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Fight! Sex! Fight! Sex!

I apologize for what follows..

Remember, I don't make it up - I just record it..
and this is just a fraction of it

(movie links are at the bottom)

Drew: Yanno what, I decided today we talk every fucking night and you don't tell me shit
(she rolls away.. he stares into space awhile, then pulls her back
Drew: Beyond that, you're a bitch
Diane: I think my cavity's fallen out
Drew: I hear a lotta shit about you and what you say
(she cries)
Drew: What? What? I came to you this time.. you come over here! C'mere, we're gonna talk about this
Diane: About what?
Diane: Remember when Scott left, I put Marvin up on the block - that was to make you guys think I was on your side.. I promised Will from day one I would not put him out.. and I didn't.. the favorite one
Drew: I don't believe it
Diane: Honest to God. I liked Marvin from day one.. I don't like the things he says..
(she covers her face, crying)
Drew: What are you laughing about?
Diane: I'm laughing, I'm crying.. for the first time in my life I'm telling someone the truth and nobody believes me
Diane: Yanno what I told God today? That you're the first person, the first guy, that I've ever not lied to.. and I promised myself the 2nd or 3rd week when we started getting on that different level, I promised myself that I'd never lie to you about anything.. and I never have.. I never will. What do you wanna know?
Diane: What part are you confused about? I think you're confused about yourself
Drew: No I'm not
Diane: I wanna be on the same page with you
Diane: I put Scott out of this house.. hate me for it if you want but I take full responsibility for sending him off.. but Will, I promised I wouldn't vote him out and I didn't
Diane: Today Marvin was giving me the silent treatment, like a fucking 3rd grade child.. you know where I stand
(silence from Drew)
Diane: And I just hoped you would tell me the truth
Drew: I know, I was trying.. what the fuck is going on??
Diane: If you were on my side, if you'd tell me what you're doing in this game, I would know what to think of you
Drew: So you're saying Nakomas is gonna put me up if the veto's used?
Diane: No
Drew: That's what you said! That's what you said! You're lying to me!
Diane: Quit overanalyzing me.. quit overanalyzing me.. quit overanalyzing me!
Drew: I didn't like the way you and Marvin talked, I'll be honest with you
Diane: Drew, chill out.. do you wanna go outside?
Drew: What??
Diane: Wanna go outside and talk about this??
Diane: Why are you with the twins? Everybody wants them out
Drew: I know
Diane: What are you doing? why are you doing this to me??
Diane: You get this fucked up on fucking five beers and you treat me like this??
Drew: Shut up.. and get off my fucking face
Diane: I trust Drew, Nakomis, Karen in this house, that's all.. what more do you want me to say? Do I trust the twins? No. Do I trust Marvin?
Drew: Yes
Diane: NO!
Diane: Cuz I tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me
Diane: What do you want from me?
Drew: I want you to chill the fuck out
Diane: This is where I go back to bed
Diane: Don't ask me any questions then cuz I've opened up my heart to you, and what have you told me in this game? Nothing, asolutely nothing
Drew: They want to put me up this week!
Diane: One of the twins said 'I'm picking you for veto tomorrow.. are you gonna save me?' I said uh.. yes.. but I'm not going to
Drew: Liar!
Diane: You know what? I'm gonna keep lying to them, cuz they lie to me every fucking day. I don't give a fuck.. they're in it to split the money - the rest of us are in it for ourselves!
Drew: They're so worried about themselves.. I don't like it
Diane: I'm glad you're using your fucking noggin
Diane: If you win the veto, and take one twin off the block, you're the only person in this house nobody is gonna vote out
Drew: Yea, right!
Diane: Any of us somebody would vote out.. you're the only person everybody likes
Drew: Who's gonna vote for me to stay here?
Diane: Cowboy will keep a twin around
Drew: Over me??
Diane: Cowboy needs both twins
Drew: Is he gonna vote me out???
Diane: I don't think Nakomis is gonna use it (veto).. I'm not using it..
Drew: Nakomis won't put Cowboy up - he's her brother!
Diane: No, she promised me 'I want Cowboy out and I wanna be the one to do it'
Drew: No way
Diane: I would NEVER lie to you.. what more do you want from me?
Diane: Why do you feel you can't trust me?
Drew: Marvin said 'run away from her' and showed me this passage in the Bible
Diane: Show it to me
(he grabs his Bible and reads aloud)
Drew: 'careless kiss of a prostitute'.. 'run away from her'.. 'look straight ahead, don't turn your head'
Diane: Oh my God!! This is why I don't trust this thing.. paper.. paper..
Drew: It's a lot more than paper
Diane: You're gonna open it up, and the first thing you read you're finished with me? Cuz of that?? Fuck off!!
(he mumbles about Marvin some more)
Diane: I explained that! What more do you want from me? Heart? Liver? Kidney??
Diane: Me and Nik had a talk tonight, neither of us wants to be in this fucking house anymore
Drew: I don't either
Diane: Join the fucking club
Drew: What the hell do you think Nakomis..
Diane: What, what, what? Say it!
Drew: The way this game's using each other..
Diane: Nakomis is.. where's my heart - this side or this side? On my heart, Nik is not using you
Diane: We should be the final four: Drew, Diane, Nakomas, Karen.. what's so hard about that?
Diane: I hate you
Drew: But you lied to Marvin real good.. if you lie to him so good you could lie to me
Diane: Do I look like a dealer? You can crack my face but I can't crack yours? Why don't you trust me?
Drew: Cuz you lied
Diane: Cuz I lied about being a cocktail server??
Drew: My brain! My hormones! I can't think straight cuz of you!
Diane: I'm not gonna make out with you on tv for the fucking game
Drew: Shut the fuck up. You're a liar
Diane: I would say stuff right now to make you trust me
Drew: Say it
Diane: I can't, I can't do it.. how long have we known each other? I can't say it
Diane: What do you want from me, a fucking kidney?
Drew: Say what I need to hear
Diane: I can't.. what do you think I want to say?
Drew: Don't be stupid like that
Diane: Cuz I think you know
Drew: You're stupid
Diane: I'm serious
Diane: You're trying to get it outta me.. I think that I.. I don't know sign language, that's my sign language ....
Diane: I hate this house
Drew: I hate you. I hate you more than I hate this house!
Diane: That's fine
Drew: Is that what you're trying to tell me? That you hate me?
Diane: If you hate me so much, trust me
Diane: Can I tell you something?
Drew: What?
Diane: You wanna fucking look at me when I tell you something? Every time I talk to you I feel like I'm hurting myself ....
Diane: I don't give a fuck if you trust me or not.. I'm done!
Drew: Listen.. I trust you, ok?
(Karen gets up and goes to the bathroom, comes back)

Where's the damn sex?

Feeders had to wait through all that for it, you know.. we couldn't just scroll ahead.

These two aren't as active as ordinary people, so what they do doesn't really show up in still shots (remember the first time?) These little animated files will show better what they really did..

Diane's hand at work (86k) this one's clear
Looks like Drew's doing her (100k) but it's hard to be sure
Drew gets on top (115k) lots going on now - note her dead-fish hand

They didn't say a word (about time!) and kissed through most of it - about an hour total. Drew went 1½ rounds.. Diane didn't finish - but at least she got something this time.

There's some debate whether they screwed or not - I don't think they did - but they definitely fingerpainted their brains out.

It was confirmed the next day through conversation that each woke up in the morning without undies.

Drew: I'm gonna go sleep on the couch
Diane: No, stay here
Drew: No, I'm going to the couch
Diane: I don't wanna wake up alone
Drew: Oh, it's all about you, is it?
Diane: YES! Damn skippy

Faith takes a holiday when it's time to talk really nasty about everyone else, or perform a raunchy incest-flavored lapdance with her sister, or pretend she & Nat are the same person for six weeks (I think that qualifies as a big fat lie, no? a whopper even.) But it's ok - they keep repeating the same convo over & over so it's getting easier to tune them out.

All he's got going for his Young & Restless bid is an earlier start than Marv - and now that the race is really on, he's barely even trying. Seemed pretty down tonight all around - c'mon Cowboy, step it up or give it up.

To Drew: "Yanno what I told God today? That you're the first person, the first guy, that I've ever not lied to." Hmm those twinly gods sure don't pay attention much. But anyone who starts to swear on their heart then pauses to ask "wait, which side is my heart on?" deserves a permanent upgrade. Just two of the many reasons she's the HamsterWatch star of the day! Damn skippy!

In a rare moment of clarity between kisses and fingerpaints he told Diane "My brain, my hormones, I can't think straight because of you!" About time the boy caught on. Just drink your milk Drew, and do what the nice lady says and you won't get hurt. Much.

Between Will's exit and nonstop game talk with anyone and everyone, she's lost a few more marbles (some of the fun ones.) She needs to get back to talking to cameras for our viewing pleasure.

He's working Diane like he's pulling taffy, and he knows that so long as she's the center of attention she'll never notice.. and laugh-out-loud funny while he's doing it! The best all-around hamster since peg-leg Eddie.

The hair, the tats, the piercings, the Garfield pillow.. our token weirdo is driving the powertrip train so hard she should get a downgrade, but she can stay neutral for putting up the Toxic Twins. One day only pass.

"Adria, thank you for revealing to me what I needed to know in this game this week." Yea, that goes for me too. At least one will be gone soon.

A great show Thursday, the tension and drama standing on their own with no assistance necessary (glad they are taking my advice.) Once again they chose to share most of my highlights (and not just the game-pivotal ones - hire me!) A major faux-pas from Julie, announcing Nik as HOH "for the second time in a row".. huh? Hmm, well she gets her info from, where Nik as been HOH for the last two weeks. Show highlight: watching all the hamsters do a mini-primp in the DR hallway mirror after voting. P.S. Why food comp tonight - what's planned for them tomorrow? And why o why go to fishies whenever the director tells them to lean this way or burp that way? We know you guys are in there with them, jeesh.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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