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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday Double Eviction Results 9/16/18

Sam to angela: i called you a bitch and im sorry in didnt mean it

tyler: i have to do damage control to sam. I told her that brett was saying al these things but he wasnt

tyler ;l I ahve to talk to JC he wont be easy

Tyler: im sorry it was the plan

JC; it's not about the move

tyler: you were the next one to go. he as going to the girls to try and get you up

JC; i didn't think you were working that close to the tgirls

JC DR I don't believe tyler when he says that brett wanted me out. he betrayed me. in way that ias ready for.

tyler: the girls want sam gone

JC: the girls want me gone.. i told you that you are too close to angela

tyler: it was the plan.. it had to happen

JC; thanks for putting me on the block

tyler: you're welcome

JC; if i win this hoh im going to put tyler opn the block. i want payback

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