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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/23/18

Julie when throwing someone under the bus be warned it might just roll back over you

Fessy DR: Sam and scottie ptiched to me to throw my girl haleigh on the way in here i would consider that but i ahve to tell haleigh and consider a replacement nominee

fessy to haleigh: you are being thrown under the bus.

hal; by who

Fesy: scottie.. he called you kaitlyn 2.0. he wants me to put you up as the replacement

hal DR Im confused. im very confused

She is crying in DR

hal: I feel really stupid i stuck up for him defended him then the throws me under the bus. i emotionally can not deal with this right now

fessy: he will go

haleigh crying to angela tyler kaycee: i defended him the whole time..

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