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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18

Will i don't believe teh kaela thing

paras why would he say that

Will it was ali and liv that put him up on the double

Will i buy that he said that he wouldnt put me up

paras you adn i are sitting good with the house adn this will mess it up.. im not waiting for no triple if i win hoh im going to put them up

Will ryan is going to get them ot.. adn he will still be in the game and whoever of teh dou's you put up you'll want one of them to go and then that's 2 weeks

paras he's shitty at mental

will he's been good

paras no he's been out 1st or 2nd

paras so you think we should keep johnny?

Will iw ant to talk to daela and lock it down.. do you want to talk to them nwo?

paras and say what.. im scared to keep reassuring tehm

will if i know i feel 100% safe with them i will vote johnny out

paras they said last night 100% remember?

Will when we were drunk?

oparas the other night then. i trust derek when he says that he wants peole that he can trust at the end.. he thinks we are trust worthy..and we can still take a shot at them next week

Will i need to ahve a talk with Derek to make sure i can trust him.. i'll be back in a bit

paras good luck..

paras who am i working with this guy's insane!! he jsut wanted to send ryan home and now ryan said that he wont put him up and then he switches

ryan in.. what are you doing in here

Derek and kaela head to the HT
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