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8/26/04 - Day 56, part 1    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest
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Sister act hits the road

Natalie's gone, and not a minute too soon.

What started as a great idea quickly turned sour when Ad/Nat divided for a second time into separate beings: Adria and Natalie.

Neither was so bad on her own, but together they were a nasty pair, never letting up their constant yapping about how stupid and horrible all the other hamsters are.

Natalie carried her self-righteousness all the way to Julie's boudoir, saying in her exit interview that the twins' separation into individuals was something that "in the others' psychological standpoint, they couldn't overcome." Nope, that wasn't it, Natalie. After all, two of those who voted you out are twins themselves, and understand well the twin "me-or-we" dilemma. It's just you, Natalie - and the lethal combination that you and Adria together proved to be.

On to happier times, give or take:

Cowboy practices and re-practices his head-of-the-couch farewell speech - with over-the-top sincerity - then continues his gloomy Eeyore act by staring wistfully at the photo wall.. he beats a hasty retreat though when Karen comes out with the vacuum.. Nik & Diane don't let it a little housework disrupt their busy day though..

Thursday afternoon primp-up begins in earnest, each in their own way:
Cowboy lays around, twins plot, Marvin contorts, Nik passes the mirror

They start to pull things together.. and then ugh, more creepy hugs

Drew does his thing, Nik lingers around like a little sister, Diane stuffs her bra

Last nasty looks and final touch-ups, then it's on to Julie

Marvin wins HOH! Yay Marv! Diane shows off her poochy belly..
Diane & Nik name the fishies (been there, done that)
Adria had tried to work Marv for awhile talking golf (it didn't work)
but she has some success crying for Drew..

.. which she reinforces later with a round of chit-chat

Marvin tosses bubbles and wastes no time telling Nik she's safe:
"You got a pass this week - you play balls out against the wall!"
Last night's spider keeps spinning..
Earlier Karen did her toenails "in case they take a closeup of my feet"..
Here you go, Karen!

(Oops! I don't think she prepared for this kind of shot though!)
Somebody makes a very unappetizing-looking burger

Marvin's room is ready and all but Karen gather to hear his letter from home
The funeral director was lit as usual.. We got the new hearse!
We rebuilt the entire emalming room..

(Karen missed it cuz she's clearing out her stuff from the cement room)
Marvin rocks out to Prince (you can too!) and Adria disappears..
The others gather for evening booze delivery
Diane: If Drew or me is nominated tomorrow, I'm taking it like a woman, and he's gonna do the same
Nakomas: I'm taking 3 beers, but I'm saving one for a hangover beer in the morning
Diane (about Adria): You know what? It's about yourself - you're in here playing a game as yourself, it's about your family
Diane: When wine's warm, it starts to taste like acid
Cowboy: You probably don't want to hear this, but I love having sex when it's rainy
(you're right Cowboy, nobody wants to hear that)

Diane and Drew talk about their plans for the evening..
Drew's discovered a big secret and cleverly confronts Diane with it in a toast
Diane: I'm catching a buzz! We might not be able to sleep together tonight!
Drew: I might piss myself tonight..
(they compare being-peed-on experiences)
Drew: Cheers! .. to the little cardboard cards with numbers on them
Diane: Huh? What cards?
Drew: Over in the drawer
Diane: You know about those?

Nik and Drew scamper over to get them..
Nik explains they're part of the cereal box board-game she was making
Drew returns a lá Mime-Going-Downstairs.. Nik removes her tongue piercing

It turns out we weren't deprived of Savage Junior's burial after all!
Marvin fetches him, places him on the pyre, and they toast to his short life..
It's a full military cremation (he was in the Air Force).. "Death before eviction!"

That lil sucker really burns!

Shenanigans galore

Many beers, much white wine, much red wine,
plus Diane.. a recipe for disaster

At the point most people would go to bed to sleep it off, our drunks decide to cook up some Mexican food.. it goes downhill from there

crack open another one

Finally no more having to keep track of which is which! No more listening to their hate spewing forth or their warped justification system! But it was a good twist when it was just on paper - and not easy to pull off - so I'll let her get a fresh start from neutral tomorrow.. let's hope she stops crying by then.

Still with us, but nobody's celebrating. Here's hoping we don't have any more creepy shower incidents this week.

A wealth of quotables and snappables once again today! One of her Diary Rooms revealed that she blames the house and the game for her changing her mind every ten minutes (no Diane, it's you.) She told around the fire about her dad & uncles burying cats up to their necks, running over them with lawnmowers, other fun & games like that (yikes!) Later in her drunky room-spin phase said her mom used to agree with Nik about more booze curing a hangover.. I'm telling you, there's something up with her background that would explain a lot about how she is.

CBS finally picked up the ball with this dud, showing him as the mumbling doof we know he is. Lately he's either sleeping or silent or drunk - his teen fans who think he's so dreeeeeeeeeamy might not like him so much as a paunchy, gloomy alcoholic. He said during a convo about cameras everywhere and infrared nights 'You don't know if the covers are moving or not'.. wrong bub, we know.

The house chameleon keeps doing her thing, which includes vacuuming around the others' feet for the live show clean-up. Still one of the few in there who truly listens to whoever's talking to her, and she listens with empathy.. not a bad thing. I still say she's smarter than she seems: time will tell.

In the Young & Restless makeup chair: 'Y'all gonna make me so pretty I'll be the black Brad Pitt.. Barbecue Pitt!' He worked Drew and he worked Cowboy this week, he's always working Karen and Diane, and he putted his way to the HOH room minutes before they locked the door of his trailer. He's already getting his ducks in a row so he can enjoy the week, telling Nik & Diane they're safe (only Diane's pass required a promise for next week though.) Rest well Marvin, you've earned it.

Weasled her way out of a valid accusation from Julie - and later even denied ever making the broken promise in question - this girl has a shot at becoming Queen of Denial (Diane seems a shoe-in for the title, but it'll come down to quality vs. quantity.) Last minute upgrade for late-night boozey antics once again! but Nik's starting to look another future alcoholic in the making.. at least Natalie's praying for her <urp> The coppery-silvery hair color degrade is looking good.

Ups for Julie calling out Nik on Thursday's show for breaking a promise, but they're still regurgitating the stale DNA brother/sister card for anything Nik or Cowboy. Ups for finally showing Drew stuttering his way through the game, but nothing about his & Diane's messed-up romance this week? Resounding ups for Marvin's big Y&R adventure, but a resounding thwap for missing the last chance to stop glossing over the viciousness of the Toxic Twins. It's still fun watching them all check the mirror during live voting, but titling the HOH competition 'Putt-ing Power'?? jeesh! It all adds up to a definite neutral. And yes, I did notice that they're trying to come clean on The Great Lie at last: sales pitch copy for feeds has changed from 'Unlimited Access 24/7' to 'Exclusive Live Stream' - did somebody file a class action suit? or just too many people calling Real/Macromedia to complain and cancel?? Either way I guess it means 2 feeds of fishies are status quo from here on out.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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