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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 9/6/18

Live Vote & Save me plea

Scottie: Julie I dont know if we are hanging out tonight. I cant make any plans. Second i think all you guys know the right move and the smart move. I hope that you make it. if you dont then you can suck it.. except for Tyler who is already getting a steady diet of that!

Julie well that's an original speech!

haleigh julie you are captivating.. to evict or not to evict. that is the question. oto keep me here with the people i love. or cast me out to the cold.. I hope you guys keep me. im staying grateful

Brett VTE Scottie

Kaycee VTE Scottie

Sam VTE Scottie

Angela VTE Scottie

JC VTE Scottie

Zero Zilch Nada Nothing Click HERE To sign up for the LIVE FEEDS

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