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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/19/18

Julie Wisnton youa re shocked

Winston: yeah i was told that i was ok.

Julie who? people in your alliance?

Winston: yeah they had to

Julie your whole alliance and JC and Sam.. does that shock you?

Winston: yeah.. everyone i was close to?

julie: did they every say>?

Winston; the last hour was weird. with looks and stuff. rachel looked at me and i knew that something was up

Julie you threw something on the ground what was that?

Winston: it was a friendship bracelet from sam

Audience moans

Winston" scottie's logic made sense I didnt win the veto..

Julie we have to talk about the bromance.. you guys thought it would be a good strategy.. what was the thinking behind that being so public

Winston: i knew day 2 we could hide in plain sight or play it up and be the dumb guys .. we are not the stupid guys in the game.
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