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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/11/18

Veto meeting

Kaitlyn is sobbing in the meeting

tyler uses the veto on scottie

kaitlyn Im really sorry for those of you that are going to be angry at me.. im really sorry swaggy

Swaggy is on the block

Fessy im confused at this point cuz kaitlyn has this master plan behind my back.. im pissed

bay: im panjicing swaggy is the only thing i have in this house., if yo do this to him who knows what you will do to me

kaitlyn: im doing this for the part of me that couldnt stick up for my truths.. im proud of myself for sticking up for me.

Swaggy DR.. the perks of living in the hood you are always prepared to die .. so yeah.. im going to make everyone's life a living hell.
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