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Today's must-click special: Grin's BB5 Park: Day 44

8/14/04 - Day 44       >> to the future     >> dwell in the past     >> latest

Ho ho ho's before ho's

Marvin said there's a reindeer outside.

The hamsters scampered out to the backyard in their PJs for the veto competition, this time with a Christmas morning theme, and returned with presents and a doubly powerful Adria.

A new digital camera has everyone dazzled, especially Drew, who says
"It's so cool that we have these pictures now.. for memories, yanno?"

He reads the directions like the good boy that he is, and tells the others how it works

Eventually he lets the rest of them play with it too

Diane says "Stop it! I'm paranoid of cameras"
She ties (Drew's?) new necktie on her leg, then more traditionally,
and deletes some shots of herself that she doesn't like, adding
"You have to erase Cowboy's.. too many Cowboy shots here"

Diane says "It's ok, Drew can put his hand on my tit" and
"Somebody told me once I could be in acting 'cuz I have so many faces"

There were other gifts - a knit cap and an Ipod, with classical music
Marv suprised them by knowing Beethoven's Für Elise and Diane enjoyed Swan Lake

Like Christmas mornings everywhere, the fun faded
and they were left sitting around wondering where it went..
and it sank in that Adria held the veto

Marvin "got no allies" does the math

Karen continues to get around, cook, freak out, and gossip

Will follows her lead of the day before and tries to revive
the magic of bath buddies.. but it just isn't the same

Will, Diane and Drew watched a movie in HOH (Without a Paddle -
Will said it was "predictable" - which led to fishies for us)

Nik: This week is spookily looking like what I did to Jase, only Marvin doesn't know about it.. nobody knows about it

Nik: I'll just keep doing things for Pie & Joe & Pen15 & Spanky (new camera names!)

Nik: I didn't expect to come here and be stuck with the fuckin' brother from hell

Nik: Superfluous..
Karen: What's superfluous?
Nik: I don't know, I'm trying to think if it's a real word or if I just made it up

Karen: I really feel like we're dealing with the clinically insane here

Random snippets du jour

Drew, about Debbie Does Dallas: So the guy's name is Dallas?

Will to Drew: Since I'm nominated, can I wear your shirt all week?

Karen, speaking to the camera and directly into her mic: FUCK YOU! (unfortunately the feeds only switched to this for that finale of what was apparently a major speech.. damn weekend crew.. grumble)

Cowboy, about Old Spice: I bought it, and she gets offensive if I don't use it

Adria: I feel so comfortable where I'm sitting now.. things have been revealed to me now, just from acting on a whim

Hand jive update: Diane was bugging Drew as he tried to go to sleep - caressing his cheek, snuggling toward him, etc. - but he wasn't interested tonight. He rolled away from her and went to sleep. She waited for awhile - maybe hoping he'd change his mind and come back - but eventually she gave up and did the same, much to the dismay of feeders hoping for a rerun of last night's action.

Amy's Bus Ticket put it best, posting that we're "insomniacs with a desire to see covers move"
She eased up on the automatic ongoing explanation machine a bit, but not enough. Gear up for another round after she uses veto, or doesn't.

He's just there, getting underfoot and bothering everyone. Still has more scruples than the rest combined, but that isn't saying much.

She seems to be cozy with every alliance and pulling it off. She's getting even more needy about Drew - he doesn't seem to mind (maybe he just doesn't notice) - but it may hurt her game. I'm ready to admit - grudgingly - that she does have some game, tho I'm not yet convinced it's about the game and not just about Diane.

He got his last night and doesn't need a Diane diddling tonight.. that may have repercussions: she doesn't like being ignored. His reaction to the camera and having pics to keep of everyone makes me think he doesn't quite grasp the concept of this whole thing.

She seems to be cozy with every alliance but isn't pulling it off well. The wacko act is way entertaining, but is it also saving her from being nominated for fear she'll break down? Brilliant!

In one day he says "I hope that guilt trip rides on her ass like Sea Biscuit" and "He just stuck his head up her ass like a Fleet enema" makes him HamsterWatch Star of the Day - give this man a 5 of clubs!

She's whiny cuz someone else is as sneaky as she is? It's all fine til her bedmate is nominated.. get over it.

She's pissy cuz nobody can think of her as not-Adria? It was her doing to convince everyone that she was Adria.. get over it.

On again/off again about the whole nominated situation, and his bitchy attitude about almost everything and almost everyone has gone from being campy cute to tiring and dull.

Overall a good show, but puh-leez! "The remaining HGs fought for HOH" against video of.. shuffleboard? The manufactured melodrama isn't cutting it. So many shot-for-shot and word-for-word recaps on Saturday's show as my day 42 two-parter, plus Nik's black hole theories - repeated here first - were finally picked up.. (don't make me beg - just hire me!) Notably edited & absent: Adria's pausing her HOH room debut for "first, the rules"; and the streaking/strip-tease spyscreen escapades were a freaking week ago! Many who'd heard about Truth or Dare night but missed it thought that was it.. shame on you CBS.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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