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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 9/7/17

Josh i feel alone

jaosn join the club. i knwo where your feeling

josh we're at 6

joasn im telling you the reason you feel alone is everyone ants to knw who will win and everyone is looking at everryone as a competitr.. and i dont care how close youa re .. you are lookigna t should i do the wrong thing and take you out as a competitor..

josh i feel good with tiger that she said she would take us as far as she could.. and i don't know who i feel with everyone else. i feel good with you.. and to be honest. i dont know what your deal is with paul

jason what did i sy

josh in yoru speech that you could offer protection

jason yeah cuz me and alex

josh i feel im going to be next

jason really?

Josh well raven and then me..

jason i dont think so

and that's it!!~ Doggiefishies!

That's it till after the LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION EPISODE!!
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