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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18

Shock collars

tyler it cant get any worse wrong. they are going to shock us.

Sam screams that hurts!!

tytler these shocks hurt man

Sam DR these are awful i cant compare it to anything in my life

faysal: i dont drop balls you can look at the highlight tape and im not about to start now.

tyler i ahve to fight thru it to make it to the final wrong

Faysal and tyler move on Sam is out

Sam: DR i wanted to win the pov byut i couldnt make it passed the shocking collars

tyler and faysal talk

tyler you want this? you are going to keep them the same. right?

Faysal yeah..

Faysal: listen you need to know what to do people on our side are thinking that you aint about it

tyler: oh?

Faysal: and that is the side you need to be on. im telling you.

Faysal: DR im telling tyler i will keep it the same but who knows what i will do

Stage 5 Sloda Set drink the liquid and match it to the top 3 flavors

tyler: Im throwing this comp but im closest to the HG so i have to taste it anyway

Faysal wins veto

Fessy: i won 5 viral veto's

Steve I picke fessy i hope he takes me off the block

tyler if fessy doenst keep his word he will regret it
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