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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18

Veto players Tyler Sam Steve Scottie Swaggy and Faysal JC hostin

POV VimeBro Studio's

5 stages of the competition. last player is knocked out in each heat. last one left wins POV

1)BB Jungle find 3 like items hidden in a Snake bite pit

Chris im not doing this shit

Scottie: there are snakes. there have never been on snakes on BB

tyler: this is the worst fear in my life.

JC: on action retrieved light icon and place it in your cone.

Faysal: i dont do snakes but if you get bit you get bit.. it's for veto.

Sam I have the power and it's only a chance i have to win

Steve everyone is telling me im safe but you dont every think that it;'s BB

Sam: im not a mindless snake killer but i love my grammy

Steve Sam both have their cone full

Chris i not putting my hand in there but if i get one then at least i dont ahve zero like scottie

time is running out 5 min clock.

tyler gets his light and moves on

Scottie im ashamed that i couldnt help steve

Stage 2 arctic viral video

plunge to the bottom of the pool and get LIKE and fill your scored board. 10 needed

Chris i learned how to swim before i came on here and now it's time for swaggy to shine

Swaggy i didnt learn how to swim in December

Bayleigh he looks like he is freking

Steve: i dont enjoy ice baths but i have to get my veto. i gotta win this challenge

Faysal and sam are almost done

Chris is out

Stage 3 Human canvas

stand on post move forward when instructed touch the ground you are out.

They are getting hit with paint balls
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