't drink as much as I say he does.. but he does.' She did ok at volleyball: every time she missed it was somebody else's fault anyway.
(Readers, please let me know if you find Diane on your Girls Gone Wild tapes)

(Silent Spice)
Drew had a rotten day and I shouldn't make fun.. but he gets an upgrade anyway for being so comical. He explained 'ice shots' to Karen after the veto comp, showing off his college education once again. He's getting paranoid and worried, and is turning Diane away regularly.. He asked while doing laundry 'I wonder how many people watch The Real World' - maybe he wants to transfer to an all-drinking show with hardly any nasty evictions. Played volleyball like a jock, and was real picky about in- or out-of-bounds calls.

(Spicy Homemaker)
Anyone who still thinks Karen's not playing a smart game wasn't watching her today. She felt Adria's pain, but slinked her way out from under heavy pressure to use the veto - without lying - and then made her rounds with everyone else, saying exactly what we say about them all (you know you do!) She had a great line telling Marv about the twins hanging out in the bathroom: 'guarding it.. cuz you gotta go past them to get there, and you'd get jumped!' Truly felt ripped-off by the twin scam, as she'd felt close to her/them, and then 'here come the clones' as she put it - and she didn't know which one she'd shared what with (a fair gripe!) Played volleyball with style, even after getting jizzed.

(Mouthy Spice)
Marvin made the most of another day by meeting everyone on their terms again (except Drew, who doesn't have any terms) and amusing them all - and us - at the same time. His chat with Karen about all things BB5 was insightful, animated, and hysterical, as always. First of them to point out that the twin scam was the biggest lie going (complete with flip-off), and also how bizarre it was when they cozied up in bed together 'like 9 or 10 year olds.' Marvism of the day: 'Cowboy's like tofu - he takes on whatever flavor he's around.. he's Hamburger Helper.' Played volleyball like a pro, and provided color commentary while playing.

(Smarty Spice)
Nik was a real drip today. Her voice has a combo sarcastic-condescending tone for just about anything she says anymore, except when she's spewing her many near-factoids, when she gets loud. A real party-pooper at volleyball time, she claimed she 'doesn't want to get spermicidal lubricant in my eye'.. and that wasn't just an offhand comment: she said it 3 or 4 times! Karen pointed out that Nik was wearing makeup today: maybe she's trying to go girly-girl.. or maybe she's just neurotic.

First-ever HamsterWatch double down, for no show on Saturday - boo!! It didn't help that all hamsters were tucked in by midnight either - which isn't CBS's fault - but it made for a double whammy nobody needed on a Saturday night.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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